Saturday, August 01, 2015

Trying to justifying my fat

        I just adore the .25¢ ice cream cone over at super one. Question time....Now I wondering to my self if I adore the cone or how cheap they are.
It seems I'm always justifying to my self. “Go head have cone it only a quarter and this time I skip having one.
I got everything on list and called home to ask my husband if he could think of anything we could use or need.
He said breakfast meat and benadryl.
I keep walking by the gram crackers and remember how much I love to break up gram crackers in bowl and put milk over them.

Maybe later on I will get some. But we have crackers in our freezer. One of the foods I want to try is SUNFLOWER BUTTER 
Today like yesterday I had some ups and downs....Breakfast a pancake with rice syrup flavored like strawberries and peanut butter. One slice of bacon.
Around 10 or so I decided I want some raisin bran. I wasn't hungry or bored I just want some. But I was sewing fabric strips together and decided I would wait until 10:30.
So I had a bowl of raisin bran and a slice banana.
Lunch wasn't much an cold chicken leg, and one piece of fried okra.
As I was at Super One I bought some green grapes and I ate some on the way home.
Lemon Yogurt for mid day snack. Confession time...what I real want was big gooey cinnamon roll.
Husband plan dinner and I had to work around it. Ground beef patties. I don't know what it is but beef and bread remind my stomach of “glue ball”
No salt on my beef patty instead I put on zesty blend, For a starch there was oven fries, and green salad.
The first two items I put on my small plate was an beef patty, salad, and then the fries. That way I only end up with ¼ to ½ cup of fries.
A little lime juice on my salad. 1 tablespoon of mayo which had lease amount of sodium. That was for my fries and meat. Plus I end up with a little left over mayo.
Soon as I'm done eating I get up and do something. Confession time....I'm so afraid that I will go back for second. So I worked on a red dish cloth I've just started crocheting.

       Super hot day. Got paid and the paying bills just start over again.
Things in the garden is real going gang buster.

        I'm limiting my self on my activity on facebook for the entire month of August I'm playing the few games I do play. I start anther one called ALPHA BETTY I'll wish those having birthdays a birthday greeting. But no comment, likes or shares.
It early in this facebook break and when someone post something stupid and you want to make snide remark and you promised your self you wouldn't.

                                                 Coffee is on

Friday, July 31, 2015

Getting Going.

          Everyone morning one of the first thing I do is give my self and check mark on our weight lost challenge. Is personal success which is a friendly reminder that I need and want to develop health habits. Confession time....quite a bit of the time I fail horribly.
Next little while it going to be getting mighty hot. So our tread mill and power rider is in our basement.
Not sure if I'll be get my walks in or not.
Breakfast and Lunch pretty much end up being a the same a slice of Pizza. But with lunch I had some carrot sticks, cucumber and kohlrabi.
Start work later in the day and ate my lunch before I left.
Didn't eat anything at work except for three saltine crackers and peanut butter. What I real like on my saltine is butter.
As I was doing paper work I did have an glass of water.
Stop at LaWalla to see the jewelry supplies she purchased.
It made me late getting home form dinner but I finish up eating a little after seven.
French Fries dip them in either ketchup or ranch dressing. Had some more fresh veggies out of the garden and I part part of a chicken wing and leg.

           I had this strange dream. Most of my dreams are strange. I woke up in morning and I grew a penis a big one. Wasn't quite sure what to do about it. Didn't want my husband to find out about it and I even got out an ax to chop it off but couldn't bring my self to do it.
I did wake up and I still have girl parts.

I've been sewing strips together and here is some fabric strips I sewn together for “Daisy” rag rug.
I just ran out of yellow cotton yarn that I been making into dish cloth. Not long ago I was in OLD TOWN IDAHO and they had a BEN FRANKLIN varitey store. They had a good selection of fabric and craft supplies. I got four balls of cotton yarn to make dish cloths. But I left them in Quenella car.

                                               Coffee is on

Thursday, July 30, 2015

One More Thing

        Some time or lot time I wish  I could go though life a sleep. Yesterday Regis cut his arm all up. With his support I believe he will mange though it. Confession time....After dealing with my client personal stress I will get and eat some type of sweet.  I have to keep it together. Murphy said if there was a major crises that I could mange to keep everything on even kilt. He gave this example.....If the titinic was going down I would keep calm and get everyone off and not loose an soul  I just need to learn not to run right off to any type of food. But I feel so much better or I should I feel my mood leveling out.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Wasn't Surprised Of The Results

      Weighed in at our T.O.P.S group and I was up. Confession time...I had my finger crossed that I would only gain less then a 1/2 pound.
As for snack I had four pieces of salt water taffy. My client more or less said I could eat a small bucket of her taffy. I real like taffy but a bucket full. Hopeful she was happy that I ate four pieces.
Usual at Super One at the bakery section they have free samples of sweets. Today it was white cake with chocolate icing and fancy sprinkles. I grabbed a piece but it end up being two pieces. Confession time...I should of toss the one pieces away or the right thing was to not have any.
 Breakfast let me see bacon, lettuce, and  tomatoes sandwich. I had mind on multi grain and flax toast. Mayo and nothing else.
Lunch I made my self and burrito wrap...Lettuce, basil, garbanzo beans, tomatoes,  and cheese. Personal I want a little bit of shallot and my husband said I would like it raw. Opinion time....What does men know.
Dinner was a plain a hamburger. Well I haven't had a plain hamburger for ages. I had it on multi grain toast. It seem like white buns and ground beef. Feels like a glue ball in my stomach. Diced up some shallot and press it in the patty. Slice tomatoes, lettuce, relish, ketchup and mustard.
One last thing I forgot is I ate some Marion berry yogurt.
I had quite a bit of water and if I get a good start in the morning I keep going. Cranberry juice is what I had with dinner.

       Someone told me OKRA gets real tall. I have to say our is doing super good considering how far north I am.
Murphy said his mom always grew a little bit of Okra. One time in her life she lived in Georgia.
The plants on the trills going gang buster. We're thinking of doing anther trills not as long so tomatoes can grow up on it.

 Looks like we're going to have plenty of tomatoes this year. If everything works out we will can some up.

Our shallot harvest. I believe we can grow less of them.

      I thought and I should of given up on thinking what my clients will and won't do. As I said early in my posting. That I weigh in and I though about noon I would of went over to Carrie and we would of went out to hope house (give away house) and I was going to donate some mix nuts. During the summer months they make up gallon size storage bags which is made into nice snack bags.
My client was in some much pain and she was taking 3 oxycontin and her dosage is 2 a day. One in morning and night.
She also has hydrocodone for buffer which she needs to wait a lease 4 hours or more. Even has to wait a lease four hours after she taken her oxycontin.
Plus she take lyrica.
The doctor told her she needed me to help her with her medication. She look awful and her skin was cold and clammy.
They talk about getting and hip replacement for her. A lease they got the ball rolling.

                                         Coffee is on

Monday, July 27, 2015

A little Early

     Not sure how my day will finish out, as for weight lost. I have hunch I didn't loose but I've been surprise with the scales.
I know my person challenge for week "Drink 24 oz of water before 9:30 in morning" will be repeated.
Breakfast was 2 eggs and potatoes. Then for lunch I had and cheese and shallot sandwich on multi gran and flax bread. And a banana too.
I bought a piece of twenty five cent candy. "Pecan Caramel" the clerk said it was additive so I had two pieces.
Opinion time....I thought they should had more pecan in them. Even if they put and entire pecan would of been better.
Did mange to get a walk in
Dinner we will have pork ribs and not sure what else.

     Start work this week. Stop over at Regis and Pasty was there. Pasty is Regis ex sister in law and they always got a long.
Both of them our mental ill. Opinion time...I think every one is mental ill to a certain point. 
Well Regis thought or had the fantasy that Pasty and him was going to get married.
Regis main mental disorder is "Schizoaffective"
Pasty mention she Bi Polar and Obsessive compulsive disorder. But I also think she might even have some type of disorder. She needs or want "drama" in her life.
Hope every thing works out for her.

                          Coffee is on   

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Square Something Or Other

     I always told both my son "Life isn't fair, never has been and never will" but I can say the little we had I've tried my hardest to be fair to others..
Theodore Roosevelt had the ideal all people played by the same rules in life. He called his program the SQUARE DEAL that everyone could have the same opportunity in life.
Didn't matter the back ground you came from. We know that it will never be complete true...My mom always said "The world looks at you depending what side the track you was born on"....If Johnny was born on the good side of the track one would say "Johnny barrow the car" and if Johnny was born on the bad side of the track one would say "Johnny sold the car"
For the little we had Murphy and I tried to give both of son a square deal in life.

       Finish crocheting dish clothes. My stitches are pretty uniform in size.
But my edges one would say there not square to the world.
Just start anther yellow dish cloth. Not sure if I have enough cotton yarn.
Got the yarn form an wood and pellet shop in down town BONNERS FERRY  but they move and not sure were they move to. But if they don't match up perfectly. Personal I won't have any issues with it.
These dish cloth are going to my daughter in laws Betty and Molly.

As I was squaring off fabric for a later date to be cut into strips, that will be use for "Daisy" rag rug. As I was working on this project I watch to TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.
Not sure if you can make it out in this photo.
But there some green fabric with small red flowers. A top of mine which got thin form uses. Murphy always said, how nice I looked in it.
It also became stain.
I still or needed to keep it and that one reason I'm adding it to the rag rug. It would be pretty in a quilt.
    Can't say I been always eating an square meal. I know today Breakfast wouldn't be square maybe a little off center.
Murphy and I was heading up to the North Bench Property to haul 2 pieces of plywood and some roofing tin. Couldn't tell you how many pieces.
Toss, well I shouldn't say "Toss" bricks in the bed of the pick up. Place would be a better word.
Quite a few door wedge was there so they came back with us and house jack.
So we stop at Super one for biscuits and sausage gravy. Murphy had two biscuits and I had one. We split a coffee. It was under $4.00.
Lunch was what I call a clean eating burrito hopeful I can remember what was in it...Clintro, pepper not much heat, RADICCHIO a new vegetable that I've never tried before. And as for fruit bananas and blue berries.
For protein some pumpkin seeds, garbanzo beans and cheese.
Not sure if it because there was no meat in the burrito and it was large enough I didn't fill satisfy. Had ground beef patty and press some dice up shallot in the meat, fries and tomatoes from the garden. That was dinner.
Nibbled on cucumber that been soaking in a brine.

  Garden is doing great. Looks like we going to have plenty of peppers. We are thinking about drying some.
Finish picking the last little bit of the beets. Just going to eat them when every. Thought of canning some but one can purchase them cheap enough at the store.

                                        Coffee is on

Who Say's Seven Is a Pooped Number

    1. Didn't keep a food journal today
   2. Ate cold chicken leg, cooked of course
   3. Had two around of thunder today
   4. Start anther crochet dish cloth, red in color
   5. Cut more fabric strips for Daisy Rag Rug
   6. No bills came in the mail today.
   7. I did the dishes today.

                                        Coffee is on

Friday, July 24, 2015

I Can See Why There Might Be An Upcoming Shortage on SSD and SSI

       The other day on the news there saying there a short fall for up coming benefit for those drawing disability.
As in home care giver at currently both of my client receive between $750 and $810 a month.
Only one actual gets straight SSD. The other gets an combo of SSD and SSI.

But the average disability payment is $1,165 The average social security receives $1,322 

       Seam like there quite a few employers love to use the 1099 MISC form. Just say every one is self employed or contract worker.
Well to start right out you match your own social security at 15.3% Figure if you have a job at $7.25 and hour. Well if your handle your own social security  you will lose about $1.11 and hour which comes to $6.14 an hour. Then what other taxes you may have.
Question time....I wonder how many people who receives the 1099 just toss them in the trash can.
So they never pay in there social security. Not sure if it was my Aunt Eve or her grand daughter Shasta told us to toss the 1099 form they sent us on and $8.00 an hour job.
Confession time...If I didn't receive an 1065 form. I would of toss the last 1099.
By the way my company I work for and sense they got audit. They change there policy. They now require you prove you filled your taxes.
There was a few lost there job for not filling. The IRS start to investigate who filled by matching spouse up. A few had knock on there door by the IRS.
Question time...I wonder how much the social security is missing out by letting people use the 1099 misc forms?

       Come right down to getting the average social security isn't all that bad. On a 40 hour work week if someone took home $1,322 they would be making $8.26 and hour.
Then those on disability and for an worker to match monthly wages he or she would have to make $7.28 an hour.
Plus there benefit of having insurance either Medicare and or Medicaid.
Statement time...Going to work has it cost. Just think being on disability and if you mange it right it seem to be a gravy train.
But sad truth I don't know only a few people who draws over a $1,000 a month from social security.

       I have to wonder how many people went from Welfare to getting and SSI check. check. Do you recall WELFARE AS YOU KNOW IT Ended on SSI and now is draining that out.
Each state of what kind of benefit one get will vary from state to state. One might google there state and welfare benefits
I know Idaho don't give out much to people in poverty. It been a while since I heard any up date on welfare. Your only aloud a life time drawing of 24 month of welfare and no extra cash for any extra kids. Looks like the amount is $309  a month.
So $733 would look like a gold mine.

                                          Coffee is on




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