Saturday, July 04, 2015

Pass Seven and It Time To Straighten Out

       This fourth was a little different/ Most year we have a family get together over at my sister in law Faith place.
But she was hosting an family reunion, Dunning family.
Since it the fourth and we're celebrating our Independence from England as being a history buff looks like we was one year into the American Revolutionary war which started in 1775. And the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776
Question time...Why did we wait roughly a year into a war before we claim our Independence?
 I've only live in the Pacific Northwest and never travel much. When people say they love America. I can't truly say that. But I surly won't say "I hate it" To be honest "I have nothing to compare it against"
To me to be a great patriot person,,,you must or should be a Christians and I'm not. Not into Guns, oh we have a few could defend our home and if we was starving could go and get some game meat, But there no way we could take on the entire government. Plus I don't think the government is much to worry about.
I can't say I'm a true Capitalist. Sure I like nice things but if it takes cheating someone to get a head I rather not have it,
So I question my own patriot toward my country.

       The garden is doing great in the heat and actual our water bill was only ten over. Our basic water bill is only $41.00
The trouble is mainly ant and some yellow jackets.

       The artichoke seem to be doing just fine. Only wish is for the head to get a little bigger. But I believe the heat is force it open.

       Thought my roses was done. Couldn't see anything coming on and today I say these few little buds.
Looks like my hollyhocks in my hodgepodge bed is blooming and the lilly in my royal sunshine flower bed is also blooming.
       As you can see broccoli head is starting to form. Hopeful nothing gets into them and eats the plant.

       Today in my  diet I was naughty and I ate horrible. Loved every minute of it. Ate SPUMONI ice cream.
Breakfast wasn't to bad 2 slices or toast with butter and 2 poach eggs, lunch I believe it was spumoni ice cream then for my mid day snack. That's right more ice cream. Dinner had spaghetti with corn on a small plate,
After dinner I had more Spumoni.
Anyhow my ice cream was eaten in 6 oz cup and I figure I had 24 oz of ice cream,
My next naughty day will be next Saturday at the McCalmant family reunion, and I plan not to get this carried away.
 But after seven in the evening I don't eat.

      Happy fourth of July....Peppy

Friday, July 03, 2015

Sticking Head In The Sand

Dear Cup of Coffee.
       I had big ideal today of eating meatless or low meat. Things just didn't work out. I finish up at Carrie.
Head over to Regis to finish up my paper work. Well Patsy was over visiting her brother in law. And she offered me some wine. Those out of the box and of course I had a cup. First time having box wine.
Lawalla was cleaning the windows and slip and bonk her head and knot started to form and I took her in to our local hospital.
Told her to put on ice and in a good week or so she will have a black eye.
Coffee my question is...Who is going to handle the cost for the emergency room? We're contract workers though Idaho Partners In Care, But according to the hospital even contract works have to be covered by workman comp.
It will be interesting to find out.

       My first cousin once  remove Estella is homeless. Laima and Amira daughter. So many Estella is like my friend Murphette.
Regardless how they handle or mishandle there life they are steel humans with needs and wants.
Estella post on facebook read as follow...."Apparently I am no longer allowed to talk about being homeless because it causes embarrassment to my family. So every ones opinion matters more than me! Whatever"

       Coffee it time for me to confess....I sometime feel like I was born to the wrong family. My mom side has very little compassion for those who are down and out. 
I'm not saying there mean to them, they stick there head in sand and no problem or they work then self silly. Same result no problem

Coffee, my mother taught me compassion...shortly before I started school. She told me straight up "If I every made fun of anther person for what they didn't have...My bed room and closet would of been strip to the bare bone and I would be lucky to have a blanket and pillow to sleep with"....I'll tell you one thing I never made fun of someone who didn't have something.

       Short walk and like I said I was planning a low meat day. With LaWalla and the hospital I end up at Deli at Harvest. A Burrito and 4 pepper poppers, Breakfast pancake with peanut butter and 3 slice of bacon. For dinner we had a taco salad and I add blue cheese dressing, my favor dressing.
 I didn't want to confess to my husband, coffee....That I forgot to pick up corn chips and I told him that I was planning to use regular potato. Actual it was a little better then corn chips. 
Last thing I had was some caramel yogurt.


Thursday, July 02, 2015

So Did We Now Piss Off AH

Dear Cup of Coffee.
      I've been looking though facebook response to the new change with the supreme court here in the United States
My first Cousin Alice made this statement on facebook...Rainbow flags............really!!!#$%^??? Rainbows remind me of God's covenant to never flood/destroy the earth again........but remember next time he will destroy it with fire."God
Well coffee. I don;t under stand three thing I just don't understand why Ah.
If Ah is so against homosexual all knowledge and powerful. If Ah want to destroy us humans before the supreme court made "Gay Marriage" legal. Question time...why didn't ah burn up the world before the supreme court made there ruling before same sex marriage?
Personally coffee "There nothing new under the sun" and I don't believe "Ah" just fail off the turnip wagon.
During the COLD WAR there was race to built nukes. Blog, As both side was build arms (Nukes) to destroy each other by fire. Well I remember hearing people saying...God will destroy the earth by fire because of the godless commies"
One thing I haven't heard from those evilgenitity (evangelical) Christians every mention a possible our earth burning up from "GLOBAL WARMING"
I thought "Ah" would be a good name for "God" personal I don't believe one god can handle the entire Universe.

Been getting my walks in. Today my dear blog. "I ate all three meals clean...which means no white flour or sugar.
Can't say I did it on the snacks. Well Murphy and I went to Super one and got a few items. This time they had more samples out then usual. A cookie cut in half and I had both half's, because they were different types, apple crumb, lemon cake, and piece of sour dough bread. None was very big.
At home I had two apricots which I got from the store.
3 potato chips. I'm not kidding Coffee I only had 3 chips.
Breakfast bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on seeded bread. Lunch was anther sandwich still on seeded bread, a salami sandwich that is.
Dinner barbecue pork ribs, salad, and corn on cob. Left the butter off the corn and dressing off the salad.
I drank more water then usual. But not up to the 64 oz.

All the state around Idaho Marijuana. The other day Oregon now have recreation pot. Not sure were Nevada and Utah stand when it comes to decriminalizing or legalizing the friendly herb.
Well Coffee I look at legalizing weed....Most people I know who use the herb is quite friendly. It not cost effected to put "pot smokers or eaters in the jail". Just think of the tax money both the state and federal government can bring in. Nicotine is legal and marijuana isn't. My self I find that hypercritical
Get this Coffee. 35% of our state population smokes weed. I would guess large percentage goes into Washington and now Oregon legalize it. Idaho dollars will be traveling West.

Looks like Murphette might of found a place to stay. Back over with her daughter Annie. There a little shed that she will be able to stay in.
Coffee I need to tell you something...She bad mouth her mother something awful. I don't know if her mother was all that bad or not. But I believe her mom cause lot of her issues.Like my father cause me issue of feeling like a worthless human. Get this coffee. Her daughter Annie bad mouth her mother like her mother bad mouth her own mother.
What the sad part is Murphette forgot to look in the mirror. Now her own daughter has picked up the custom to bad mouth mom.
Actual I don't like living with people. Might sound a little off.
                                             Good Night...Peppy

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Meaning Well

Dear Cup of Coffee.
       Finely getting the chance post a photo of man in rock.
Coffee this might sound a little crazy....But I found great comfort in this face. As he was a kind and concern face 
Murphy and I uring the heat went up to Peak creek up on the Myrtle Creek drainage. 
As I was looking at all the rock through out the creek. How it moves the water about 
It came to me that I deserve the word "Rock" in my pagan  name.
Coffee,I see a rock in two stands..."I'm not afraid the boat if needed'.....Taking stand like a rock"  I been looking at foreign word of rock. The other word in my pagan name is wave, wind, and bough

      Coffee I have to say I done real good on my eating until I came home. Dinner was my worst meal . Hot dog with bun. Coffee that not worst of it ..."I ate a second hot dog" but I ate slice tomatoes and pork and beans.
Breakfast was steel cut oats with dried cherries and fresh raspberries from the garden. Lunch was sort of there and not. Salami sandwich on whole seed toast with lettuce.
Met my friend Qunella and had an apple smoothie with ground up almond at "Under the sun" 
Haven't yet got my walk in and waiting for the sun to go down.

       As I was weeding around our peppers Murphy was picking pea pods. I took them to our local food bank in Bonners Ferry. They weigh out at 1.2 pounds (0.45 kilogram) 

       Coffee is about time I need speak up for a bit here. I know in the past I've mention about my friend Murphette. She homeless again. She park in our drive way and I wonder if she quite comfortable there. 
Well I gave her a dead line to be moving on 6th of July. She can continue getting her mail her and once a week stop in an have a shower. 
Personal I don't understand her thinking. When It comes to making decision and choices. Honestly Coffee. "I believe there something wrong with her brain in section of the brain that makes decision and choices"
What I gather they have relationship trouble with there mother. I can't say much here coffee about bad relationship with a parent..."I didn't get a long with my dad" 

      P                        Peppy

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Close Mind On Any Thing That Is Different

Dear Cup of Coffee.
       I just finish cutting the strip of all the turquoise. "Coffee, sometime I just don't pay attention." Today as I was using the wheel cutter I wack my thumb. If it was any deeper I would of gotten a few stitches.
But also when it comes to my eating mostly between meals I don't pay attention to what I actual eat.
Coffee is above photo is my favorite turquoise that will be an rag rug.

      Eating today before I went to my T.O.P.S meeting I had some yogurt I know it had fruit, but I don't recall. Well I was down three-quarters of a pound.
Well Coffee I should confess a little here...Actual my goal was to loose three- fourth of a pound a week. If I had follow my goal I would of lost 19 and 1/2 pounds. putting me right around 200 pounds. (90.7)
Rest of my eating so far has been two eggs with chopped up green peppers, 3 link sausage, and piece of sour dough toast, yes with butter.  Lunch a bowl of chili and a grilled cheese sandwich.
I need to add one more food. I was heading to T.O.P.S and our dues are one dollar a week and fifty cent for the weight lost can.
I stop in at Safeway and bought a candy bar. So I could brake a ten down. I need brag a little here coffee....I took the candy home and split with my husband Murphy. 

       This morning Murphy went and picked some pea pods and got 5 snack bag and stuck them in our freezer.

       Last evening we had our general get together for SPAIRFITERA and our chat lean toward why we have many gods and goddess.
Well coffee. I found it interest being around people who are willing to open there mind.
One lady talk about ASATRU which she did a good presentation
Next week we're going to talk about candles mainly when it comes to "Paganism"
Coffee is real piss me off...The time before we had two new people from our community show up. These people I know sooner of later would check our group out. 
After the meeting they corner one of people and told her that they were only one true "God" 
I guess I'm close minded in some sense of life. But I couldn't imagine being close minded that I didn't grow. It would drive me nuts.

                Well I know there will be more. For now...Peppy

Sunday, June 28, 2015

It Just Good

Dear Cup of Coffee.

       I can't decide to keep you around Coffee. Like I said I never kept a journal or a diary. I'm still unclear I want to keep the Dear....something.

       Anther hot day. Murphy and I went up in Mountains were it is much cooler. But before that we froze up some pea pods. But them in snack size bags.
Got nine bags. Should be good in stir fry and soups.

       As I was in the mountains got three letters written and more of my book read.

                      Keep smiling Peppy

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Two Clock Shadow.

Dear Cup of Coffee.
      Personal I can't believe how hot it is in June. Up to 106 (41.1). Coffee let me state this to you. " Even in August we rarely get up pass 95 (35)"
On the north side of our place we could use anther tree for shade. I been playing with the ideal of where to plant a tree, for sometime now.
From 3 in the after noon it mostly direct sunlight on that side of the house. Plus the kitchen is also there and any cooking it just heat the place right up.

      As you can see Coffee, "artichoke is doing great, Murphy and I had one for a mid day snack" This morning we froze up some beat greens. And cooked up the beet roots.
But also looking forward to doing up some pickled beets. But with this heat I just don't want to can. Well Coffee have you every thought "How hot it most be in old days when they had to cook on a fire"
My mother mother Olive cooked for 10 kids on a wood stove. Cookie the only conclusion I come up with. The place must of been like an oven.
      I'm trying to recall all what I stuff in my mouth. Yesterday my eating was so well on track. Coffee I like most fruits and vegetables. Ate some grapes, rhubarb sauce, lettuce, beetroot and artichoke.
Only had one nut type of bar, it also had some chocolate. Well Coffee "Maybe I should take look what they have in them" 
Pancake for breakfast no syrup but peanut butter, lunch a grill cheese sandwich, and dinner a plain or pretty close to plain, hamburger
      Start to cut out strips for an crochet rag rug. I bought an rotatory cutter. I believe I will like it down the road. Once I learn to use it. But Coffee I need to confess just a little here..."It sure beets using scissors and my hand isn't cramp up with stiffness of any type.
This is my favor yellow color of fabric which will be use for one of my rag rugs. 

Coffee I just have to tell you this. I been quite a history buff and I been doing genealogy for some time now. I just ran into the most usual name. One of my past ancestor her name was "Experience" although not sure if she would be some type of Grandma or Aunt,  And her last name even took me back for a step. Her surname was "Coit"

      Until I post....Peppylady.   


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