Sunday, January 17, 2021

Today Is Sunday January 17 2020, This Is What Happen

 It been a week of depression off and on. Usual I don't deal with depression or let say the type that will knock you for loop. Saturday I just didn't have no moo joo. Usual I found out not being active or keeping one self busy, it makes depression to seem a lot worst.

Had a few relatives who came down with covid. Some are mask wearers and others not. Well I have first cousin by marriage is in kootenai hospital down in Coeud d' Alene, on a ventilator.  I would guess they wore mask. Although not sure what type they wore.

I wear and N95 and when you could see over half people in store with no mask on. Hubby and I went to store today. I've had my shot and by next Friday the 22nd I should be 75 to 85% immune to covid, although still not taking off the mask. My next shot will be around the 5th of February. It sounds like my hubby shot will be available the first part of February. Anyhow he and I decided he going to stay home and I will handle the shopping. We can handle going to store one or two times a week. Seeing so many non mask wearers my feeling are angry and or scared.

Well making a pressing cloth out of old towels which will fit on to my ironing board. Wool might be better, but cost is pushing me to terry cloth. I have wool blankets but I can just cut them for pressing pad. I rather use wool blanket for batting.

Mention that can embroidery and made a few things though my life. But now they have a thing called SLOW STICHING 

It should be here this up coming week, our living room is poorly lighted. So I got a floor LAMP and this way I could do some my crafts as I watch T.V with my hubby.

Stay safe and coffee is on

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Today Is Thursday January 14 2021, This Is What Happen

 It been a while since I post any thing on my blog. Not much to post about, work and all of you heard about that. Not much going on there. I was going to post about "I wasn't aloud to be enabled" And I feel a jealous of those who get support and is a loud to be enabled . And all most of life had pull my self up by my own boot lace. So people who are enabled I'm some time jealous of. Then my second reaction of my jealousy is depression and or anger. It even can both 

Made short VIDEO of some SPOONFLOWER fabrics I got. During the news I press out fabrics. But I need to fix my ironing pad.

Hope this weekend I can have longer posting.

Stay Safe and Coffee is on

Monday, January 11, 2021

Today Is Monday January 11 2021, This Is What Happen

 This morning I checked my e-mail. Confession time...I'm not the best keeping up with my emails. Well I receive a email from TRUTH IN BETWEEN telling me there no conservative pen pal available at this time. I wonder if not enough conservative leaning people aren't willing to speak to liberal leaning people. Or just won't talk to them.

Work was routine. 

Since I am going to Spokane tomorrow Regis has an doctor appointment with his pancreas doctor. But since we will be in city. I made shopping list up and budget.

Coffee is on and stay safe


Sunday, January 10, 2021

Today Is Sunday January 10 2021, This Is What Happen.

 Now it do time me to focus on my blog post. My mind seams to be unsettled. So as I type about my day and thoughts. Last evening I start to sew fabric stripes together. And thought I would share some of them with you all. 

This morning on CBS "Sunday Morning" they had interview with Norman Lear a well known liberal had a pen pal relationship with Ronald Regan a known conservative. If these two can communicated, it tells me there hope in our world. 

Then a while back and not sure where I heard about OUR BETTER ANGELS and I decided to reach out, for pen pal. I actual reached out in both categories, connection for those who are isolated, and political. So hopeful I am line up with someone.

The phrase been use multi of time by Shakespeare, Dickens, Lincoln, and Obama it was in different contest. But most one talked about is Lincoln FIRST INAUGURAL ADDRESS

But I have been a why person and want to know what PERSONALITY INSIGHT thought of Lincoln Inaugural address

You are heartfelt, somewhat insensitive and strict.

You are philosophical: you are open to and intrigued by new ideas and love to explore them. You are independent: you have a strong desire to have time to yourself. And you are solemn: you are generally serious and do not joke much.

Your choices are driven by a desire for discovery.

You are relatively unconcerned with both achieving success and taking pleasure in life. You make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. And you prefer activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment.

Start to put up my snow people and for some reason I don't have enough totes. Well checked two and thought some how I could combine fabrics. To much fabric and hassle. So I order anther one from Amazon. Plus got a few other things. Less dozen. More like 8 items.

The floor lamp I mention in yesterday blog. It works but it not going to work for what I want. It one of those magnet lamps. It just doesn't give out enough lamp. In a week or so I need to make decision what needs to be done with it. It something hardly used. But as our eye sight isn't as hawk. It could come in handy.

I did manage to get some embordering and my needle threader broke. Here a possibility of a quilt block could happen.

Coffee is on and stay safe   

Saturday, January 09, 2021

Today Is Saturday January 9 2021, This Is What Happen

 I knew I needed to take down the yule tree, it 3 days past epiphany and during the week I don't have to time take down the tree. I did enjoy the tree and all the trims around the place. Smart people limited there going out during the pandemic. We all need to find or make some joy in our lives.

Here I am about half way though of taking off the ornaments from tree and putting them in box. 

Sorting out my miniature ornaments. I like to get some more of them. I might take look though ebay, esty or amazon. But Yule is a bit off and there a other items I need or I think need more. 

Tree pretty much taken apart. 

Now the only thing to go is the snow people. I decide to wait until tomorrow to order the things I belief I need. I should have snow people put away. There a floor lamp in our basement and I want to check it out. There three things I can do with it. Use it, Toss it only if don't work, or take it to thrift store. Embroidering I can  watching T.V and spend little more time with hubby. But I need better light behind  and coming over me. 

Meant my goal of organizing the bit of bag of fabric. Not sure when I will go though my next section. I hope it before the 25th of month. Don't ask me why that date. I'm sure I will do video of my fabrics I got from SPOONFLOWER a little high price then I like to pay for fabrics, although I do believe sporting mom and pop businesses. 

Well I call these goldish or orangish colors. Maybe in my next blog I can show you some strips I sewn together.  

Coffee is on and stay safe.

Friday, January 08, 2021

Today Is Friday January 8 2021, This Is What Happen

 I was pretty much in disbelief on what happen at our Capital, and with these news sort these days everyone by now know what happen. It took me little time to exam how felt or still feeling. Amazed, Scared, Edgy, Relieved, Sad and I am positive there other feeling that I am unsure how to express them. But main thing Trump is he gone the 20th. Although I don't think this will be end of his cult followers. Plain and simple I just don't get the mind set or heart of true Trump supporters. I even have cousins who thinks he is best thing next to slice bread. Actual I am distance my self from those toxic Trumper like minded. Over on my facebook page I nicely ask people if they are homphoic,  Xenophobia and for Nationalism, Fascism, , or if you approve of the Insurrection act of 2021, unfriend me and block me. So far look like two have left so far, unknown who and I don't care. Plus I don't give "Rat Patootie" how one votes.  

As for loosing weight it been there but I could give it lot more. I weigh 1.6 pound less then I did last time. 

Went and got my first vaccine for covid. No trouble a little sore in arm. I would explain it as a bug bite. Then on or shortly after the 5th of February I can get my booster shot. But I am wonder how long it takes for chip in shot to work. My sons thing I am old and who knows I might wonder off,

Pretty much finished up with this around of fabrics. Well here is greens I will be using in the two inch block quilt I been working on. The orange fabrics are press and ready to be cut. What I would like to do is cut them the half way point of taking down my yule decorations. But who knows.


Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Today Is Tuesday January 5 2020, This Is What Happen


Went out and did a little shopping. Community Thrift store and down to Under the Sun. I am getting ready to send a package down to You Tubber. She does quilts and junk journal. It helping me go though my stuff and so far I stop at two of our local thrift store. Got a few items to add. One more thrift store to check out locally.

One thing about pandemic is I am getting a chance to go though things. It seems slow. But the key word is study as she goes. Since my life is work and necessary business of living. After that I pretty much stay on home front. Only got two pile of current fabric to iron and possible send down to my You Tubber friend. So it quite looking like I will have this around a fabric taken care of. 

As I was saying I went into two place and I didn't look around. But I saw I was the only one in either establishment that was wearing a mask. Neither one of places even Plexiglas between the cashier and the customer. Since it small town usual you end up chit chatting with the cashiers. As lady was ringer my items up. I ask her if the three mile antique was the only place she had her items at. She said yes and between work at store and taking care of her ailing mother it all she can handle. I am almost 61 and she older then me, and in past mention her social security check isn't all that much. But what got to me she in establishment of people don't wear mask and going to take care of her mother. Like I said I wear a N95 

This is what I am jacked about. Got record call from my employer (supervisor) and telling us. We are not able to get a covid vaccine. I need to call them and see what, where and when. I thought it would be sometime toward the end of February.

One thing I never done is make paper. And even thought it would be interesting and fun. I've googled it several time. Well when I was in the thrift store I came across a paper making kit, it was ninety nine cents.