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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Know But It's The Truth

Question time...Have you made simple goal or project to do and it should take less then no time to do them? And for some strange reason there not getting done. I'm guilty of this.

I couldn't tell you how many time I attempt to clear off my dinning room table. Confession time...I like a table cloth with a nice bouquet of flowers on a table.
Not giving my self permission but it's looking a lot better.

The other day I went though part of one of my file cabinet and found manuel for items that we no longer have. So they head to recycle bin.
Then other old important stuff like our property taxes, anything more then 5 years it now in a box ready to be burn.

Yesterday was quite a day or long day at work. Regis got out of the hospital from hip operation and is recovery quite fast.
So he getting in home physical therapy and when some one new coming in he gets anxiety. But once they meet them he usual fine.
So I end up putting in 7 hours yesterday and before that I had 4 hours put in. He has 2 hours left for the week.
So tomorrow he has a doctor appointment and I know this week I will be over.
Now if we go over our allotted time we may or may not get paid. Usual the time allotted for the clients one can get all there chores done.
But there been a few times mostly because of medical reason I end up going over time.
Statement time...This total pisses me off I may or not get paid. And it could take up to six months for someone up the ladder to decide if my request is warrented 
But the way medicaid handle request for increase in hours makes no sense at all...To me it would make more sense if they did the increase in hours before one left the hospital.
No this what they do...Once the clients comes home from the hospital one calls there company field supervisor and say "Hello and so so is home from the hospital and they need extra care and I'm putting a request for hours"
So your supervisor makes a trip up to see what your saying is true. In this case my supervisor is driving a 130 miles to see if this is all true.
She takes a photo and goes back to her office and fill out papers to send to medicaid and see if they will increase the hours.
But in the mean time your client needs extra help and by the time it's approval one might not need the extra time.
It makes no sense how it's handle. Like I said above it should be set up before they leave the hospital.

So tonight I'm heading to a general gathering of one my pagan meeting and we will be covering healing.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Pay Back Can Be A Little Bit Of Bite

I try to advoid some words affraid they might bite me. I can only come up with two is never or won't. Well Murphy retire and I'm still in the work force. But when Murphy was in the work force when we came home he hardly lift a finger to help.
At times I would even make the remark since you have a W-2 your exempt from household duties. In some way his job in the tree nursury is a lot harder then mine in some aspect.
But now I'm working and bring in a pay check I believe I'm exempt from house hold chores.
I just can't quite do it back to him...So in the morning I try to 3 chores this morning I start a load of whites, vacume the carpet, and swept the floor.
Then in the evening I did 2 chores. Put dishes away which Murphy did and the other one was I went though one of our file cabinet and found old papers, which need to be burn.

I'm starting on August bullet journal and did this weeks goals and project. Saddly my bullet journal is up stair and don't recall every thing I put in it.
I know one of my goal is to drink a lease 40oz of water, and my big project is to clean out my one flower bed.

This evening I had a few minutes and start to do a few more stiches on a locker hook trivet I'm making one of my cousin.
And the other project is cut more fabric strips for Liz rag rug.

Weigh in at T.O.P.S in the morning. I haven't been for last two meetings. Iusual weigh my self on Tuesday and Friday.
Since I haven't been to my weight lost group I decide to weigh my self on our home scale and I was down to 221.25.
But I believe it should be a good weigh in.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's Been A While But No Need To Bore You

It's been a while since I posted. Please don't get all excited thinking I haven't gotten the problem resolved with my lap top and getting the photo off it.
Both my son enjoy the great outdoors and do quite bit of hiking. I'm in no shape to hike like they do. I could get my self in better shape if I stay off the computer.
So as I blog I thought I would share some photos.

We been picking quite a few raspberries and other veggies. This evening we had fresh summer squash from the garden.
Like I said if I spent less time on the lap top, maybe no Let just speak the truth I waste a lot of time on computer. Just google stupid crap. Question time...What sort of stupid stuff do you waste your time on the computer?
I just can't pin point one thing. Confession time...I waste plenty of time on the computer.

Then I've been quite a bit of things with my pagan group. I know I told you about our summer celebration.
Because our head pristess is having some health issue. We won't be doing much for August which we celebrate LAMMAS anther pagan group is having one. Depends on weather Murphy and I might go. It just been to hot.
But we're planning to have a Mabon or the fall equinox. Not sure what we will be doing but some want to go camping and others don't.
As like all of them we be merry and celebrate.
Then a little planning went for Samhain. As many you know is Halloween. One of member Debbie pass on the first part of June.
We want to do our circle ritiual around her marker. Then we're taking about going to one of our local restrunt.
But the very last thing with finger cross I'm going to an event about LUCID DREAMING

Now for the crafts I been working on. Still been slow and haven't completed nothing. I start a locker hook trivet for one of my first cousin.
And Murphy like a loose weave crochet dish  cloth I do. He does dishes, so I should do one up. Anyhow if I got going there nothing to do.

Yes. I should mention my belove crazies. Some days I feel like I'm part of three ring circus. Well two things I don't like when I first arrive at work...Is one my client horrible upset with tears and hands me an envolpe of a letter of some type.
Or this one...I'm so glad you showed up.
Well then the circus starts.

Eating been in check pretty good. I've kept to my eating planning and even when I went out.
I got a good deal on the TRAIN although flying would be cheaper. But I want to ride the train there.
I'm going to Medford Oregon to see the ECLIPES and my son Sawyer is pretty much in path of it, over 90%

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Yes I Did But Not Willing

I had planning to blog each day this week. I was dead tired from Regis operation and he look like he doing ok.
I stop in and brought him a vanillia shake.
Only stay about 15 minutes. I stop in to see how he is doing. Figuring a long visit would be to much.
So he gave me a plastic bag to keep track of and I brought that in. I never looked in it, so I'm pretty much clueless what was going on.
So he ask me if his pot (Marijuna) was in there still in there. My only repond was I never got in to your sack.
See he careless wear he smokes his herb. It wouldn't suprise me if he lights up in the hospital.
Idaho is one of the state that hasn't legelize marijuna. Before I start to take care of him he got arrest for drugs. And the only illegel drug he does is marijuna.
Well he got some jail time. But because of his medical cost they had to release him he was way to spendy to keep in jail.
His medication is real high price.
So since that he thinks he pretty much thinks he has a free ride when it comes to maijuna because he is to expensive for them to house.
I also bought him a vanillia shake and green loose fitting short he could lounge around in.

My friend Qunella and I went to Sandpoint and did a little shopping. I went to the clearence area got a few outfits. I found a top for $1.00
Then I got a binder which will be made into a BOOK OF SHADOW and some things we need.
We went to FOSTER CROSSING and we ate at CAFE BODEGA. It wasn't horrible but I sure wouldn't write home about it.
Quenella found more dishes to her blue willow collection.
I didn't get a thing or nothing jump out and said take me home...

I've been off and on about doing Fitday but I've gotten some walking in. Thursday morning Liz son Paul has his court trail.

Coffee is on

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Playing It Safe

It been a little while since I post on my blog.  Last post was about expanding my wings a bit in blogging.
I might some time but nothing in next few months or even possible longer. But for now I'll hide behind my written words and with finger cross a few photos. I still haven't gotten a new lap top to put up photos.

For a while I'm taking Friday and Saturday off of work, and sometime I have Wednesday off. This week looks fairly busy with my clients having appointment.
This up coming Tuesday Regis is having a hip replacement down in Sandpoint...I told him I would stay until they took him in to surgery. He want me to go in to the operating room and I had tell him there was no way they would and since this is such a small hospital and they didn't have a viewing area above. I had my tubes tight there after my last child.
He was worried something going wrong and I can do something about it. I'm glad he has trust in me. But I hopeful reassured him it will be ok.
So here is what I promised him that I would stay until he is ready to be rolled into the operating room.
Then I'm bring plenty to do...like letter writing, placing flyers for our cup coming coffee and chat for our pagan group, and my crafts.
Hip replacement will take about 2.5 hours, and recovery about 2 hours. Not sure what the rules on recovery for a hip replacement. But I said I would stop in his room for a few minutes before I head back home.
Anther thing he is worried about is that they will mess up on his medication. At one time he was in hospital for something and they total mess up his medication and he was hallucinating for entire month.
So since Qunella and I are going shopping on Wednesday I'll stop in and ask him if he getting all his meds.

So my paycheck will be a little smaller coming up. Since he will be in the hospital for about three days and I won't be paid for those days. And I'm not sure what they have plan for physical therphy and it might be at a rehab place.

I did some planning in my bullet journal. Some of the things I would like to accomplish is...Cut the strips for Sawyer and Betty locker hook rug, Share 2 post from my facebook page, I'll believe I'll do this on Thursday. Been cutting back on facebook I get tired of what I call angry people out there.
I have to high five my self...I been doing much better in my water intake...I been doing 32 ounce or
more each day
This up coming Saturday our pagan group will be going to a coffee shop, CALYPSO COFFEE and I'm doing up the flyers to post around.
Do a little bit of TWEETING both free though and off my blog.

I want to post this entire week....coffee is on

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Need To Fine Tune It

I'm one who don't like to bitch or maybe a better way or expressing one self...I don't need or want to be a complainer or nag.
My dad grumble about everything from the time he got up and till he went to bed. Unless he was drinking.
My dad was nice drunk. He was "Good Time Pete" but when he start to sober up...look out and quickly became Mr Hyde..
Known people who had cuss jars...we had a grip jar...a nickle for bad attitude. Well my mom carried it in her purse. Over any little complaint and even if was a just grip. She would pull it out instant and there goes the nickle in.
Earlier today Murphy and I was in Super One and spaghetti sauce was on sale. Good price but the salt was 20%. I like to keep my salt under 10%.
I just couldn't bring my self to point it out.

I've been more of aware what been eating. I'm trying to keep my calorie count around 1,800 and if I stay just below 2,000 I'll still be in goal range.
But one thing I try to get the correct nutrition.

Tuesday we had our weigh in at T.O.P.S and I maintain consider there was a family reunion. Event are hard place when it base around eating.
Usual when I go out I have to set my self some bounds before I go, and stick to them. Or my eating would be out of control.

Well there always something to do. I haven't been working on any of my crafts, I mange to do a little around the place.
The other evening I clean the toilet.
I been thinking maybe I should adventure out in blogging. Add a little more every so often. Maybe a video of something or a pod cast. Confession time... I don't like my voice...my big boobs....my short legs
There a few papers I need to fill out from work. One I'm doing recently it about health and far as I can see there violating Hippa.
So there holding our pay checks until it filled out.
Any question I put "I don't know" and anything else I will put N/A oh there one I will say yes is my blood pressure.

I need to head to work. It's going to be a short day.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Who Knows Had Sort Of Damage He Did

Regis annual Medicaid resert was today. Who knows how things went. First of I told him just mention that he is having a hip surgery on the 18th and will be in hospital for about 3 days.
Well he told her he would need 24 hour care for about a week.
Well medicaid doesn't work that way. They have a scoring system they use for every unit is worth 15 minutes.
Then each category has there minimum and maxium allotments.
But he told the nurse he falls down like 8 times a day. Also he told her that he grows web like feet. And he falls more then.
He ask him about if he been hallucinating recently. He says he hasn't.

I've start doing fit day again. And I made it under 1,800 calories and actual I was at 1,530 and for my nutrition I was happy with it.
The only one that was the lowest in my vitamin D and I get out side quite a bit. So I'm not sure how this is measured.

Weigh in tomorrow and since he had a family reunion I'm hoping to maintain...

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