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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Mr Bird Sends Warm Wishes This Thanksgiving

It was a very simple Thanksgiving. It was just Murphy and I. So since it was Thanksgiving I figure we should have a center piece on the table, plus a table cloth.
Although we didn't do the nine yards with dressing and such. We had a small turkey, fresh cranberries, and bake yam.
I did up some egg custard.
It suit us just fine. I don't feel like I over did it.

Talk to Sawyer today. We're changing our plans going down to Medford. the following week. One thing I try to get my grown children something fun for Christmas, piece of  clothing, and a little for there home. This year it going to be locker hook rugs for the home.

Today I wrap some of the gifts, we will be taken down to Medford Oregon. Still waiting for Betty socks and I need fine Sawyer something. Thinking of T-shirt. Having the saying "Native Bonners Ferry, Idaho" but it depends how much it will run. Actual I'm hoping to fine something else.

I don't do Black Friday. And those business who open on Thanksgiving won't get any of my business this up coming holiday shopping, it's for friend and family to recall there blessing. I doubt any of them is getting time and half.
I can understand hospital, police, and fire being available. But I call retail just being greedy.
So I'll go over to Regis tomorrow. Then I ask Liz if she want to do little shopping this coming Saturday. Its SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY and I rather put my money in our local economy.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

If I Could Blink and The World Would

I might be sounding like I'm placing a noose around my own neck. If I could blink and my client life could be easier I would even if it means loosing my own job.
To be quite honest I like them in there own way.
I been worried about Liz. Her youngest son is going to some type of rehab program. It could last 6 months to 2 years depending how well he does.
Now her and I went to Sandpoint and we stop in at Good Will she brought a Christmas tree. Which made me happy that she planning for a future.

Every Christmas I'm not a big spender and part of my holiday budget I figure for those who are less fortune them I. So this year I'm going to get a little something for each of Liz grand kids. I don't recall how many she have, but I know there all boys and the oldest one 8.

As I was over looking though the good will I usual look at the size 12 and dream a bit that I might once again wear. It actual sort of got me down. Depends on how the clothes are design and cut. I wear usual 1x, or woman size 18.
Gee depends how one want to count the size. 3 to 4 sizes. I should be looking maybe at the size 16.
I was up a pound. The strange thing I have the tools to loose weight and I don't. I know the heath risk.

Looks like a quite Thanksgiving one side of me I'm a little sad and the other hand it will be relief just having simple dinner with my hubby. Not sure what he going to do but I'm think of Turkey noodle soup, instead of the entire nine yards.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

It Does Take It Time

Friday as I was heading to work. I notice our steps out the kitchen door.  Looked slick and it was. Thought I had it all under control. First step down I went down. I got up and I couldn't move freely.
In short time as I started to walk about I felt better. Well when I woke up Saturday morning...oh I hurt.
So Saturday went down with some local pagans and started to plan a PAGAN PRIDE for Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington.
It went well for our first gathering but there still quite bit to do. I'm the sectary and treasure for our up coming. Also I'm part of promotion and advertising. Then when the event happen I'm going to be a floater/host...Walking around and see if our guest our comfortable.

I got my locker hook the other day in mail. I have a plenty to go on it. I'm leaving the week after Thanksgiving to go down and see my kids in Medford Oregon.

I ended up taking a muscle relaxer it help some. I couldn't fine any way of being comfortble. I would set and then I would pace about.
Muscle relaxer seem to help, but usaul these pills can make one sleepy. But I wouldn't make a statement I'm going full force, either.

Maybe Monday or Tuesday I will give my weekly report how I did on my goals from the following week. And the ones I'm set for this week.
Had Chicken for dinner.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Six Affirmation For Yule 2018

I sat up my Yule Alter and the six snow people is what I call.."SIX AFFIRMATION FOR YULE"
1. This Yule season...I'm counting my blessings, it doesn't matter the size
2. This Yule season...The glass is always half full, and will continue to be filled'
3, This Yule season...I'm both worthy of recieving and giving love.
4. This Yule season...I will see the beauty around me, in others and my self.
5. This Yule season...I will tune doewn the negativity around me.
6. This Yule season...I will let my child like spirit free.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Past Mid Week

I believe it been 2 days since I post. Not much exciting things happen. I recall being young and the thought of boring was just awful. Now I appreciate "uneventful life"

Today I went and have coffee with my friend Qunella at under the sun, an Qunella brought a friend. So we all visit.
I did possible found a couple of Christmas gift there. I try to shop in my own local community.
I was looking for pine green votive candle, no luck finding such a thing.
Let see I went to, I believe is 8 business to see if they had the candle I was looking for. So now I'm using red and white candles.

Liz and I went over to the free lunch at Methodist church. It was pretty good. No desert for this gal.
It was Liz birthday today and I forgot her present. So tomorrow I'll bring it in and buy a bowl of soup for her at under the sun.
Liz been doing up her new apartment. Some one gave her book on the shabby chic look. Now it got me wonder. Question time... What is the difference between Bohemian look and shabby chic look.

I've set an INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT and the last two days I been looking though photos. So it amazing what one can search for.
Example tonight I was fabric, fall, and farming and it was strange what actual pop up.

Not much to talk about and I need to write a check for my health insurance.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Just Want To Share

A friend and our high priestess in our local pagan post this and I though it was excelent and now would like to share it, it spoke to me....

“I am canceling and withdrawing every negative and fearful thoughts I have ever thought or spoken into the Universe.”
“I am protected now against all those things and all those people who would stand in the way of my financial success and my happiness.”
“I am protected now against all those things and all those people who do not have my highest and best interests at heart.”
“I am strong and healthy now in my mind, body, and spirit.”
“I am successful now, and I am doing the work which will bring me the greatest happiness, satisfaction and financial reward.”
“I am wealthy now in all things, and I have the money for my wants and needs.”
“I am secure now in my home, my work, my family and my loved ones.”
“I call upon the law of accumulation now. My bounty now pours in and piles up, under grace, now.”
“Now is the appointed time. I know that today is the day of my amazing good fortune.”
“The walls of lack and delay now crumble away, and I enter into my time of abundance and prosperity now.”
“I am now an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by divine right.”
“I am asking that I may receive now all the prosperity and abundance that life has to offer.”
“I am receiving and accepting now the financial abundance of the omniverse. I promise to use it wisely.”
Thank you wonderful Wakan Tanka
And so it is
How To Use These Efficiently
Make this one of your early day practices, after coffee and the wake up period so a clear mind is present, of course. Take a moment to center then consider how your day is laid out before you or if there is no plan then take into mind a general planless day that you may have. Consider for a moment your blessings or the things that you have no worries about and you are very grateful for. Also consider things that may be the creating the current hurdle in your life. Once you are finished with your mental list, just these two ‘columns of things’ no need to overthink or complicate with little details at this point, everything will fall into place. Take a deep cleansing belly breath three times each one for the count of seven. After the last belly/heart, breath has been complete read the list of affirmations. Either the right one will make its statement to you through a gut feeling, a comfortable/complete statement, or it will just feel right.
Your affirmation for the day is now known while in your centered and grounded state and repeat the statement three times aloud if possible. Focus on not only the words you are stating but also either the determination or calmness of your voice as you read it. On the third time after you have read it, close your eyes, feel the statement set itself beside you in your mental state for the day. Once this is done open your eyes, give thanks and gratitude for the moment, wisdom, and presence of reassurance or calming this affirmation will bring you throughout your day. Follow this with…’This is my will so mote it be. I thank you and Blessed be.” Or what is on the paper “Thank you wonderful Wakan Tanka….And so it is.”
Wakan Tanka is Lakota for “the Sacred or the Divine” as well as the “the Great Spirit of the Great Mysteries”. Wakan Tanka is the holiness that lives in anything and everything that shares the physical and spiritual world with us. Everything that possesses energy holds the sacred Wakan Takan.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Some Day Are A Shocker

Before I get to the pick up issue. I'm going to the 30 days of gratitude...#9 What place are you grateful for

I'm truly a believer of "Your heart is your home"If the place bring you peace, harmony, love, safety, and joy. Your at the correct place,

Now on to the pick up. I went to work, and my client Liz was at one of the local thrift store. I got call from my hubby Murphy.
Found it he has at what we call Husky. Well the pick up broke down and found out he had it tow. 
What I understood he pulled out on highway and pretty much just stop he got it to the side of the road.
It wouldn't restart.
I had to finish up with Liz and one thing my clients are good heart. Once I got Murphy and took him home. They might have there issues but there kind heart. I've work with one I would call "evil" 
So we're waiting for a phone call to see what wrong with it. I ask if we waited a few minutes and to see if something with the fuel filter or pump.
He said he did.
Well not sure what it will cost. I know there a hook up fee and so much mile. The mileage would be ruffly 5 miles. 
I've suggest a few times and got no where that we should have towing. Depends on the price is what size of  towing what size of fit I'll toss.

Usual this time of the year snow start to fall in the valley about now. I'm start to color my 3 pentacles card and my next card I will be doing the 2 pentacles. Some ask me about Daisy she about 12 years old. It been a while since I POST A LINK about her fund raiser. She in pretty good health.
Weigh in at T.O.P.S Its rarely I'm excited about facing the scales.
I was shock that Murphy didn't toss a fit about the rig broke down actual he handle it pretty good. 
Not sure what good it would do. it's some that is.


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