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Monday, April 23, 2018

Let Me Tell You

We American here about how long the wait to get any medical service from country who have one payer systems.
Well I have medical insurance and I have to wait and see what my insurance company will approve. There sending me to see a gastologist. Well 3 years ago I had a colonoscopy from one gastroentologist which I like. But I request to see that doctor once again. And I ask if they could see the same doctor.
So she pulled up on the computer and see where I possible going. She read off the doctor name and never heard of him.
I ask why they were sending me to that doctor, and she guess it was my insurance and or would be easist one to get in.
She did sending in request for the doctor I wish to see. But it doesn't mean my insurance company will pay for it.
It could be possible simple it might be easier to get in to the doctor there suggestion.
Don't think you have to wait to see a medical doctor here in America.

Since I pretty much sat all day over the weekend. Driving to airport and waiting I didn't get much movement.
Today when I park I parked away from the building and even took a brief walk up our road.
I did my goals or things I want to do this up coming week.
Off to Sandpoint tomorrow I'm taking Regis to his appointment at pain clinic. We will also stop in at Library down there and get some DVD and both my client been watching ONCE UPON A TIME and I see a bits and piece. To me it seem like a pretty good show and there telling me it best to watch it from the beginning.
The other TV show I would like to see is SEX IN THE CITY

Hubby went out on his Aunt place and dog up a larch tree and plant it in our yard. But up a wind sock and see it need to be reinforce a bit.

Weigh in and hopeful I'm on my way for my quarter goal of losing 5 pounds. Last weigh in I was at my last quarter goal weight.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Take Mental Note

Hubby and I drove down to Spokane and usual I drove and this time he did most of the driving. So I can enjoy scenery.
As the trip to Spokane I keep thinking to my self "Take a mental note" Well I look at trees and nothing with leaf yet, but notice a few trees starting to real show some green bud.

Not much planning I try to take Trent ave into Spokane. Well that were the industry area in Spokane is and was.
Quite a few empty buildings. I wonder why they don't turn them into some low income housing. I know it wouldn't be the grandest area.
But bit a little time and effect in place. It could be come someone cozy little places.
Opinion time...It better get someone a hand up then slap down.

Well before we got to the airport to get Qunella. Murphy and I stop at a Chinese Restaurant. Then close to Airport in Spokane is Air Heights and stop at Walmart. I got my self a analog watch with big numbers.
So I can see the time. My car don't have a clock in it, and I need to get my client to there appointment.
But also I stop and looked at some camera in there.

Now for the wait at airport, see her flight was an hour late getting in. So I sat and watch people go though the TSA.
I recall people would dress to fly. Now it more causal to fly.
But I did notice a few ladies were wearing wedge heals. And all sort of fun looking sneakers.

I'm guessing I miss all sort of mental notes

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Not lacking

Just finish up feeding info into my fitday account. One of the reason I like it keep track of all of your nutrition. This is my third day of recording. According to RDA the three I'm short on is vitamin D, well as I understand vitaim D is SUNSHINE Vitamin.
Two other thing I'm short in is Calcuim, and vitamin B 12.
But in last few days I been strong in iron, vitamin C and Niacin.

Strange thing I can't fine my camera. I know I took it with me when I went to Sandpoint last Wednesday. Swore I took it in and now I'm not sure were I put it. Plain and simple I have to much stuff
Then today I stop in at this sale. We had an excellent varity store called "Huckleberries" and the owner lost lease to building. Well she didn't sell of her inventory. Now face forward she got anthor building and believe she renting it for two weeks, and trying to move the rest of her inventory. Everything is 75% off.
Best way to explain Huckleberries is compare it to the old FIVE AND DIMES

Both my clients get about $785 a month sure they get snaps (food stamps) and they get help with there utilities usual it happen in November and there credit a certain amount on there power bill. Well it depends how well the place they live in is insulated. What I notice that the utilities grant last 3 to 6 months.
At our main food bank one can go in and pick up salvage....There different shelf and refridrator and there sign how many items one can take.
And this is only can be use once a week. three times a year one can get a food box and it should feed one family for two weeks.
There a few other food bank in our community but there religious based one

Well today I drove the client out to HOPE HOUSE so they can get some clothes, and few personal items.
Well these people needs clothing and non food items.
The lady who runs the hope house was telling me about MEAL OF HOPE and would like to bring it to our community.
But four times a year our community have a food truck come and give away food.
All this is very helpful for those in need.

Sure these people stuggle and if it weren't for these community organization these people would stuggle a lot mor.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Now To Be Or Not To Be Amazed

I been getting over 5,000 steps in last few days. My goal was to get over 5,000 steps and if I keep going at this rate. Next month I will up it to 7,500
I did order a fit bit zip not sure when it will be. And I start to do FIT DAY again and can uses it with my phone.
I only did some minor goal set up on site. Trying to keep my daily calorie goal between 1,800 and 2,000. They do offer some other feature but not sure what I want or need to do with it.

Drop my friend Qunella at the airport in Spokane, she going to Seattle to celebrate her mother life. I'll go back down on Sunday.

One thing I noticed that that some of the trees were leaf out. And I figure Monday or shortly after wards our leaves in North Idaho will start to leaf out.

Stop at Super One and bought a few thing. I got a jar of Kimchi. I would like to try to make it or try different varieties of them.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

I Real Don't

This morning I'm honestly trying to figure how to blog. Not what to blog about. I just don't like grumbling about my digestion system. Well diarrhea is back, although not as bad. I wrote down every thing I ate on Wednesday.
At this point I'm starting to think it could be possible dairy foods. But Monday I have an appointment with the doctor.

I've been trying to increase my walking. I been pushing my self to walk a little bit more. Right now I have T.O.P.S pedometer.
It ok. Actual it one my better one. But it doesn't go to techie device. It doesn't plug into anything.

Now I'm think of getting a fitbit zip. So I can use an app to keep track of my steps. I was keeping track of my food with, FITDAY  now I'm thinking of using there app with my phone. But I know quite a few people who use  MY FITNESS PAL.
I'm familiar with Fitday. What I like to do is a good but easy app to use both on my phone and laptop.

I'll get the fitbit zip. Over at SONG BIRD CRAZY WORLD she post a blog on her new toy, SMART FOOD SCALE, although I know nothing about them.

Confession time...I just got my smart phone. I've had a flip phone for ages. And still learning my way around.
I still need to set up my voice mail. I gave my hubby my old flip phone.

I put out my whirl things in yard. Weather been super nice and joying morning coffee with hubby out on the deck. Watching bird doing the aerobatics which I find comforting.
Yesterday Regis and I stop at the dollar store in Sandpoint and I got a few things to put out in yard.

Taking my friend Quenella to the airport tomorrow.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Up the Next Flight

For the last three weigh in at T.O.P.S I be
en at or slightly below my first quarter goal. Now it time to start moving about my 2nd quarter goal is to loose the next five pounds.

Got all the tax stuff done. I got the last little bit done for our property taxes. We will get about $170 knock off.
At first I was wonder if any thing was knock off.

After work today and the dentist. I went and had a teeth cleaning. As there were scrapping crud off my teeth. Only I could think what a smelly job. Gee I could smell it, and what raunchy smell.

I did get a little more done on the back bedroom after work. I found a few more items to take to the thrift store. I sure hope I remember to take it in the morning.

At first I was going to tell you this is my friend "George" I take care of it. Not sure if it maler or female.
Question time...Does anyone know anything about this insect?
They seem to like to be under woodpile, boxes or wood products. And they stink when you squash them.
Usual I toss them outside. But sorry to annouce they will be flush down the toilet or cremated in wood stove during the cold winter months.

Monday, April 16, 2018

What Do We Or I

Just finish up paper work for my first quarter taxes. Then the paper work for our property taxes circuit breaker.
Actual I don't mind paying my taxes, but I take every legal loop hole I can. On the circuit breaker one I can deduct our medical cost off our property taxes. Although it's not that much less then $700. But every penny count.

I send a copy of our taxes to my employer. We get bonus twice a year and there were some who didn't claim there income. Well they got audit and start looking into there employees, matching up social security numbers and found some didn't pay taxes.
Not sure what happen.

This morning I was telling my hubby. My next life or next time around. I'm NOT going to be a responsible person. Just let thing slide.

trying to keep things balance isn't an easy thing. I weigh in tomorrow at local top group. I need to the scale to be under 215.75. If it is I'll start working on my next five pounds.
My goal is to loose 5 pounds a quarter.
20 pounds drop and I still will be over weight.
I even have conversation with my self. Why and how I let my self get this heavy. Well simple answer is I did.
Then the other conversation I start to have is my 2019 health goal. Simply I need to shut up and keep focus on my 2017 health goals.
Question time...In your own mind have you every discuss things.

Last little bit to go on the locker hook rug. It tight fit and my hand get cramps in them.

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