Monday, January 14, 2019

Envolope Please

All though out when and what every there been AWARD given for all sort of items, and I doubt that Wiki even COVERED ALL OF AWARDS out in world.
I can safely assume that there more then the SHORTY AWARDS for social media. I might as well toss in one more place that gives out SOCIAL MEDIA AWARDS
Question time...what is your social media (doesn't mater what social media) goals...short or long term?

Like many great things in life goes unrecognized in everyone life.
Give the devil it's due.

But I was wondering about social media category from Shorty Awards First one I looked at was past WINNERS and out of blue, I picked MULTI PLATFORM and I wonder why these receive there awards and such. Then I found list of WINNERS IN SOCIAL MEDIA and even looked though a few.
Social Media Awards and RESULTS ARE IN and I have to wonder two thing how does one even get there blog or any part of there social media even to be in the RUNNING

I became more curious what some of these social media accounts might have and other don't.

Editor note...below is some random links to different social media account and question about them.

Question time...why would one of these tweets below be better then the other ( both taken at random)
....Border is eventually going to be militarized and defended or the United States, as we have known it, is going to cease to exist...And Americans will not go gentle into that good night. Patrick Buchanan. The great people of our Country demand proper Border Security NOW!

I have the windows and door open to let in the fresh air, doing laundry and reading a book. I have officially peaked

Question time why is one of these photo (instagram) could receive award and the other might not.
Question why aren't they award for people who post about random stuff that goes on in there life.
But on blogs I notice in awards they have singular categories.

Question time...facebook who and what is seen.
I guess this been seen whole bunch of times.
This one was the first thing on my facebook page. Question time...Why was it there not something else

Question time...which you tube video should get award.

Now there other social media such as Reddit and I don't take a part in. But I would guess they have there awards and picked two at random.
Why is one better then the other.
What’s the most “I’m turning into my parents” moment for you?
first three answers.
My mom used to find things for us in a minute after we had been looking for hours. My siblings and dad sometimes lose things and ask me to help because “I always find it magically” .... I’m actually very excited about the mom touch to finding things

I say the names of things I see while in the car. Like: “Oh, a Burger King” and “hmmm a new Wawa. Interesting”. My mom does this and it used to drive me nuts when I was younger.
My husband actually types into the search bar, even though our default search engine is google. It’s a classic dad move.

Answering stupid questions with stupid answers.

California bans gender in setting car insurance rates

The article mentioned that the goal was to have people's rates based on behaviors and choices, rather than in fundamental characteristics, where the person cannot change them.
Does this mean that age will stop driving costs as well? That seems more consistent with the goal than credit history, which is also disallowed as a factor, since it is based on past financial behavior.

CA uses years licensed not age. So less years licensed -> less driving experience -> higher risk, would be the logic. That way a 30 year old who just got their license wouldn’t get a discount with other 30 year olds who’ve had 15 years of practice/experience

So when I’ve had 65 years licensed my rates will surely be very low?

Drum roll please. The winner is all of us.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Let Take It With A Grain Of Salt

Yesterday my son and his daughter, plus little ole me. We did a snow person and I forgot to get a photo of our great statue.
Well I thought it would of still been standing proudly. It wasn't it went Boom and fell down.
For eyes it had almonds, nose was a carrot, and for month I use black sunflower seed.
It anyone guess why it collapse.

Had our first meeting for our pagan group and how we want to move forward. It was decided on that we will get together last Sunday of each month for learning and studying.
When it comes to pagan book, and I would guess there authors of faith authors and such just burns you.
Confession time...Most of Raymond Buckland just doesn't set with me.
So we decided each of us to write a topic that we are interested in study. Our first topic will be on crystal.
I won't be to our first group meeting. But I will have something on crystal written up, that I could share with the group.
As how we're going to decided so called topic. Everyone took two piece of paper and wrote suggestion of area of study.
We came co depend on our high priestess. And when it comes to our Sabbats that two people of group will plan and excute the ritual.
So this way it doesn't fall on the same person lap. Our first one will be for IMBOLC

Dinner look like we having chicken and I found my zip trip it was on my dresser. In plan sight.
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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Now It's Time I Think.

I did a video and had every intention to put up this you tube video of me going though a box. Was quite surprise to find some family photo.
Confession time....I need to give my camera a little time to focus. 
But some items I kept, other I donated or toss in trash can.

But remember I'm try to get a 100 subscriber on my YOU TUBE CHANNEL.

Christmas 2018 is closed. Bart and Molly came up with two girls. So we open gifts and now slowly or let say meduim speed I'm putting up Christmas decoration.
Grand daughter and I did a snow man in our yard. A little late for a photo and I will share one in next few days

I'm sure I won't have a chance to work my closet this weekend. I have a general pagan meeting to attend.
It to see what the group want to do. Present and future planning.
Plus we got a new dish washer well new to us. Off of craigs list and it was never taken out of the box. Spanking brand new.
Still a little work install in it.

Looks like dinner will be ready in short time and I can still take care of more Christmas items

Friday, January 11, 2019

Creative and Beautiful Meme Number Fifteen

Better Late then never. It been hectic last few days I been meaning to post for last few days. Had a little techie trouble.
Will catch up on the news with me. But in mean time I took part in SKY WATCH FRIDAY and PAINT PARTY FRIDAY

Just like how the sky open up and let the sun come up over the mountain. Yes, I know the clouds don't move to let the sun comes up. But I know a few that sun rises and set for them.
Been notice slowly the days are getting longer.

One of my creative goal is to do picture or some type of creative goal. One is to do a drawing a month. Base on a few words, and this month my words were derringer, sanctimonious, nice, and logical.
Plus I will also draw two tarot cards a month.
Confession I like to challenge my self.
The picture above is done with crayons and color pencils

Link are above to visit those who take part in sky watch and paint party friday.

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Monday, January 07, 2019

One Two Three Lets Go

First thing I usual do in the morning is other then get up. Have cup of coffee, do my morning exercise, and have breakfast.
Well then the rest depend on the day.

Work went fine, nothing out of ordinary.

But when I got home I had some shredded wheat, with coconut milk. And did a little time on the thread mill.
It icy on my road.

Unless something major happen I believe I will take Tuesday off from blogging. Wednesday is the day I do a story built from "Words from Wednesday" and I also do "Wordless Wednesday" and Thursday I might as well bitch about the shut down of our federal goverment, and maybe something else.
Friday it's when post a piece of my art work and sky photo. Plus I might toss something in as well.

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Sunday, January 06, 2019

Though The Back Door

My mom had a saying people who came to the front door. Salesman, bums uses the front door and although there were anther type of person, who used the front door.
Well I post several time on how I want add a little bit of ads on this page. Something on the bottom of post.
Well I been trying how to hook AdSense to my blog and watched a video and they talked about the "back side of your blog" total clueless what is meant by that term.
Sure sometime I can figure it out. But one doesn't make that much with ad sense.
I heard the majority makes around twenty dollars a month. Break that done to weeks, days, hours, and such one sure couldn't quite there day job.
And google cuts a check once you hit $100 and at $20 a month it would take five months to get check.

Weigh in at home this morning, pleased with scales. Under 205 (92) but if I weigh every single day. It throws me off.
When my weight number are down I want to eat and celebrate.
When my weigh number are up I want to eat and punish my self.
At current time I only weigh my self twice a week. Sunday and Tuesday on my home scale. But on Tuesday I weigh in at T.O.P.S although I'm thinking add one more day like Thursday or Friday.

Don't ask me or maybe someone can tell me why. I want to sleep on these stacked mattress. Confession time...I've haven't yet read Princess pea. 
Feel like a good place do a vlog from.
But I don't see my self doing one til after the middle of month.
If you notice there some items on the bed.

I got the linen closet clean out. The sheets on extra bed is going to the thrift store.
Well Murphy and I are now sleeping on king size bed. And guest room has a queen size bed in it. But as you can see way to many  mattress.
Then the other bedroom has a twin.
So we need some king and twin sheets. Just keep my eyes open at thrift stores.
Plus I found some bath sheets. I will see if one of my clients can use them. If not I will take them to a thrift store.

Got paper work done to change my name on different legal stuff. All my Indemnification or important ones my name is hyphenated, with my maiden name and my current married name. It has 23 letters and if add my middle name it comes to 26 letters.
Like on boarding passes it only shows part of my name.
Had a little trouble going though the TSA.

Eating went ok. Breakfast reheated up biscuits and sausage gravy, this time one fried egg. Lunch was later side peanut butter and honey sandwich. For dinner a bowl of Hoppin John soup, but this time we did up some corn meal muffin. No butter on mine.
A piece of brandy chocolate truffles and half dozen marshmallows.

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Saturday, January 05, 2019

Some Thing Are My Choice And Others Aren't

Start my morning with biscuits and gravy. One biscuit and I would guess a quarter cup. I held my weight over the holidays and weigh in this coming Tuesday at TOPS, although I been starting to work on my decreasing my weight once again. And I want the scales to read 198.75 by the end of March or slightly less

Murphy and I change the oil in his pick up. I was the go to girl.
Then also I put away some canning jars and notice there were some loose quart jars. Anyhow I don't recall last time I used a canning quart jar.
Murphy bought a electrical juicer he got off of Craig's list and Liz gave me a small percolator coffee maker.
Confession time...For some reason I like sound of percolator coffee maker.

Did some minimizing in my file cabinet in basement. Won't say I tossed a lot of manuals of items we don't have anymore.
Combined all small appliance together in one folder and the electron items in anther file.

The other day I went though my towels in linen closet and still need to go though the sheet. My goal is to have that done before next Friday and that will be the 11th.
Did notice we need wash clothes, hand towels, bath towels, and one thing I don't need is bath sheets.

Had Burrito for dinner and many of you know I have trouble with dairy. Well I put a one teaspoon of cheese in it, hopeful I can handle it.
Will know in morning or later on. I know I can handle coconut milk.
But I recently heard that some people who is lactose intolerance can handle yogurt, so I'm thinking of giving it a try, and see what happen.

Not sure what is going with my hours and I need to push to get them back or some. I want to retire off  doing Liz and Regis. But with this shut down who knows what is what.
Anyhow I don't feel like getting into politic rant.
Maybe some time later on. But not today.

I been trying to figure how to put a very little adversitement on my blog. So far what I tried hasn't worked.
What I want is a small ad just below my post. I don't want it be overly ran with ads, that content is lost in cyber wonderland.

Not much more and dryer is all most done and I can put a few dishes away. There something to keep my self occupied or intertained.

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