weight lost and walking

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wednesday Meme Number Thirteen

Notice that hodgepodge Wednesday isn't back on line. Not sure what happen to Joyce. I sure hope all is OK with her.
So I did this one called WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY in the past.
I will be using the second list of words in my story. Which is listed just below
Speechless, Timber, Underbelly, Vanity, Walked, and Machine.

One of Quinn chores she couldn't stand was milking the family cow, Alice. She been milking for last 4 years and hoping that her sister Fay will take over the chore of milking.
Well when the weather is super cold  and leaves one breath speechless. She would place her forearm of underbelly of Alice.

But there is a vanity side to Quinn when it came to milking. She been in some hand milking contest on this side of ravine.
She usual the only one that milked Alice, both morning and evenings.
But soon Quinn will be her last year of 8th grade and will be going over to the high school and usual when it came to high school one would board out with one of the families closer to local high school.

But on weekends some of high schooler who lived any distance and didn't have any a horse or buggy, would walk home.
Quinn Uncle Thomas use to walked home from the town that the high school was located and it took usual 2 to 3 hours, depending on the pace.

Uncle Thomas did live with Quinn and the rest of her family and he did keep the fires going in the little cabin they lived in, before the larger place was be built.
Even the little place was cold and drafty Tom would find some timber to fall and cut it into fire wood.
Not once did they ever run out of fire wood.
Plus he would even split the wood. One of Tom friend was telling him that they design and have prototype for a machine that would split firewood.

The other thing I take part is letter F for ABC WEDNESDAY My word for F will be word finished.

I did finished up my paper work so I could enter in our local fair this weekend. I put in four items. 

The other meme I do is WORDLESS WEDNESDAY and since I did enter a photo in our local fair and there no spoken word. I thought I would share the one I entered.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Team P and M Is Winning

Just small post. Well that what I'm planning.
It still going slow but anther steps got done on our side deck we're building. This morning I help Murphy measure the nailer.
And when I got home from T.O.P.S he had it nailed on to the side of our home.

Talking about weight lost I was down pound and quarter. By the end of the year I want to loose 20 pounds. So far I lost about 13.25 and before end of the month I would like to loose anther 1.75

I got my things pretty much ready to put in the fair. Still need to get some scotch tape so I can hook the tags to the item.
And I will post some photos, this week.

I had to re cut a piece for one of my hot pad I'm doing. And I know I need to start working on them. It will be Christmas before we all know it.
If your anything like me. I will wonder were the time will gone.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Monday Morning A Good Start

Not sure what going on. One thing I know I will be going to work, although not sure if I will be going to Liz or Regis first.
But neither will be ready until 10 AM.
Actual I'm hoping I can do Liz first and then Regis because of there time with there social workers.

It pretty smokey and what I understand that the fires are mostly north up toward the Canadian line.
But last year the smoke came in a lot earlier. Still not fun.

I haven't taken walk because of heat and now the smoke. Decided to uncover my tread mill and actual I spent a little time on it.
Then I did a some morning stretches.

Now I'm waiting for the dryer to finish.
One of thing I will be doing is getting the paper work to fill out for the fair. I will be enter three items in fair. Well two of item I know what I will be a drawing and photo.
I believe I will enter some thing from veggie garden, not sure what.

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

It Moving Along

I still hoping to Find My Mother in Law or should I say My Step Mother Obit. Her service was yesterday. I never meant Murphy Mom she died in her mid forties.
Marion Ellen Halverson was born in Detroit Lake Minnostoa, of March 1929
She died July 25 2018 in Spokane.
She married a guy name of George Preston and they adpoted three children. She divocred George and married Murphy dad. Dewayne and they never had any children between them.

Both of son made it to the service. Although Sawyer wife came. First time meeting my grand daughter Alice.
Well haven't meant my other grand daughter Isadora Fay who was born the 7th of August. Hopeful soon I will have a picture of her.

Murphy and I power some lumber for the deck on side of home.

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Beautiful and Creative Meme Number One

It been hot and smokey here in North Idaho. The smokey changes the color of sky but at times a little blue will pop though.

This is actual my second time doing one of my art, with PAINT PART FRIDAY
I was actual hoping to have my drawing done that I'm planning to enter in the fair, but it not done.
Will finish it over the weekend.
So couple days go I take part in ABC photography and we need to share something with the letter E.
Decided to care it over to paint party friday.
I've been slowly drawing my own tarot deck and this is Empress card.
Three positive points...stability, maternal care, and nurturing.
Three negative points...financial, stagnation, and unwanted pregnancy.
But in all tarot reading it depends were the card is laid and what lays around it.

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Thursday, August 09, 2018

It Out Of Here.

Haven't yet taken the pick up to work this week, and Muphy is heading into the Mountains where it a bit cooler.
I still want to get rid of a few things in one corner in the basement.
Well I went though my dresser drawers and either toss things I know I couldn't use. But some items will be heading to the thrift store.
There those piece I don't know if they fit or not.
Some time you get to many things and you forget about what you actual have. I have a pair of black jean shorts which I don't recall having.

Work is moving forward. Regis is moving forward on his NERVE STIMULATOR to try out on the twenty third of this month.
Liz is having a little trouble emotional. The main thing is to get her out and about or she will possible be so self absorb.
She help me on the picture which I will be entering in the fair.

Our county fair is weekend of 17th. I said I would enter 3 things. Two I have figured out my drawing and photo. But not sure what the other item will be.

Can't tell you how long I had this crochet dish cloth going and it was so close be doing. Murphy mention we could use more dish cloth.
So watching the news I finished it.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Wednesday Meme Number Twelve

Not Sure what happen to Hodge Podge Wednesday I sure miss it. Hopeful she just taking a little time off.
But for now I will be glad to take part in ABC WEDNESDAY and WORDLESS WEDNESDAY .

My mom liked to have the beds made with nice Edge and actual these days I don't tuck my edge in. As long as the bed is straighten out and I can get in it. I'm happy.
E= Edge.

It some what becoming smokey from fires. Actual last year it was much worst. So I went across the road and put my camera on gate post and took a photo of cow pasture.
My wordless photo.

It sure making a different with the portable air condition but it runs all the time. Glad that the weather will be cooling down over weekend, hopeful we don't have to run it all the time. Not looking forward to my next electric bill.
I'm sure I would need a bigger BTU unit. But I'm thankful my friend let me use it.

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