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Friday, January 19, 2018

Good Morning

Decide to post this morning before I head off to work. Not sure what going on, but I know I need to put Regis laundry away.
But at this point no doctors appointment. Fridays are usual pretty smooth.

I don't know if any of you heard about the family in California that had 12 kids and was so abuse. Well here in a LINK TO THE STORY
Isn't that something. I wonder if they would every complete cover from this.
I just don't see why any parent want there children group up being disfuntion. Knowing nothing or very little of the world.
Statement time..."world can be a wonderful place" 

As I've been hauling my get rid of pile in my basement. I been going though my groups on facebook, and delete them.
Some I never been to and other I haven't been to ages.

Murphy doing dishes and I should be getting ready for work.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

There A Little Grief In Life

Today to get Regis mind off his pain from his pancreas pain we went for a short drive out in game refuge. This tree been there and often wonder if anyone every crave there intials in there. Maybe once the snow and mud season I might just walk over there and see.
I don't know why I see beauty in this ole tree.

Took Regis to see his orthpedic surgeon for his pre opt. Well since his pancreas is acting up and it doesn't settle down. They won't do the operation.
Come to think about it I fairly sure I never mention that he is having a right hip replacement. He already had his left hip done.

I took Liz to the Methodist Church for there Thursday lunch. Not sure what everything was but I can say one thing it was good.
She looking for her title to her rig. She talking to her thearpest and others that help her. She going to sell her Jeep and try to find something with better gas milage.

I guess this is a good place as any to talk about the weather. We still have snow and it melting. Most of the day it been rainning.
And this old barn I see what look like quite a few doves flying in and out of it.

I been working on both my rugs. Mainly the locker hook rug. Just finish up with the purple.
Maybe I will have time to up date my bullet journal. After I get done posting today.

I took a photo of my flyers (If you want or need to see the flyers...go to this POST) Took a photo and posted it on a few local community groups. And I mention I live in a conservative area.
To say some of the comment was interesting.
Our local pagan group facebook page have about 140 members. Before my posting of flyers though local facebook community pages we had 130 now that increase of ten.
Sure there those who made fun of paganism. I don't mind being a butt end of a joke.
But knowing some actual went over to my personal page on facebook and see who I am....There a lady who posted comment area "WITCH CRAFT BEWARE" in comment area on facebook.
So here is the post I place on my personal facebook page....It's amazing that people choice to be IGNORANT...(lacking knowledge or awarness about something particular) Our local pagan group usual make up flyers for our events. I took a photo of our flyers and post them on some of local community group though facebook. And the respond of some was somewhat interesting. Although most were kind and postive...One lady posted "WITCH CRAFT BEWARE"
In my opinon and that all it is...I don't think she had the courage to use the term..."Devil Worshiper"....Not going into what fall under the umbrella of Paganism....There many sect or denomination that would be classify as paganism...But it still amaze me that people need or want to stay in a narrow little world.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Not All Tuesday Are Bad

Tuesday was hard both my clients were having an off day. I guess we're all aloud an off day. Today went well for both of them.

Regis I had to take the Emergency room he kept having his pancreatitis attack for last two weeks and they gave him a shot of Dilaudid and hopeful it gives him some relief.

I got some flyers done for our local pagan group. And only did four of our Pizzia gathering. Simple because of time frame. Took and  place them on the Bulletin board at our two food store and our two laundry Mat.
Post them on some of our local groups. Not all of them. But someone though I post on them to many.
I guess it got me wondering if we were a Christain group if they would have any issues. I guess everyone have issues.
Well it pretty well known that North Idaho is not a progressive area. But I need to give the Devil it due. There a lot of good people in my area.
But when I was in the print shop getting these print off. Some guy was making a comment..."Sure glad there not many liberal in the area" and the owner said "Yes, there not many liberal in the area"

I'm adding anther label to my blog called "daytoday" It more less day to day happening. Can you believe those who blog might be keeping an archives or recording history of some type.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Where Is The Devil

Every hear the saying "Give the Devil his due" well I just finish up anther week. And notice I hardly kept track of anything in my bullet journal.
Let see, I finish anther tarot card never mark it off.
Each week in my bullet journal I have a place for chores. For each day of the week I put in 3 squares to mark off. Both in AM and PM.
I didn't mark one off. I know I did chores around the place.
I'm trying to work on rugs I start for Christmas and same thing as chore one. Not a mark.
Statement time...I need to give my self credit. It seem like I'm scared to give my self my own due.

Today I meant with my pagan group Spairfitera and we been going thought a book called "To Ride A Silver broom Stick.
And we cover a few of the pagan denomination or sects.
I tend to lean toward ECLECTIC PAGAN 
But one person did there on HEREDITARY WITCH CRAFT and I know families who basically follow the same religious path. My husband side been Catholic for generation and if they married a non Catholic there spouse was expect to be come Catholic.
Well my hubby generation (baby boomers) was properly the first to step out of the mold.
My side when it comes to family history and it's religious path. We're diverse when it comes to faiths.
Just the other day I found a group of my family had connection to the DUTCH REFORM
Being from a diverse group of religions I can some what under stand why I may use different paths.
That saying "The path is narrow for one faiths"...Opinion the path is wide and one should be able to grow with there faith....There more then one way to worship there deity.
Well each of us is going to do a report on a certain moon. Since I was born in Feb I'm covering the snow or the hunger moon.
But each planet also have moon and some even multi. Being born under the sign of Aquarius and which connect to Uranus and it has 27 moons. There largest moon is Titania and is charter in one Shakespeare play " Midnight summer dream and she queen of the fairy.
The smaller moon Trinculo which was recently discovered. Still from one Shakespeare plays THE TEMPEST and the part was the DRUNKARD JESTER.

Work day and off to Sandpoint.

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Monday Could Of Been A Good Day

Was planning Monday to haul items to local thrift store. The pile I have in basement which I was going to use for yardsale.
Yard Sale didn't happen and isn't going to.
I thought it was do time to get rid of the stuff. So last Thursday I took in a small bag of items. Mostly purses.
So when I know I'm going into town and be passing one of our local thrift store. Hopeful I can remember to take something.

Going to blame it on the snow. It been a while since we had a chance to haul the trash to the dump. Well we use the transfer station. Which isn't all that far away.

After years medicaid gave us a raise and the company I work for is now give us a raise. For the longest time I was making $12.43 an hour and now up to $14.14 an hour
But most home care company in Idaho I know of pay under $10.00. Plus the company I work for gives us bonus twice a year.
Sometime I will figure out what I make with bonus and all, break it down by the hour.

Did a load of wash. Wash some coats and both of client smoke and a lot of time when I get off work I smell like an ashtray.
When I drive them some place they don't smoke in my car.
I can't tell them how they should live in there home. And I shouldn't.

Wrote out a few checks. You know those bills most people I know we get every month. Been telling Bill that I'm married and wish he wouldn't show up each month. To get him to leave I have to pay him off. Yes I'm being blackmail. So glad my hubby isn't the jealous type.

It been a while since I wrote to any of my pen pals. Although these letters won't be going out until Tuesday. Monday is Martin Luther King Holiday. Here in Idaho it called human right day.
I like to put a little bling to my letters and or envelopes. Both of these snail mail is staying in the United States, but going east of the Mississippi River.

Not sure why I like to have my meat cold. So for lunch I had cold fish. Then in a mug I mix a little cottage cheese with chili.

Dinner we tried a new dish. Chicken breast with goat cheese.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

It Shouldn't But I Have

I was actual hoping to have more fabric strips cut for both rugs that I'm working on. I didn't get a chance to cut the purple one for my locker hook rug, that I'm working on.
I got anther blue fabric strips cut and balled up. So I'm ready to put on blue, but I have a hunch I will have to cut more blue.

Confession time...I don't like to be nag...someone who moan and groan. It seem like I do a lot here on my blog.
This like week. We been working on getting Regis hard copies for his medication. He has his medication in a bubble pack.
It helps him mange his meds.
Well couple meds he actual need it be written on a prescription pad. See what they done in past. That his doctor will mail up the prescription to his pharmacy.
I felt they weren't respecting ether Regis or I.
The doctor knew that the request for medication was the desk. The receptionist  said it was on the desk.
Well it was there on Monday.
So today is Thursday and we called shortly after lunch and ask if it was put in today mail. The answer was no.
So I said sense. Tommorw is Friday and you will be closed. So looks like I will have to drive down on bad roads. And personal pick up the hard copy.
So now they going to fax it up follow by the hard copy.
And I have to give a thumb up on how well Regis express his feeling in this situation.
If we couldn't get the hard copies for his medication. I would have to take him into the emergency room at local hospital.
He said he can be off his psych medication 48 to 72 hours, that he can be some what a menace to society.

I've known for the last few days. I've been having a little ruff time keeping focus on my health. Stress on job I been nippling on sweet food.
I know what I'm doing and as I keep shoving food in my mouth.

I did write my plans for this up coming bullet journal. But to me it hardest things is keeping track of how actual I'm doing in my bullet journal.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Just Finish

Just finish watching FINDING YOUR ROOTS and There guest had Puritans  roots. I also have puritan roots.
But I also have some of my family ancestors have connect to southeast part of the United States although I'm not sure if they might of been slave holders or not. Less then 2% of population own SLAVE and that was during our AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. Those in today world might of what we would call  WHITE TRASH

I got my second ball of fabric on Liz crochet rag rug. It looks like I may have to do up some more blue fabric balls.
Haven't in last few days worked on my locker hook rug.
When I cut my blues for Liz rug I might as well re-cut the purple for the locker hook

I start to read the WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ and I can see some different between it and the MOVIE and I see they was one made in 1910
One of the terms they use is KALIDAH

So before I went to work. I went to my weight lost group this morning. I was up fouth of pound. After we weigh in and listen to annoucement.
I lead the activty or discussion. Well it was an activty and I had everyone write a letter to them self. And once everyone wrote a letter. Then I collect and will save it until April.
My goal is to weigh in under 210. Which means I need to loose 3 pounds a month and which isn't out of line at all.
When it comes April we in the group will see how we did.

I got a very small retirement, and what is considered small is under $100,000. And for me to have it I'm real charge a large sum of having it. Considering how small it is.
So this evening we called and ask about adding more to it. And still we will be a long ways from the $100,000 mark.
But once we talk to the person on the other end of phone and my husband felt like he was a no body. No the person on the other end didn't say anything derogative to him.
It's how the system is set up. The more you have in lot ways the world benifits you.
So we're going to get hold of our account and see what our possible choice might be.

My Son and Daughter in law add DOGGIE COLLARS AND SOME VALENTINE prints. A lease our four leg friends usual have a different look on life. To me a much better one. There not materialism. Just a little food, water and love.

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