Friday, August 23, 2019

Now Here The Deal

Today Regis and I went out for a yard sale and stop at one of the thrift store. But before that we went up to Copeland cemetery.

It a small graveyard North of Bonners Ferry to look for ghost. Regis has a ghost box and he leaves a recorder on grave stone.

I haven't spend much time up in this grave yard. The only time I been there a few time to put flowers on my Aunt Alice and Uncle Udo grave. Never seen my Aunt Alice she was killed in car wreak a year before I was born.
Then my Uncle Udo died when eight or nine. I actual don't if I every meant or seen him.

I actual don't know if I every meant or seen him.
But every time I hear the name “Udo” I think the lyrics “who do you think you are” And I am clueless why this comes to my mind.

But I notice a few of the grave stone had almost like poetry on them. 

Then this one grave had W.A.S.P (white anglo saxon protestant) to me it sound kind of snobbish. I wonder if she possible surround by other then a group of her liking. Maybe she rolling around in grave.
Then I know this family name and this is first time I seen a Star of David, on grave maker.
There not many Jewish people here in North Idaho, and those are who up here is pretty well SECULAR

Then Regis and I stop at two yard sale and me and my fabric. I did get my grand daughter a toy. Regis got him a toy. He collector.

Then at one of the thrift store and found something that would work for fabric board. I bought one smaller pieces for .19¢ and want to take home and see if it would work.
There 20 pieces there of varsity of sizes, well there 20 sheets of it. I will go in Monday and offer them a flat rate of cash. I think I will start at ten bucks, and see what happen.
This place is seventh day Adventist. And they close early on Friday and will reopen on Monday at nine AM

I bought my self two purse at thrift store and I did drop off couple of small bags of things. I guess all said and done I got 20 items and which I think would be fair if I took 40 items back to the thrift store.

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ribbon And Awards

The other day I did posting about our entry in our local FAIR and IRIS asked about ribbons that we get at our local fair.
Our entries or items that entered in fair is judge. And some are worth of an award and ribbons are given according.
blue ribbon...first place
red ribbon...second place
white ribbon...third place/
There could be possible in fair that one would being doing same quality  of work. Regis and my painting end up with the same placing a red ribbon.
And one could be a solo entry and if quality of work isn't as judge believe is to par, one might not receive an award.
Then there those grand champion and reserve champion who did extreme out standing work in there projects.
But I am not sure what exactly best of class and reserve best of class.
I used to show horse and they usual gave out eight placing.
blue ribbon...first place
red ribbon...second place
white ribbon...third place
yellow ribbon...fourth place
green ribbon...fifth place
pink ribbon...sixth place
purple ribbon...seventh place
Maroon ribbon...eighth place.
But just learn grey is for ninth place and light blue is for tenth place.
Then I have compete in a few horse show that used what call the danish system, I have never seen and danish system used in open class of horse show.
I can only give a example of how the danish system work in judging...Let say there 25 horse in class and the judge would put them in usual three levels. So between seven to ten horse would be in each level. This system is used in youth competition to courage to stay with it. And this is quite commonly used in 4H
But I am sure there other way of judging competition and contest. I know once year our community ask the resident to vote on such place best restaurant, thrift store, funnest place to go, and such.
The  TOPS gives out a certificate if any who loose 10 pounds more a year.,
I was slightly wonder the difference between CONTEST AND COMPETITION
There all sort of contest out there in the WORLD
But took a few minute to find find a link to these contest....BLOGVLOGSWRITERS FILM , RECIPESFASHIONART and I am sure there more categories for one to entry in contest.
I was wondering why we are COMPETITIVE
Question time...Have you compete in something in group or by your self? I entered in our local fair not necessarily to win but to be part of our community.
When I was younger I was more competitive but as I got older I'm less competitive.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Back Together

Last week I more or less fell off wagon, and enjoyed every part fair. I was up only .50 pound for weigh in at T.O.P.S having kept up my food journal. I like to keep my calorie intake between 2,060 and 2,130. well I am at 1,866

I got a few more small area de-cluttered and organized. I won't call it a success. Any how I got three thoughts on success...
1. It total impossible to achieve.
2. It seem to be compare with money
3. Even with success there always room for improvement.

Yesterday I went to my fab lab class and I made a paint bottle holder for my acrylics. It looks something the one above but it not quite. Still need to put it together and glue it.
My paints are sorted by color. It under one beds and I just don't get to them.
I feel if I had them out more I would possibly use them.

I also been trying to figure what else I should blog about. Or maybe a couple of good ideals could pop up from these PROMPTS
Anyone out there in blogger land has a suggestion on blogger topic.
Also I been thinking it would be about time I did a

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Now It Time

This morning I went and picked up all of items, which include Liz, Regis and Mine.

One blue ribbon was given out. Let start with reserve champion in arts and crafts section. Regis shrunk head.

Then red ribbon three were given out. My seasonal face, Liz what I call peacock mask,Editor note..thought I had photo of peacock. and Regis art piece. Don't recall what he called his piece.

Then I know one of Liz drawing got a white ribbon but I don't recall which one. And my photo I put in fair also got white ribbon.

Today Murphy and I did more construction work on our place. I decided to take a photo using the salon setting. After study a little about the salon setting it probably wasn't the best choice for this type picture.
I wonder how often I would be using this setting on my camera.

Got my purse hung up in closet, then also I organize and did file fold method for my clothing. Move things a bit in computer room, so I can I set up my sewing machine.  

And I came up with new way of organizing my acrylics paints. I think this lip stick organizer might work, I ask a question about what size of each slot would be. I need each slot to be 1.25 to 1.50 inches across

If lipstick holder doesn't work I believe I could make one. And I believe I have everything here to do it.  

Maybe it was a good thing I didn't know about the NATIONAL THRIFT STORE DAY on Sunday and out thrift stores here isn't open on Sunday.
But when Liz was having here gal bladder remove on Friday. Regis and I went to the Good Will and yes I bitch about them for being a scam. Here I go and purchase
more fabric. But I am moving a long getting my fabric organized and yes I left most of it on the shelves.
After I pick up items from the fair I stop and gave sack of mostly socks to one of our local thrift store. Usual people on weekend just pile the stuff by the entrance. Well I start to dig and came across a bag of fabric.
Statement time....A lease I don't take it with out paying for it.

Sunday morning I weigh my self and I was please with numbers. I was at 202.50 and considering all what was going on I thought I would have been up more. If I weigh in at our local top group in 202 range I will be happy and if less I might do a jig.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Not Quite Yet.

Been to our local fair three times. Today I went with hubby and our friend Quenella. Never took my camera today.
So I thought for brief time I would share what I saw with letter “S” and posted about the going on with me.

There was a sow, female pig and her little ones. They were the biggest hit at fair.

There not a carnival at fair. Not sure if this from local balance house. But there were a few big slides brought in.

Since the fair been going on. I been having trouble keep my diet on track. Statement time...I don't like that term “diet” it seem like not real solution for becoming in better health. Usual diet on short term solution.
Well I will be thrilled if gain less in two pounds this week. I did try to keep things in check. Will step on the scale in morning.

I wonder what a judge looks for judging. There a lot of talent people who entered there stuff at our local fair.
If I had to pick the top summer squash or zucchini I would be totally lost.
I know the judge doesn't have time to comment on every piece. But I think it would be nice if there was little bit on what judge looks for under each category.

One thing I never seen fair is real anything of paper modeling. This one is paper mache and there were also paper models.
I did mask made out of paper mache

Today Murphy and I took our trash can to our local trash bins. And I got a shingle shot my health insurance covers them.

Tomorrow which will be Sunday I will post what my friends entered and I entered.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

To Right and to Left Of

A true full day of our county fair. And this time it all open.
This time around I am going to try out my vintage sitting camera.

There four entrance to our main exhibit hall.

Let me brief talk about how I am doing on becoming more healthier. My three main focus is movement, better eating, and water.
Out the three it seem I can get two of these down. But when it comes to the third one it seem not come into play.
At fair yesterday I got over 13,000 steps. My daily goal is 7,500.
Just quick up date or progress report on how I am doing with me trying to decrease my saturated fats. My goal was try to keep it between 18 to 15 grams, or a lease at 9.8% of my saturated. For the last two weeks I been at 20.8 grams but the percentage I been at 10%

This year I only entered two items and these entries are to the left and right of me. The first one I actual  know the person who did it, a pour over style..
As one can guess I entered a photo in fair.
Both Regis and Liz entered a few items in the fair and these piece where around them. 
Hopefully tomorrow I will have chance to share what I entered and also my friends pieces.

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