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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sunday, October 21, 2018

It's Been A Quite Day

Yesterday, Saturday my youngest came up and help us, get to point on our side steps. Which will be safe for the winter months.
Sure there still a little more to do. But Murphy and I can handle it.
Like finish up the east side of the project, so no one will slip and fall into the outside basement entry. And then sometime in 2019, we can put cover over the basement.

Since we're to this point. I'm starting to make plans to head down to Medford Oregon. Anytime after Friday the 26 I feel I would be comfortble of taking off. But would rather leave sometime after Monday the 29th.

So I am waiting for my son Sawyer to call, his wife is on new mommy leave she a flight attendant, and they going to fly me down on there buddy pass.
Which is stand by. Only once I couldn't get on.
Confession time...I use to like to fly, but now not so much.
Once she goes back I believe it end of Nov or first part of Dec. Her main reason keeping her job is health insurance, and she would just like to work enough to cover the cost for the family.
My son as a aviation mechanic and also has certification for being a inspector for aircrafts. They real don't need the extra income.

I been thinking of starting to work some of my craft project. Murphy is doing so much better, but yet he not up to full steam yet.
I been working on painting, what I call my metamorphose phantasm of seasonal change.

But today we did some odds ends around the place, and of crouse I can come up with a lot of other things that need to be done. It looks like and guessing most of us can keep busy.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Beautiful Creative Meme Number Seven

It been a while since I taken part in either Sky Watch Friday and or Paint Party Friday.
I will start with my sky photo.

This time I will start with a sky photo, and actual this was taken a week or so, from our back deck. I love ripple effect in clouds.
Reminds me of rib cage.
The weather been on warm side. Usual now it doesn't get as warm as it has been.
For other sky photo CLICK HERE

Actual I was hoping to do a painting. I did start one and best way to explain why I didn't get it done..."Life been busy and frying pan on fire"

So once again I'm going to share one my tarot cards I drew. This one is "King of Wands" it my second court card, but my first king.
The other was queen of swords.
The court card can sort of like being at family gathering. There usual all sort of politcal and religious brought to table. At it best and worst.
But since my drawing is King of wands. His postive feature are....honest, professional, and visionary. But his negative feature are...One hit wonder, tyrant, and hasty.
Usual when comes to negative part card, it usual up side down.
Also when needs to see what other cards is surrounding.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Now Look What We're In

Been some jabber about our national debt of 21 TRILLION. Not sure what that is for every human here that lives in United States.
Top five countries with debt is Greece, Jamaica, Lebanon, St Kitts and Nevis, and also Japan. And there is five other one LISTED
Now for lowest debt would be Botswana, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Bruin and Hong Kong. For the other five LISTED
Not sure how our state of Idaho fares when comes to debt.

I been thinking of voting early. Thinking of going and hopeful get down to Oregon. We only have two ballot initiative we will be voting on.
Horse racing and gambling. I was pretty much fence on that one. I'm not pro or anti gambling. What pushing me no on this one is....when the ad says " net gross profit goes to school" well that could be any amount or percentage.
Then the other one is to expand medicaid in Idaho. As many of my reader know I'm for one payer medical. And medicare for all would be fine. I  believe everyone should contribute to a socialize medical system.
So I'm  voting yes for expand medicaid.
I have never vote a straight ticket but I'm leaning "Blue" vote for most of the democrat candidates. I will vote for two "Red" candidates.
Now this is how I see our state going. Sorry liberals I know your not going to like to hear what I'm about to say.
Idaho will stay one strong red state. Those possible in Boise area might lighten the red up a bit.
But not to lean to the left of even balance things out.
Now for the the measurement. The gambling one will pass and medical one won't. Socialism ideal is pretty much frown on this state.
As for bigger picture or the entire United States. They will be wave of blue pushing forward. I just won't go far enough and say "The blue will control both houses."

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Had Some Thoughts They Were Zap

As I was briefly cruising though my regular pages I take part in, before I headed out door to work. I had a few ideals what I could possible blog about.
Now there nothing up stairs. I know there a little up there. I wouldn't be posting about nothing. But sometime thing like that.

I hit the 202 (91) and my end of the year goal was to be at 200 (90) or below.

Murphy is showing a lot of improvement, those shingle took him for a zap. Still not recovering. They want him to see a neurologist but he decided to cancel his appointment. He is doing so much better but I think it was a stupid ideal on his part.
He self medicaid him self with marijuana. See he person that can't stop thinking.
When I was young I smoke marijuana on fairly regular bases. Now of years the effect of it has changed.
Now my brain quites down and I get a paranoid feeling. No fun!

Confession...I like marijuana in baked goods. I get zip a dee doo dah day. But I sure still wouldn't want to do it on a regular bases. For what every reason I like keeping my wits about me. Only did the once lost complete control of my thought process. And that was enough for me.
 Not trying to be to critical I've mass trouble with alchol or powders.
My last client Donna she would make even a strong saint "drink to intoxication" so one would pass out and get up the next morning and go to work.
I'm so thankful I have Regis and Liz for clients.

Looking back my dad I believe now had some type of bi polar, and he medicated him self with alchol. A functioning alcholic.

He held down a good job. Drop out of high school his freshman year and got on railroad in Michigan. Then for a brief time he mange a diary, went back working on railroad. Stayed there until he retired in his 60's
Bills were paid, never worried about not having shelter, clothing, or food.
But emotional and mental support was a total different story.
Got start on rail on right side of the porch. Bart is planning to come up and help us on a few projects that needs to be done for the snow fly.

Maybe I should keep a list of things I want to blog about. I do have BULLET JOURNAL and I got put it in that.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Well For First Around

I believe blogging is my first favor thing to do with social media. I couldn't give honest opinion on my other social media I do...which one would place second, third and fourth place. But here my TWITTER PAGE  my VLOG (YOU TUBE CHANNEL, and INSTAGRAM. But my lease favor Social Media is FACE BOOK, Confession time...I have other facebook pages I start up and hardly visit....I wonder why I spend so much time on facebook. 
I give facebook 5th place or last place.

Then act two or something like that was going to happen. My son Bart was going come up and help us with a few project around the place.
Well he call and wasn't feeling well. His guess he ate some bad food, and he off to work tomorrow. So he said he would be up next weekend.
Confession time...It been well over a year since he had a tumor removed from his brain, all is fine. But I still worry about it.

The items I was hoping to do was to make our side deck safe, put a new kitchen faucet in, and haul the trash.
Murphy and I got the trash hauled.

I just balance out the check book and wrote a check for My health insurance. I've heard both side of AFFORDABLE CARE ACT or Obama care. Actual it been a blessing for our family.
But I did post a poll. Not sure how to do a poll on facebook...Question time...Would you be willing to pay one to three percent of your income for health care for all? Well 21 people vote yes and no one vote no. And one interesting comment. "The average health care cost per person per year is $10,000, how much of your income is that?

Well I donate to help someone start a small business adventure in Medford, THAI TRUCK and the other one was my friend Peggy daughter was doing a fundraiser for our local SHELTER.

I got a few items for Yule. I usual try to get my items from mom and pop types of store. Yesterday I bought some items off of esty for my fur grand pets Yule gifts.

I don't need to be stop because plan A didn't work out. Dishes can be put away, floors can be clean, and I'm positive I can find more to be done around the place.

Well I was hoping to go over and run my ideal by our high priestess for some up coming pagan ideal I have. But she off to one of her grand children birthday party, and I will just play it by ear.

Tomorrow Regis is getting his NERVE STIMULATOR He and I are both excited. His pain level should be less.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Uncle Vern

Vern Brunson McCalmant (92) Vern went home to his Lord on October 3rd 2018.  A graveside service at Grandview Cemetery will be held Saturday Oct. 13th, at 11:00 a.m. followed by a luncheon and fellowship at Grace Bible Fellowship.

In a snow storm on his birthday, Nov. 30th 1937, 12 year old Vern McCalmant moved to what is now Pleasant Valley where he began his long career in the lumber industry.  Throughout high school, he continued sawing and selling cord wood with a buck saw to help support his family.

Upon graduating from Bonners Ferry High in 1944, Vern was called to service in the U.S. Army. After basic training at Camp Roberts, CA, he was shipped over seas where he was wounded on Okinawa. While on recuperative leave home, he proposed to Marjorie his wife of almost 72 years.  After marriage and two boys, Vern was recalled to active service for the war in Korea.

When released from service, he returned to his occupation sawing logs with a crosscut saw. Later, Vern and his brother Glen bought one of the first Chain saws in Boundary County.  This led to his eventual occupation as a logging contractor from which he retired in 1990.

Vern’s love of the outdoors was transferred to his children and led to years of hunting and fishing with his pride and joy, his sons Doyle, XXX, XXX, and Patrick, two boys, XXX and XXX, who made their home with the McCalmant family, grand children,  great grand children, and great-great grand children.
He is survived by his wife XXX, son XXX and wife XXX, son XXX, 7 grand children, 17 great grand children and 2 great-great grandchildren two sisters XXX and XXX  and brother XXX.

He was preceded in death by his parents, 7 siblings, son Doyle and son Patrick. He is survived by his wife XXX, son XXX and wife XXX, son XXX, 7 grand children, 17 great grand children and 2 great-great grandchildren. 

Editor note...Uncle Vern was born in Minatare Nebraska, and year he retire I believe is not correct.