Sunday, April 29, 2007

If It Wasn't For

Saturday Morning I took back Sawyer Tux and I stop in at our local farmers Market to see who and what was down in Bonners Ferry City Parking Lot.
Confession time..If it wasn’t for Sawyers Tux had to be return I wouldn’t went in. Gas is getting out rages!
But since I was in town I thought I would look around.
One thing bothered me at local farmers markets that some of the stuff is way over priced. I’m not expecting the local market to sell there product at wal-mart prices but some are better then 5 times.
I don’t mine paying a few extra coins or even a few extra bills to support my local economy

My friend Alice had her booth sat up and her son Frank was taking care of business. She makes quite a few things to sell at local markets. But to day she had her crowns, her jellies and jams.
Plus her zesty season blend which she would like to find a bigger market for.

After the Market I drove down to Sandpoint and got few items out of wal-mart and my prescription.
I went across the street to home depot and bought a red geranium. I also got a pot and thing to place the pot in so it could be hung out side.
I was showing Murphy my pot and as I was putting the pot in holder to show it. I dropped the pot and it crumbled in to many little pieces.
Statement time..I had the dropsy most of the day
When I was at home depot they were giving everyone a blue spruce for arbor day.

I worked in my flower beds today. In my hodge podge flowerbed I weed. Then in my purplish and yellowish flowerbed I pulled out Dan lions I’m not sure were everything is plant in there is at.
I’ve been weeding a getting the soil prepared in my patriotic flowerbed. So today I planted my Dutch Man Trousers a white bleeding heart.
Sometime ago I bought some blue and white flower seeds at one of our local farm and hardware store.
So I got a bowl out and mixed the seeds together which includes

Bachelor Button


White poppy

We decided to plant the spruce tree that I got at home depot on the southside of our home.
Mainly because of it size we have planted smaller plant life and it usual gets ran over with the lawn mower.
So once it gets 18 to 30 inches we will move it.
“Yes, that me” digging a spot to hold the spruce tree until it matures some. I would venture a roses, rhododendron, and peonies in that area.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

4th Entry For Photo Hunt


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My family have had a collection of coins. Not sure were all they came from but I thought these one with England Monarchy are rare.
In the coins there is Queen Victoria I have coin dating 1856 to 1892.
With one saying it from New Foundland not Canada.
I have few with King Edward VII I don’t have that many with him on it and one comes from Australia. Honest time..when I was looking at the coin and say the face on the coin I thought it was Lenin I only have one year of coin which is 1902
The other three English Monarchy I have is King George the 5th , I also own one year of coin is 1919 and this king rules during World War I King George the 6th The Coins here is dated from 1943 til 1952 which would be World War II and the present day of Elizabeth II and the coins are from 1952 til 1960

Friday, April 27, 2007

It Finely Happen

First all I did some changes and addition to my Coffee pals on my side links. Who was “Purple Moon Garden” is now 2 witches
Then I add early bird .
Stop by these two blogs and send them a friendly “How do”

It finely happen gas was gone of the three dollar mark here. When I got off of work all the gas station went to $3.09 except the shell and it was still at $2.99 and the guy said it would be going up also later this afternoon.

Today night is the Prom at our local High School and my son Sawyer is taking the exchange student from Hamburg Germany.
Sawyer usual wares blue jeans and a t-shirt. Unless it super hot outside he likes his hoodies.
But I think he looks mighty handsome. Confesssion time..I’m biased

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Leave Me Hanging

It one of those day I’m not sure how I want to go about things. Let see I haven’t yet taken off my studs on my tires and they were to be off by the 15th of April. “opps” and now it’s the 26th.
Plus I need to go to wal mart and get my medication. I get my Buspirone and it one those medication that is $4.00 and here it well over $40.00.
There a few other items that I need to get but it doesn’t matter if I get them at Wal mart or B.T.C.
My mine concern is the price of gas. As of yesterday it was at $2.99 and usual on Thursday or Friday the gas seems to be risen on those days.
So at this point what I think I’m doing is staying home today and getting things done. Tomorrow before I go to work is to drop my car off walk over to Callie my client place and have my tires change.
Then after I get my car is done then do my local errands and head to Sandpoint and wal mart.
But who know how things will work out.

I know my son Sawyer will have his graduation ceremony the 2nd of June. But they haven’t yet decided on a time or exactly where the ceremony will be held at.
I need to know a time and place so I can make out the announcements for my son high school graduation.

After Graduation, Sawyer got hired on the forest service as a fire fighter. then after that he will be going to North Idaho College and last time he decided a major has in Resort and Recreation management At this point he real doesn’t know what he wants to do. But as an 18 year old and most bachelors takes four good years to get and to him four years in future seems to be internal a lifetime.
We applied for him to get a Pell Grant and here the thing. “ I wish they would tell us something”
If we got a good portion of the grant money we were going to buy sawyer a lap top but we can’t afford to pay his tuition and buy him a lap top

Honest time…I don’t like to be hanging

Yesterday was my baby “Bart” birthday and he turn 16

This is a picture of lighter yellow miniature daffodil

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Flower Beds Update One

I finely got my zany socks in package and ready to be mailed. Not many choices at the dollar store only two designs of them. An Easter and I think some odd looking Pac man.
So I thought the Easter looking sock was the best one so it got picked.
Now it seem every time you mail a package from the post office they basically like to know if your terrorist by the question they ask on what you’re shipping.
Confession time…I want to give them a smart-ass answer But I know they wouldn’t have much humor if I gave them a smart-ass answer to a question they ask if I was shipping chemicals or explosives.
Anyhow if someone real was going to ship something like explosive who in their right mind would admit it

There not much planted in my patriotic flowerbed. Now there is some tulip in bloom.
Although the package said they were white. But to me they look creamy yellow and during the sunlight they see a little more towards the whitish.
Before my mom bought this place in late 70’s or early 80’s. Someone planted some daffodil bulb under one of the breach trees.
I know my mom didn’t plant them, only plants she actual enjoy growing was vegetables and berries.
Her reason is; if you can’t eat them why grow them.
Only flower I actual can remember is actual petunias when I was child.
Not much going on in my yellowish and purplish flowerbed. Actual the only thing showing in the picture is my daffodils and grape hystins. I took the picture on the 24th of April and this morning I notice I have a yellow tulip starting to bloom and a lighter yellow daffodil.
I know in the middle is pretty naked but I do have flower bulbs in the middle which will bloom later in the season.
My Hodge Podge flower bed. No, color as of yet.
The Ash and Popular tree seems to be taking it sweet ole time to bare some leaf coverage

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Talk the Talk

I’ve been pricing out what I’ll be selling my ceramic clocks for. Which is fairly easy to do.
But the next selection Honest time…”I’m not real looking forward in doing” which are the similes.
Smiles are a figurine that represents an occupation such as a baseball player, tennis girl, girl with a basket and etc.
General pricing out the smiles aren’t all that hard. All of the similes can be made in to a lamp.
I need to do some research on lamp guts to see what my cost is.
There a few pieces that can be made into a bank Confession time…I’m not looking forward to try to figure which ones can be made into a bank or exactly how I should go about it

Sometime ago I posted on how I was going to be more healthier physical and spiritually. Honest time…”old habits are hard to overcome
Let start with Curves. My goal was that I was going to go to curves before I went into work, which is 3 days a week.
A few time two of my friend asked if I could go a certain time after work. I said “yes” and they cancelled out on me.
But they’re been times that I cancelled out too.
Confession time… I use my friends as an excuses for not going to curves and it is my responsibility to go to curves not theirs
I don’t recall the last time I was there. I know it’s been a good two weeks or so.
Then on the other 3 days that I didn’t work I was going for a walk.
As any of you have read my blog in the pass. My dog Butch and I use to go for walks but Butch died and I didn’t feel much like walking. Feeling time..It just wasn’t the same with out Butch I felt sad
I don’t know if my grief caused me to be depressed and became physical ill first with a common sniffles and then a punch of mucus went into my lungs and flared up my asthma or not.
But by this time I should been down pass the highway, which is a mile one way.
This morning Daisy the dog and I did go for a short walk down to bluish gray house drive way.
I guess it start better then nothing

Then I had or I thought I had the prefect schedule to keep home. It was going to be like this. The days I work which are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that in the morning I was going to do a quick something or other.
Go to curves, work, and after work do some errands.
Then after work when I got home spend, no more then an hour on the computer.
After computer time I was going to do and hour or so of things around the home and yard. Fix dinner and do anywhere 15 to 45 minutes of clean up.
Then end my evening by fixing lunches for some buddy.
Confession time..I don’t like doing lunches in the morning I do better in the evening making lunches. I like my morning coffee.
Then on Tuesday which I have off I was going to give my home a fairly good cleaning. Honest time…Just like curves I don’t recall when my home had a good going over but I think I been to curves more then my home was been cleaned, deeply
Then on Thursday I was going to do projects. Confession time…I look at my mess home and I don’t feel or think I should be doing a project and be so unorganized that my home would be messier
Then on the weekends I thought of setting the timer on stove and cleaning that many minutes.
Like I take the month + date = minutes. So this coming Saturday for being April the fourth month and twenty-first day. I would 4+21= 25 minute of cleaning around the place 3 times.
Confession time…That sure hasn’t happen on customary bases

At the gardenia center the person who did inspirational did it on “Earth Day and ways we can save mother earth”
In the Sunday program she had a web site called a little greener which has some simple and neat things to do.
Statement time..The lady who was doing inspiration is a doctor and some of things she brought up on how to help save earth.
Such as wind power and solar. We just don’t have thousands of dollars laying around

But I know I can do small things such as I don’t need to use plastic bags. I could bring my own bags.
Confession time…I do get paper bags and use them for shipping paper for package
I like using white vinegar for cleaning instead of all the nasty chemicals. Confession time…My bathtub was looking so dire that I use comet to scrub it and if everyone rinse out the tub that includes my self.
Then on Tuesday on my cleaning day that I could use a white vinegar spray and wipe it down

On nice sunny day I try to hang my laundry out on clothesline to dry and not use my dryer.
I try to be a ware of going place for two reasons is the cost of gas and carbon I put in the environment.

So I talk the talk more then I do the walk.
I’ve been told you have to do some 30 days straight before your habits are changed

Monday, April 23, 2007


You Belong in 1973

If you scored...

1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all!

1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Announcement By The Way of Snail Mail

By the way of snail mail I received a letter from my friend Alice to participate in a funky sock exchange although they don’t call it a chain letter. But in all honesty I called it a fun chain letter.
It simple I mail a pair of sox to lady in Michigan and sent out six letters and in hope that everyone will participate and if all goes well I’ll end up with 36 pairs of sox.
I did a dishtowel one like this in the pass. I sure didn’t end up with 36 towels I only got one.
I think my friend Alice should get a blog going so she can be involved with the swaps that go through the bloggers world.

This is a picture of my friend Alice grandson “Cyrus”
I don’t know what it is but every time I take picture of Alice family it always comes out blurry.

I got a few flowers up in my yellow and purple flowerbed. Some daffodils and grape hythsin.

Then over in my patriotic flowerbed my white tulips, if you call them white I actual would consider them more of creamy yellow. Are all-most in a full bloom.
I don’t know why I can’t have a bunch of flowers all blooming at the same time.
I guess things happen when they happen.

Today my friend Quenelle which I also think she should get a computer so she could have fun being a blogger. Her and I went to Gardenia Center for the Sunday Service. Confession time…this is the first time I got nothing out of today sermon. It was very gloomy.
I know it fact there is unpleasant in the world but why dwell on it. She keep trying to tell us all about these awful events that happen in the month of April and change the world for better at a later date.
It real to bad things happens that way.
They give each member a program and in today program they had a site to visit. It was about simple things that we all can do everyday to save the planted Earth.
But being an air head I left it in my son Sawyer pickup.

After the service Quenelle and I stop in at Ben Franklin Store so I could see if they had three items for my ceramic business.
I want to find a back place to buy clock mechanism and the price was still in my profit range.
But also I need a clay hydrometer and some flat rubber gaskets to put on cookie jar and canister lids but so far I’ve batted out.
Then we went in to Walmart. I guess I’ll first tell you all about the two boring items I got was toilet paper and paper towels.
We looked at plants and I bought a small hand held shovel but I notice they had some white petunias that would go good in my patriotic flowerbed.
Our coffee pot went tits up so I got a sunbeam. I want one of those burms that made coffee less then 5 minutes but they ran right close to a $100 bucks.
I got some dark chocolates with raspberry filling and a camera case.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

3rd Entry For Photo Hunt, Steps


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I thought of two ideal for “steps” one was our local court house steps. But I had to run into town and took a walk around the track and thought the bleachers between the middle school and high school would a picture for this weeks photo hunt.

This morning I went over to see my friend Alice and I thought we were going to get some of her things on line to sell.
I honestly think she forgot. Her son Frank and her had to do some errors and she was going off to work this afternoon. In many ways I’m glad things worked out the way they did because I got plenty to do around here. My home is a mess and so far behinded.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Only People Speaks Of Half Truths

In all post I have only posted the truth and never have posted half truth. I’ve pointed my finger at even my self.
But now I’m somewhat going to bend my own rules and update you all on my in-laws Earl and Tadida.

Last Easter Earl and Tadita didn’t show up to Easter dinner and I thought there might be 3 reasons.
1. They went down to Southern Idaho or over to the coast to visit her family.
2. There wasn’t much warning for Easter dinner and they made plans.
3. They thought there shit didn’t stink and would be seen dead around us.
Well sometime after 4 in afternoon Earl and Tadita 2 youngest children came over and out went Theory #1.
#2 and #3 Theory still holds water.
Advance to Monday the following day and one of Callie friend told me she heard Earlie getting arrested for being drunk and betting his girl friend up. Ok this could happen and maybe they where preoccupied with this.
Now jump up a head a few days I asked Sawyer what he knew about Earlie getting drunk and beating up his girl friend and he knew nothing about this.
But he heard that Uncle Earl got drunk and beat up Aunt Tadita. In the pass when Earl got drunk he wasn’t a mean drunk. But I have heard him say stupid things and someone might want to punch his lights out.
So Thursday I went into the library and looked at local paper to see if anything came in the newspaper in sheriff log and there was call to the sheriff office and reported a domestic dispute on the street they live on.
Now where Murphy works at one of the guys knows Ulanda who is Tadita mother. This guy sister is good friends with Ulanda and she told her friend.
That “Tadita saved up $2,000 for the kids for something or other.”
Opinion time…Either Tadita or Earl was famous for saving up money.
So Earl with drew the money and she found out and he beat her up. Opinion time.. I believe Earl was no backbone but I don’t believe that Earl would shortchange his children in any word of It.
I know Ulanda badmouth Earl behind his back and Speculation time.. I don’t think Ulanda would have any problem pointing her finger at someone else to cover there own little dirty deeds of her own family.
In the mean time I visit my friend Alice and find out her new client is a friend with Earl and Tadita and I ask Alice if her new client said anything about Earl and Tadita breaking up. She said that her client had two different couples friends breaking up.

Sometime ago I saw Earl and Tadita in B.T.C and I’m sure they never saw me but those two had a smirk on there face.
I went to the check out and went pass there pick up and then speculation time… started to think they might been doing a threesome with this guy and I kept my mouth shut because I couldn’t prove anything at this point.
But after Easter I told Murphy had I saw and what I speculated about Earl and Tadita having a threesome.
So in a good week after Easter Murphy called his Sister Faith, she more or less confirmed my theory they where doing a threesome and now Tadita got her new boyfriend living with her and Earl is down in Courd’Alene living with his son from his first marriage.
Speculation time… This might how things went. Earl brought up the ideal that they do a threesome with this guy. How hard did Earl pushing Tadita into it, no one knows?
They were doing it and Earl thinking it might be getting out of hand and possible Tadita is doing it behind his back with this guy.
Earl wants to end the threesome but Tadita doesn’t and
Tadita finds this person new an exciting and wants him.
But remember after a while every ones faults will appear Speculation time… I’m sure that if Tadita can’t figure them out her mom will be glad to point them out.
So they got in a big fight Earl got the boot and Tadita new guy moves in

I’ve never believed Earl didn’t want the best for his family and loved them with all his heart.
When Earl is in an uncomfortable situation when asked a question he will answer by saying “I don’t recall” and Tadita when she is in an uncomfortable situation she will have nervous laugh.
Earl doesn’t have any backbone or common sense. The reason is one time I asked him if Ulanda knew if we as in Murphy and Peppylady were swingers and mainly by the tone of his voice that she knew and he wasn’t aloud to have anything to do with us. But they’re doing the same thing but pointing their fingers at us.
Speculation time.. I don’t believe Earl rat on us but I believe he knew who, how, when and why it happen and didn’t have the backbone to do anything about it because he might get cut off from sex
For the reason I say Earl doesn’t have any common sinceSpeculation… how stupid can one be suggesting to have a threesome in your own home with single male.
Now for Tadita Speculation time… I think she put sex and love together to much and if she has sex with anther male and wants a relationship with them.
One other time I blogged about “They moved to Arizona because Tadita got caught having an affair with anther man and she is one don’t want anyone to know about the skeleton in her closet. When she gets around her mom they’ll clean out other people closets.
Tadita was a having an affair with anther married man and his wife found out and got super pissed and went over to Earl and Tadita home and damage there boat so bad that it never would be able to be used on the water again.
Earl want to report it to the police and Tadita didn’t wanted to because her little affair might have been brought up and oh no someone might find out she isn’t perfect. So they move down to Arizona for while and tried to sweep Tadita affair under the carpet”.
So this is about all of it.
Earl worked off and on. For quite a few years he stayed home with the children. Speculation time…I don’t think Tadita want her husband to work and she did pay on his child support to catch it up so she could make him more or less out to be worthless lazy person and control him.
It one of things for Earl if he worked dam if you do and dam if you don’t

But one thing I’ll predicted is Speculation time… Ulanda for a while will saying Earl is worthless piece of shit and soon time will pass and Ulanda will be telling Tadita what a piece of shit this new guy is and Earl was wonderful person.
See I’m sure Ulanda would never mention it to soul that Tadita is at fault much as Earl is but won’t have any trouble pointing her finger at everyone else so her family shit doesn’t stink.

See things like this happen with Tadita and Earl but there a new card involved called Ulanda and it will play out differently
Feeling time…I didn’t want things to go this way and I only wish things could have worked out and fence got mend between the two family.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

No Need To Understand "why" or "how'

I don’t believe there any need for any links to this post and everyone knows about the shooting at Virginia tech.
Like so many I find my self with more then one emotion on this terrible event.

I like many other is asking “why” and “how”. I don’t think any of us will understand how and why some things in life happen.
To me it amazing how fingers are being pointed at others and like so many of events in our life we all point fingers at each other and won’t take responsibly for our own action.

I’m lighting a candles this evening for understanding, good will and peace to all.
I’m not into figuring out the why and how comes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Yesterday I broke down and went to see a doctor at the clinic and I was having ghastly asthma and my regular rx wasn’t working for me and they prescribed prednisone it started with a common head cold or allergy of sometime and went into my lungs and made my asthma worst. Plus the doctor told me to get some mucinex so the crud in my lungs can be loosen.
I’m feeling a lot better went to work and had some energy that I even did some odd chores around my home.

I add two more blogs to my side bar they are Autumn Zephyr and heart of the nest take a few minute and check out these blogs

In my daily blog reading I was over at Hidden Haven Home Stead and learned about a cottage charm give a way hosted by One Woman Cottage

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Non White Racist

Bigotry comes in all shapes, colors, and believes. For the place Murphy works at theirs were some racist remarks.
It seems in our society it ok for all other races to make racist remarks. But soon as a white person step out of line and says something malicious statements against their race it soon seems to be an issue.

They’re two Mexicans who work at the same place as my husband does, one is Tony the tractor driver who showed up drunk or least well hung over.
As I understand some saw him stagging behind one of the buildings. I don’t think he makes race remarks out loud.
But was talk about one of our well-known racist in our community. This guy pulled gun and beat up people because of they’re non white race.
The three main white guys who work there told him “ We are a shame of him and his action does represent us”
Then there is other Mexican Gentleman Edan who makes all sort of raciest remarks about white and Americans.
First one to make note of is “ I don’t respect White people only if they have money” Then last year my husband was second in command over the dig. Somehow Tony put Edam in charge and he said “ he was going to fire all the white guys” Then turn around and ask Murphy if he would pick him up and give him a ride to work.
Then he says “White guys dumb” and also “White guys lazy” on the white guy being lazy. I somewhat hold the media responsible.
If you hear the news talk about Mexican taking our jobs this is what they say “ Mexican does jobs that American won’t do” But they forget to add “for the wages”
The owners of the business does pay a decent wage for the type and area we live in.
So yesterday Edan made the statement made some comment “We need some Niggers to stand up these trees” and not sure what was said but Tony got off his tractor and said what are you going to do get up set about the raciest remarks.
Then the owner said to Murphy can’t you take it and I have to take a certain amount of crap. Murphy said something like “ I’m not going to take it”
Once we came home I suggest he talk to a friend of mine who is member of Boundary County Human Right Task force and he told her what is going on.
She asked him if Murphy talk to the owner and he said yes and our friend Luke backed him up. I know Luke well enough and I don’t believe he would lie for anyone.
Luke told the owner that he is tired of raciest remarks also.
So it been quite a while and now Edan is back making racist remarks.
But in reality that the owner didn’t real do anything and the lady from the human right task force says a lot of employers doesn’t real want to deal with these type of issues. She suggest that they once again try talking to their employers about the race issues and give her a call back and see what happens

Monday, April 16, 2007

He Says I Say

Yesterday Murphy and I briefly looked for Hydrometer
He says it here on the place and I say it was broken and we need to get a new one. Murphy: “I wouldn’t mixed up a batch of clay if I thought it was broken”
“I know it some where around here”
Peppylady: “It got broke as we were moving out of the old shop”
Now why are men so bull headed? But now on the other hand I’ll briefly look for it and he even suggest it’s in the shed up on the North bench.
I’ll travel and look in shed on the bench.
So I can say, “You thought I didn’t know what I was talking about when I said the hydrometer isn’t here”

As Murphy and I was looking threw few boxes in garage/shop for the hydrometer.
We found some glasses that my mom had used in pass.
I like actual like the frosted with the white lines.

Today I took Callie and her daughter into the doctor this late morning. It took them a well over an hour.
I sat in the waiting room and read a time article how the brain worked Opinion time..way to hard for me to understand Then the rest of the time I looked at different and new ways to decorate or home. Honest needs a good cleaning.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Same As Me

I call this the “same as me” meme

1. Go to search blogger
2. From your yesterday blog type in word that was the subject you blogged about.
3. Once you get on search blogger main page. In the upper right hand corner, click on “sort by date”
4. Find a person who blogged about the same thing you did
5. Visit their site leave a comment.
6. Let us all know about this new site and person

Yesterday as every one know my hobby and up coming business adventure is “ceramics”
The new blog that I visit was Lady Shuttle Maker who lives in the same state as I do, but south of me.
My comment went as followed
“ Hi I found your blog via blogger search under the subject of ceramics. I too do ceramics and live in northern part of Idaho.
I’ve heard of tatting and seen it done although I’ve never done it.
I’ve done a lot with ceramics in the pass and at this time I’m working toward my goal of reopening my shop.
I went over and took a look at your etsy shop and I real liked the “tatting shuttle with Cupid Angel”
Stop by sometime and visit my blog although I don’t have any finish pieces posted at this time.
I’m hoping to cast some ceramics in May”.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

2nd Entry For Photo Hunt, Hobby


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I have quite a few interest or hobbies. I guess I don’t like to be an old stick in the mud. Let see I enjoy cooking mostly pastry cooking, gardening, and recording the weather, genealogy, and others.
Ceramics is something I don't real stress over and it comes easy to me. But there is difficult or should say piece of ceramic from start to finish is royal pain.
A brief story how I got involved with ceramic. One day I was behind the old pink lion and notice a ceramic shop and notice it was closed for vacation. So little later on I went in and did my first piece it was a watering can for plants. It was simple piece. A basic clear glaze in the inside. Then for the outside it was yellow and with pink polka dots.
I was hooked.
After a while I started to cast ceramics and it came up for sale.
Honest time..I paid way to much for the business
So everything was going fairly well and Murphy and I started to have children.
In the ceramic business you don’t make jet set life wages, and we decided to close it down for a while so I could raise the boys.
Now the boys are older and we’re old fuddy duds. After this weekend and I get rid of this stuff nose and plugged head. I’ll start to pull molds out and clean them so they be ready to cast.
May goal is to cast some in May, just on the weekends.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Catherine the Great

I decided to do true answer.

You are
Catherine the Great.

You are very intelligent and a socialist. It is very important to you that all people be treated equally in a society. You are able to fully comprehend social problems and you are outspoken when it comes to dealing with them.

Take this quiz at

I decided to do some false answer.

You are Napoleon

Power hungry and unpredictable. You like to always be in charge, and you don�t like to listen to other peoples opinions very often. You set incredibly high goals for yourself and often achieve them.

Take this quiz at

These quiz are also posted at Nio and turtle heart

Tried To But Couldn't and Thought To But Didn't Happened

Every want to write about a certain subject on your blog but needed more information and can’t find it.
Yesterday I was in B.T.C a local store and the music they were playing was one of my favor songs.
As for type of music I like, well I don’t have any certain type but I know the songs I like.
So I thought of writing about the songs I like and I thought of putting some background music in my blog. Couldn’t figure it out.

As I was browsing the internet trying to figure out how to put some back ground music in my blog and I was reading about different Music Artist and they all said what kind of economic back ground or the wages they made.
So this made me think to blog about pass wages. I don’t know what it is with some older people and they say my first job I made ______ an hour. But they never say anything about the cost of living.
I understand my mom waited tables and cooked in restaurant in the 40’s and if I got the facts right she made some were between .40¢ and .60¢ and hour.
I know she didn’t even pay a hundred dollar an hour for rent.
I was going to post the cost of living and wages for the years of 1913, 1936, 1950 the year Murphy was born and 1960 the year I was born.
I found a lot of interesting facts but not the fact that I was looking for.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Unsolved Mysteries In Ones Life

Sometime in life they come unsolved mysteries in ones life. Or even sometime not all the facts are out on the table or one may choose the facts that won’t tarnish them.

As you know I have some ill feeling toward my brother in law Earl which wasn’t always the case.
Monday at work one of Callie friends came in and saw me and said “I heard on the scanner that Earlie got arrested for being drunk and beating up his girl friend” Think it was Earl son from his first marriage. Then I asked if Earlie was living here or visiting here and her response was “living here”
Then this morning I asked my son Sawyer if he heard any thing about Earlie got drunk and betting up his girl friend.
No but he heard that Uncle Earl got drunk and beat up Aunt Tabita. Then that Uncle Earl was living with Aunt Faith.
I personal never have known Earl to a mean drunk. But I’ve seen Earl say stupid things from drinking.
I went into our local library to look at our local newspaper the Bonners Ferry Herald which I don’t subscribe to because there bias big time and more then half the time they don’t get the facts right.
I looked at the sheriff log and on the 8th of April a domestic dispute was going on the road that Earl and Tadita lives on.

I’ve been doing genealogy on my family. My dad mothers parents Theodore and Sarah Keyport Miller I knew nothing about them only names nothing more. So I wrote to one of the family to see if I could gather more information.
Well I found out that Theodore D Miller was born in 1845 died 1915.
That his wife Sarah, born in 1850 and died 1926. She was born in Chicago. Married to Theodore in 1872.
Plus I found out they are buried at 3 rivers cemetery.
Theodore and Sarah are my grand mothers adoptive parents as her biological mother died in childbirth.
Which is now something I can gather more information and stories on my family.
My grandfather Clarence Witherall left his pregnant wife for he had some type of quarrel with his dad Duane and I guess no one heard or seen my grandfather.
Elsie my grandmother thought he would surely return before my dad was born she moved back in with her parents.
I knew my grandparents got divorce and Clarence had to borrow money from his dad Duane for the divorce and I understand it was for a cash settlement.
But now I want to know what the quarrel is about.

My great Aunt Maude my mom fathers sister. Was married to guy by the last name of Jennings and one day walked into some court house came out and announced to family that they wasn’t to use the name of Jennings anymore and their name was Bennett. I have no ideal why they change there last name.

Today my friends Quenelle and Murphyette and I went over to the Panhandle and treat our self to some food.
I had bowl of cream of broccoli soup, Murphyette had a small dinner salad and Quenelle had a piece of Cherry pie.
Now my friend Quenelle wants to know what sweet meat is and what do you do with it? I though it was part of cow throat.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring Time Sniffles

Yesterday the 10th I had the day off and our phone went out so no blogging. I plus came down with a nasty head cold but this morning my head is more plugged up.

The other day I received my hippy swap package from Autumns Meadow I received some stick and cones incense of sandlewood. Also in the package was large wood peace sign, small purse, and beautiful scarf.
I heard the other day that some bold and bright objects are coming back.
No. Autumn didn’t send the kitty, that my cat Ziggy.
I like to thank Miss R for hosting the hippy swap.
Some time in May I’ll post the information on summer scavenger hunt

Looks like the next thing to bloom is my miniature daffodils in yellow and purple flower bed.
But out in my patriotic flowerbed I’d guess my white tulips will be next.
I planted my yellow and purple gladiolus, yesterday that is. I thought it might still be a little chilly to plant my dahlia.
So I pulled up the dandelions and I drought I got all the roots and put my glad bulbs in where the dandelions were.
Also put my whirl thingy next to my rain gauge

Well Yesterday I finished pricing different planters and styles of them. I’m so glad I got them done.
I’m estimating I will offer about 272 planters. But the thing is I was in wal-mart looking at theirs and I can’t compete with there prices.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Not Much Happen

On Easter it usual rains here but this year it was slightly cloud. But today it down poured for most of the day.
One of the daffodil bloom on Easter in my hodge podge flowerbed. Plus it was my first flower to bloom for this year

I drove down to Sandpoint to attend the Service at the Gardenia Center and the last time I attend an Easter Church Service I wasn’t all that thrilled with it.
But the service at the gardenia center was more about looking at your personal self in spiritual growth. Confession time…Some place spiritual I’m pretty immature and others place I’ve came a long ways
The two area I like to be stronger is if I say I’m sorry to someone and they don’t want to except it and move on. I still feel I didn’t do enough but actual I have. Learn to real look at it this way.
I truly did the right thing and if they can’t accept my apologies and it no longer my problem.
The other one I forgive people but they better watch there step or I’ll have to take it back

For Easter dinner we went to Murphy Sister Faith for Easter dinner. She now has her Bed and Breakfast open.
There was 15 for dinner.

The other day my friend Qunelle called me asking me if she received any e-mail about people booking weddings.
So I took a look and there was none.
She sounded disappointed in her voice. But I knew lying would give her false hope. So she asked me if I could add a little piece to her Site that the 2007 wedding season been cancelled.
Today I saw her in the thrift store and her mom had a miniature stroke. You see Quenelle was going to ask her parents for some money to get her business up and going. When her inheritance came do it would minus that much less for her part.
After that entire thing going on with her mom she decided to wait and asked about the money.
I under stand it hard to get a business up and running with out any true capital

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Clean, 1st Entry For Photo Hunt


Theme: Clean/ Become a Photo Hunter/ View Blogroll

As some of you know that I do home care and part of the job is cleaning clients homes.
Well when it comes to our home Confession time…I’m burned out and real don’t have any desire to do my own home
So for my own home I lightly surface clean.
But I was going to take a shower this morning and notice that I didn’t have any clean towels and put a load of towels in washer.
I like the way clothes smell and feel after they dried on clothes line.
So my theme for “clean’ is “Clean towels on the line”

Friday, April 06, 2007

A Bunny Left Package On Our Steps

Yesterday I didn’t want to deal with traffic on south side of Bonners Ferry so I decided to drive home throw Paradise Valley.
Not real much change in that area, I didn’t pass no McMansion.
Most of the time when I go though Pleasant Valley I take the main road but this time I took the little jaunt and to see if there was any new calves.

I don’t know how many but this little guy or gal looked content. I got a few more picture but will get them posted later.

Yesterday Uncle Henry was putting down gopher bait out in hay field. Oh I wish there was better way of controlling the gopher population but I understand in a hay field of that size I understand why they use poison.
But in short time the gopher moves into our yard and raise havoc with my bulbs mainly. Last year there was this gopher that moved right into my purple and yellow flower bed and we had a hard time catching it, but finely did.
This year we got Ziggy the cat to help control the gopher inhabitants

Pea hosted a bunny swap and my package was on my step when I got home from work.
My Bunny Swap partner The Queen of Light and Joy who lives in Ontario Canada

Magnetic note pad with Canadian Maple leaf, a cute little fridge magnet of a royal Canadian mounted bear, an spring post card and leaning up on post card is a sunflower book mark, 3 package of flower seeds moss rose, rock cress and cone flower. Picture frame.
4 small daisy shaped candle and bigger grassy green candle.
2 netty bag of chocolate Easter eggs.

I got four dishtowels 2 green and 2 yellow ones. I hung them on one my shelves in dinning area.
On end of bar which the towels are hung from I add the two hand painted Easter eggs.

There was a wind movement item, flower.
I thought of hanging it at the northeast corner of the house. But Murphy suggested it to be hung on the barn/shed.
Which I thought it could keep the deer and elk out of the yard.
It actual looks better out their when someone looks out the east side window they can see the wind flower.
Majority of the time there is a breeze out here

Thank you, Queen for all the lovely Easter Gifts!!!!

I’m still planning to host a summer/Litha scavenger hunt but won’t post any detail til May.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blame It ON the Weather

Yesterday I took my client down to Courd’Alene for her six week check up after surgery. And everything looked fine.

I was hoping to get few picture but the weather wasn’t cooperating at all. Anyhow some people calls Courd’ Alene “little California”

Before I went that morning I went to gas buddy to see where the gas was the cheapest.
First no one listed a price for Courd’Alene area and the close was Postfalls at $2.71 a gallon.
At that time I thought gas was here still at $2.69 a gallon.
Then I went to work and it was at $2.79 in Bonners Ferry, higher then down in Postfalls not knowing the price in Courd’Alene.
I decided to take a gamble and put in $5 worth and go to Courd’Alene. Any how I had some gas in my tank.
Then I saw it was at one gas station at $2.65 a gallon. I put in $25.00 worth which gave me about 9 gallon of gas.
It filled the tank rest of way up

Yesterday we stop at two local dollar store and got few items. I didn’t spend over $10 bucks between the two of them.
When I was a younger and still in grade school they were 5 and dime stores Growing up in
Spokane Valley
and on corner of Bowdish and Sprague their was a little 5 and dime store my mother would do business with to life of me I don’t recall the name of store. But right next to it was Peters Hardware and that’s were my father did his business when it came to fixing and building things around the home.
The dollar store reminds me of 5 and dime stores when I was kid.

I did a little more raking this morning on the southern side of our home. Which isn’t all that much yard to do.
My shoulder and neck muscles been all tight and I’ve been taking Ibuprofen to see if these will give me some relief or not.
I’ll try them though Friday and if not.
I’ve got one muscle relaxier and I’ll cut it in half. Take one Friday and Saturday evening and if that doesn’t work.
I’m considering see the doctor

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We All Need More Then a Physical

Yesterday I went over to the Dr. Phil web site.
I’m one who believe that everyone needs a shrink to set their thinking right. Including my self.

As I was looking though his site I notice part of his site there is place for online diaries
I’m not sure what the difference between an on line diary or a blog.
In my blog I’ve share a lot of emotional and personal things. Honest time…The few of the diaries I read over at Dr.Phil site. I notice there blaming others for the problems and not taking account for there self

I also wonder how they fine people and topics to do one these talk shows. So I had to take a look on the up coming topics for the show
I could or I know some buddy that could use a wake up call on majority of these topics.
Confession time…I could use some work in 5 of his up coming topics. But two of them in true since of it
We could use the Dr. Phil house and rest of the world could too. But all in all if my family was in Dr. Phil house Confession time…It wouldn’t do the rating any good. Actual it would be pretty boring

Today I’m off to Courd’Alene with my client Callie and I’ll try to get some pictures and get them posted

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April Reading

In the North position Six of heart, joy
You need to experience childlike joy. The child you were still lives within you and must be nurtured. Allow yourself positive, nostalgic memories of childhood, friends, and family, If you can spend time with younger people

In the East position Two of Pentacles, change
You need to cope with change. For now it might be better to keep two or more things going at once rather then focus on just one. You must stay centered, flexible, and well-informed. Know your self.

In the South position King of pentacles, pragmatism
You need to be pragmatic and play the political game well. Interact comfortably with everyone, no matter what there status. Get down to basics. Learn to be natural by watching the ways of animals.
Working with your hand benefits you.

In the West position Emperor, achievement
You need to be recognized as a strong, imposing figure of unquestioned achievement and authority. Focus your attention completely on you goal. You must not reveal your real plans, feeling, or weakness. Status is vital

Last month tarot cards for March.

In the North Position is the prince of wands which represent Ambition All in all I’m a person who has plenty of ideals but afraid to put my ideals into play.
Part of it is I’m afraid of failing and be ridiculed for not being not a successful.
Feeling time…This is in my head and it from my childhood from my father putting quite a bit of effort pointing out more wrong or mistakes I’ve done then right.
I found out, “don’t do anything trying is waste of time because you’ll get put down and everyone will know you’re a failure”

I keep telling my self the keywords I need to remember is: Plan, have your duck in a roll, hard work, honest, and organization

In the East Position is the prince of swords, which represent Ingenuity The only thing I can come up with is honesty which I don’t feel I’m lacking in this area. Confession time…I’m so honest that I have the backbone to admit my wrong doings When pointing faults and mistakes on others I’ll have three fingers pointing back at me.
Or I like proverb about point the sliver in eye and you got the sty.
But all in all I as everyone else can improve on their communication skill and we choice the parts we want to hear, read, see, and believe in.
My brother in law Earl want to believe that I was over there to much Honesty time…Yes I was and he decided to only look at picture breaking the straw on the camel back.
He won’t accept. Darn well his mother in law Ulanda rules their life. He also know that his wife told her mother Ulanda about us and forgot to tell there little dirty secrets or deliberately told her all about us and never said a word about their secret in there closet.
I like to make clear that I'm not sure if Tadita accidentally told her mom Ulanda or she did it deliberately about us being swings.
So Ulanda and Tadita thought they were moral superior then anyone else and Earl new darn well and doesn’t have the guts to stand up to his wife or mother in law because he afraid that he won’t get sex.
Ulanda and Tadita forgot one thing of what they thought of being ingenuity is that both Murphy and I are honest and won't let people shit all over us.
They can shit on Earl and he will just let them.
Opinion time...For what every reason Tadita told her mom or how every Ulanda found out we were swings.
And the two ladies thinking they were so clever to sit on the couch and back stab other people and gossip about everyone and never say word about how much dirt is swept under the carpet.
One or two things they need to do is say "Murphy and Peppy are swingers and so are we. If they couldn't say that they could of done the following Murphy and Peppy are swing and came out to visit.

But no they couldn't because Ulanda only approve of prefect moral people.

In the South position is the six of hearts Joy In general I considered my self as a happy person.
Confession time…I haven’t goofed off or just plain went out to do something fun. It seems that I need a reason to do something but never for the joy of it or for the fun of it.
I need silly time.

In the West position is the King Swords Intellect One day thinking briefly and looking at local gift shops in the yellow pages and thinking or dreaming about trying to get them to buy or consign my ceramics.
I’ve got this hang up that I’ll come across as a babbling fool and they won’t take me serious.
I know trying to get my stuff in other shop won’t happen till 2008 after May.
Confession time..Too much philosophy bores me to tears. I can’t see sit around talking and complaining about the world we live in and don’t take action to do anything about it
All things start with an idea

Sunday, April 01, 2007

March Weather Report 2007

For the month of March 2007 the warmest day was the 30th which was 65.0 and the coldest day was the 1st at 5.4
The average high was 54 and average low was 29.6
This month and year was first time using a rain gauge and we haven’t had it up for full month and got two and quarter inches of rain.
Compare March 2007 and March 2006 it a little warmer on the average this year. But I’m surely not going to move my main planting dates up.

I was part of seed exchange that Nio started and I started some passion seeds. Not sure if there going to be a vine or bush.
I’m not expecting to get any passion fruit from it.
I live to far North.
In all honesty I’ll feel lucky if I get it to flower.
I want to start more then one pot of passion seed but I only had dirt for one pot.
With gas being all most $2.70 a gallon, only one-tenth to go and it will be a full $2.70 a gallon here.
So maybe tomorrow after work I’ll get anther bag of potting soil.

Yesterday after I got home from work I was going to do Saturday photo hunt and the theme was “water”.
Well I was too poop to do it.

So I was going to try to get a picture of the game reserve out here. But I didn’t.
I took some picture of Deep Creek and the Kootenai River.
But I thought the back water of Deep creek was kind of interesting the dike which is pose to save the town of Bonners Ferry in case of flood.
Last time our little town flooded was in 1948.
Then around mid seventy the Libby Dam was built.
Not sure how each aspect affected anything negative or positive. But I’m sure it does have an effect.
Or how it all works.

I want to know the effect of putting my camera lens down the rain gauge and taking a picture.
At the time there was two and fourth inches of rain water in it.
I think it kind of interesting in weird way.
I’m starting to wonder if light was at a different angle if it would show some interesting colors

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