Monday, August 03, 2020

Today Is Monday August 3 2020, This Is What Happen

I real don't do that many video, do to lack of time. And including I start with blogging, we then had dial up. 
I decided in this post I will continue about what was comment.
We have nice raspberries patch and to the north of it. I would love to put in a few blueberries and strawberries. We grown strawberries.
The main reason my husband is giving dope. Every Time he smoked his blood pressure and pulse went up. I don't think he really wants to give it up, but with making his heart race and blood pressure go way up. Not a good thing.
One thing pagan don't do is usual don't shun. And should be super careful about casting curses. Rule number one on casting curses. They can come back and bite you the hinny. Well I left the local rant and rave page over on facebook. Best way to explain them was bunch middle or Jr high bullies. I put myself on timeout. Or as some may say there being shun.  If I go back it will be after the election. 
With Trump wanting to delay the election til Covid. I believe it ruin his chance of getting reelected. I'm waiting to watch him toss a tantrum. 
The dream dabbling was real interesting. As pagan we keep track of dream and we discuss them and analyze each other. They do it once month.
My SECOND video of the month and I will two more. So a total of four.

Weigh in and coffee with my friend Qunella 

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Today Is Sunday August 2 2020, This Is What Happen

It been quite day. Until I went on facebook and defended on something my husband and I was involved in. I will admit we had guilt. So did the other party. Now looking back I should of just ignore it. In the morning I will delete my part of conversation and take a break from our local rant and rave page. I should know better trying to have a conversation with an area who is Trump supporter. 
So true hindsight is so much better then front sight.

Picked some raspberries. Water the garden. 

We both drew our weekly oracle card or wisdom card. Mind was on communication and if anyone said communication was easy. Mostly on social media. I guess their not on it.....It lot safe to communicated through a creative outlet.
Murphy drew emergence since recently he stop smoking marijuana, there been some both positive and negativism in our adventure.
The negative part of him not smoking pot, he more aggressive and he acts before he thinks. We drove by someone place way North of Bonners Ferry a register sex offender. As we were driving by he flipped him off (Middle finger) and the guy wasn't out in his yard.
A truck from Canada was following us and he thought he flipped him off. Of crouse thinking it was directed at him. 
He did bring this behavior up with the therapist. Tuesday he goes into the regular doctor. We need to follow medicare protocol. Or either like banging your head against a brick wall. Fighting city hall.
For some reason he seems less negative. He is a pessimist and I'm the optimist.
Not excusing my husband behavior.   
This hasn't been easy and feel lot better letting it out, even if it on blog.

A pagan group out of Spokane once month has a thing called "Dream Dabbling" first time on zoom. I talked briefly about my train dream, and it was pretty much a consensus that I been on the same ole track and diversion of some type would be good for me..
Anther one brought up he had two earwig coming out of his jaw area. 
I believe they was a little over half dozen of us on dream dabble.

Calorie count over by quite a bit. Need more water and off to work tomorrow

Coffee is on     

Saturday, August 01, 2020

July Report 2020

First time doing a VIDEO of monthly report. And I did get another mask done. Had a mask like this one before and left it some place.The only thing this one I sewed in a groceries tie thing, to fit better around the nose. Glad to see more people having mask on, in the local community. 

Coffee is on

Friday, July 31, 2020

Today Is Friday July 31 2020, This Is What Happen

It the day for PAINT PARTY FRIDAY hope you have time to stop and admire the artist who posted this week.
Another one for ATC collection of food theme. 
One day I was in walmart and picked up this thing called a "painter" I would describe it as high class marker. So I decided to try to use it on the gummy bear above. The other medium I use for paws and such was water color type of marker from crayola. And white color pencil to make sugar like marks.

Going to try to make video of my July report tomorrow.    

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Today Is July 30 2020, This Is What Happen

This been a hard post. It seem like it been tackle to get this post done. It seem like I haven't got the hang of the new blogger.
Yesterday hubby and I took a drive up trout creek.

There is some issue with my hubby quitting marijuana. Actual he doing real good. Today he went to see a therapist.  Well I thought medicare covered mental health issue. Well not quite, if medicare going to pick up tab or lease 80% of it. We need to go to someone with phd. Not a masters. So come Tuesday he will see his primary caregiver. And see what choices is.
During the time hubby spend with the therapist. He brought up mind health. Either one of us have greatest mind health, as for we both was pretty much belittled. Everyday not say there hour or anything like that. But I work on being a better me. I figure even at 60 I can improve

For myself issue been emotional eating. The scales went a bit.  
Four things I need to do to lose weight.
1. Calorie count between 1,600 to 1,800
2. Over 40 oz of water
3. 7,500 steps in.
4. Nothing in mouth after 7PM until following morning.
How hard should this be. It not hard, keeping to it is the hard part.

Tuesday I post about my retirement I figure is going to be on low income side. Well I worked hard and for people like me and other personal caregivers. I kept people out of state run institution and let them have some dignity and live in their home.   

Just another photo of trout creek. I'm tired need un wine and want to be in bed close to 9 my time.


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Today Is Tuesday July 28 2020, This Is What Happen

This morning I meant my friend Quenella at Under the Sun. Got our coffee and two of her friends meant us there.
Majority of people had no mask on. So that main reason we went over to Georgia Plaza. The strange thing one lady join us, I went to JR high with her. NORTH PINES JR HIGH but now there known as Middle School.

I was the only one still in work force. Quenella only time I known her to work out side of the home when she was in college. Her husband Michael worked building bridges until he got injured and went on disability. 

Decided to take three days off at end of July and August. My retirement will be what it is. But looking back there a few choices I should of made different. Hindsight is always 20/20 
Not saying I am brain or thing like that. Or I am Ivy league material. I believe if I had different childhood. supportive parents, mainly my dad. I could of got an education or found a skill and became a union member. Instead of my entire life making minimum wage or slightly above it. Now I'm slightly under $15 and hour. I honestly don't think I will for next three years get a fifty cent more an hour raise.
Not sure what will come first. I have no desire to work at job until I am 70. It depends on my health and aches and such. When I will retire. Here the plan if I am still able body. At present time hubby social security is $818 and they take out $135 for his medicare if I didn't work. We could get help with his medicare cost. 
Once I figure my social security is going to be same as my husbands. And there is cost living usual it less 3% a year. So let call it 1.5% a year. So time I am 63 my hubby social security monthly income should be around $879.00. If my social security income is above $792 when I am 63, there a good chance I will retire. Regardless I will retire at 65.
We do have a little save back. The house we own is paid, and my job working with low income I learn a lot about different services. One is circuit breaker for property taxes, for low income seniors, widow, veterans, and orphans. Then possible chance they won't take the medicare cost out of our retirement check.
If your under a certain income level and also assets at certain amount. Your home doesn't account. Since we have a home that we own. The money they would of taken out of our medicare wouldn't be. But we would still have to pick up the 20% of what medicare doesn't pay. They have their own set prices. Let say medicare set a certain medical procedure at $700 our cost could be $140. Actual our medicare for our senior and disability isn't bad program. I only wish they would expand it to all Americans. We all pay a certain percent out of our income. I am thinking 1 to 3 percent.
Then there the state program and unless Trump guts them to bare bone or nothing. Then there SNAP ( Supplement Nutritional Assistant Program) At present time one assents needs to be under $5,000 for SNAP which includes cash on hand, bank account, stocks, extra property, ( your home doesn't count) extra vehicle, (your main transport vehicle  doesn't account) and recreational vehicles. 
We're a long ways for qualifying for SNAP. I know we will get energy help which they will put a certain amount of grant money on our heating company.
I have some long living gene. I have over 10 relatives that made it past ninety, one Aunt died at 102, and two of my aunts are in there 90 and still kicking.
Confession time....Knowing there a strong possibility as senior I will be on some type of dole, it embarrassing. 
Then there was ceramic shop I didn't make that much, time I paid rent, insurance, power, restock supplies and repairs. On good day I would come home with $20 in my pocket. I thought of reopen a shop in our basement once I retire. The over head won't even be close to what was. It could be operated as a part time business and also the over head would be quite a bit less.  I still have all of my equipment for ceramic shop.
My husband is far from dumb. But for 50 years he smoked marijuana and lot of job gives you a drug test and the tree farms usual didn't. I don't yell all the loud of his marijuana use. I did my powders and drinked. 
 There not famous for wages. He did enjoy working in trees. 
When our sons was little I stayed home and the wages I would of made would of just go to daycare. So there blank years in my social security.
A short time right out high school I lived in Washington, non right to work state. Idaho is a right to work state and usual the wages there is lower. Might as well say non union support.
Both Murphy and I are real good handling money. Even with low income we still save a little for raining day.
Fingers can be pointed both ways and at our own self.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Today Is Monday July 27 2020, This Is What Happen

I am pretty much an introvert. Not shy or anti social. But some of my group activity I miss. Although hasn't involved big time. Still in work force. The few times I gone to local quilting or art group I enjoyed myself.
If more people wore mask I would be more comfortable. I would be a skittish about attending any social gathering here in my area.
Sure more people are wearing mask and that good.
But what I don't understand is there store who has a mask mandate and it not force. I wonder those who doesn't wear a mask. When they were younger if they didn't had in guide lines in there home. My parents had some basic rules of home and I knew were the line start and ended. And I pushed the limited actual quite a bit. Far from a saint.
It seem like most people around here who don't wear a mask is baby boomers. I can understand the term "baby" being part term. The virus is called "boomer remover"
Non mask wearers calls us mask wearers "sheep" as sheep isn't one my spiritual animals... There been talk about people who wear mask as sheep, mostly here in North Idaho. Well that fine to be consider a sheep. 1. Represents innocent of one self...we all need and feel innocent, so I don't feel any shame or guilt for wearing a mask. 2. Someone tint in I don't want covid and mostly if I was asymptomatic and spread it around I would feel awful. 3. Sacrifice....I am not willing to be sacrifice 🐑 or go out and bring in the sacrifice 🐑 either. Don't understand why some people think wearing a mask is being a sheep.

Went to work today and I am taking the next three days off. Hubby has appointment with an podiatric surgeon. And hopefully we can a lease get up in mountain once.
I will be meeting my friend Quenella at Georgia plaza and we will get our coffee at Under The Sun. Then go back to park were it a lot safer. I might even bring my own coffee from home. I just increase my walking distance, one way a little over a mile.

Coffee is on