Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Fun-Rock)

I thought it would be fun to have a give away. So I'm giving this hand painted ceramic ornament.
I'm using rafflecopter below.

One thing about the Spokane Valley river rock, grew bad as weeds. Growing up on a berry farm every spring and fall. You would drive a pick up and fill up rocks that worked up to the surface.
So I'm not big rock fan. I've threw plenty of rocks in a pick up bed. Notice now the pick up bed doesn't have rocks, but left over wood.

Next weekend photo hunt theme is FUNNY and or WORK TOOLS

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Changes Happen Regardless

The area around us had to remove some of there trees do to our local AIRPORT It didn't effect our place. But we had our place logged as the surround area did there.

Murphy and I often we will go out on the place and get fire wood. Wednesday the 15th we went out and got some fire wood.
Murphy goes out there more then I do.

  First we cut an high stump on his Uncle Lavern and Aunt Shirley old place. Now the county airport owns the place, which they bought.
So if the county didn't want us on place. They would showed up, yelling and wagging a finger at us. Earlier in the season. Murphy and I went and got some hazelnuts.
Now the trees are showing some nice colors.
Yesterday, Tuesday Murphy called his step-mom Phyllis to see if it was ok to cut firewood off her place. She sold her place.
But she moved down to Spokane Valley to a senior retirement place. The place was getting to big for her. She could take care of her home but the yard was a little to much for her.
In some sense she had to move because of her daughter NaKaya (Murphy Step-sister) who is nothing but a “bully bitch” try all sort of bullshit to get hold of her mom place. Last stunt she tried was to force her to sign a “power of attorney”
All in all I believe her moving was best all around around.
So Murphy took out our old wheel barrow and hide it on his Step-mom place. Thought we better rescues it. Before all the I is dotted and T are cross.
This was Earl old place and he and his first wife Angie live out there. He only live there for a short time and move off the place.
There were a trailer pulled beside the add on.
Angie remarried a man with the same given name, still lives in area. Earl is now down in Rockspring Wyoming.
Murphy Aunt Thelma had her place logged because of the airport. Still owns the place but has and still might be, considering to sell her property. She is on the Washington coast.
We been getting firewood off her place, with permission. Plus there was a few dead cedar which would make a few nice fence post.

Not every thing went our way. Never had my yard sale this year. Didn't get much done on my “Goodwill” flower bed.
As things worked out, looks like it is good thing. We redid our septic and drain fill. Plus we had to re-plant some of our lawn.
We have a shed/barn full of firewood. The firewood we are getting now we driving over what may or not be my future “Goodwill” flowerbed
Anyhow this wood is being stack on back side of our garage/shed. Which we are planning to use for spring time.
Crap we didn't get the two bedroom window on west side replaced. I never had chance to pour any of my ceramic molds. Lucky I have plenty of bisque to paint.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

If Everyone Had Soft Touch The World Wouldn't Be Harsh

Statement time...I try to spend my money at certain place that have respect for workers and the environment.
Since I live in area that don't offer much for everyday items. I some time get push in purchasing from Walmart. I can tell you one thing in a year time. Statement...I haven't spend a 100 bucks there.

I didn't know October is fair trade month. It should be in act everyday. I'm sorry to say the world isn't a fair place.

I try to make things fair as I can.
Maybe two weeks ago I went on a tour though the old part of LOCAL CEMETERY and learn about symbol on grave stone...Three chain length means they had connection with ODD FELLOWS I guess when the time comes I want a pentacle and a broom on my stone. The broom is to represent to “sweep away the world injustice” I know I won't be able to sweep away the injustice of the world but if I can do my small part, a lease it something.

PEACE LOVE ORGANIC MOM is having a give away using rafflecopter. The prize is and stuff lion,  from alpaca fur.
There is 12 ways to entry. I did 8 of them. 
The GREEN HEART SHOP shop offers “fair trade” items.
I'm a chocolate lover and add some nuts. Oh this is right up my ally CHOCOLATE WITH HAZELNUT

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Industrial-Spot)

At one time the timber Industry kept our community thriving. But at this time we don't have much for livable wage jobs. We could use some small industrial manufacture jobs in BONNERS FERRY  But health care is now the Industry is main key to our local economy. One of our employers is ACE ELDER CARE which is set up like a group home for elderly who needs assistant.
One thing in painting ceramics is to get the white spot in the right place on the pupil.

Next weekend photo hunt theme will be FUN and or ROCK

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Friday, October 10, 2014

News Didn't Arrive

Last Tuesday the 7th I went to a public form to see what some of the candidate was offering. So before I put a post I would like to post the video they made. I understand they are planning to put it on you tube.
A good portion of the people there were members of JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY   

The medicaid nurse came out and did a review for Carrie. She only had a minor cut. In pass she was getting 21 ½ hours and now she getting 20 hours.
Actual she could get by some were between eight and twelve hours, which would take care of all of her needs.
But I can use all the hours and the extra cash can give us a boost.

For a bit of sad news. My friend Murphette Grandson “CJ” died. At this time there not sure what happen.
Her oldest Dorris was doing fine and baby had a good heart beat. Hooked her up to an IV and in hour her son was dead.
Dorris was so looking forward to motherhood. I talked a little to Murphette and there doing an autopsy.
Actual I was looking forward starting an Christmas Ornament collection for him. I given ornament to Murphette grandchildren so when they get on there own they'll have a few ornaments.  

 Decided to try to follow a crochet pattern. Some time ago I picked up a book on different crochet pattern for dish clothes. I started and it look so un even. But I like the texture it has.
Actual what I would like to try is a simple cap.
Ceramic I seem to have less trouble doing. I put a few items for sale on my ETSY  shop.Still working a softie sleigh and four reindeer.

   I started on batch of four different ornaments. Short time when I went over to coast with Quenella on the way back we stop at a CHESS CERAMICS in Spokane. I picked up two ornament and one you can see is a rocking horse. Which I'll give away this Yule season.
Also picked up there. Ornament Santa figurine and which I'm keeping. Last thing I put in sac before I purchase was a couple of translucent.

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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Entwined - Hot)

It seem people now doesn't want to entwined gifts. At my son wedding I notice majority of the gifts were in gift bags.
For small hot fire one could possible put out a fire with an fire extinguisher.

Next weekend photo theme will be INDUSTRY and or SPOT   

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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Didn't and Could Care Less

Maybe next month I'll do better keeping tract of the weather. One thing I can say it didn't get down below freezing.
Now it first part of October and now there talking about cooler night temp. Got the garden covered.

This morning Murphy and I went and did some stuff with the garden.

Brought in the onions and shallots. Laid on wire in our basement. We have three types of onion we grew a Spanish which we will eat first it isn't a keeper.
Then a CIPOLLINO but the other onion I just don't recall. Both Murphy and I real like shallots.
As Murphy was slicing up some tree branches with the chain saw.
I sort though the GROUND CHERRIES  Though out the day both of us been snacking on ground cherries.
We use on average of 545 for electricity per month. Not sure what cost of most electricity runs. I'll tell people I'm on NORTHERN LIGHTS and they just thinks there out of sight on prices.
There just under .08¢ kilowatt. But since there a Coop there is base charge of $25.00
Murphy and I went into Super One and did a little shopping. They had a meat sale. We picked up a pork roast for $1.99 a pound.
Look like we having bake potato and salad for dinner. Out of the garden.
I'm still whacking away on ceramics. All most done with these two bear ornaments. I pick up four reindeer and sleigh bisque at local thrift store.
Someone started to paint it and never finished it. So I fired off the acrylics.
At one time before I went out of ceramic business it seem like

 Softie pieces in ceramic line was coming on strong. I got few of the softie molds but I don't recall which ones.

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