Saturday, October 24, 2020

Today Is Saturday October 24 2020, This Is What Happen


I was first to adventure outdoors, took trash to garage/Shed. Mail off my time slip and also brought up shovel closer to the house. The main snow storm was bit south of here.

I keep meaning to finish up last three numbers of the minor arcana in tarot deck.

Eights are infinity with all sort of possibility. I like to say there usual more than one way to accomplish something. But remember we're responsible for our decisions and choices.

Nines almost there ready to put extra special ump to complete what needs or wants

Tens beginning or completing a cycle of something.

Hopefully I will now can share how and reason why I set up my Samhain altar the way I did.

Started to paste down some of piece for my next page for BROOKLYN ART LIBRARY. I'm basing it on the planet Pluto as it going though all the zodiac signs. Or one might say it about historical generations

Hope to have it done so I can take part in PAINT PARTY FRIDAY

Earlier today I learn about ART MONSTER RALLY on social media, one of my cousin took part in one. I understand artist have so much time given to complete a piece of art and then it sold. It entertaining and usual for a fund raiser.

Wouldn't use the word disappointed. But I was hoping it would have been the same size of my other totes for my scrap of fabrics. But I am making it work. Not going to send it back, had a hard enough time finding a tote 15 quarts. Just had to cut the dividers differently. But here the thing bothers me that I cut bunch to fit the other companies totes.

Today I iron and browns and beige fabrics and got wrap on plastic corrugated board. Anyhow I am pretty much out of it, got it from thrift store. If I can find super deal on it, will get some more. Or card board box will work as well. Plus then I will be reusing and or recycling.

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Friday, October 23, 2020

Today Is Friday October 23 2020, This Is What Happen.



Even I have already cast my ballot. I watch the last debate between Biden and Trump. Confession time...I was wondering what off wall thing Trump was going to pull, sort of like going to hockey game to see fights. The only thing I would say Trump might of slow the bleeding down. But who know how election will go. So during the debate I rolled up strips of fabric. Which in couple weeks or so I will do it in to a crochet rag rug. I just can't do nothing.

It snowing again our second round. Looks like we have about 3 inches on ground. 

Our county moved into the red for covid cases, and still about half people have some mask protect on. At work I was going to take my client to do crafts at there mental health building. But they called and said one cases came through and possible a second, waiting for the results. So there contact tracing and the building is being washed down. I am in county of about 10,000 people and we have about 50 active cases going on. But still I am guess slightly over half people is wearing mask. 

So we spend a little time up Liz doing crafts I practice some drawing. Reggis made a face on his N95 mask, and Liz didn't have project to work on. She has mention before her and her paternal grandma and she would embroidery, and she would like a review of stitches. It will give her something to do, other than letting things float into her mind.  

Not sure what going on this weekend. Table is looking a little clutters, some snow removal, work on creative project, and oh I need to mail time slips.

Oh some a while back ago ask me about people packing guns. I don't look for those who are packing every so often one will see a holesiter with gun in. One thing I never seen here is someone wearing a mask and packing a gun. I just don't get it they feel God will protect them from virus and but feel so threaten that there going to be attack, just going into a local food mart of sort. We have 12 gauge shot gun for home protection, and would a lease take while to find the shells for it. I would give it 1 to 200 million that we would have to use in a home invasion. But I do wonder when I see those who choose to pack that the y're mentally stable. I know a few been in behavior health (mental ward) and carries a gun.  

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Today Is Wednesday October 21 2020, This Is What Happening.


My week and most of the month I feel like I am the tortoise, in the tortoise and hare. I keep plugging a long. I mange to get one of my strips cut for an upcoming crochet rag rug. The other sheet which I will cut into strips is in the laundry hamper. I rarely purchase fabric for a crochet rag rug, not even from thrift store. The rugs take quite bit of fabric.

Still cutting strips and sewing them together. After there all sewed into strips I will cut them into strips the other way, and sew them together. Having a block look.

Today Regis and I went ghost hunting. I have never felt a strong present at cemetery. It complete dead there who wants hang around bunch of dead who isn't bit lively. Any how I feel more present other place even right now. So I knew they were a cemetery called LAKE VIEW

Usual walking though a cemetery there a few graves and from unknown reason, one might wonder about a person. I am guess this guy died during WWI. The flag that was engraved had worn thin, notice the strips and lay out as was blowing wind. There was other people in same general area with the same surname.

A few of gravestone have topple over. Quite a few of the graves have sunken in. Not sure what sort soil is on lake. But it a pretty view.

Afterward we did our running around.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Today Is Tuesday October 20 2020, This Is What Happen.


Took the day off, so I could get the things done that takes two people to do. That a in little bit down the post. But I meant my friend Quenella for a bit, we went to Under The Sun for coffee and each of us bought a cookie.

I usually get one of there SEATTLE CHOCOLATE CANDY and now I am thinking maybe getting some for Sawyer In Laws.

So after coffee we walk across the street and we then went to book store. I briefly looked at possible book for Granddaughters and my friend got the item she ordered. She ask the owner of place if he had any problem with his mask and gun mandate. It pretty simple when you enter the store, your to wear a mask and not carry gun. Idaho is an OPEN CARRY STATE so far he said he hasn't had any issues. Only few times outside of sidewalk he heard a few comments.

Afterwards we went over to A LITTLE COMFORT QUILTING and got around a yard of unbleach muslim to do some embroidery blocks for quilt. Quenella saw some fabric she liked for a skirt.

We parted ways. I decided to stop in at ONE OF OUR THRIFT STORE to see what they possible had for used sheets. I found something that would work for a complimentary color for a crochet rag rug I am working on. But if there wasn't nothing there I did have something that would work. But I'm more please with the sheet from the thrift store.

Murphy and I clean out the chimney. He got the snowblower ready, which includes and oil change.

Yesterday I briefly posting about my job as HOME CAREGIVER/PERSONAL CAREGIVER but I would like to answer how I am paid. Both of my clients is on MEDICAID and when it comes right down to it, state of Idaho pays my wages. But they have what called care agency mange the clients and every town has them.

So if someone qualify to have a personal caregiver they pick an agency to go though. Then the agency matches them up with someone to come into there home. The person who comes into there home is to have complete background check. But they don't check out the client, and I could tell you plenty of scary stories.

The state pays the agency and the agency pays the worker. Last I heard the state pays agency around $20 an hour. And depending on agency is what they pay those who go into the home. Here in Idaho it ranges from $7.25 to $15.00 an hour. I get $14.99 and hour.

There was some comment about elderly people. But there people who aren't elderly or seniors. My clients are same ages as me. One a little younger and the other is slightly older. The main reason they get a personal caregiver is because they have mental and emotional issues.

There even people who have children with needs that someone comes in and helps them with their children.

I sage our place and finished sitting up my Samhain altar. It to celebrate our ancestors who came and gone before. I am using a combo of candles and major arcana card. I want to finish the numbers connect with tarot, minor arcana only. Which will finish up today and hopeful tomorrow. Then I will take time and explain why I sat up my altar as I did.

So I will cover the next four cards...Four...Five...Six...and Seven.

Four, one has corner covered, holding steady, well balance.

Five, confuse tension. Group could be uneasy.

Six, Moving a long nicely, growing.

Seven, Waiting and or evaluating.

Up little and went on tread mill for a short time. Have an older tread mill. Going to look for some ear buds or something I can listen to some podcast as I am on tread mill.

Looks like some weather changes are on the way. Rain, Snow and Sleet.

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Today Is Monday October 19 2020, This Is What Happen

 Snow gone, well actual it was gone that same afternoon. Went to work and quite day. I was ask about sometime post what a caregiver and a personal caregiver. So here go....

There people for many reason has a person come into their home to help them with their daily living. It could be cause of age, a physical, emotional issues, and or mental reason. The caregiver try to make there life easier and comfortable. A caregiver might total bath them to head to toe, or give que about bathing and high gene. Every caregiver and client relationship is different. I like to spend 10 to 20 minute listening to them when I first come to work. Then after that I would ask what they need done. Usual my client says "Whatever needs to be done." So I usually do home chores and if I think my client needs something called to their attention. I will bring it up.. I usually set up appointment and attend with them. A lease once week I try to do something fun with my client, to keep their mind active. So it looks like the 28th we're going to carve pumpkins. There all sort of things we do here a short example, cook meal, sweep and mop. Remind client to take there medication, fix sandwich, laundry, make sure there pets are taken care of, dust and etc. 

Let briefly talk about weight. When I am bored or stress I like to nipple and or at time stuff my face with cookies. Will weight myself tomorrow and report to my friend. Her and I was in tops together. But since covid it just not happening. And for good reason. Also weigh myself on even days. 

Let talk briefly and it won't or shouldn't take much time is about numbers on tarot cards. Statement time...I don't pay much attention to the numbers of cards. Talking about minor arcana. Let just first three numbers...One is no one it just you. At time sometime we might need another mellon depending on the situation.But at times it better to hold your own Two your add another piece to whatever puzzle of life comes your way. But sometime two can work together but other time they can pull. Three is first one to make something come wonky. Every here that saying one just fine at times, two company and three not aloud. But them three has the vote to break a tie or finish a decision Three also a start of group. 

Took off the elastic from and old bottom sheet. Ready to cut it in to 2 inch strips. But I still need to dig though my tote of old sheets to find a complimentary sheet to go with yellowish color.

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Today Is Sunday October 18 2020, This Is What Happen.


So far I started a load of laundry mainly heavier items. Tossed in old bottom sheet which will be cut for strips and made into crochet rag rug. Well it will be use as yule gift. Managed to put a few other items in my thrift store box. And sort of plan out this up coming week. Before Thursday the 22nd I need to stop in to a fabric store and get some Muslim, so I can make them into blocks for a granddaughter quilt. But as for project my main focus is my 2 inch block quilt. Hopeful before next weekend I can give a little report.

It snowing and usual Halloween night is are first snow, usual it doesn't stick.

My video yesterday and later on I will link my vlog. But I mention about community, which could change from time to time or place to place.

To the north when I step out I see two vehicle. Which means there possible transportation. Then comes question...should I leave and what would the reason me to leave.

Since it snowing and didn't want to put on winter shoe gear, no photo. But it closer neighbors Mennonites. And I know there good neighbors and most of them follows and lives there faith, although they don't try to convert you.

Then to east of me is a group of maple tree, used as wind break. We all need a break from our daily life.

To the west of me, is a field and the farmer who uses it usual puts up hay and after the second cutting he puts his cattle out to graze. At time we all need to widen our horizon.

Usual the middle card represent one self or if your reading for another person it them

So the minor arcana as in group is a community that surround. Might even look at as possible town.Not everyone or any set rules to your spiritual community. For me its

Cups in community is doctor, minister, therapist. Someone you might go to for problem. But it might be a friend or such that might need your help or they might be the one to help.

Wands in community is one who bring new ideal such a teachers, librarians, scientist. People who made changes or possible might even look at what you might need to change and what pace do you need make change. No need to injury one self.

Pentacles I consider them the merchants and physical part of life. A farmer would be one of these people who is part of our daily living. My husband and I are eating an apple. Someone grew that apple.

Last one is sword. The military, offense and defense of life.

So in middle is seven of cups, she refusing something and is for right or wrong reason. Above her is nine swords and I would say it about choices, Pick your battle wisely. At the other end is page of wands nothing wrong with having new goals and ideals. One should weigh all sides of something before making a choices. Left side seven wands might have ideal but what tools one might need. To get there and or protect. Last one on right side, five swords one again it has to with what tools need to be use or not use. Possible taking care of tools. I see tools of life in this layout. This person might feel a little over whelm in there life. Time to count to 10 and break things down so you could look at them. Regroup before moving forward. 

Hubby and I did go to store. Town and store was quite busy. Like most Sunday I guess they have extra protection from big person up stair. Oh, hardly and mask on. Hubby and I had our N95's on. I forgot to get my special butter. I have dairy issues, so what put bread and such isn't regular butter. Sewed some strips of fabric for my up coming 2 inch block square. Talk to one of my friend out of Spokane and my Son Bart.  Here the link to my VLOG 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Today Is Saturday October 17 2020, This Is What Happen

 Oh I did VLOG. covered a little there and shared a few things. It seem ahead of time I know or plan to share. When I get in front camera or behind lap top. I forget something. I tend to forgot more behind the camera.

Managed to get box of items to be donated to one of local thrift stores. We won't be going into town until Sunday. There odds I will find more to take in. 

This is how I'm organizing my craft supplies and such. I like to keep my clients occupied. So this is way I can easily transport. To me and I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time. If one doesn't occupied there mind in some matter or other. Something else is going to be occupy it. If I am going to lay odds on it. It going to be something all that not friendly or should say mental unhealthy. 

As you can see in this pouch I have crafty scissors and I am not sure how I will organize it all. But it getting me more space.

One thing I like to keep track of money. Most of time I use a debt card. Every so often I will write a check out for something. Found this personal check log book,t over amazon and I'm just not going to count the pages. But it looks like it should record more then those check register one gets from the bank. 

Started my Christmas shopping list and working on my bullet journal book

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