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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Like To Leave Politic and Religion Alone Until Wednesday

I was ask about our sale tax. So I'm going to answer it directly and give my opinion how it should be. My blog and my thoughts
Our sale tax is on everything we buy and the rate is 6%. Which includes food. I've heard tells that our elected official may be trying to remove it off of food.
At present time we do get a food tax credit or a refund up to $100 per person.
Personally I would like it remove off of food and increase it up to say 8% on everything else. Opinion time....It a regressive tax on those who are at the lower end of the income scale. They pay a larger percentage of income on food.

Every client I have had. I learn something from. See people even when they became middle age can learn.

The other day I learn about MCFARLANE of many figurines

Looking at pattern instruction of apron smock. I notice it has bias tape. Confession time...Had to pull up a you tube video to see how to sew it on. Because I didn't recall how to sew it on.

I don't believe I have any bias tape around here. But there a few places I could take a look. Then I'll check with the local fabric places. For a small town we have 5 places that sells fabric.
Then it will be toss up going to Walmart and our close one is in PONDERAY a 21 mile drive. (33)
but I've looked at getting a bias tape maker. But not sure how much I would use it or if nothing can be found local I would end up driving down to Ponderay Walmart.

It seem I do have a good diverse amount of friends though all sort of social media which includes blogger. Farthest would be New Zealand and Australia. Close one would be my neighboring state of Montana.
It looks like I follow or have more contact with female bloggers.
Looks like I'm the only blogger who listen as Naples and for North Idaho 123 bloggers although this is just what listed with Blogger. I know there is other site like word press.

Still trying gather up donation to have my dog teeth clean. Link on the right side of blog.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Small But Necessary

Didn't feel like blogging yesterday. So I didn't. Today for January the weather today has been not as cold.
So the dog had a chance to chase the ball a bit. Which total her thing and I don't mine tossing.
I don't know why but as I was tossing the ball I look up in our birch trees and saw a bird house.

Payday for me! Went and pick up my car cost was just under $160 for lens cover for a tail light and $24 was for labor.
Pick up Murphy cholesterol medication for a 3 month supplies it $30
Got the electric paid.
Still have to pay my health care of $73.00 part of Affordable care act. I wonder how much longer I will have insurance. Sure glad I don't have any major health issue.
Now waiting for the rest of the bill to come in.

Like I said I got paid and none of home care workers got a raise in four years. Still making $12.43 and hour.
The company I work for is set up for that I'm a self contractor. So I handle all the taxes. Right off the top I have to take off 15.3% and stick it under the so call mattress so every quarter I round up to the nearest five and pay UNCLE SAM 
All in all time every thing is take care with my obligation to Uncle Sam I make about $10.43
My next paycheck will be when Trump will be President and maybe I'll get a raise. Not holding my breath

A few things I been figuring to do when it comes to budgeting. It been a slow for donation for Daisy teeth cleaning.
I figure I could stick $20 in a jar every pay day. By the end of August I would save $300
But I'll still match the donations. There is a link on right hand side called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
Daisy does get her teeth brush in the evening.
Then on the 15.3% is to cover my social security. I pay both employers and my part. If I recall I paid about 2% tax to our federal government. Nothing to state of Idaho, we did receive our IDAHO TAX CREDIT
But most states doesn't charge sale tax on food. Wish Idaho would remove there and even increase on non food items.
So instead of 15.3% thinking of increasing it to 17%

Today we been doing small things around the place. I got the snow people finely but up. Dishes and three loads of wash.
Trying to get the table clear off. Still a few small items need to be taken care of.
Murphy got in a little more fire wood. Clear off little bit of roof from snow.

The other day Murphy sprinkle chalk from a snap line. So it will make it easier to see. There no contrast when it comes to snow.
Fairly easy for one to drive into a snow bank.
Our mail person did it the other day. But after a while the neighborhood got her going. People mail after our road was late.

One thing I need to do is oil my sewing machine. Stop in thrift store yesterday and didn't see any fabric to make the smock apron. They had a piece of orange that would of worked. But I didn't want to look like the great pumpkin.
Haven't yet open her up and see what she can do.

But I did get this book for $5.00 at the thrift store that had the orange fabric for sale. I painted flowers on rocks but I think it would be funny to make a fairy community.

My decision is to use a top sheet for the fabric. I sure I wouldn't bought for this project.
Waiting for my rug canvas. It was to be here yesterday. But it stuck in Portland Oregon. They had 10 inches of snow.
When it snow on west coast things come to complete halt. But it will come sooner of later
My first rug doing locker hook I decided my third color will be a coral and the other two will be aqua and yellow.
Which was made a while back.

Roast beef, chard, and some type of potatoes for dinner.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Do What You Can

First part of today post. I'm going to post what I stuck in my mouth.
Breakfast...eggs, sausage, toast.
Lunch...went to Methodist Church lunch. Some type of ham soup, salad, slice of bread, and brownie.
Dinner...Chicken, pineapples, and rice.
Naughty food...cookies and kept it under control.

Still trying to raise the funds for Daisy teeth cleaning. There is a link called "Daisy teeth cleaning" I've match ever donation and will continue.

Just can't bring my self to purchase fabric retail to make that smock apron. Which I post POST YESTERDAY
If I can find some good quality fabric less then $5.00 a yard. No way I'm paying $10 a yard. It takes a little over 3 yards. $30.00! which I won't do.
But yet haven't check the thrift stores or my tote of fabric I got at rummage sale. And then I have quite a few top sheets with no bottoms could use for the apron smock.

Been burning papers from 2016 that I don't need leak out, and cause me all sort of headache.
 I just wish the company I work for would get there tax info out quicker.
There usual the last one we receive. Made a little over $15,000 working for 2016
We have accountant do our taxes. Way to much stress for me.

Work same ole thing. Now trying to get Liz out she seem to have a ARORAPHOBIA. At one time she didn't leave her place for six months.
Then she has other troubles. Pour thing I do feel sorry for her.
She seem to be interesting in making videos and maybe a lease we can do a little filming outdoors.
Then Regis is looking for MCFARLANE MONSTERS. He has a smart phone and to me it would be easier to look for it on my lab top.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It Work Out For The Best

I couldn't even image a cover for a tail light, simple plastic would cost us $120 and that used. Sure would hate to see what one would cost new.
It had to be order the way my tail light is. Sooner of later I would get a ticket. Friday I have an appointment to have put on.
Mainly want to make sure it sealed.

Took Regis to Sandpoint to see his doctor. Not know and also thinking a plastic cover would be around $50.
But since some how Regis bank card got froze up. So we had to get back to his bank here in Bonners Ferry and see what is going on.
So no extra time to shop. After finding out the price on a tail light cover and haven't yet wrote out monthly checks for your regular living cost.

Anyhow what happen to Regis account a while back ago he had to replace with debit card. Forgot to get hold of couple of accounts and suddenly there was to much action for was monthly habits.
It only took less ten minutes to undo it.
So now his bank account is back to normal.

See I was going to pick up aqua and yellow fabric at walmart. But like I said it work out better that I didn't.
My other color I'm strongly leaning to his a coral color.

Not sure when I'll get it. Still have to figure out on our January bills. Electric is $72.12 and for my health insurance it $77.12
Then I know our water bill is $41.00 and the natural gas will be coming around the 20th of month for our heat.
And I'm trying to recall when our internet bill is due. That quarterly and that $177.00

I believe this will be my next sewing project. Not sure which one I will attempt. It been a while since I tried to do any real sewing.
But I thought it would be an easy project and see what my sewing machine can do. The only thing I've use was to hook strips of fabric together. But since I learn the Technic of splicing and slipping the two end together, a lot less sewing.
But 3 of your choice in the pattern shows you need interfacing and since I haven't sewn I believe I will skip these choices.
I will check the thrift store at the far south end of town. Last few times they had a pretty good selection of fabric.

I see the pattern retail for $10.95 When I took home economics in school one could still purchase a pattern for under $1.00
I actual got this at one of our local thrift store and got it for a quarter

Still on my mission to raise money for Daisy teeth cleaning and any up coming vet bill. There is a link to her go fund me account. Right side of my blog called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
I been matching all donation. $4.00 will bring it up to $400.

Eating and my health habits been slipping a bit. No I actual they been horrible. It seem I eat cookies out of control.

I believe the best reason to live in a small community if you need to take care of any type of business from A to Z it usual go smoothly.
Regis card was back to normal in 10 minutes and we talk to one of tellers at his bank. Super nice lady.
Then getting service done at our local hospital also goes as easy. And stores you get wonderful service.
I probably wouldn't see eye to eye on majority of people in my community on political or spiritual matters.
But I find some reason our local people are kind and friendly people and would give a helping hand out.

Editor note...Here is a LINK if you want to see the exchange rate for your currency 

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Monday, January 09, 2017

Here We Are Still

Still trying to located my Grandma Olive Grandfather who lived around Philadelphia , now I'm looking though the KENSINGTON  area. So far no luck.

My car is high center in our drive way. On snow! We're not please with the guy who plowing out our driveway so it time to look for someone else.
So in morning not sure what exactly we're going to do. But will get out, maybe with some brute force. Hopefully not.

Work went ok. Got Regis phone going. It was issue when he had to get a new debt card.
Some how he broke into a rash and had to take him to the emergency room. Our hospital is pretty good getting you into it quickly.
Not sure what rash is from. They gave him so medication.
Thankful he has both medicare and medicaid. Pick up the bill. I've never seen a bill out of emergency room for under $400.00
Hopeful the medication they gave him will get it under control. Did make an appointment with regular doctor for late Wednesday morning.

One thing else Regis and I did went to is one the thrift store. I bought a flat white sheet with little tiny flowers on it.
I'll be using it on Liz rag rug where the white goes. It cost me $3.00. And for .59¢ got a piece of mainly white fabric.
The red and blues seem easy enough to bump in to.

Anther issue we will need to change before next winter roll around. We keep our fire wood out in the barn/shed. That issue of the fire wood needs to be changed.
To be quite honestly with you walking out even there is a path. One will twist up a back, hip, or ankle.
I had to go out and haul nothing either way.
It was difficult walk and twist up my hip.
But for now we could wide the path a bit would help.

If I didn't speak up about getting my dogs teeth clean I know it wouldn't happen. Like the old saying
SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE So on every blog I do mention about getting DAISY TEETH CLEAN But this time I left a link.
Every donation I've match. Need $4.00 to bring it up to $400 for what it says on the page. But I took $175 to use against having a growth remove.
Any donation would be greatly appreciated and I'm still matching.

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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Yes I Say and No I Say

Some time I'm clueless what to even blog about. I know my life isn't all that exciting. Confession time...I like reading about other people life and there thoughts.
Total enjoy getting comments. I only had one bad comment all the years of blogging. It was over religion and snob attitude. That long ago and so be it.

Weather is usual a safe thing to blog about. It warm up to 20 (-6) and the dog loves it. Because I will go out on the county road and toss ball a bit.
Since I'm on dog and make this short. Still trying to raise money for her teeth cleaning and any other possible vet bill. There is a link to right hand side of my blog called “Daisy Teeth Cleaning”. Once again I match it.

Still back the weather Murphy and I drove up to visit Quenella up on Katka. She not that far up the mountain.
Some reason when my camera becomes cold it doesn't want to work. So I got no photos. This photo came off of google.
She has less snow then we do.

But she lives a complete different life style. She has no running water and electricity that come from the local power company.
Off the grid living.
Been there done that.
During the winter it can be some what a hassle. Or a pain in rear. It hard work.

The rug I made went to her. She loved it. Looks good in her little cabin. Had a nice visit with raspberry tea and leaves came from my garden.
She makes sachet with herbs off her garden. Every year she makes these candy full of brandy that you can get buzz off. So I came home with intoxicating candy.

Slowly starting to put the colors together for Liz rag rug. I'm doing it in our flag colors red, white, and blue.
So one day last week I went into local thrift store and got start on my stash.
But before I start on her rug. I want to do one for my self.
Thinking about 36 inch (91cm) oval for by the kitchen sink.

Order a rug canvas. So I can do a looker look rug for my son and there wives. One I know will have aqua in it. Question time...what colors look good with Aqua?
The other haven't made up my mind yet.

Now I might be stepping on some toes. Opinion time...I believe people who makes a general healthy choices should pay less for there health insurance, I'm in-favor of a one payer system.
The reason I say this is because being in-home care line of work. Most of what I seen there choices put there health in risk.. I only had two client in past who didn't smoke. Both of mine smokes, and one even has one functional lung.
Eating properly. I've seen diabetics take insulin and just pig  out on refine sugars. Forget the veggies and  fruit.
I'm not anti treat. I had slice of Qunella intoxicating candy when I came home.
But I do try to have well balance food though out the day. Ate some almonds and oranges today
I'm over weight and that should be consider in my health care cost. I have high blood pressure and I believe it from choices I've made.
But I under stand some things in life one has no control over.
These people I take care of has no responsibility for there health,what so every. So soda pop, cookies and candy is ok for there main diet.

One thing I did finely took down our Christmas tree, dishes, and dry a load of laundry.

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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Yesterday But Today Would Be Fine

Yesterday I wrote to my elected officials from my home state of Idaho. And just couldn't get into blogging.
If any of listen to the news from the United States the up coming President Trump and the Republican wants to get rid of what we call OBAMA CARE and to best of my knowledge the other side haven't came up with plan.
I did my part. But me personal I would like to see a one payer system. I better express here or someone will get there undies in bunch. "I don't think anyone should have a free ride in life" My thought would be expand our medicare and have every one pay 1 to 3 percent of there income for medical.
Opinion time...People who makes bad health choices should pay closer to the 3%. Enough on this. I been on this soap box before.

I have to say I been please with my morning weigh in on our scale. 218 and when I weigh in at local tops I want the scale there to read under 218.50.
When I graduated out of high school almost 40 years I was at 130 or so.

Work been going ok. But dealing with the cell phone company can be as frustrated as the regular land line company.
How hard should get hold of a cell phone company and let them know you had to change your debt card number and give them the new number. So they can pull out the money from the account.
This is what Regis is trying to complete. To me it sound simple enough. But it wasn't been.
So Monday his social worker will be and hopeful she can move forward on it.

He got a few new figurines for Christmas. Hopeful I can get photo of them. I couldn't tell you how many CAPTAIN AMERICA he has.

One of his walls. Every-time or almost when go there. I say..."Isn't that new" and so far it isn't new.

I was hoping it would get up to 20 a lease today. So I could spend little time out with Daisy tossing the ball. We did go out for a very short time.
Since I'm on the subject of Miss Daisy. Still trying to raise money for her teeth cleaning or any other possible vet bills.
On the right hand side of my blog. There is a link "Daisy Teeth Cleaning" and remember I've match all donation.

Friday Murphy went to the doctor office to get his finger poked. Mid December he went and had a physical and his blood work on his sugar was high since he was fasting. It read 140. So they want to anther reading.
Not sure what this one will be. I figure they call Tuesday or Wednesday and let him know.
As he was living the clinic backing out of there parking lot. He hit a bumper of van and knock out tail light on my car.

Finish up the rag rug I been working on. It measurement are about 60 inches by 48 inches. This is the biggest one I did.
Evening dreaming I thought it might be interesting to replace the rug my dinning room table set on.
Actual my next one will be for the kitchen in my home, by the sink. A lot smaller then then this one.
Not sure of color yet.

On the weekend I don't wear my pedometer. The only naughty food I had was kid's ice cream. Dinner Murphy made stuff green peppers.

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