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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Friedy Cat

I just don't under stand why since who actual can recall. We been afraid of lot of things and which divided us as a country.
Although President Franklin Said it best “The only thing we have to fear is fear it self”

I don't see why it push to make everyone toward AGORAPHOBIA  

Decided to make Sunday posting quite light no more politics and maybe a little light Spirituality.

Stay around and did a few things around the place. I been yawning most of the day not sure why I feel tired.
One load of wash done, dry and put away.
Scrub down the bath room sink and tub. The tub if someone else did it like I did. I would be calling it on them.
So I need go back and re-due it.
Tried a new home make cleaners. Vinegar and salt made in paste. It didn't do bad. In the vinegar I put a few drops of lavender.
Hoed some on south side of house. Murphy trim up the french tarragon plant.

Murphy and I went to town to get a few things from the store. We had lunch at the Deli I had Mexican casserole, and he couple of chicken strip.
Since I'm talking about food I might as well posted it now.
Breakfast pancake add a banana to batter, and 2 ½ links with peanut butter and sugar free syrup.
Dinner hamburger and kidney beans. Actual this time burger isn't sitting in my stomach like a piece of lead.
Strawberry short cake shortly before seven.

We been getting a real good picking of strawberries and stop in at Quincy and see if she want the next picking. So she can come out Monday or Tuesday 

Murphy been enjoying adventure of SUPER MAN on DECADES Tomorrow there showing the Gothic Soap Opera DARK SHADOW This show use to scare me. It was biggest rave when was starting Grade School. When I was over at my friends I would force my self not to shut my eyes during when the vampire did something.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Not To Much Of One Thing

I might as well piss some of you by posting some thing about politics and election. Right now it looks like it going to be a run off between CLINTON and TRUMP and not impress by either one.
Neither one been president of the united states.
Statement time...If I vote for Candidate Clinton is simple I'm trying to stop Trump. but I would rather see BERNIE SANDERS or JILL STEIN in the oval office.
It sad to see our elected official bought and sold by bid money donars. I don't see many of them representing the needs of every day people.
It seem they catered to those with a lease 6 figure income. Not my husband and I who have a 5 figure income.
I haven't live under a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM and I know everything has it advantage and disadvantage.
Opinion time...our CAPITALISM is out of control. The wealth is control by a SMALL PERCENTAGE of the populatin
Don't believe I want to live under COMMUNISM but I can understand when any place leans towards OLIGARCHY that something is done, like RUSSIAN REVOLUTION was done in 1917.
I don't want or need a lot. Actual I think everyone should want to contribute to our earth. No free ride for this gal or anyone else.
Something else for anther day. Time to move on.

I move my steps ticker, above. During the week I average out 6.908 not quite 7,000 steps. My goal by end of July is to be averaging 35,000 steps..
I think I took on to much to chew.
I know I weigh around 220 but not sure. I forgot to write what I weigh in at our last T.O.P.S meeting.
by end of Sept my goal is to be 205. So every week I need to drop .75 to 1.0 pound a week.

So glad either one my clients want to go to Library in Sandpoint. Took Regis home he spend couple of days with his Sister law Liz.
So I swung by my friend Alice to Apologized for missing her appointment, last Thursday. She was at a craft show in NEW PORT WASHINGTON.
Stop in at our library with out my reading glasses. Got a book called RETURN TO THE BOSQUE. Got a late start on our community summer reading program. Our community of about 10,000 sat goal to read 6,000 books. The summer of 2015 our community read 5,788 books in 6 weeks.
It use to be just younger children. Now it open to the entire community. Of course prizes are given away to younger ones.
As we were trying to cook dinner none of the burners on gas stove would light. Usual there is a clicking sound, and nothing.
Had to light the stove with matches.

Breakfast angel food cake with strawberries
Lunch pulled pork, green beans, and biscuits with butter.
Dinner ground beef gravy over potatoes
Snack kipper snack and dark chocolate bar with ginger.

I wasn't going to post but decided to. Still looking though the 1850 county of Philadelphia looking for my 2nd great grand parents. John Shirley and his wife Hannah (Ross) Shirley.
If your wondering why I'm looking at that year, and what I possible my learn.
John and Hannah got married in Philadelphia the 2nd of March in 1849.
So the 1850 census would be the first census they took as couple.
Usual a young couple very rarely start out on the own. Unless they came from very wealthy family.
In those time a young married couple would live with an older relative. So they can get there feet under them self before they move on
I know Hannah parents both died and a her only sister Elizabeth died before she every married.
Possible help on farm for few years instead of money. A relative may give the couple some land and set up a few building and etc so they can start farming.
One who live in a City and there family who they was living, could possible work in a factory and could be an apprentice to some trade.
John manufacturer shoes and he had to learn how to make shoes some place.

Coffee is on

Friday, June 24, 2016

Up and Down Not Sure How This Will End

Both my clients want to go in to Sandpoint. I have a few things I need to take of. I'm bring a couple of letters to write. One going to Colorado and the other to Australia.
I know we will go to the library down there and to the good will. Liz can really go though the thrift store, with fine tooth comb.
Odds are this will give me some time to write my letters.
It seem so strange I'm starting basically at noon my time. The swing shift but it won't be 8 hours. Liz have 3 hours remaining for the week, and Regis has 4.25 for week.

Ended up coming home early the only one of my client want to go to Sandpoint was Erik and Liz didn't want to go.
Well not going into details those two play head games with each other. For a set of ex in laws they get a long pretty good.

Been having a little trouble with my anxiety. Sort of feel like I'm a basket case and worrying about the new law here and I Idaho about the open and carry. One doesn't need a permit to own a gun.
Maybe I'm wrong but I think quite a few people will be packing a weapon.
In my own mind I keep wondering if I can handle going to town of the first of July.
Law has pass and nothing I can do about it.

Murphy and I froze up more strawberries.
So far quite please with MAGICJACK the first year it will cost us a little over $8.00 a month. Instead of our $40 a month for our land line.
We had the same number since 2000 and want to transfer it. But everything have a learning curve and I should of transfer our old number before I had disconnected

Did ok in eating but it was stuggle. Hopeful a walk in bit will unwind me.

Coffee is on 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Recalling Those Number

It was kindergarten there was certain thing we had to learn your address, mine was 11011 E Cataldo in the Spokane Valley.
and we also had to learn the valley fire and the sheriff office. Before they were any 911. And of course our home number.
But when I first learn my phone number it was WAlnut 6 2495. I can't recall all the prefixes but I do recall two of them in city of Spokane MAdison, and HUdson.
They drop the word and went to the first two letter and soon our number was Wa 6 2495. By the time I was in high school and possible Jr High our number was 296-2495.

As I'm talking about numbers. There one lady who claims to were a size 10, in weight lost group. I'm the assistant weight recorder. Anther lady and I weigh our members.
This lady is a little lighter then me. Not even five pounds.
I wore a size 10 to 12 in high school. Depending on the cut of clothes. My weight was about 130.
Let me tell you something I don't wear a size 10 or 12.
Actual I'm more like 1X or down to a lg, once again depending on the cut and style.

Never know what I will be doing with my client. At first Regis was wanting to go to the LIBRARY in Sandpoint.
and the one in BONNERS FERRY.
Not sure what happen he didn't look good and he said he was feeling a little rough.
So I suggested he rest and we could go to library on Friday instead.
Question time....Do you remember summer reading program at your local library? I actual do and miss doing them and thought they was fun.
Not sure if adult could join a summer reading program at a local library or not.

I guess this is a good enough place to put this. Liz my client said she went to our local LDS (Latter Day Saints) Mormons.
Actual I've gotten along with the Mormons. Been told and not sure if it true or not. The ones in Southern Idaho and Utah have complete different Attitude.
I know a few Mormons who went south and end up quitting the church.
Got that out of the way. Now to point.
She was saying quite a few people had there side arm (gun) strap on. When you see someone carrying a gun Question time...how do you feel? other then the military or law enforcement agency
After July 1st when Idaho will be come an open and carry state. I'll let you all know. But at this point I feel anxious about it.

Dinner was earlier then I like. Eating dinner between five thirty and six would be ideal. I can feel satisfied so I won't need to re-eat before bed. For this gal no eating after seven in the evening.
We at before five and I'll have a small bowl of hot cereal just before seven. If I feel hungry.
Breakfast 2 eggs, 2 slice of toast, and a sausage patty. Didn't eat all of it.
Lunch peanuts, cottage cheese with strawberries, piece of roast beef, and CRISP BREADS
Dinner Spaghetti with grated cheese, and green beans.
Even got a shot walk in.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Struggling With And Off Day

I and yes I. Want to eat and had a good dinner and small snack right before seven this evening. One thing I'm trying to get back into the habit of not eating after 7 in the evening.
Ate dinner a little earlier then usual. So I plan to have bowl of cream of wheat shortly before seven. Ended up having a piece of cheese. 2 or 3 minutes past.
Since I'm talking about what ate I might as well finish it off.
pancake and one piece of sausage. On the pancake peanut butter, slice strawberries, and low calorie syrup.
Lunch a bowl of chili and mix cottage cheese in it.
Dinner like I said roast, green salad and mash potatoes with it.

I should mention my snacks. A bite of my husband chicken and maple bar.
And a biscotti over with Qunella we met for coffee at under the sun.

Murphy came to coffee with me. We sign the last of paper with escrow company. We're selling the property on bench.
We wouldn't of sold it if the property taxes was reasonable.

Did find my address book for my pen pals so now I can get back writing letters. It was behind my T.O.P.S note book.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Not Three Step Forward But Two

We all make mistakes or not thinking things though. Our land line start to be a piece of crap and between regular month bill and my long distant. I was paying $40 a month and the phone was so noisy.
In waste I called up the local landline company and told them to disconnect our land line. We only have one cell phone, mine and no time I use my minutes.
Knowing something need to be done.
We put in MAGIC JACK since it was such short time as for disconnecting the phone. I thought it would be simple enough to get back our old number since we had since 2000.
Have to contact the phone company and see if they will release it back to us.
But we can call out. cost less then $3.00 a month. Plus $50 for the jack and $15 for the phone.

I was please with my weigh in this morning. I don't recall exactly what I lost but I know it was some where between a pound to pound and half.
Breakfast grapenuts with slice strawberries.
Lunch stuffing and I will count that as 2 piece of food, because of the serving size. A little later on I had a BLT
Dinner ground beef gravy of potatoes and peas.
I bought some HOLY BASIL tea love the smell and taste.
Planning to present an ideal for a little contest in group to make it a little interesting.

Start to look though the 1850 census in different area, FRANKFORT right by Philadelphia.
It's going to take bit time to located my 2nd great grand parents.

Been pretty smooth day. Murphy picked Strawberries gave some to LaWalla. Work day for me.

I write to different pen pal all over the world, and I can't fine my address book and I been looking for it.
Start to clean out my car so we can sell it.  I have hunch they might be some items which fell down between the seats.
Not picky on what the car is...One thing is go I need a four door it easier for me to transport my clients.
The other isn't as important. But a trunk big enough to put "Jimmy Hoffa" in and a manual transmission.
But once we get the phone settle and then we can start looking for anther rig.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Little Stress

Like those work days when there no stress and I don't have to medicate my self with cookies. Just had Regis. Quite a bit of trash to haul out he did go though some items.
Yesterday I posted on my Tops adventure down in Courd'Alene.
So I went over to Liz to get my paper work straighten out.
LaWalla didn't work last week.

I think she will be working for a while. So the plan goes as. Liz get 15 hours a week and she will be doing 12 of it, in 2 days.
Either first or end of the week I will pick up the 3 hours.
And do the 16 hours a week with Regis.

As I was said before Liz son Cyprus got drunk and wreaked her car. It so so drive-able. It one wouldn't want to take any distant, stay in county and not to be taken out on the highway. It needs a lineament.
So what happens, not sure if she gave him the keys or he took them. He got drunk and drove the car down to Sandpoint. 25 miles.
What I gather and see he gets him self in messes and there no punitive recourse for his behavior.
Hopefully sooner or later he will get pulled over for drunk driving and be arrest before he hurts or possible kill someone.
It would be the best thing to happen to him.
The sad thing he could be so much more.

Eating went well and even got in walk this morning.
Breakfast with cut up banana and raisin in my steel cut oats
Lunch BLT sandwich
Dinner Pork chops, green beans, pototoes.
Snack yogurt and few peanuts.

I won't be going to my Tops meeting. Taking Regis over to his speech. So I won't be weigh in tomorrow morning.
Regis is going to talk to his speech therapist and see if we could go back to the time when LaWalla was driving him, a little after 10 in morning. So I can make it to my T.O.P.S support group.

Got to tell you my mother cousin Jon had his DNA done. Jon is a short little bald head man. I stand 5'6 and I would guess if on up windy day he lucky to hit the 5'0 mark even.
I was surprise he 38% Scandinavia.
I picture a Scandinavia being blond, big and tall.
Guess I was wrong.

Coffee is on



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