Sunday, May 01, 2016

Dancing About

Got out anther new set of colors, for the mask I been painting. Actual it more done then not. But still having trouble on exactly how I want to do the actual face.
Every time when I paint a what I call a gem. I wonder about gem stone COLORS and MEANING.

As you can see I just have a small section of gem stones to finish.

Couldn't tell what all I've done the last few days. But we been busy. Today Murphy and I did some planting in the veggie garden.
One thing I want to grow is SUNFLOWER GREENS, and finish out the roll with Chard, Kolrabi, Zinnia, and transplant a cone flower.
Did a little cleaning in what I call my "good will flower bed" and had some old seeds of iceland poppies, and plant a small section of seeds.
In humorously told my husband I was going into the opium business. He told me not to make to much that it moves us in higher tax rate. Anyhow wrong type of poppies.

Murphy and I decided to pull out our tables and chairs. Our ideal is to enjoy  some meals in great outdoors.
The table is from CAMP SPECIALTIES and they have other items. Light weight and treble.

Our local pagan group celebrated BELTANE and 12 of us danced around the Mayday pole. And Murphette film it.
Also had a wonderful meal with scallops wrap in bacon, stuff morels, margaritas, apples, bananas sliced and I furnish strawberry short cake.

 Not sure exactly what, when, and who I will be blogging. Quite a few of my tulips are coming a long nicely. But it having a battle with the quack grass.
Some of my iris are forming and showing heads.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Every Which Way For The Crazies

Today I took both of my clients out. I figure it would be good for them to go some place other then mental or medical appointments
So we went to little ELMIRA store and cafe. For years I heard how good there hamburger are. But I'm a difficult person to please when it comes to burgers.For me they can be difficult to digest. They set in my stomach like a rock

As we're setting and having lunch. When I was done. I went and paid for my fish and chips. Which was very good.
I went and use the bathroom. Told them I want to go out and take photo of the place. 
But I believe but can't prove it. Liz was trying to cheat the waitress out of some money. She tried to tell the girl she gave her $40.00. Well a lease this waitress was on the ball. 

Take care and keep the mental ill on even footing can be a challenge in it self. We stop by and look at this old place.

So we were real close to McArthur Cemetery. I don't recall who first brought to my attention but this cemetery like most other. The dead isn't buried east and west. There just sort scatted in groupings. 
I was told graves was laid  out this way for the return of Jesus. But not all culture PRACTICE THIS. If you read this some people are buried up side down


 It seem like a high number of the graves had there unique looking head stone. Not sure if mail box is actual is a marker for Ed.
Also at Dustin grave was quite a few things used as maker.
Well I did put a letter in mail box and actual there was quite a few item in mail box, not all letters.

Well the other day we went over to see Faith and I told them we might be stopping by  McArthur Cemetery. I had to fine something to entertain my clients.
She told me to say "Hi" to Jim.

It isn't all work for this gal. Mange to get a walk and did my morning stretches. Dinner consist of chicken, dinner roll, and rhubarb sauce.
Breakfast consist of french toast and 2 slice of bacon.
For naughty food to oreo cookies, brownie crumb, a maple bar.
When we was at Faith she gave me a start to her rhubarb plant and it was planted on the south side of the place.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Almost Midweek Hump

This morning I went to my local T.O.P.S weigh in and meeting. I swore I wouldn't get above 220 pounds again. I was up half a pound and that put me over by quarter of pound.
Murphy took Regis this morning to his speech therapy, and the afternoon I went to Liz place.

End of my shift at Liz. I took her son Paul I ran him into town, he works Graveyard over at Super One.
But I took less an hour at local library so I could do some research on a good sewing machine, for under $250.
We can't afford a $5,000 sewing machine. And I don't do that much sewing to warrant for it.
But I couldn't fine any reviews in consumer report.

Got all the bills paid for the month of April. Wrote out checks for $286. I actual don't mine paying bills.
But the only one just gets to me is my health insurance from our state exchange. Every month I write a check for $83.79 to Bridge Span health insurance.
I real don't need to use it at this present moment.
But I can't afford to use it...My Co pays are $40.00. Then my deductible is $5,000. But even after that it doesn't pick up 100%. It only picks up 70% and we have to pick 30%
When I went and see about getting heath insurance here in Idaho. I had a choice of three companies and they wasn't much different in any of them.
I heard states that expand medicaid and works under the federal affordable care act. The people there has wider choice of health insurance to pick from.
I call my insurance "Two Broken legs and pray not much more happen" or we will be filling bankrupt.

Murphy and I steak out anther roll in garden to plant. Not sure what going in that roll. Our strawberries have blossom on them.
Notice the buds are starting to form on Raspberries.
My eating is stick to fairly health. Only two oreo cookies. Breakfast a bowl of cheerio's with cut up strawberries.
Lunch ground beef patty and portobello mushroom fried. and green salad.
Dinner also green salad. mash potatoes, and roast beef.

It was last year I start to do some walking on North Side of town, across the Kooteni river bridge. Today I park in hospital parking lot. Took a short walk. I'm guess quarter to half a mile.
Question time...Why do people vote against there own interest.
When I walk by the trailer park I notice a lot of candidates sign and they were quite a few ultra conservative.
What are they thinking with the tax cuts it going to lift them up and move them out trailer park.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

I Call Tails

On the situation with LIZ  and her shop lifting. I'm going to call the clinic where her therapist is and let them know what she doing.
As in home care giver I've seen plenty of illegal activity. But we're swore to confidentiality. Hush is the word.
Statement time...I can't afford to be unemployed. 
If I say something about this I could be fired, for breaking the confidentiality rule. Then on other hand if she caught shop lifting and I'm there I could be charge with accessory to fact or crime. Still anther reason to be fired.
So when she go shopping I do distant my self. So if I have any thing to get I usual get it, and go back and sit in car. And gives me a chance to write letters, crochet, or read.

What more scary the first of July. Idaho will become a open and carry. As I understand the law about anyone can carry a gun. Liz is planning to carry a gun. Statement time....I hope she forget about this nutty ideal of packing a piece. She shot her self once in chest with a 44 hollow point. Not just once. She mange to squeeze off three rounds.

One of my work partners and friend LaWalla has this other friend who does in home care. She was assaulted on job that actual she had to go and have surgery.
So they sent anther girl into this person who did the assaulting.
You see sometime the caregivers aren't safe, and good reason for us to have a union.

Hitting the thrift store and yard sale is usual a blast. I found this at a local yard sale here in Bonners Ferry.
The pink poke dot PJ, paid a whole fifty cent for it. It will be going down to my Grand daughter Claudia.
The bird I got at a thrift store. I believe it was just under two dollars and fifty cent.

Just finish up a group of colors on the mask. The blue left side is starting to look less unbalance, since I got some on the right side.

Pick out anther set of colors to work with. Sort of thinking of eye color. Anyone have thoughts on this.

Our snow apple tree is bloom and it smell so sweet. As for fruit today I had banana and strawberries.
Start some flower seed. Asters, Black Eye Susan, and English Daisy.
One thing I want to know the different types of DAISES.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Clear On The Other Side

Yesterday I took Regis to see about getting dentures in Courd'Alene. Which is close place to find a dentures who is covered by Medicaid.
His ex sister in law rode with us.
As he was in dentures office we drop her off at the Good Will there, a few blocks apart.

It went quickly once he got in dentures chair. The only thing they did was take a few photo inside of his mouth and sent it off, and see if medicaid will buy him a pair of denture.

The sad thing is. An oral dentist messed his lower jaw up and not sure if he can get pair of denture for his bottom.
Not sure how soon he will hear from Medicaid or not.

As I said we drop off Liz at the good will there. It bigger then the one in Sandpoint. Well Liz shop lifts. Not right out.
Wednesday we went to one local stores. She want to get a few items, and one thing she got was a flag.

She took up to the counter to pay for it. At this point thinking everything is ok. She says to clerk I couldn't fine a price how about $9.99.
The clerk look for a moment for price tag, and she said ok.
So it was rang up and she gave the clerk some cash.
Still thinking everything is fine.
As soon as we got into the car. Not saying a word. Her first thing she said to me was. "I didn't remove the price tag"
Question time....Why did she feel the need to defend her self to me.
Then we came back to Good Will and I want to look around. But I notice she had a pair of boots on and I could of swore she went down with a pair of shoes on.
But I wasn't complete sure.
Confession time...I can't stand be false accuse of something. It makes me so angry I could spit nail and do bodily warm to someone.
Well I got Regis off to the side, and said to him. I don't believe Liz rode down in those boots. So he in a bit he went over and said something.
Not sure what exactly was said. 
So I check out my stuff, and I got Regis a few little thing and bought Liz a fake tree.
Liz came out with the boots on and not sure if she paid for them or not. 
So when we got to around Sandpoint and she said. "How to you like my boots I swap out" so what she did put her shoes on self and walk out with a pair off boots, and of course not paying for them.

The little dog is Liz dog, and his name as Fugsly. So when I take her shopping which is part of her care plan.
I usual stay clear on the other side of the store, and tell her I will meet you out in car in about an hour.

  Liz is real creative and talent. She made some planters out of 2 liter bottles and as for the stick it from old brooms and mops.
I want to do a few up. But I'll have to get some spray paint.

The local Catholic church, St Anne BURN TO THE GROUND but earlier in year there been some vandalism at some other local churches.
But I have to wonder if this person who set the fire was made to go to church. I've seen plenty of angry adult that there parents made them go to church.
That one thing my parents did was give me complete religious freedom.
 Still painting on the ceramic (bisque) mask. Not sure how I feel about the blue on right. Believe it should be laid out differently. To me it looks to bunch up.

Being such a long day, and I'm not sure what I ate. But today I had a pancake and 2 slice of bacon, lunch a bowl of chili and English muffin. For mid day snack on bale of shredded wheat with raisin and banana.
Dinner lemon chicken, greens, and rice.
Last snack lemon yogurt with strawberries.
As you can see my NARCISSUS are in bloom.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We All Give Something

Three cheers for the human race. Don't know how many heard there redoing some of the AMERICAN DOLLAR with woman. I think it pretty sad to take off President Jackson off the $20 spot. OPINION TIME....Actual Hamilton should be taken off the $10 spot. I will just leave it at that.

But at one time my dad help an Jewish family get of Nazi Europe. As I understood my father meant a Jewish man in some alley way in Chicago. And he was trying to get his family out of Nazi Europe. I was told that my dad couldn't afford the value of these dishes. But this man was desperate  to help his family out. I was told the price he actual paid for was a song and dance.
But I wonder if any this man family did get out of Nazi Germany.
These dishes are from Czechoslovakia, 24 Karat Platinum sandwich set of 8.

   I know I need to do some major cleaning in my royal sunshine flower bed, and dividing up some of the plants.
But there a few I want to remember where things are. Like this little flower, hopeful I will get more as time goes.

Eating went ok today. Dinner was a piece of London broil, peas, and mash potatoes, Lunch consist of 2 weiner in bowl of chili and some cheese.
Breakfast a louse banana nut muffin and sausage patty. Snack was sushi .

Did a little more painting on mask and crochet a little more also on swifter duster. And tomorrow I'm off to Courd'Alene with both of my clients.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tull Up And More Uppity Things

Yesterday was about walking though Paradise Cemetery. It one way to get Regis out of the place. Today he and his speech therapist walked around and chat it.

I end up doing both clients today. Regis in the morning and Liz in afternoon. Not much with either one of the clients.
Liz been decorating her place. She has a small cabin by deep creek, actual there a creek that runs by her place.
She pretty crafty, she got bird cage from a thrift store and she going to make it into a planter.

Murphy mowed the lawn today. I just put back some of my pin wheels in different spot. There quite bit of wind and usual the things meant to handle wind just get beaten to threads.

Today in my weigh in I lost the most for week. I even ate breakfast before weigh in. Down 1.50 pounds. Under 220. I shouldn't be posting my weight but it's the truth.

On certain times of week Murphy goes to the senior center and have lunch. I go about once a month simple because I'm not 60 they charge me $7.00
But twice during the week they have a food give away for the seniors. What I notice and I could be wrong they grumble about there diabetes, and take the food that is high in refine sugar and carbs.
Murphy bought home some chia bars, apples, sushi rolls, and some type of muffins.

Breakfast steel cut oats with raisin. Lunch was a little off I like taking 3 healthy items and 1 not so healthy items. Don't worry I don't take chocolate cover  cherries, can't stand the thing.
Like I said I took Regis over to his speech therapy which is at the hospital. As I was waiting for him the ladies of the hospital was passing out popcorn with plenty of butter. Wouldn't you think the hospital would try to offer something on healthy line.
What are they trying to cause blood pressure or diabetes .
Before dinner and after breakfast I end up having kipper snacks, sushi, and celery.
An Orange after dinner.

The mask is coming right long. I wasn't sure how I was going to like the color lay out. But I been please with it  

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