Monday, April 12, 2021

Today Is Monday April 12 2021, This Is What Happen

 Shortly after I came home from work, and weather was quite pleasant. Then the wind was gusting. And the wind whirling things was trirling. I stop on the way home at grocery out let and bought 5 more whirling things for yard. I will try to make appoint to get photo of a few of them. I put them next to trees. Supposedly they keep way deer. So far that proven false.

When we were down in Oregon. Tulip and daffidols were in bloom. I have now ideal what sort of tree this is, looked liked willow tree. Saw it on one of my walks. Last year and came covid. I want to take out part of my flower bed, and put a tree on what would be the Northwest corner of my home. During the summer the evening sun just comes into my kitchen door. But the hubby has a say. First we need to decide what we don't want. For me it a spruce tree. 

Anyhow before I go on. I'm going more or less talk about gardening. Maybe toss in some home projects on Mondays. But I still would like to find a weekly blog hop deal with gardening.

Most of leaves got rake up last fall, we use this piece of sheet metal to pull leaves and other items. Rake off leaves on one of flower beds. 

One thing I need finish up taxes. Plus take care of property taxes. Since my husband is over 65 and our income is low enough we quilify for a circut breaker for our property taxes.

Some flowers in bloom, crocus. But there a lot of grass and weed in this flower bed. 

Eight this morning it was 36 (2.2) 

Coffee is on and Stay Safe

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Today Is Sunday April 11 2021, This Is What Happen

 Decided to step back in time and go back to one of my OLD POST There use to be blogger get to gather and one could get to know each other. They seam to come and go. Sometime know I only do "Paint Party Friday" If I mange to get some type of creative piece done. In back of my head I been thinking maybe I should join anther so called or I call "Get to Know one anther" Wondering if those four bloggers who left comment was still active blogger. The direct answer would be "No" 

Sort of like to take from three random comment and possible shine some light on it. 

First one is from HIGH RISER Here his comment "One Step forward and with tax, than two steps backwards. I thought you would of caught up with your paper work, your table would be clear...As for taxes I will be sending them of Monday or Tuesday. The quarterly tax is do on the 15 of this month. I clueless why they're giving us extra time on the 2020 Federal taxes. Usual they are due 15 of April. This year we're getting to May 17. I just get them mailed off either Monday or Tuesday. I have awfull time with paper clutter. That one main reason I don't own a printer. 

Second commment will be from PERTH DAILY PHOTO Her comment was...Oh how fab Dora, sounds like a wonderful time with family over Easter, and new granddaughter arriving soon, you must be thrilled. Hope you find all ok, at work when you get back. Well had plan to go to Spokane to see my youngest one and his family. But hubby came down with strep throat. Next week we have an memorial service to go down in Post Falls, Murphy sister Faith lives down there. They also had the vaccine and we might stop in and visit them. I believe first weekend of May might be good to catch up with our youngest. With my clients that I take care of. Who knows with them. There kind people with emotional and mental illness. But bad behavior isn't a way to behave.

Third comment and last is from WOOD FAIRY and her comment on my blog was...Strawberry create are a brillent idea, I would like to try that. I love gardening if you just do one raised bed it would be rewarding- we put lettuce and things in pots on trays on the garden tray on garden table and cut and eat salad during the summer. Our neighbors who younger couple and us, shared our garden last year. They seem to be interested in the garden again this year. Hubby was pretty impress with strawberries create ideal. Haven't had chance to look into. I did look at create on sale on line, but it was only briefly. I'm going to see if the stores will just give me a few. 

I wish or hopeful someone can share a garden sharing blog hop. 

Weather look nice for entire week. I didn't get the hawaii mask done. I just need to do over the week. I hope I am not so stress out and that use my tools more wisely. 

Coffee is on and stay safe

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Saturday April 10 2020, This Is What Happen

 So glad weekend has arrived. It been one of those week. I like and work better under something in middle of life. I sure don't need or desire to have overly excitting life. Then on the other hand I don't want a thrilling life either. Ok, something in middle and even slightly tipping to boring.

Work been a little much lately. Regis had what I call an episode. He tried call all of his support system over differnet non emergency stuff. It would take to long to explain it. Simple who every he called the so called emergency was different. He did mange to get a lot of people piss at him. In a lot of ways Regis act like 10 or 12 years old. He just turn 60 last month. And he was so much excepting a birthday present and a party. And it didn't happen and have been going down hill slowly since he turn 60's. Hopefully his support can get him back on right track. He actual a good person.

I did go over for a while to check on him. I told him Friday as I was leaving that I would come in and see how he was doing. Well he trying, although he in his gothic look. I guess and wasn't a witness to it. But Regis said Liz came over and attack him verbally. Well Regis will twist things about to make him look like the victim. Although Liz been known to attack.

Let say Friday my eating habits was under the spell of "Stress Eating" although I think I handle it much better from times in past. I wouldn't of recognize what was going on. Before I bought the doughnut with icing and sprinkles. I told my self "This is my stress doughnut" and I kept at that. Back on track.

I start anther crochet dishcloth. But I'm planning to hide it.

Hubby came down with strep thoart. Had plans to go down to see Bart and his family in Spokane on Sunday. Plans had to change and doctor put him on 14 day of amoxicillin.

Well since I was in town. I stop and got a few things out superone store, before I came home. Plain and simple! They still was hardly anyone with mask on. Counted 11 people that had a mask on and had over there nose. 3 people below there nose. The 11 also includes employees of store. The store was pretty busy with people.  Yesterday I went to Safeway and it seems more people had mask on. But once I spot a man carrying side arm, pistol to his waist. I left the store. Although I don't look for gun toting people. But if I see someone toting a firearm and I don't know them. I leave the store. One can't tell if person is mental ill and what will trigger them. Got plenty to do in my life and it not going to be cut short, if I have anything say about it.

Coffee is on and stay safe


Thursday, April 08, 2021

Today Is Thursday April 8 2021, This Is What Happen

 It look like things are getting back to normal. If they're such a thing when it comes to my job or clients. 

Picked up our taxes before I went to work. We're getting a refund from our state taxes of $210 and have to pay the federal $356. So we're in hole by $146 dollars. 

I got one dish cloth done for a wedding this coming June, although my husband took it and use it. So this evening I start to crochet dish cloth. I will tell my hubby there a wedding gift and hide them. But I also need to make a mask for memorial service on 17th. It will be my first covid service and they plan to live stream it on facebook. It going to be held out door in a park. My cousin liked Hawaii shirts and his wife want people to wear them. I don't any have any Hawaii shirts. But I got fabric of hawaii print and thought of making a mask. 

Got all my paper work caught up at work, and once again my table is full of paper clutter.

Coffee is on and stay safe

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Today Is Tuesday April 7 2021, This Is What Happen

 Had a word that I believe disscibe my maternal family. Now hopefully it will come to me. So I will carry on about day.

Mainly worked at Liz today. She isn't feeling well, running a temp. Took tynoal and drinking water. Her fever coming down. Been taking out things. Not sure if it her moman back ground. There religion teaches about store food up. What I notice a lot get wasted. 

Got my hair trim, sure wouldn't call it cut. Took one to two inches off and reshape it. 

Coffee is on and stay safe

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Today Is Tuesday April 6 2021, This Is What Happen

 First day back to work. Had to catch up on what going on. I understand Regis went and seen a different doctor at his regular doctor clinic. And since I wasn't there things escalated out of control. Usual I go with Regis to his appointment, he tends to get think twist about. His regular doctor will be back next week and he got appointment on the 15th. Some how he got sign up for home physical therapy and this company who will be paid though Medicare and Medicaid. Put a religious magazine called SIGNS in folder. Plus made remarks on my clients personal choices. She was way out of line. Plain and simple, we're making a complaint together. 

As I was in Oregon I modified my health routine. Since this my first full day back and since it was even day I did my exersises. 10 stand ones and 20 reps each. And 10 floor ones and 20 reps. Down 1.4 pounds this week. Goal is to be down a lease anther .75 pound next week.

Things was sure different in Oregon when it comes to mask. I only seen a very small percentage of people with mask, and usual below there nose only. Statement time...I felt safer in Sea Tac airport and I do my own town. As I only seen a few people having there mask on. I went into grocery store not one employee was wearing a mask and I would guess as for the customers, one could count it on one hand. Plus I went and did some banking for Liz and no, which included the employees of bank and customers had no mask either. I had mind on.

Well going watch ken Burns Earnest Hemmingway. 

Monday, April 05, 2021

Today Is Monday April 5 2021, This Is What Happen

 Last little bit in town of Medford Oregon. I thought I would post a short bit. The flight leaves at noon and we will be on it. And land in Spokane 4:45. All said and done. I should be home between 7 and 7:30. 

Tuesday I will go back to work, Who knows what went  on work. I'm sure I will hear all about it. I've gotten a few text from Regis. Although not many. When he talks about his medical or mental issue there always above a 7 or 8. He seems or need to top who every.

I will be coming down at the end of June for a few days. To see my new granddaughter, which will be here mid May. Although Hubby won't be coming on the next trip down to Medford. The temps there is between mid and upper 80's (26) 

Not saying I did bad here in Oregon on my healthy path. Although did a modified version. Tuesday before I go to work. Is to walk in different area, not sure where I will walk. I will take photo, and have some more photo to share.

Coffee is on and stay safe.