Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Not To Wonder

My day wasn't nothing overly exciting. Never is. Right now there three horse running loose. I live in area of open range.
Don't these people wonder about their horses grazing loose. For while the neighbor were dealing with the Reeds horse damage people yards.
I know exactly what we're doing with the Reeds horses if they get loose. Don't worry we're not going to hurt the horses. I'm an animal lover .
Went and visit Faith she moving to an Senior Apartment closer to her son Larry. She ok mental but her body is given out. I thought she should of hired someone to come in and help her around the place. But only thing anyone can do is suggested. It best to stay out of others affairs.

I'm planning to go and see her the first part of October.
When I go for my walks usual Murphy doesn't go with me. I measure my distance by using the power line poles. Each week I increase it by one. I'm up to the 12th power pole. The home in this picture was closer. It the Peterson place and they move it up the road. In front of my Aunt Eve place. Actual a big wind storm came though and did quite a bit of damage. But it seem they are coming right a long.

Went to my T.O.P.S meeting well I held my weight. Which is fine. Today meeting we had to share our “Pay it Forward” I explain that bought some dish soap, dish towel and rags. Gave then to our local food bank. I would say a large majority of these people have trouble getting some basic hygiene stuff for both body and home.
One of our member is going to purchase some soap and deodorant donate to them.
If your wonder what my PAY IT FORWARD project was.

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Monday, September 08, 2014

Nothing In Return Just A Feeling of Helpfulness

In memory of our past member Glenda. Each member of T.O.P.S was to do something nice and give hand up to someone.
Like PAY IT FORWARD There are times I've taken my clients or picked up items at our local COMMUNITY ACTION CENTER Which is also our local food bank.
Usual I see lot of carbohydrates sitting out in what is called “salvage” area. A Family can come in once week and pick up odds and ends.
During garden season there more fruits and veggies. What you don't see is non food items, such as toilet paper, razor, tampons, band-aids, soap, and etc.
Food Stamps (SNAP) covers food items but when it comes to non food item. Lot of people I see at times struggle to get basic monthly supplies to maintain there home.
Herschel and Carrie income is about $760 a month. Rent for them is $400 and utilities run them about $200. Plus I know he has to purchases his own medicine. I know he uses the $5 a month bottle plan. I'm guess it cost $20 a month.
So it look like they have $140 a month left. I'm guessing they get a little over $300 a month in food stamps. I can see them stopping in at local food bank.

Here is what I did. I stop in at DOLLAR TREE in Sandpoint. After Carrie had a doctor appointment. We stop in at Dollar Store.
So I got some dish rags, matching dish towels and dish soap. Spend a little over $15. One thing I notice rarely these people every get anything new.
My thought a little dish cloth and towel to match. Plus one can't get dish soap on quest cards.
Last time my friend Qunella and I had coffee at Under The Sun. We went up stair in loft and separate out and place in plastic bag one dish towel, cloth, and dish soap. We did up six bags. So later on I drop off the bags for dish cleaning., at our local FOOD BANK Everything that comes in and goes out of our local food bank needs to be weighed. Not sure what happen. But I figure someone got it and could put it to good use.

We should help and try to make people life a little better. Doesn't matter who they or what they are. All of us can give hand up. For every what size it my be.

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Sunday, September 07, 2014

August Report

The warmest day was on the 11th at 98 (36.3)
The coolest day was on the 24th at 44 (6.6)
The average high was 76 (24.4)
The average low was 53 (11.6)
Rain fall 3/4 (1.9)

Here is a few blogs I stop by in August

The Exxon gas station is now the Chevron. I can recall it being Husky Gas and Oil
Road construction is still going on the south hill over pass and Kootenai River Bridge.
The town of Bonners Ferry was name after "Edwin Bonner"

Here some small non box store. Those mom and pop places

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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Gray-Landscape)

Did up four mice ornaments which I did in different Shades of Gray
I'm also working on a scarf now I'm using Gray yarn.

I have a facebook page for my CRAFTS

I had big plans for my next Landscaping project. But it looks like I'll have to scale down, do to windows and septic.

Next weekend photo hunt theme will be JUG  and or ROSE

Looks like I'll be over on Washington Coast. I'll be taking my camera along but leaving the computer home with hubby. So hope I'll get some picture that I can use for "weekend photo"
So I won't play next weekend.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Union We Need Them

Ronnie Reagan start the down fall of the MIDDLE CLASS with the breaking of the AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLER Ronnie Reagan came president as I was leaving high school and that would have been my FIRST ELECTION to vote for a president.
I don't see why we have only two party system. I look at election who is worst of the two evil.

Years out in work force. Statement time...I find most employers are “ASSES” I could tell you tells about people I work for. Not very many of them I find have ethics
If I had a crystal ball and known what work life would have been like...Here is what I would of done. Got some type of training went to work for less then 10 years and got my self hurt. Claim disability. Actual drawing SSD isn't all that bad. If your getting top notch pay. Heck I know one can get $2,800 plus most of the medical (medicare) paid for, 80% of it. Those on SSD can work season/part time.
Better then I'm doing. If I work a 40 hour week doing home care I would make about $1920 a month. There no medical insurance with that.

I've never belong to a UNION and now I can see what they can do. Usual the medicaid nurse who does valuate a client needs are usual fair.
But there are times which should be rare. That one goes over time. Most of the time it happens at a medical appointment.
Three things I would ask union for doing home care other then a livable wage.

  1. Is to be paid for over time do to a medical appointment
  2. To get performance and or profit bonus quarterly
  3. Travel cost....There are people who needs less the 8 hours a week help. That lives so far out in dingle weeds.....
    That it doesn't even cover your fuel to go out.
    Idaho is getting big on 1099 forms. Which is used for contract or free lance workers. But they are employees who claims ones as contract worker but never ask the employee what there willing to do the job for. Lot of them are less then $10.00 an hour. So in short of it. One pays both end of social security
. Think about it. At a federal minimum wage of $7.25 you would pay in $1.10 (15.3%) and that would be $6.15 and hour.
Opinion time....Contract worker should be paid $15 or more.
Paying people with a 1099 form is pretty low on the totem pole.

The days of my grandparents and parents union are gone. Since everything we do is globe. I feel unions can still play part in work force. Unions can take part in collective bargain in profit sharing, performance bonus, those who are on call, and other benefits.

If someone goes to work they should be hold there head high and be paid enough that they don't need to use a quest card (food stamp- snap program) and live a middle class life style.

Question time...What is a livable wage in your area?

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Floating Though Shit

Our septic tank got pumped out on Thursday morning , $250. It was mainly liquid. So are drain field or leach line isn't working.
The people in City of Bonners Ferry pays a hair over twenty a month. I would be glad to pay twenty a month for sewer service.
As I was at work Murphy had the septic people come and look at our septic system. Where the leach line comes off of our septic tank is to many trees.
Well we had two choice to move the trees. The other choice is to put in anther system.
Truth be told I believe good fence makes good neighbors. So we'll leave the trees between our neighbors.
I have no desire to look on to my neighbors business. I need snoopy neighbors

If we don't do something with the septic system. Our basement is pretty much useless. We can't do much with our basement. It has improved. It use to flood quite often.
Then we been working on getting ready to replace two of the windows on the West Side of the place. The windows been in since the early 70's when the house was built. Those old aluminum and they leaked air. We went around and caulked them but it due time to replace them. Next year we will replace the two on the west side. No more aluminum windows.
 Been working on some project. I got the turtle planter done. Murphy and I both like it. Not sure what we will but in it.
I thought marigold would look good in it.
The Mr and Mrs Pilgrim been coming along. Eyes and buckles need to be painted it. Then just finishing it up.
I'm getting better with my fingers and hands. I don't feel like I have to left pinkies and four and third right pointer fingers with a half of thumb. When it comes to crocheting

Neighborhood walking been pretty good. I'm guessing mid September I'll be up to the 12 power pole. I take a photo every fourth one.
In town I been walking on south hill area. I just finished up with Lincoln street not very thrilling. Not sure how I'll handle Alderson lane. I believe it going to be broke up in two section. Simple reason is the parking situation.
I been keeping my eating in check. Nothing after 7 pm and I don't take second when it comes to dinner. If I'm hungry or think I am. It's plain air pop corn for me.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Joy-Youth)

Once a week I meet my friend Qunella and we have a cup of coffee at UNDER THE SUN A fun whimsical place and all sort of cool things.
But I find Joy having a cup of coffee and chit chatting.
Next day after LABOR DAY the youth in our area, will be getting on bus and heading back to school.

Next weekend photo hunt themes will be GRAY and or LANDSCAPE

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