Monday, June 21, 2021

Today Is Monday June 21 2021, This Is What Happen


The wild daisy in bloom. The next three blog post is going to be a little different. Thursday I'm flying out and going down to meet my new granddaughter Maeve. I need to assign her name for blog post. Will be coming back the following Monday. 

I believe the deer pretty much munched down all my lillies. I still have the one next to the house. Like said in fall I want to dig up the one the deer keep munching down. Plus we could use a good shade tree there. 

We're on heat wave cycle. There talking tripple digits, anyhow I hope there no dry lighting. I see picture of Lake Mead, behind Hoover dam and it super low. 

A few of the cranesbill gerariums. Deer seems not to bother them. Well let say at this point. I keep mean to give a veggie garden report. Hubby says we have tomato sitting on. 

Work went find. During my lunch break I got chance to read a little more in my book, slow going. Although I pass the half way point. Oh! I should say the book I been reading is Journal of John Cheeves. I bought book though Amazon, SURREALISM some what dispointed I thought it would be much more. Mainly men artist of art peroid. Not many woman. But I would like to find out about American Surrealism artists. 
When I drove to work I go by 2 cousin places and Aunt. Well look like one of my cousin was flying a Trump Flag. I'm guessing most of my first cousin on my mom side 80% of the voted for Trump or supports him. I have 26 first cousin a live and I could say 21 leans that way and 5 don't 

Next three days I'm going to tackle one comment and put some more into it. I'm going with YOGI and his comment he left was "I am not a big fan of carrying guns aroundjust because you have the right to" I'm guessing he talking about our SECOND AMENDMENT. It seems some people just can't get away from the first two amendment. And there people around here are so much in conspiracy theroies. That the gov't is going come and take our guns and food. Well I haven't heard the food lately. I worry about the mental ill packing in the stores, and becomeing unhinged. Statement time....I have no promblem people having firearms in there home as long as the properly kept safe. Now packing them in store and on street is anthor story. I just don't get the worship of guns. Even in first 10 minutes of our national news was some type of gun violence, and now I been hearing that we all should be carring some type of tourniquet. More in more us American will be involved in a mass shooting. 

Coffee is on and stay safe

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Today Is Sunday June 20 This Is What Happen.

 Before I move today post, I briefly want to say a few words about my phone conversation with my friend Qunella. It also has to do with guns. Her neighbor who has a hand full of children, not sure the exact amount. Well this family one of there youngester got burn from I believe a candle accident. So not sure of all the details, but she is over with her mom in Seattle in burn unit. Now I should say the dad has pass away. So mom is with the girl over in Seattle. Well I believe it from the Church they attend and one of lady from church is staying up with them. Well Qunella was saying the lady was packing a hand gun. Qunella didn't say anything. Never know who will be come un hinged. And saying something to the mom I would say it waste of breath. 

Now let step back into blogger history. I wrote about a FARM DREAM I had 15 years ago. Neither one of comments is blogging anymore. If anyone want to know the meaning of farm dream CLICK HERE In reality farming is something I'm of not good age to start. Will leave it at that.

Now it time to look back on three comment left this week.

First comment was from CHRISTINE and her comment was "Good Luck to Your Cousin"  If any of you don't know my cousin, actual a first cousin once remove is in fitness contest and is trying to get on cover of the "rolling stone". Not really. She trying to get on MS FITNESS AND HEALTH I know I ask but could you vote and pass the word about my cousin. Please.

Second comment was from DRIFTING THOUGH LIFE and her comment was "Up a quarter pound? That only four ounces and could be only water. Did you drink a lot of water that day? I would only be concern If weight difference was a whole pound and wasn't lost in two days. Some food get processed though body slower" This is all very true. But if a person lost quarter pound a week they would be 13 pounds lighter in a year. As what I ate and such around time peroid I don't recall. I guess one reason one should be consistent of keeping a food journal. 

Third and last comment was from ISLAND MUSING and her comment was "Best Wishes to the New Couple. Nature garden is spectular this time of yeat"  I haven't heard of any major disagreements. I wonder about married couples who see eye to eye on every little thing. Usual July and August is our hotter months. So it the weather was great for an outdoor wedding.

I want to catch up on my bullet journal. Balance budget and paid some bills. Can't find my electrial bill so I will call them and see what we owe them. I know I didn't pay it.

Coffee is on and stay safe

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday June 19 2021. This Is What Happen

 Had every intention of a post, between 12 and 1 this afternoon. well it all most four. My main thing was to get my dinning and coffee table clean off. 

Well my goal was to start at 9 this morning. Although I started some where between 8:30 and 9:00. I found an overeaters Anonymous meeting. Part of topic got me interesting. Which was the writting part. Plus it was the agnostic and athiest section. Well I took an hour off and attend the OA meeting on zoom. Then one my hubby life long friend, came up from Priest River for a visit. Well time he got here I had both table pretty much done. Did a little as he was here.

He always has some interesting tales to share. This guy could write some great short stories. So I didn't have to listen. But I want to. After he left I never got back on the projects. Maybe a little later I might take anther stab on at. 

Before Bed I been reading jouurnal of  John Cheeves. But one thing I norice he didn't date his journal entries. Most journals and such there is a date.  Confession time...There been time I think of something I want to blog about and I don't call what want to blog about, when I actual set down and blog.

Not long ago I got reko stick so I can stream, and I was told to write pass word on piece of paper and stick to buttom of router. Well I didn't I sort of know the pass word. Till I figure out pass word I can't go any farther. 

As many of you know I'm on down hill side of retirement and my hubby and I discuss moving from North Idaho, and brought it up to our friend. He retire from forest service as a fire fighter. He in his early 80 and could pass there physical. Well the subject of guns got brought up and how many people packs in North Idaho. I told him if I'm in a store and see someone packing a gun of any size. that I don't know. I leave the store as quickly as possible. He told me about one of his neighbors and if I got the piece right. His neighbor said he packs because of all the loose crazy people. Well neighbor was talking to chief of police and show his sign arm and it legeal to pack in Idaho. And said something like "If those people can't control there dog, I will have to shoot them"Right in front of chief of police, He wasn't arrested the police of chief told him if he shot a person what sort of trouble he would get into trouble. There way to many people UNSTABLE packing guns, I'm sure there more hidden under there clothing or place in hand bags. No I don't walk up and down the store aisle see who packing. If I did I wouldn't get enough food. We all agree to many unhinge people out in world packing guns, mostly in Idaho. I've wonder when there will be mass shooting in a 100 mile radius of my home. See there two reason I want to leave this area. Is more culture and I can drive not far for culture. But being on edge of possible getting shot by some nut case and their gun. I think less of chance heing mauled by bear or cougar. Than being shot by someone coming unhinged.

Coffee is on and stay safe

Friday, June 18, 2021

Today Is Friday June 18 2021, This Is What Happen

 Older or more years on job, I appreciate my weekends. By Wednesday I'm looking forward to Fridays. Before I go off on small frenzy. I like to mention that a cousin of my is in contest to be on a cover of MAGAZINE. Yes, I'm trying to get vote for her. I only had chance to visit some of my blogs I read. 

Weekend here and I need to have time at home, last few weekend we had an event to go to. My son mother in law teaches dance, and there having a performance at college down Cour de lane. She does a great show. I want to go. But I'm beat and since every weekend we had something going. 

Don't know how many time I tell my husband to toss the junk mail out. No he thing everything is important. There only 10 items that is important and here they are, and some doesn't come every month.

1. Electric Bill.

2. Water Bill

3. Gas Bill

4. Bank of America Credit card Bill

5. Wells Fargo Credit card Bill

6. Car Insurance

7. House Insurance

8. Property Taxes

9. Medical Bills 

10. Personal Letters

Six  thought nine don't show up every month. And the rest can be tossed out. How hard is that.

Took Regis to the library down to Sandpoint. We went to library down there, they have a larger library and I return my dvds and got one new dvd. The reason I got one I need to figure how to get my streaming thinging going. Well I got Liz two dvds for the weekend. Plus I looked to see if they had journals of LEWIS AND CLARK I had to stop in at a UPS STORE to ship something back to Amazon. There not one in my area. Then into walmart I got few items and was out less then 30 minutes.

Reading and creative things are slow going but some most evening I get in less than hour, During the news hour I embrodairy on a granddaughter quilt block. 

Coffee is on and stay safe

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Today Is Thursday June 17 2021, This Is What Happen

 It Thursday one more day of work this week. Not sure what I would be like if I had a 40 hour work week. I'm just hair under 32 hours. Some where in 63rd year of my life I'm going to retire. Regardless if I can afford. I'm sure I will figure it out.

Hubby made lovely bowl of chicken vegetable stew for dinner. I need catch up on my book work and possible do a little craft organization. I usual do about half hour to hour of organizing crafts supplies or be creative. 

I'm on mission to get vote for my cousin LYNNETTE so she can be on cover of a magazine. Please tell others about my cousin. She 6 years younger and me. Lot more fit then me. 

Coffee is on and stay safe

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Today Is Wednesday June 16 2021, This Is What Happen


I been enjoying doing some of these prompts to get me blogging. Here in a LINK I'm doing number 29 what is my favortive month and why.

Living in Northweast I really don't have a fav month. I believe if I lived east of the Rocky Mountains or east of the Mississippi River. I might have to say "The non humid months" see I live drier climate. I only been east of the Mississipi river once and wasn't impress with high humidy. But I was impress with there electrical storms. As I age I want to see less snow. But still around Christmas I like to see about 6 inches for a short time and snow can go away. Although I like looking at snow peak mountain tops. But I find it peaceful to watch the tree chance. So in April and May the leaves come out. September and October the leaves start to change colors. Than in October and November leaves peacefully fall to ground

Regis had an old friend stop in for a bit, they grew up on the YAAK in Pine Creek area. It was interesting listen them share stories of the days gone by. 

Coffee is on and stay safe

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Today Is Tuesday June 15 2021, This Is What Happen

 Usual after work I post on my blog. But hopefully I can find a online meeting with overeaters anomymous this evening. I took part in an online meeting of Q.A new comers. I'm on fence still. I feel in one meeting one can't say if it would work for them. I want to look though there special topics and or special focus. But one thing I learn it would be helpful to have there MAIN BOOK although it cheaper though OA.

Letter "G" turn. And the word I'm using is "Gain" and it doesn't need to play negative roll in ones life. Before changing. I would say for a week or two, be mindful or even keep tally of self. Both pro and con. Pick one or two that you might need to get rid of or modified. I call it "gaining knowledge" One thing I notice that I was eating pretty much up to bed time. So I usual went bed between 9 and 10. So now I'm hardly on any electronic device after 8:30. But I don't eat after 7pm regardless where my calorie  count is. Then before I got to bed I try to read for half and hour. Some time it a little more and less. But I'm sleeping much better. This last weekend we had social events that had food at. One thing I learn at T.O.P.S meeting is one doesn't have to eat all that is brought. And make an eating plan before you go. Plus plan for dessert. One thing I don't have a pot luck like setting is mashed pototoes, There nothing new or special. Have them at home. Well going up to camp site to visit my son I didn't make good choices. So in camping sitution I need to set some ground rules and or plans. 

I was up and quarter pound, This week my daily calorie count aveaged 1486 and usually I would of post later in day so I know my calorie count would of been up. I don't have time to go into all the nurtional stuff. But my percentage of fat intake was 46% and my carb intake was 35%