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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Still We Make Ends Meet

I hear people grumble about living on $40,000 a year. Not sure how that plays out in other place. Well I thought I would be nice and put a exchange link HERE.
Our income is nothing close to that.
Usual our yearly income is between $20,000 and $30,000. And in 2015 my income tax was based on $16,500.
I cover my own social security taxes. So I wrote a check to government for $2,500 in April of 2016
So for this month of July we will take in about $1,907.00.
My husband social security is $774. But they take out $105 for his medicare. So his social security is $669.
So you might as well say we take  in about $1,800 for the month.
The other money came from my pay check which for the month is $510 and we sold our five acres on bench and we getting $425 a month
I try to shut doors, heat of day we close up curtain, have a garden, watch the sale, none of our vehicle is even in this century, and shop at the thrift store.
our cost of monthly living all though I don't pay that every month. Some things our due quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly.
But we don't need to purchase every thing that comes by. To my best calculation our monthly cost to live is a little over $1,500 a month.
I don't mine living simple. The boards for our deck is from a shed we tore down.
Murphy and I went to Walmart and got some calking, socks, jeans, and believe me our jeans was getting fairly ratty, and you could see my panties.
One thing we need was battery for our pick up which got just under $100.
Question time...Why do people need to consume so much? I think people need to show off. So they want to see as they our keeping up with Jones. And they can't really afford these items.
People might think it cool to see people in there new rig, a boat behind it, and couple of big price toys.
Well I bet usual it bought on borrowed money.

But I will say I'm for raising up our federal minimum wage. If anyone is willing to get up and put in 40 hour works week. Should be able to put food on table, get to work, have shelter, and take care of any basic need one may need or have.
National average for apartment in April of 2016. One bedroom $1,140 and two bedroom is $1,300 a month. You can click to look at your STATE
If someone working a full work week at $7.25 an hour will bring home about $1,115 a month. And that leaves you $25 for what.
I have to say you might be able to get rent assistant and food stamps. But all these programs been cut to bare bones.

Breakfast bacon, egg, and toast
Lunch burrito, and yogurt.
Dinner pork chop, mac and cheese.
Snack hot pocket and couple of piece of chocolate bar

Work went good. Liz was at her brother in law. Every time her phone rings he ask her who it is. Good god my husband never ask me who I'm on the phone with.
Let me say it would drive me nuts. I know after a bit I would have to leave or put the old man in his place.
It look like Liz might be getting anther place. I believe one of apartments is base on income. Which is a 20 to 30% depending on which program.

One thing and there other thing that bothers me and actual is embarrasses for me. Is when my clients ask me to go over and do some shopping.
They give me there snap of food stamp card and want me to pick up items such as candy, ice-cream or basic junk food with no nutritional value.
So I go up to check out stand and I wonder what people who behind me when they see me purchasing junk with the food stamp card.
I know it wouldn't do any good to explain it isn't for me.
But it still does bothers me.

Maybe I will have chance to look at a 2000 Chev Venture. There asking price is $2,600 and it has 135,000 miles on it.
I'm surprise how well having one rig is actual working out.
But there is some draw backs. I go to work with the truck and Murphy is at home all day with out a rig.
And I feel like I'm on tighter time frame when I make a choice to go any place. Although my husband never gives me a time frame.
But I would feet more at easy if we both had a rig.
Confession time...I'm scared that I will become desperate and purchase a vehicle in haste and make a bad choice.
I actual don't start work until noon tomorrow. But before that I have 7 AM dentist appointment. And I had appointment today. For two filling it cost me $140.
Well they should be a good 3 to 4 hours before I head to work. I know Murphy want to put in battery in pick up and hopeful we can a lease call on the van.

So I'm taking both of client to our local pow wow. Hopeful we can keep cool enough during the events.
I miss the one last year, but I believe it was 10 years or better that I went to our local pow wow and total enjoy it.

Coffee is on 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bogus and Wednesday Words II.

Editor note...I thought I would give my hand at playing "Wednesday Words" but I thought I would twist it up a bit, by trying some fiction. Please remember this is a story and that's all it is.

This week words came from JUST MY STORY Someone, hopscotch, days, hotter, hoaxer, and lonely.
Once everyone read there letter which they receive from the “Powers To Be” usual everyone letters include what they will be getting points.
Back in the days people would go to work or be part of commerce and I believe received a paycheck and which somehow turn into money.
It been a while since we had anything to with money. Reading a few historical articles that at time the money was control by small group. So those days are long gone.
So now after your 12 years old you get a letter stating how many points you earn though out the years. Then someone at office of Powers to Be” decided how many points you will loose.
You can have a copy sent to your hoaxer or mail to you. Same price of 22 points.
Don't know if anyone every was brave enough to find out why they lost points. Maybe it same feeling as paying taxes. Wouldn't know what it would be like to pay taxes or to have money.

It's been told that Dade and Oatha Grandparents paid taxes but last time anyone payed taxes there was such up rising over it was so one sided. Those who had some extortioner amounts of money never paid pay much of there earnings in taxes.
Because of up rising 180 years ago they did away with taxes and replace it with a point system. So a month before Candle Day everyone get a letter stating how many points every one will get for the upcoming year and how you want to receive it. Weekly, bi weekly, monthly, or on certain day of month.
Don't worry usual everyone support “Powers to Be”.
With un-ethical behavior you can have points taken away. But there two other punishment for being un-ethical confession your un-ethical behavior in the public square. The town of Bogus is much to small to have a square for being un-ethical.
Not sure where the closes un-ethical jail is.

  Once someone turns a 100 or 15 there letter they receive from “Powers to Be” is a very important. Since I will be 15 this year. It will let me know how many offspring I will be aloud.
Then those who will be turning a 100 will be send off to a extermination fields.

Not all that long ago everyone was to be put on equal footing. Which actual tried for some length of time.
Everyone was treat to equal that people was melancholic and wondered about like a lonely zombie.
Not single person had much variance how they look or dress. All the dwellings in Bogus and maybe a little change as you went up north Falsch.
But they didn't want the population to get out balance, and since most illness and war haven't happen for over 50 years.
They had trouble keeping the world in line. Just to many people was taking up space on the planet.

As Randi letter stated she could have up to 4 children. She wonder about what it might be like to have 4 off-springs in her future. If this all she will actual have. Every male receives a similar letter telling him how many children he is to be sire of.
Now a person is given a chance to have 0 to 6 young-in. But there a chance couple could end up with 12 progeny.

So sad how they handle those who reach 100. Each year the power to be decide how many people at 100 will be exterminated in it camp.
Three years ago Dade was send off to one of these camp. He survive like it our replacement of war. Not everyone dies in a war.

I recall Dade getting off the bus. Some friends, Dade and Oatha daughter Apfel. Was playing hopscotch.
The ideal of certain activity isn't set by age limit but your choice of a spiritual being. Quite a few of side walks have marble circles, shuffle board, and hopscotch place on it sidewalks.
But what I like there a box of chalk on most street corner that you can draw picture or write on the side walk.
Well you better not draw any bad picture or write un-ethical things. That the powers to be will zap away some points.

The hotter days won't be here for a couple of months. The chit chat going about the community is that Oatha will be send off to extermination camp a week after Litha.

Last week STORY

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's Been Buggered Up

I've been paying a little more closer to the Democrat Convention then the Republican Convention. So I haven't post anything on my blog.
Plus do LaWalla shift. She has company I guess one of her cousin is visiting this week.
But either the first week of August or second week she pretty much going to quite. And possible work one or two days during the month to keep her account activity with the company.
So I'll be back doing 31 hours week.

Some one ask me what type of wood was in stack. It came from a shed and usual framing material is fir or larch.
To us it was such a good deal. But the sad thing we're not sure what we're doing in building a deck.

I need to get focus on eating better. Dinner was a Pizza and salad. Long day at work. Took Liz around today. One place we stop at one of thrift store and I got a small piece of fabric. My guess a little over a 1/4 of yard. So I save some back for the quilt I'm planning to do, and cut strips for my locker hook project. Paid ninety nine cent for it

Hubby gets his social security check this Wednesday and I can pay off the rest of our bills. Which comes to $152 and I get paid Friday but this check won't have 31 hours on it. So my check will be around $375 and fact of life August Bills start to come in.

I was tired and I take part in a swap of small fun item. Most of my items I get out of thrift stores. Well my package went to Parkland Christchurch New-Zealand. Well the entire gifts didn't come to $7.00 and it end up costing me $35 to sent it. That not the entire story either. I bought 3 international stamps which I believe is $1.10. And book of 20 stamps which I believe is  $9.80 and I bought a stamp for ninety cent. Simple I could add it to my stamp collection. I collect stamps of people. I believe my last one I add was Elvis.
I was tired after work.
This is the SEWING MACHINE machine I'm looking at getting. Not sure if I will order it though Amazon or not. If Walmart had a better deal on same machine I will get it there.
Not sure which company treats there employees the best.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Never Look Backward

The other day I stop in at local thrift store and got this pattern, and the three reason I got it was it was fifty nine cents, I thought it was darling, and got way to use up some smaller piece of fabric.
But I just can't figure out the back of the head. Rest look fairly simple to do.

Plus I've been cutting up fabric. And couldn't quite cut up this entire piece of fabric. So I took off quarter of yard, and cut it in to strips for my up coming locker hooking project.
It was 1 and 1/2 yard and it was at yard sale for $3.00 and when I came all her fabric was 1/2 off so I got it for $1.50

I do a monthly and I'm a little slow getting my package off to my secret pal this month I had two of them for some reason.
Well mine this time is from Christchurch New Zealand. Got everything but haven't made it to post office.
I'm slow.

Also restart a crochet dish cloth. And this time I'm paying more attention.

I guess this is good enough place to put this photo....Question time...how does looking down barral of shotgun make you feel?  This photo came off someone profile on facebook.
I find it scary that possible this person feel so inadequate, that they need to communicated with a gun.

Well I just can't get posting what I ate. No late eating. I guess some reason it going good for me in some ways.
And tried a new beer and it end up going down the sink.

Murphy and I use the power washer to do the barn/shed and also wash the cement steps leading to our basement from the outside. Dirt and mud was sure flying.

I understand the next few days it will be getting hot once again

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Nothing Complete

I wouldn't say nothing is completed in our life. Well Murphy and I finely got the wood all washed for the deck.
Not sure what we will be doing next, when comes to deck.
One things some wood is pretty.

I been cutting strips for my locker hook project. A good way to use up odds and ends. Did stop at our local thrift store and one yard sale for odds and ends of fabric.
Confession time...I'm having trouble cutting up the bigger chunk of fabric. I can see potential with the fabric.
I can think of plenty of project using a yard or less of fabric, napkin, pincushion, bibs, hot pad, and lot things for the wee ones.
But I bet if you put search in for "fabric project that takes less then yard" I know something will come up....ONE YARD OR LESS. and she still has pretty much up to date BLOG

I thought I had anther dish cloth done. Well it was so loop sided and way big for dishes. So I end up tearing it apart. The amount of yarn I have I should of gotten 2 dish cloth, easily.

I'm going to grumble a little or maybe a lot. Friday I went to work over at Regis and Liz was there. She want a ride home on Saturday. I told both I could be in on Saturday around one and could give hre a ride back to her place.
Well I showed up and no one home. So I double checked my cell to see if I missed a message. No message.
So I called Liz and left a message. Figured her son Cyrus showed up.
It would of been consider of them to call and leave a message. To tell me they had a ride.
But what should I expect. I've told them and couldn't tell you how many time. That I don't get SSI and or SSDI.
Once again I was ask if I was getting my check on the first. Didn't say a word. Actual I get paid the 30th. Murphy get paid this Wednesday.
Only a few bills remain this month. I still owe our long distant carrier $16, Gas $26 and going to pay $110 on credit card, and once my check comes in I'll then pay off the credit card which will be $68.

Yesterday I went to there annual TENT SALE and was going to only spend $30 but I end up getting 6 different colors of fabric, one yard each.
One thing I've never done is quilt and it a project on my bucket list.
But I mention I like to support the mom and pop business when I can. So in while I stop in at A LITTLE COMFORT QUILTING. But this time I won't be getting as much. instead of yard. I'll be getting 3/4 of yard. 3 prints and 3 complimentary  to go with the prints. So total yardage is 4 and half yard. If my math is right.
But before I buy any more fabric I need to get a sewing machine.

Notice one I haven't been keeping a food journal. The thought of posting it and world to see. Seem like I don't place as much food into my mouth.
Dinner was pork ribs, bake potato with ranch dressing, green salad with Italian dressing.

 Yesterday was my first around of WEDNESDAY WORD. I did enjoy doing there writing prompt and consider keeping the story going.
Now I need one 15 year person. Should it be a male or female? and It sexual orientation?
Don't worry the 15 is going to be a decent person, although not perfect.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Wednesday Words Meme

Editor note...I thought I would give my hand at playing "Wednesday Words" but I thought I would twist it up a bit, by trying some fiction. Please remember this is a story and that's all it is.

I found this meme and this week words over at DRIFTING THOUGH LIFE and this week word is EXHIBITION, FEELING, BEWITCHING, CAPTIVE, GUSHING, and CANDLE.

This is the day when every one gets there letter of rebirth and growth. It keeps most of the  community of Bogus captive with anxiety.
But those who will be fifteen during the up coming year, and those who will turn one hundred. The letter has a little more, then what you will be earning and paying in.
It actual had bewitching effect on some in Bogus. For those who will know how many offspring and your possible exit from this world.

All day must people in Bogus watch the water gushing down Appleton street. It been raining last few days. Which didn't help the anxiety
Shortly after the lunch hour.
Mail has been delivered. It seem on that day every one went out to there mail boxes less then hour as it was placed in boxes.

That day not much talk about anything, mostly about feeling. Never under stood why no one visit on the day the letter came.
But in four days every one will bring something to community center and to celebrate "Candle Day" and usual people from the area will bring in show off there wares. Usual a group of people will make up an exhibition.
Coffee is on

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Started A Few But Nothing Completed

I know you can't see the two projects I've started on. One a dish cloth and I'm having trouble keeping it square or rectangle. But my husband is thrill and like the design. Since I work he our chief pearl diver. Anther word dish washer.
On top of the coffee can is what I call my fingers to a feather duster. I have picture and ideal how to make one in my mind. But if works out that could be anther story.
 I support local mom and pop main street business. So today as I was finishing up purchasing my fabric. I bought these two skeins of cotton yarn.

As I was in Mandy gift shop purchasing the blue yarn. She showed me some SCRUBBY YARN making these don't look all that hard. But the strange thing I've seen pattern says easy and it surely not and other said hard. I was breeze to do.
Yesterday was my son Sawyer and his wife Betty 3rd anniversary. This is one of my favor photos of there wedding.
Miss Claudia at 3 month. This Grandma does think she is cutest things that every walk on this earth. She only 100 miles and since my car is out of commission. it has put a damper on me going any place.
I know my friend Qunella want to also see her and go to the new NPR and one of there fund raiser you brought a brick. I believe she did and want to see there new building, old fire station.

Work been going ok. I have 3 hours with Liz and 4 hours with Regis. My friend LaWalla is taking the week off next week. One of her cousin is coming for a visit. So I'll have 31 hours next week.
I went over to see Alice. She had an MRI on her lower back and L3 I believe she said was something. But nothing can be done to correct the problem.
I love it when doctor says you should of came in earlier. Well if you don't have insurance for medical you just don't go popping into the doctor office.
Well sometime first part of August there going to go down her throat and look at the lesion on her stomach.
  This is last little bit of fabric I got for my up coming LOCKER HOOK. But still need to cut my strips, 1 1/4 inches in length.

Coffee is on


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