Monday, September 29, 2014

No More Dowries

My youngest is married. Bart married his love Molly in Noxon Montana. At the BIG HORN LODGE
There were about eighty people who attended the wedding.
Sure do a lot neat things for weddings now. Instead of a quest book. Everyone sign a Jennga block.
Sawyer Bart brother and her brother Sawyer was witness to there marriage.
I've always believe people should choice there path of faith. For what every that may be or not be. Bart attended the ASSEMBLY OF GOD in Sandpoint.
Having a partner to share your life I get. Personally I like married life. To share my life and we keep each other balance.
But the part of “wife summit to your husband as Christ summit to the church” This to me seem like giving permission for the husband to control his wife.
I wonder why the minster picked that line for the marriage.
Both Parents, her and Barts had fill out a questionnaire. I wonder if something was said on that paper made the pastor I choose that verse.
I felt sad that my other daughter in law Betty couldn't make it. She worked for HORIZON AIR as a flight attended and was on call.
When I tell people my son are married. A good percentage of people ask me if I like my “daughter in law”. I tell them “yes” and they usual have a look of shock on there face.
Both of my son married very lovely young woman.
I told both of son. I won't be involved in there marriage. Having a parent either side involved is good way of destroying your children marriage.
Most things in life you need to find the best solution to your own troubles.

I been working a little bit mostly in the evening on ceramics. I decided to do the music note in “Ultra Blue”. I pulled back 25 ornaments to use this up coming holidays.
Not sure what colors I'll be using to finish up the “Jack In Box” ornament
Also I been working on set of four reindeer and sleigh. I didn't glaze the inside of the sled but one could put in wrap candies or dry arrangement
  My Son Sawyer and his wife got a Esty page called BANDANA BOOTIQUE and there dog Boo is there top model.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No This Isn't a Dairy Entry

I thought it was about dew time I post something. I bet those you stop by got tired of me bitching about "religion"
But not much has really exciting been happening. Maybe I should start my post....Dear Pixie but who in the hell is Pixie.
Google can fine you about anything. I found a letter our 2nd president John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail
So I took a little bit of time and google "Dairy of 1960" and this what I FOUND and lot more...
For this evening I'll start it with

Dear Pixie...A fog laid a cross the field. Couldn't see my Aunt Eve place. Have I every told you I can't stand her. The only reason it keeps me from being nasty and in her face, is she family.
So for breakfast Hubby and I had pancakes. I had one.
Well before I headed to work I stop and drop off some dresses my sister in law Faith let me tried on. I found two possible that I will wear to Bart our son wedding. Last Saturday in Sept he getting married over in Noxon.
Had a nice visit with my sister in law and her daughter Quincy. Then it was off to work. Today I went to Carrie and it always easy. I clear off the front porch she was hoping to have a yard sale this summer. Don't look like it going to happen, time running out colder weather is on it's way.
Then after work I stop and visit with my friend LaWalla. Her and I went over to her mom place as LaWalla had to take care of some of her mom.
All in all day went pretty good. I love those day when there no excitement.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Narrow Mind people Gathering

Question time....I thought the teaching of Jesus or the four gospel is how we should treat each I wrong.
Wednesday Carrie, Nona, which is Carrie P.S.R and I been going and have bite to eat at the local soup kitchen.
I must missed something in life. I thought the basic teaching of Jesus was how to treat others. More I see of Christianity more discussed I find it. I know Jesus taught about the POOR Jesus teaching of INTOLRENCE I just can't take “hook line and sinker” No need to listen to anther version “Their all wrong and Christianity has the market on heaven, take a look at our dollar...”In God We Trust”

The Grace Bible Fellowship church on south end of Bonners Ferry puts on a soup kitchen every Wednesday.
I'm guessing there about 30 people who attended. It a place to socialize with other. There were a couple in there, Enzo and his wife Bella. Not sure how long they been eating there. But one day he brought in book titled MASTER JESUS Enzo handed the book over to Carrie and I short stop it and took quick glance though it. Since I really can't see anything with out my reading glasses.
I hand back to Carrie and she put it away.
I could see the church members in kitchen wasn't comfortable at all. I know there not comfortable about A COURSE IN MIRACLES So now Enzo and Bella not allowed at the soup kitchen for bring in the book “Master Jesus”

What bunch narrow minded bigotry. Such crap

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not West Bend But North Bend

Place anther Kindred Spirit Journal out side of TWEDES in NORTH BEND Washington. Just out in front on a bench.
All of my Kindred Spirit Journal been place in or out side of mom and pop little cafes.
But also I been thinking about leaving some in park. But that would have to be in early summer. So far I've left them at UNDER THE SUN in Bonners Ferry Idaho and the other one was place on outside table at MONARCH MOUNTAIN COFFEE in Sandpoint Idaho. I'm sort of flip about placing more then one in community. But It not matter of life and death.
Now so as I know THREE Kindred Spirit Journal been place out in world
There someone out in world know exactly what your feeling because they have first hand experience it

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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Not To Wonder

My day wasn't nothing overly exciting. Never is. Right now there three horse running loose. I live in area of open range.
Don't these people wonder about their horses grazing loose. For while the neighbor were dealing with the Reeds horse damage people yards.
I know exactly what we're doing with the Reeds horses if they get loose. Don't worry we're not going to hurt the horses. I'm an animal lover .
Went and visit Faith she moving to an Senior Apartment closer to her son Larry. She ok mental but her body is given out. I thought she should of hired someone to come in and help her around the place. But only thing anyone can do is suggested. It best to stay out of others affairs.

I'm planning to go and see her the first part of October.
When I go for my walks usual Murphy doesn't go with me. I measure my distance by using the power line poles. Each week I increase it by one. I'm up to the 12th power pole. The home in this picture was closer. It the Peterson place and they move it up the road. In front of my Aunt Eve place. Actual a big wind storm came though and did quite a bit of damage. But it seem they are coming right a long.

Went to my T.O.P.S meeting well I held my weight. Which is fine. Today meeting we had to share our “Pay it Forward” I explain that bought some dish soap, dish towel and rags. Gave then to our local food bank. I would say a large majority of these people have trouble getting some basic hygiene stuff for both body and home.
One of our member is going to purchase some soap and deodorant donate to them.
If your wonder what my PAY IT FORWARD project was.

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Monday, September 08, 2014

Nothing In Return Just A Feeling of Helpfulness

In memory of our past member Glenda. Each member of T.O.P.S was to do something nice and give hand up to someone.
Like PAY IT FORWARD There are times I've taken my clients or picked up items at our local COMMUNITY ACTION CENTER Which is also our local food bank.
Usual I see lot of carbohydrates sitting out in what is called “salvage” area. A Family can come in once week and pick up odds and ends.
During garden season there more fruits and veggies. What you don't see is non food items, such as toilet paper, razor, tampons, band-aids, soap, and etc.
Food Stamps (SNAP) covers food items but when it comes to non food item. Lot of people I see at times struggle to get basic monthly supplies to maintain there home.
Herschel and Carrie income is about $760 a month. Rent for them is $400 and utilities run them about $200. Plus I know he has to purchases his own medicine. I know he uses the $5 a month bottle plan. I'm guess it cost $20 a month.
So it look like they have $140 a month left. I'm guessing they get a little over $300 a month in food stamps. I can see them stopping in at local food bank.

Here is what I did. I stop in at DOLLAR TREE in Sandpoint. After Carrie had a doctor appointment. We stop in at Dollar Store.
So I got some dish rags, matching dish towels and dish soap. Spend a little over $15. One thing I notice rarely these people every get anything new.
My thought a little dish cloth and towel to match. Plus one can't get dish soap on quest cards.
Last time my friend Qunella and I had coffee at Under The Sun. We went up stair in loft and separate out and place in plastic bag one dish towel, cloth, and dish soap. We did up six bags. So later on I drop off the bags for dish cleaning., at our local FOOD BANK Everything that comes in and goes out of our local food bank needs to be weighed. Not sure what happen. But I figure someone got it and could put it to good use.

We should help and try to make people life a little better. Doesn't matter who they or what they are. All of us can give hand up. For every what size it my be.

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Sunday, September 07, 2014

August Report

The warmest day was on the 11th at 98 (36.3)
The coolest day was on the 24th at 44 (6.6)
The average high was 76 (24.4)
The average low was 53 (11.6)
Rain fall 3/4 (1.9)

Here is a few blogs I stop by in August

The Exxon gas station is now the Chevron. I can recall it being Husky Gas and Oil
Road construction is still going on the south hill over pass and Kootenai River Bridge.
The town of Bonners Ferry was name after "Edwin Bonner"

Here some small non box store. Those mom and pop places

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