Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Not Behind The Mask

First of all quite a few left comment about my mask on the power line pole. Our yard light haven't been used for ages and I can't recall what we paid for it way back when.
We always had a good relationship with the utilities company. Usual around here if there is problem they notify you when the mail your next bill.
If something is more urgent they call on phone.
As for ceramic here in North Idaho this fall I will have to put them in the shed. Usual when thing become wet and freeze one will run into trouble.
A good spraying with a sealer will help. Also anther good preventive measure is pour cheap floor wax in side, and dump it back in to the container, where there no paint.

Today I took Regis to get his impression for his denture done in Courd'Alene. It seem to all go well. Driving both ways. Time in office and stopping by the Bonner County Library, part of Sandpoint. We were gone 7 hours.
I get paid mileage for driving twenty five cent a mile from Medicaid. And this trip should be thirty dollars.
Which I will receive in about 4 to 6 weeks.

So in mean time. I took couple of short walk. Notice some of the corners on fourth ave had bricks. Which looked fairly new.

It seem I saw was quite a few thrift stores, anther denture place, and coffee places. And they did have a Safeway. Which is in Bonners Ferry
Almost directly across the street form were Regis was having his impression done they had a fishing tackle place.

On my last part of the walk I stop in at GAIWANTEA HOUSE. I don't like to go far when any of my client is at an appointments.
I know if I came out of a doctor office and my ride was horrible late. I know I would be up set if I had to wait any length of time.
They look like they had a few nice treat you could enjoy with your tea.
But I picked up three sample package at one dollar and fifty cents.
Since I'm an Earl Gray fan. I decided to get Early Lavender. Sweet Pear once had pear wine which I highly enjoyed. So I'll give the tea a try.
My last one I choose was Turmeric Ginger. I got a turmeric base from our local tea house. But this one has ginger in it.

Brought a book a long. Which I'm slowly re-reading and putting a little more thought behind it. Chapter 2 is on the "environment you grew up in"
To be quite honest it sure was far from perfect. But complaining about it doesn't solve one darn thing.
I don't believe for one minute my parents put an hinders on me, on purpose. Sure I was crippled by my environment.
I met people mostly though my job that they basically told me about there childhood. Maybe with a few minor changes on stage there life was given.
Honestly there not much difference.
Not saying I'm a totally stable person. But I think I can function though life and get to one point to anther though the life maze.
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Not The Total Please

Hang two mask I've gotten so far. The jokers or jester I got from my friend Quenella. The bubble lady mask is one I painted.
Couldn't quite figure out were I want to put the mask. Only thing I knew it was to be out side. So he suggested the power line pole.
So to me now it starting to look like a totem pole.
If your wondering if power company is going to come unglued about me hanging mask. I don't think very loudly.
The reason it the power pole with the yard light. We disconnected ages ago. I tried to check what they charge for a yard light, wanted me to down load something.

To Regis to the hospital and for some reason they were pack. Usual in lab work your in and out less the 30 minutes.
But today it was packed.
Sat there for an hour and there was problem with the paper work. So there trying to get hold of his primary doctor.
We're heading to Courd'Alene to get impression of his mouth for a set of denture.
Wednesday his social workers stops in.
So will try for Thursday morning.
But as he and I was waiting decided to look though a SMITHSONIAN magazine. There were a few article I read some short and not.
One was about collection of letters written to and from prisoner.
The other one was an archaeology dig on Jesus.
This one fasnated me the history and treatment of the mental ill.

One of thing I like to listen to is STORY CORPS and listen to every day folks. My second great grand father Gilman was a letter carry on horse back.
I wonder how many letters he actual delivered and what was in some of those letters.

So for I can find 10 common surname in my family tree, takse up a few pages in a phone book.
One is Miller and not sure if there any family connection to any of these. But also have
 COX line. Not many famous ones.

For my protein I had bacon, some type of sausage wiener from the senior center here in Bonners Ferry.
Veggie not all that healthy corn.
Well I ate lunch at our local senior center. Mainly because they were serving sauerkraut. Actual there lunch has quite a bit of carbohydrates.
Not sure what there budget is.

I went into our local tea shop REX THEATER TEA COMPANY and bought two loose leaf teas, an ounce of HOLY BASIL TEA and TURMERIC CHAI TEA. Both with a good kick which I like.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Still My Favor Thing

Blogging posting is still my favor thing to do when it comes to social media and my lease favor is e mail.
I been slowly cleaning out my e mail.
But I have a g+ account. Which I don't use that much. But what I want to talk about is my facebook and twitter account.
I like to share my so called un interesting life. Which suits me just fine. But yesterday post with other items not just marijuana. I got quite a few request via twitter for the promotion of marijuana. Come on I talk about also getting a sewing machine. Well wait I did get one request about a do it your self twitter account.
Any how one reason and main reason I do something my self because we can't afford to pay for the labor.
Had a brief posting about my flowers and battle with grass. No request from those flowers lovers.
The very last thing I like to say I thought $350 is toward things one doesn't plan for. When little boogie man does something for shits and giggles. Not funny in my book. Question time...what do you keep back for the un-expected out of your pay check? 
$522.00 $22.00 or $2.00

Been having inkling to make crackers using my dehydrator. Not sure what combo there kale in garden and flax seed in freezer.
One thing I though of getting is an nice juicy apple for sweetness.

Murphy and I went to wal mart I try not to give them much of business. But living out in country one all ways have other option
One thing we need in house hold is a cell phone. My last one went though the washing machine. So for $55 I got a phone, plan, and minutes. Which should last me 5 months. My last phone I never went over 225 minutes in month.
Not phone talker.
And we had to pick up a few more items like. t shirts, pads my bladder isn't in the best of shape, and gum.

Eating once again plus and minus. Let start with the biggest plus. Fairly good on portion sizes" but can't say nutritional wise it's been number one.
Breakfast cream of wheat with raisin. Mid morning snack was feeling a little light headed so I had a cheese sandwich, not a fan of iceberg lettuce. Used Kale for my green.
Lunch was mac and cheese, 2 wieners, and tomatoes. Which was mixed together in a bowl.
Dinner pizza and nice green salad.

Last week I wore my pedometer all last week to see what my daily average was. Not going up stairs I believe it was in low 6,000 steps.
So I want my new average to be above 7,500 steps a day.
Now I read and heard other say one should take a least 10,000 STEPS A DAY 

Work week start bright and early tomorrow, Monday. Taking Regis to have a blood drawn over at the hospital. General lab.
Not sure what his place looks like. But I can clean fairly fast and good. Then Tuesday were off to get an impression of his mouth for a set of new teeth. Driving clear to Courd'Alene a good 130 mile around trip.
Closes place that will do dentures and which medicaid will pay for.
So on our return trip I will stop by the library in Sandpoint.
Now for the rest of the week. Depends on how many hours I use up for the first two day. He gets a total of 16 hours a week or 69 hours a month.
LaWalla will come in on Thursday and Friday. She will take Liz to Sandpoint for her appointment. Simple because LaWalla has an appointment down there about the same time.
Anyhow LaWalla planning to do the 12 hours with Liz a week. She leaving 3 hours open for me at the beginning of the week, just in case Liz needs some help or something.
I don't see me using the 3 hours at first part of the week. So LaWalla will get her full 15 hours in.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Two Days Of Blessings

Having Saturday and Sunday with no in home care is sure a blessing. I have to say LaWalla had to deal with the crazies when they were having there moment.
So I got my pay check and made a list where the money is going to.
Up to $350 for what every happen in life. This should cover food, fuel, and what one never believe is going to happen in life.
$200 on pick up. It needs a muffler and a speed odometer. Later on we will pick up a battery for it.
$130 for my medical insurance. Confession time...I forgot to pay it one month. My health insurance though Idaho Health state exchange is just under $85 a month. So by July I will be back down to my regular amount
I just won't bother anyone about how crappy the health exchange is.
$50 car and I'm guess it going to be a little lower for an oil change and basic service.
$25.00 sewing machine. I already have $123 save up so in next few days I will place and order with Amazon.
$20 for our natural gas bill.
Murphy and I like weed for different reason. One thing I don't like is that paranoid and anxiety feeling. I like that zippy doo dah feeling.
see a eighth of an ounce will last me two months. And dear hubby goes though half to ounce a month. Plus he promised a friend that he would bring back some hash.
So that run would cost us $180.
But come Wednesday Murphy social security will arrive.

This early afternoon we went over to see Quenella and she showed us around her garden. Like us her grasses and un-friendly plants are trying to evade the flowers.
It's consent battle.
Quenella said she built a small fire in her stove this morning to take the cool edge off her place. It never got up to 70 and been quite damp.
We should of built a fire this morning.

Eating consist of bacon, cheese, and egg on english muffin.
Lunch used a smaller plate and had taco salad.
Dinner ground beef patty, oven fries, and green salad.
Snack pop corn with nothing on it, and oranges.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

She Couldn't Dream Any Of This Up

My friend LaWalla had to go back to work so I let her finish the last two days of week. So she had 14 hours.
Confession time...I some time don't get people and the relationships between them.
Like Wednesday I took Liz in to have her tooth pulle
d. So she can't take Hydro's and the dentist gave her a prescription for synthetic version. But I can't think of the term.
So she went over to her Brother in law and see if he had any thing he could give her. So he crush up part of the morphine.
So she snort it. After that he told her she had and I use the word "had" to spend the night. Don't worry no hanky panky there. All the medication he is on. Nothing gets hard.
Well if some one use the term "had" and that tone with me. Plus it would matter what they gave me. I would of walk out.
So Liz spent the night and I called LaWalla and told her where the crazy were. She covered Thusday and Friday. As I understood Thursday went smoothly consider there mental state.
So Friday morning Liz had some type of legal appointments with a Lawyer(s). Which I don't know what it about and also it none of my business.
Regis is real controlling about his sister in law.
So he gave her SEROQUEL 400 mg which looks a lot like 800 mg IBUPROFEN. So he deliberate drug her so she was out of it, and couldn't make her appointment.
The strange thing she invited him out to her place for weekend. After all that bull.

Today I got a package in mail I do secret sister swap monthly. This time my package arrived Madrid spain. My favor is post card with pretty flower and I mailing it off to my friend Quenella. Plus I got some other stuff such as color pens.

I did some de-cluttering. Put my paints away from my last project. Not sure what craft project I'll move on towards.
But I still need to fine or get a large needle and whip stitch my swifter cover.
Murphy did a little bit of rottiling in garden today. More and more of my flowers are blooming.
We kept busy and had taco salad for dinner.

Coffee is on   

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Brain Is More Clear Earlier

Had something in mind what I want to post and I know it wasn't about the potato salad we had with our left over chicken.
Or about the ginger ale I bought. I bought a six pack of Henry Weinhard HARD SODA. Sure can taste the ginger but a bit sweet for me.
Sort of remind me of corn syrup.

Well I can tell a bit about my genealogy work I been doing. I was working on my dad side the Witherell. And now switch back to the Shirley side. My Mothers mother.
I guess we all can have our prejudice in our lives.
It seem this line is real prejudice do to economical. Those who have some means usual quite a bit versus those who don't.
It like searching two different family. Noble and the servants with the same surname.
I can't yet prove it but I believe they were Irish Immigrants who live in Philadelphia TENEMENT HOUSING

Yesterday we sure had the wind blew last night. Quite a bit of branches in our yard. One can see the flower bed below my window had a bit of roughness.

My friend LaWalla came back on the job. She had to quite for a while. Her mom died the first part of January and she due a small inheritance, which should pay off her credit cards.
But only that happens she will take most of Liz hours which is 15 a week.
LaWalla doesn't want to do any driving. so for Liz appointment I will take her.
What LaWalla would like to do once she pays off her credit card is to pay is to work two days a month.
So she could keep her account with the company. If you let laps to much. You'd have to fill out a application which is quite length.
Opinion time....The application one fills out for in home care our starting pay should be close to $20 an hour.
 Since my friend drives from Troy Mt I could complete understand not wanting to drive 34 miles and 5 out to Liz places. Let just say it 80 miles round trip.
A friend is letting her sleep out in the trailer so she doesn't need to drive back to Troy. She'll do her 15 hour shift in two days.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Now What Is To Be Thought Of.

It been a while since I had a change to post. Finish up the mask and now need to hang it. The spot been picked. But the method hasn't been.

I was ask why I'm not going to open the ceramic shop until I'm 60. Maybe I'm a little nervous about doing a cottage type of business. Ceramic isn't something a person needs. Food, water, clothing, and shelter is what all of human needs.
Some may want to debate me  on the clothing bit.
Having a ceramic shop I figure from day to day the income from it could be so sporadically. I figure weekly income off the ceramic shop would be about $100 to $200, gross income.
 So I need to bring in a study pay check.
We could live on Murphy social security if over load my pockets with rabbit foots.

Took Regis to have his physical in Sandpoint. He couldn't fine a doctor in Bonners Ferry simple they didn't want to deal with his medicine that deals with his mental illness. Plus he takes MARINOL and when he takes a urine analyze and it comes up showing THC and they can't detected if it from smoking marijuana or the marinol.
His physical came out ok so far. He still need to do his blood work. The doctor is checking about getting his PANCREAS look at either by a scope of a ultrasound. His pancreas was deform since he was in the womb.

But like most of my client his diet is awful and very little nutrition to it. I won't at this time get on my soap box and tell you that there choice in food is contributing to there health troubles.
His main diet is milk shake.

My eating habit isn't perfect but I don't live on shakes. Breakfast 2 eggs, bacon, and potatoes, lunch I couldn't finish it but I pack cottage cheese and tomatoes, gram crackers, and peanuts.
I was complaining about my client milk shakes. I thought the vampire was going to take some blood and he needed to be fasting so I bought him and I a shake, chocolate that is.
Dinner was pork chop and part of it going with me in my lunch. Peas and oven fries.

I picked up the reader a more of PROGRESSIVE paper to read about our candidates running for public office.
I have to say I'm a little disappointment that they didn't have any of our candidates for a county commissioner race. Donna Capurso and Walt Kirby. Plus we have a three way race for sheriff. These group of candidate is running on the Republican ticket.
This time around I change my voting status to a democratic so I could vote for SANDERS. To find out I could stay register as Republican and voted for Sanders anyhow.
Idaho isn't known as a progressive state. Seen a few bumper stickers reading "There no difference between a progressive liberal and a communist.
Usual in the primary I try to vote against the far right wing of the republican party. Which isn't many as you can see by this ARTICLE. That there might be only one reasonable Republican Candidate SHAWN KEOUGH 
This year I'm voting policy.
It would be nice if we send anther moderate or a more progressive leaning candidate down to Boise to represent us.
But I don't have much faith in it.

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