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Saturday, August 19, 2017

New and It Still Can Have It's Downfall

Down in Medford Oregon now and with my new lap top. Went around the local area and tried 3 different places to get the correct card for my camera. Bat a zero. So looks like I'll try order one on line.
Still so much want to add photos to my post.

Here in Southwest corner of Oregon is so smoky. There quite a few forest fires in the area.

When Regis was talking to his therapy. Liz and I was there it just happen that way. Part of my job is try to get them out a bit. Which can be difficult and I suggest GEOCACHING. It's hard to find an activity for them that is reasonable price.
So since both have a smart phone and they do have GPS stuff. I thought it would be something for them to do and me also.
Her Therapist told us about different community is PAINTING ROCKS and even mine has a couple of them.
Assume there different ways of doing it. But the one I know is you paint a rock and hide it in your community. Picture taking and clue is aloud. Then if some one finds a painted rock they re-hide it and take a photo and maybe post a few clues.
This will also help my clients get out in community a bit.
Like I say finding affordable things for them  can be difficult.

Like riding AMTRAK only a few minor complaints and even my self did a few errors. My first trip and what I learn it would be better next time.
When I left Portland for my southerly trip to Medford. Some one what enough money to have a 1940 train car restored for there private collection. They had it hooked up to the end of the train. Well it cost them plenty and everyone was curious and who could afford something like that. Not playing with small potatoes. Everyone I know who has that sort of cash is super frugal with there money.

Not sure what I'm doing my time in Medford. But I believe this evening we're going to try some Mediterranean  foods.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Un Tying Knots

Last few days I been trying to get into my yahoo e mail account. And I real got locked out. My e-tickets for the train is there. Since I don't own a smart phone and just a flip phone. The only oppions I have is to print my ticket.
So after ranting on facebook I felting like using the word that rhyme "Duck" but instead I put CW which stands for cuss word.
I set up my self a new mail and now using g mail. I e mail Amtrak and explain my sitution and no need to use CW and ask them kindly if they could e-mail me my tickets to my new e-mail. Hopeful there in my new e-mail by morning. If not I will call amtrak.

With this frustration on getting my tickets. It's not amtrak fault. One thing I should of done is printed my tickets earlier. But foolish me I thought I could let them set in my e-mail account and print them a few days before I take off.

Once I get back or use up the minutes I have on my flip phone I believe I'm going to get my self a smart phone.
I don't see my self needing all that much data use. I don't want to pay over $35 a month for it. Maybe I didn't hear my friend Alice correctly but she and her family went to a family plan and she told me she has a $600 phone bill.
But since this happen I could of got my ticket place on my smart phone. There a few apps I thought would be useful and interesting. One thing has always intrigue me is GEOCACHING

Weigh in went well down .50 pound.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Not Quite There

I got a new lap top and haven't yet got it set up and it not even out of the box. I'm looking for all my camera doo hickies.
It's been a while since I use my camera.
For the mean time.

The other day I was in Library in Sandpoint and got a book by Dondi Dahlin and her book is THE FIVE ELEMENTS being American pagan I think the elements as spirit, earth, air, fire, and water.
Ms D is using the chinese elements which are water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. I know I'm a rat when it comes to Chinese horoscope. Best I can figure as for chinese element I'm "metal" not sure what that means.

I order a book from Amazon and it called KITCHEN TABLE TAROT by Melissa Cynova. At this point and I haven't dove much in it. But at this point I give it thumbs up.
I'll get back to this book in a bit.

But first I want to discuss a little on lucid dreaming my friend Liz and I was late. But what I understand is that you know your dreaming and that way you can control and find possible answer.
So last night I mediated a bit about how I want to my next tarot card I'm starting on. Which is the temperance. Trying to look deeper in my subconscious.
Well it came to me. I know what it should look like. Not saying my artist skill will be anything of a masters.

In the kitchen table tarot they had interesting assigment...draw three cards from a tarot deck and write a story base from these three cards.
So out of my deck I came up with KNIGHT OF SWORDSSEVEN OF PENTACLES, and ACE OF WANDS

Here is my story...

Prince Who Lost His Way.

Many battle for the kingdom he campaign in after many injuries been efflect on his body and many of his friend and kin folks is talk only in past tense. 
He try not to be bitter but now he walks around with a limp and when the weather is has a bit of snap to it. You'll see him using a cruth which makes him impatient and can find him self bitting his tougne. 
But since he been seeing and having coffee once a week with his new found friend Larry (seven of pentacles) who know what it like to use a crutch. Larry didn't get injury from a battle. But at one time he was taking his produce from his farm and he was robbed and beaten so bad that he became a crippled. 
As Larry injury taken place before his friend the Prince. But the Prince grew up in cream of crop the royals of "Dudenburg" a small kingdom with population under 800.
Larry was found by a member of the local royal family although no one knows which one. 
But many cups of tea and crumpt the price seem to be less hositle and self pitty. Mostly to his friend Larry who took time to listen.
Both being frustrated and the prince abstated thinking. They came up with a wonderful ideal for those who limb offer them different style of canes. Not those boring ole ones made of woods and once a month the local cripples of Dudenburg would gather once month at local pub and have a hullabaloo of a good time.

I can see this could be some what diffucult. But I can see some life lesson about two people who real have nothing in common and bettering there community. Some time if some one will listen for a bit can make all the difference how things will go.

Murphy and I pick some green beans from the garden. Had them with our spaghetti dinner. We decided we're going to cut back on the veggies next year. 

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Looks Like It Been a While

Didn't do the math but it looks like it been a week since I post on my blog. Work been hectic telling with the bureaucracy trying to get Regis in out patient physical therapy and back in to speech. Hopeful we go all the necesssary paper filed correctly.
Came home after that and had a beer. It help me not to pull out my hair.

Things are falling a part here. Place to much at this time for us. So Murphy and I came up with 3 possible ideals.
1) Hire a little bit of help.
2) I quite or cut back on my job so I can help
3) Decrease the garden and redo it
Looks like #3 would be the best. #1 I figure we could only afford someone one day a week for three hours.
If I cut back my hours. Pay check would be a less. I might not be making a big money but my job does give us some padding.
Four reason I work is
1) Pay checks pay the bills
2) Add more to my social secerity 
3) Still wouild like to have ceramic shop again, and each month I put a little a side for this.
4) Hope I make a different in my clients lives

Just finish up the King of Wands and now about ready to start on the temperance first major arcana card. Temperance is about "balance"
The locker hook trivet I been working on is coming a long nice.

One of our local thrift store has close it might even been a month. Now we're down to two thrift store and Opinion time...they may even be a fire hazards....Question time...Any creative ideal for sales that would help them move inventory, plus make a profit.
They do help our community

Last time we had rain was June 28th nothing in July.

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Monday, August 07, 2017

Lacking The Tools So I Can fine Peace

I know there two things in my life I need to fine with in my self. But at this time I lack the tools. I know I blog about them in the past...One is my parents will...and I know it came out in the wash. But it stills bothers me that in the will I was left $1.00...Confession time...I've felt like going up to the cemetery an pissing on my dad grave...the only reason I don't want my sons being so angry with me.
One thing I know I need to do is get will and make sure it fair between Bart and Sawyer.
The other thing is the time I got in trouble for something I didn't do. I've blog about it...I got false accused for cheating on test. Then when I go home.
This happen I would guess the late 60's or early 70's. And it taught me not to be the shinning light. Turn down the light you might be glowing.
Well I need the tools to heal from these things. And I bet there plenty more with in my self. They haven't pop up or there not ready to show up.

Went over to Regis and I'm so surprise how well he healing from hip surgery. And now is ready for outpatient services.
Plus Liz came a long ways. It use to be like going to a three ring circus...Every time we went some place I would think "here we go again"

Before I actual head off to work I help Murphy put metal piece on the peers of our deck. Took a pole and leverage them up. I felt it all day at work and Regis offer me one of his morphine pills.
The dosage he takes I would just fall asleep. If I did take one I would have to call Murphy up to come and get me.

I've start fitday and my goal is to keep my calorie count between 1,800 and 2,000. Got in a short walk and this happen before I lift up the peer on deck.
Even got short walk in.
I've start to color in the tarot card I been working on, King of Swords. Liz help me with how to do a candle and which to represent "doesn't matter how bad things are there a little light of hope or optimistic"

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Sunday, August 06, 2017


I'm work in progress! yes over the year between genetics and environment I'm not  a perfect human. But so I developed crutches to get me though life.

One of them is food. I've gave up or got my other so called naughties out of my life or under control. Food isn't one of them.
I need to learn to use food more or less fueling my being vessels. I tend to eat well for about two weeks and I plunge over the edge. It takes different length of time for me to get back on track.
I know the health risk and emotional ones as well and I tend to be screw up when it comes to my health.

Yesterday Murphy and I meant Bart, Molly and my little gem of grand daughter Claudia at park called MCEUEN park. The park is mostly set up for little people I would say under 10. Miss C at first wasn't sure what she thought of it. But all in all she had a wonderful time and so did Murphy and I. For me the best part was a hug by Grand Daughter.
Then we all walk up to FIRE ARTISAN PIZZA. Let call it a 4 block walk and I was feeling it.
Confession time...I want to be an active grandma. Not one who set in a rocking chair and waste away.

Let see this past week I pay our eclectic bill just under $75.00 and did my tithing. First two things I take care of before I tithe is my taxes and save out for those yearly bills.
This time I put $50 on my friend Alice electric bills.
Actual it feels good to help others out. I'm not looking for brownie points.
Confession time...I had some trouble with tithing I put to much thought in it...To be quite honest I had to move on from being judgmental who and mostly about tithing.
Give it on a free will ideal and no thoughts.
Over time I might be curious I might wonder why certain people leans toward a certain faith or religious. I've learn to be tactful who, when and why I might bring up such subject.
When people find out I'm a pagan. I have never been ask what branch I am. Or why I choose that faith over anther. Not lately but usual I'm told I'm of the wrong faith.
I've never told anyone there of the wrong religion. If it gives them purpose in life and it helps them though it...Your faith is for you.

Sawyer and Betty is up in Portland Oregon. Finishing up there last leg of ADOPTING A CHILD FROM FOSTER CARE although I'm not sure which agency.
I understand there almost half Million children here in the United States are in foster care. Do to neglect, abandoned, and or abuse. Although I'm not sure which AGENCY there going though. Briefly google "how many children is in foster care in state of Oregon" over 7,500.
It took a while for them to go though the process. I thought and I was wrong about...I thought anyone could be come a foster kid...It far from the truth.
They were part of in dept study. They did a in dept autobiography with how they felt. Checked out the community possible where a child might be going.
They want a good fit. Not sure how long it will be until a child comes to there home. I'm looking forward for grandchild #2.

I made a mess and yes I did clean it up. I made a juicy smoothie. Quite a bit came out of the garden.
for the juice..carrots, apple, cucumber, ginger, and celery. Place the juice in blender and add some chard, and fruits like raspberries, bananas, peaches, and kwik.

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Friday, August 04, 2017

July Check In 2017

It's already the 4th of the month. The first part of July I would I'm going to give to do my “how I'm doing”. Confession time...I worry about my interpersonal being...Maybe I need to look at my body vessle So I believe it important to keep up on one mental health as well as physical heath. So I like to take some blog post I did from the last month and see where I am at, from MY BLUE MIX

You are restrained and analytical.
You are independent: you have a strong desire to have time to yourself. You are philosophical: you are open to and intrigued by new ideas and love to explore them. And you are uncompromising: you think it is wrong to take advantage of others to get ahead.
Your choices are driven by a desire for organization.
You are relatively unconcerned with both achieving success and taking pleasure in life. You make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. And you prefer activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment.

Weather or unless your talking about climate change your general pretty safe talking about weather.
It been a while since we had any rain. Zero for the month of July. There quite a few forest fires, BRITISH COLUMIA and my friend LaWalla is living up there near NELSON and almost had to evaluate.
Hottest day was on the 29th 99 (37.2)
Coldest day was on the 16th and the 20th 49 (9.4)
high average was 91 (32.7) low average was 63 (17.2)
Around the 5th of July there was an earthquake in Western Montana and didn't feel a thing but I know other who did.
Then on the 29th before noon it was 90 (32) and that was our hottest day.

I'm glance though my bullet journal and planner to see about July of 2017. I've heard if you write down what you plan or your goal your more likely to complete it...Well I haven't found this true but for me I fine one don't give up.
If I spend less time on mostly face book I would complete more. I haven't or don't post that much. Confession time...I tend to be a troll just looking and see what other post and still the sun comes up in the east and set in west.
A one or less then three times a day would real be enough time to check in on face-book. Checking it more then twice isn't going to change a darn thing.

In blog post I mention I was going to Lucid dreaming well I came in late and they were recording it and if I figure how to post it I will. See I arrive late.
But the little time I was there I found it fascinating.

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