Monday, August 07, 2023

Today Is Monday, August 7, 2023: This Is What Happened

 I have wanted to participate in ART-JOURNAL-JOURNEY, but since then, I'm retired. I hope to take part in more creative things. I understand different bloggers host, and there are 4 who do. This week's host is Pear Shaped Crafting. The theme is "Where In The World" I hope you can take a few minutes to check out her BLOG.

My hubby and my combined retirement income will be under $1,400 a month. We do have a small investment, plus a little saving. So we won't be doing any great traveling. So my travel is through art and books. I have an imagination passport. And libraries are excellent sources for leaving your little neck of the woods.

If someone asks me, "How do I feel being low income" My feeling is like everyone else. I have negative and positive emotions. I never understood why some use the term "Horrible Poverty" My life isn't horrible. Sure, I had some bumps in the road. Haven't we all.

I wanted to share the rest of my day. I had listed 7 things to do in my bullet journal. But I woke up with a Charley Horse on both legs. And decided to take things at a slower pace. On odd days I usually take a walk down the road.

Today I slowly walk around the house three times. I did manage to get the eating table cleared off. Now the big thing is to keep it clean.

The lawn and mower deck got knocked off. I believe I hit something where we had some birch stump dug up. General, it is a pain to put on the deck. But we did get back together.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, I can finish what is on the list. The two creative pieces I will be working on are my embroidery quilt block. And mosaic pieces. I have been working on my art journal. Both are slow going. I don't know if we're having art on Wednesday evening, our fair is going on.

I will visit 5 new blogs or ones. I will list who I stop by. Which won't be today. Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Coffee is on, and stay safe.


  1. ...I use to get a Charley horse in my legs, but fortunately that hasn't happened in awhile.

  2. You have quite a few projects going, enjoy

  3. I read recently that Charley horses are related to dehydration. Since I have been drinking water in the evenings, they have stamped.

    1. It could be very well, not enough water.

  4. Your income really shows how expensive Australia is, or the currency
    differences at least.While we have separate money, as a couple our monthly income is US$4,600. Aside from holidays, a quite new car and our home body corporate fees being high, we are quite frugal with money.

  5. It all depends how much you paid in social security. Our retirement. Age 62 max payment is $2,572. Age 65 or 66 one would get $3,627. And if you wait till 70 you could end up with $4,555.
    If I made more money my social security would be more.
    If someone made the average 32,000 a year and retired at let say 65 and retire at the end of the year. Look like there social security would be about a little over $1,200 a month.

  6. What a cool page Dora. I love how you journaled in the middle and made those rockets. It's so much fun. And I'm especially glad you joined us at AJJ with this fun page for Chris' challenge. Hope your week has started off in a good way. hugs-Erika

  7. Thank you. I enjoy doing it.

  8. My monthly income is about $500 aus$ more than you I don't know the equivalent in US$ and can't be bothered working it out, but I can't cry poor either. I have enough to cover all my needs and a bit to save to help the kids if they need, but they are all working. I am happy with what I have. Luckily I don't need expensive medications.

  9. Money exchange changes daily. I'm not leaving under the bridge.

  10. You made a really cool page for our challenge at AJJ, thanks so much for linking and hope to see you there again when you have time. My income as a pensioner is also lower that a lot of others here, but it's okay. I have enough of everthing I need, and I'm not complaining either .Hugs, Valerie

  11. fantastic journal page! As a pensioner, I don't have any money to travel with my sweetheart either, but that's not a problem, I live by the sea and we don't need anything else, a short trip to the nearest capital once a year. Despite everything, life is beautiful, even if health is more important to me.
    Happy week, hug Elke

  12. I'm so pleased you have joined us here at Art Journal Journey and hope you will be able to continue to do so. I love this page, especially your writing in the circle. I appreciate the fact that we can afford to travel, though we are good at planning and booking ahead to get lower prices and signed up to get loyalty points at a hotel chain. We spend our money on very little else (except craft supplies....ssshhhhh!) Hope you are having a good week, Chrisx


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