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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Can You Believe It

I don't even recall which night we listen to our first presidential debate. But when Trump make the comment that he was smart not paying any taxes. It real got to me, and it actual piss me off.
And he also said the United States have the HIGHEST RATE in the world. It looks like that Aruba, Sweden, and Denmark has the HIGHEST TAX RATE IN THE WORLD
My husband and I sure don't make anything close to what any of the Candidate do. But every quarter I send our taxes in. I real don't mine I want good roads, bridges, libraries, police, fire, safe food to eat, clean water to drink and such
Question time....How do you feel about taxes? 

In all honestly I sure wouldn't consider this a blessing. Some one could get hurt. Liz son Paul half way quite his job or got fired. He was working on the grave yard shift at Super one. Well let me mention one thing they been having quite a turn over lately.
So he went over by HAMILTON MONTANA and went in to a bar and got total inebriated and he is a real asshole when he drinking, and I mean and asshole.
I've seen him both ways sober and drunk.
Well he end up in a bar and knowing him he usual starts something. Some one was nice enough and was willing to pay for motel room and so he could sleep it off.
He didn't take it and end up ditching his car. So one of the law enforcement agency came and haul him off to lock lock up.
So Monday morning he had to go in front of the Judge and he was let go on his word. Although this could be played into a lot of things. Depending how he pleaded.
See this isn't Paul first rodeo when comes to be drunk and ending up in jail. I've heard of 4 times most in Utah. Usual what I understand he get a job last until the first pay day and gets drunk, ends up doing something stupid.
Ones he takes the first sip he drinks until he blacks out. He making the choice to start drinking.
I could tell you how many time Liz bail both of her son out of jail and it looks like she enables them.

Gee I called my mom asking once for money to pay some traffic tickets and her answer was "I didn't get those tickets"
So I had to pay the tickets went in to the clerks off and paid them. Came out and believe it or not. I had two flats on my car. Very little money left. So I got monthly bus pass, ate basically beans and rice for about a month.

My oldest son when he was still in High School ended up having his liaison suspended for I believe was 30 days. To many speeding tickets.
So he got a letter from the state of Idaho to surrender his liaison. But what got to me they never notify either one of us, his parents. This was some time around 2004
The way he found out that he was talking on the phone and one of our friends over heard the conversation. And told us he thought Sawyer was driving around. But of crouse of "Little Birdy told us" so he went down and talk to place where they issue driver liaison. And found out he had to surrender his liaison. But what also got to us at that time Sawyer was still a minor and they didn't have to notify us.
So we wouldn't let him drive our vehicle. Not having a liaison and we could of lost everything if he got into a wreak.
My sons are far from a Saint he toss a tizzy. That we thought we would pay any of the fine or the fee to get his driver liaison reinstate.
He end up selling his paint ball equipement. But neither one of my son been in jail.

Believe me I wasn't all that strict. All people needs bounds.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Not Quite A Week

It look like it not quite a week since I post anything on my blog. Been busy trying to get the deck done. At time I feel like it would be possible to live long enough to get all the projects done.
I been married a long time over 30 years. Not planning to getting a divorce. But one reason I wouldn't every marry is. I feel I'm up against a brick wall when it comes to choices around the place Confession time...This entire year so far I had very little choice on any project.
My decision today been wash the dishes, laundry, and vacuumed the living room. May not been much of choice but it was my choice.
Statement time...I like making decisions. I rather be around someone who isn't scared or uncomfortble  to make choice, even a bad choice. But a terrible one,  that might be something entirely different.
Being wish wash bothers me.

I finely open my new sewing machine. The covering case at this point makes no sense to me. Been reading though the owners
LaWalla was over she had to take care of some business in Idaho. She lives in Troy Mt and want to order some books and a kitchen gadget though Amazon.
We look at some LOCKER HOOKING . After looking though the PATTERNS and how much fabric it takes. To these pumpkin and I would call it a trivet it takes a total of  55 YARD OF FABRIC. If my math is correct and other supplies.
I can see where this could give a chance to recycle some odds and ends of left over fabric. Or even cut old clothing in to strips.

Looks like mid month in October we're going to fly down to see our oldest Sawyer and his wife Betty  in MEDFORD OREGON for about a four day visit. Since my daughter in law works for HORIZON AIR. We can fly quitte cheap.
Any how I wish I had more opportunity to see my son more then I do.
Liz will be return a few days before I take off.

People talks about having a visit from a lot of well known people such as Virgin Mary, Christ, Elvis, and who ever else.
But little me a hen appear one day on my french toast.
I wonder if reading french toast could be the same of reading tea leaves. Question time...What do you think?

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Last Quarter Of Game For 2016

I had plan to post this around the 19th or so. But life happens and never got it up. But I still feel the post title is still fitting. "Last Quarter of Game for 2016.
Confession...I'm trying to figure what part of my goal I've accomplished in 2016. I want to have a yard sale this year and the yard sale season is pretty much on the last leg. Which would of got rid of the pile in the basement.

So Murphy and I came to a so called agreement on the so called yard sale pile in basement and out in the shed/barn.
If the yard sale doesn't happen by end of October 2017. The items will be donate to one of our local thrift store.
One thing I know I don't want to hold on for a possible yard sale years down the road. Take my word I could fine more things to add to the sale.

Changes are happening with work. Liz court day went good no jail time, but a fine of a little over $500.
Her plan was to come back on Sunday the 25th. But her daughter ask her to stay a bit longer. So she going to have her bus ticket date change.
I should know by tommorow all that when stuff. New date and time.
Both Liz and Regis had the same PSR worker. Well she got a better job out of the area. So they will be looking for anthor PSR worker.
But Regis doesn't know Liz isn't comming back as plan.
This doesn't sound like a big issue. My clients are CODEPENED. But I would guess were all to a certain to degree or other. It question of codependened is how far do one take it.

In my last blog post some one suggest I look into some marketing for my ceramics. Since this time in my life I really can't do a ceramic shop, that I possible could use other marketing avenue.
Since I can't afford to stop work this is one way I can do my ceramics.

Still trying to looking around in what I accomplished this year. I know I might of struck out but in honestly I felt I never made it up to bat.
I had to but just can't recall even walking up to the plate.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Though Other Eyes

I can't say I've gave complete up on the dish cloth. It so wompy sided. If wompy is a word. But I don't care.
It going to be used on our dishes.

Recall and I bet you won't I been slowly reading a self help book on "Getting what you want" I have to wonder if any of these people every had to go out and make a living so they can pay for such things as electricity.
As many you know some day I would like to re-open my ceramic shop. But I can't until I get 60 years old.
Which will be only part time for shop.
It look like I will be able be open to public something like 12 hours a week, and still work in home care field 12 to 16 hours a week. Life can be so disappointing.

The reason is I don't have much into our social security.  I stay home as a home maker and have a lot of blank years, nothing paid in.
If I got hurt and ended up on disability I would get something like $300 a month. I know I could qualify for a little bit of SUPPLEMENT INCOME. But it would be less then $100 simple because they would count my hubby social security. The last figure I heard a couple income that SSI (Supplement income) would bring us up to $1,300 and something a month.
And I don't qualify for disability.
If I don't pay more into social security the retirement picture sort of look like this.
62 I would get about $285, 67 receive get about $540, and at 70 my old age check would be $768.
What I'm trying to find out if I could draw spousal benefit, not widows.
Well what was wondering if I could draw spousal benefit off my hubby and still work and pay into my account.

Well every so often I get people to ask me when I'll be opening a shop. As much as I don't like it I have to live in the real world and pay those monthly bills.
I have to explain it to those who ask. At this time in my life I have to bring in a guarantee income and ceramic shop isn't something that one can depend on.
I would guess my monthly income from the shop would look like $300 to $600 a month clear, and that would be only on a part time bases. Maybe a little better full time but not much.
But it makes me a little sad seeing my 2,000 ceramic molds, casting table, and kiln not being used.

Well I went in and had a retake of my boob actual the right one. It was some type of I believe the term they use was calcium cyst. They want me to come back in 6 months and see what happen to it.
.I've been helping a friend with her web site. And been having trouble use the web host who she picked out.
Question time...Does any one know a good web hosting site?
I mange to walk around our hospital today.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Thousand And One Is Way To Many

I had my husband take some photo of me. I guess we're own worst enemy or critic. He like to take my photo looking up. Actual I would rather have it straight on.
When it looking up I look at my self as someone who should be put in a harness and plow the back 40 and not someone who isn't graceful. Not a gentle person a bully.
But he doesn't want to take photo of me looking down. He says it looking on me with out respected.

This afternoon I called Liz and she having a nice visit with her daughter. I guess Regis is constantly bugging her.
I won't call until Tuesday she will be done with her court thing by then.  And wished her luck.

Murphy and I got the brackets nail on, and the lumber haul over. Still need to cut it the boards in length. Depends on what happen tomorrow. If my car ready we will go down and get it in afternoon. But if it isn't look like we will be cutting the boards.

Yesterday we had our MABON celebration up at the snowmoblie park. We had a nice ritual, ate, drumming, and had a meditation
On the ritual I open and close the north, which represent earth and being grounded. I read off a recipe card.
During the meditation. My mind was as LION. I see the lion as prideful animal. You know the king of beast.
Last family reunion I went to I tried to look at my family as a little mouse in corner or fly on the wall.
I find so many of them. Opinion time...Overly toot there own horn. I had to ask a few people if I was a bragger.
But also I see the male lion as chauvinist. Having his harem to serve on him and being treat as second fiddle.
Question time...Where do you want to be in life? This might sound strange I don't want to be top dog. But I surely don't want to be a scamp either.
I like life just puttering along. But I need a few chuck holes on the way or I will get bored. Anyhow I feel a lion spirit I would get boring fairly quickly.
Then we also had a part as we was bird. I don't recall which bird I would of been. But during the meditation I was flying graceful as independent person over an Island with tropical plant and a red vine flower.
And a lone person sitting on rock with a gold crown on it's head. Couldn't  see any expression on face.
It was interesting what other had to share after meditation.

I posted a newer photo of my self on FACEBOOK and here of course. Just put this photo on my TWITTER PAGE

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Some Time It Can Be Hard

It been a short time since I post here on my blog. The last few days it been a tiring week. Actual usual there not going on in my life.

Well Liz got off to Utah and right before she got on her last bus. I got hold of in STANFIELD so I cheer her on.
Haven't heard from her so I thought I would call her Sunday. Her daughter picked her up at the Bus station, and I figure all is going ok.

Regis is doing ok. We went to a few yard sale, and bought nothing.

The other day I got my bonus check, $820 and since our company use K1 tax form. I handle all the taxes they don't take anything out.
I need to hold out $125 for social secerity. I pay both ends of it.
Well look like a good portion of that check is going to fix one relay switch in the steering wheel colum

Deck is coming along nicely. Also start to rework the dish cloth I was crochet, still lop sided. I mange to go for a short walk. Not sure which farming dist I was in. But the road going out to our Indain Reservation.
Notice some farmer in the distant harvesting I would guess it would be wheat.

Well a few days ago the nurse from our local clinic. Told me every thing look fine both my mammongram and pap was normal. The lady who runs our local mammongram said the doctor want a few more photos of my right boob. So I'm not sure what going on. For now I shouldn't worry it might only been some awful photos.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Loosing Control Could Be Scary

Regis and Liz to me have this strange relationship. At one time they where legally in-laws. But now they consider each other true siblings.
Well they do have a lot incoming.
But Regis in around about way is trying to stop Liz from going to Utah. Not in threatening way. But playing his little games.
Recently he act like he doesn't recall what day of the week. But like today he ask me if I was going to drive him over to see his speech therapy. knowing that Tuesday was tomorrow.
Plus he falls down and crashes into his items. Take my word I been around him enough I know when he putting on an act.
But I understand when he was married to Liz sister. They would put on make up to look like they been in horrible wreak.
Go and park down from the local hospital and enter the emergency room. Then til admitting people that you was in horrible accident, fall directly on the floor.
The staff would just step over them. It just didn't happen once or twice.
In plain and simple there seeking meds.

I guess we're all controling in some way or anthor. I was told by a person who read palms is your have grill like marks on your hand is a sign of a controling person.
But I went to the PSYCHIC LIBRARY and see what they had on this. Someone was WRONG.
After looking at that page on palm reading, mine would be toss up between a square and grill.


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