Monday, November 18, 2019

Today Is Friday November 18, This Is What Happen

Need to continue a little bit more about convention and conference. Maybe I didn't use the correct term on learning where bloggers community may gather.
I've looked at what one would call professional blogs. Statement time...It seem that there was so many ads and pop us it became frustrated to deal with. No thank you.
I have no ideal who any of these people are at the BLOGOSPHERE AWARDS
But there two reason why I blog is for thearpy and fun. Not saying I'm still not interesting possible putting and ad below my post. Or other things on my blog.
But I don't want to write product reviews. Not sayin I wouln't mention some product I been please with. Or something that totally awful.
Plus going back and reading some my old blog post I do see some spelling, grammer, and punctuation errors
I now ran into term "Blog Festival" and I understand what a festival is.
A short video on BLOG AWARDS

Work day for me. I seam to be stuggling with seasonal depression a little more this year. I was real doing good on keeping track of what I ate. Now I'm hit and miss with it.
I looked up out window around 4:20 our time and sun was complete down. Plus last week or so it been over cast.
Tuesday it spose to clear off and we to have blue sky.

Help around the place today.

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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Today Is Thursday November 17, This What Happen

One of my cousin went Hamburg Germany for Podcast CONVENTION and I have wonder at times about meeting the people who I meant though social media.
So I search google using these terms. "Social Media Convention" "Social Media Conference" and "Social Media Gathering"
Confession time...I have always want to go to some type BLOGGER DO HICKEY  
But I always consider my blog a "Hodge Podge" But by this I would be LIFE STYLE BLOGGER or possible place were small community BLOGGER
Seattle would be closes town with any population, 724,745 and Spokane is about a two hour drive or 103 miles. And Spokane population 217,108
Question time...What is your town population like? I like between two towns the one south of me is Naples Idaho, population I would guess it would be some where between 250 and 500. And it a UNINCORPORATED
Bonners Ferry is to the North and it population is 2,595
The county population is 11.922. We have very little diversity here. White population is over 90% and lease population is black or African American less then 1%

This afternoon Murphy and I went behind the forest service. A great place to explore. I found quite few what I would call great rocks to paint on. Confession time...I can't even get items I have in my home organized.
Watch the train go by, the crew waved. First engine was of the Canadian Pacific and the other two were the Union Pacific. My dad retired off the Union Pacific. The train run from Spokane up past Bonners Ferry was known as 8 and 9 run.
I just don't get some people. Why some people litter. This could be great place to find some trash to do TRASH ART I sure wouldn't go bare footed.

I been told and not sure if true of not. At one time this was an old powder shed. A place they kept dynamite. 
There is some private property out here. But I would guess most of it would be part of the KOOTENAI REFUGE well just on the other side of Deep Creek.
Anther week done. Almost an A plus when came to checking of "me" Saturday my book was in car and I was to lazy to go out and get it.
It amazing what one can get done in 15 minutes.
Start to date and organize my bullet journal for 2020. Figured out the lay out only. This new one should last until June.
So glad I have white out.

Last some how I stumbled back on to Social Blade. It rate your twitter and you tube channel. Well I moved up grade wise. I was d and now I'm c minus. 
Planning to have a video done for the up coming two Saturday, 23 and 30

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Today Is Saturday November 16, This Is What Happen

Took a lactose pill the other day, so I can enjoy a little diary. I give those pill about c minus rating. I sure would count on them. I thought I would of been up slightly. The other day I went over my calorie allowance, and a few times this week I been getting my poles walk in.

The other day I posted about cousin of mine trying to raise funds for his candy adventure. I feel it not right to ask for donation, that I haven't contribute to. Yesterday I donate.
Now I am asking with kindness if anyone out there could donate to TRAVIS' HANDMADE CANDY. But sharing his go fund me page, though social media would be greatly appreciated.

Bought airline tickets to fly down to Medford Oregon, to have Christmas with Sawyer. But actual we will be celebrating with them on the 26th. Flying out of Spokane on Christmas day. It quite bit cheaper flying that day.

Worked a little bit sitting up my next year budget. Figuring the tax part and how much I need to hold out from each check. Company I work for uses K1 TAX FORM.
Then anther hold back out of check I need is those non monthly bills. And my charitable giving.

A little later Murphy and I are going over to Liz to celebrate her 60 birthday. We will swing by and pick up Regis.
He got her a art set and I got her some new scissors and washi tape. Well I did invite a few of her friends to come.
I will get some cup cakes. It pretty small gathering, something like 3 to 6 people.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Today Is Thursday November 14, This What Happen

I sat goal, which in that I would be coming a better person. I was letting facebook control my emotions to much. To spend less time there. They way I plan to this is to decrease my activity there. I was on my page either liking, posting and or sharing about 90 items.
So I want to cut out by 25% which leaves me about 78 post a week. Well this week look like I only done 11 what ever on facebook.
Came to conclusion less time on facebook less stress.

Work is pretty much boring. Or I would look at as uneventful. I just don't get Liz at time, and I known a few others in my life time.
Just sits and sits. I know this time of year can be hard. The sun is in low Southern sky and we're only having 9 hours and 15 minutes of light.
Seasonal depression can be hard for some. I have stuggle but I make sure I get outside.
When I took Regis to his appointment I went for a walk.

My daily tweet....Plan A Plan B Combine the two together and come up with Plan C. It drives me nut when people who do not plan.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Today Is Wednesday November 13, This Is What Happen

On any social media account I have I do appreciate any comment. It feels to me like a conversation. But on the hand, there no human vibes from it.
Won't every be to old to LEARN NEW THINGS But blogging is still my favor. Planning to do anther VLOG on the 23 and the 30 this month.

One of my cousin is trying to get his foot under him, and start a candy business. He has a go fund me page and if you could be kind enough to DONATE. If you can't or won't donate for what every reason. Could you please share his request for a start up on candy business.

I know I won't be covering everything in today healthily life in this blog post. But this morning I had  2 scrambled eggs, and best in selenium and riboflavin. But my concern is calcium if that I do get enough, since I am lactose intolerance.
And also I had 2 pieces of bacon and blue berry bagel with margarine.
I didn't want to make an excuse why I didn't walk down to the third power line. Instead I got on the tread mill, and did some time there.

Tuesday and Wednesday is what I call my naughty day. And today I share with my hubby anther SEATTLE CHOCOLATE.

I was in one of our local grocery store and in holiday section they had some advent calendar out. Not sure if pagans have anything close to the advent season or not.
But I know the heavy duty Christians, Santa gives them the heebie jeebies. I took care one of them as personal care giver. Statement time....They have been the worst to take care of in my experience. 
Plus one could find it some what humorous 
When wrapping gifts and if paper had word Santa Clause, St Nicholas, St Nick, Kris Kringle, Pelznickle. I would have to some how make sure the entire words I just listed didn't show up. I got real good at wrapping.
Anyhow I picked three advent calendar for Grand daughters.

Regis and I went to a thrift store. I know he picked up some toy like items. Me I was real careful the items I got. Because I don't need to add to my clutter.
I have collection of snow people that I put out for Christmas, so I look around and only seen one. Which I wasn't impress with.
But I did get a full tube of wrapping paper for thirty nine cent. And I went though the holiday cards. I usual send out Snow people or the Magi ones.
If you want a card from me, e mail me. Which will be limited to dozen wonderful people.

Editor Note....I have pay check I need to deposit and then I will be donate to Travis Candy adventure. 

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Today Is Wednesday November 12, This Is What Happen

I decided to do vlog instead of blog. Talk about weight lost, self esteem, socialism, one payer medical system and being fit.
Confession time...I am not comfortble doing vlogs, but I am trying. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Today Is Monday November 11, This What Happen

Not a big choice. I figure I would share the quilt exhibits they had at MAC it wasn't all that big. But they had some interesting displays.

The quilts now days are usual quite expensive to make. If you purchase decent quality fabrics. Now most quilts are made from cotton.
Not saying people didn't purchase fabrics for quilts, those who did had the discretionary income. Usual most quilts came from in today term would be upcycling and recycle.
But also quilts should tell a story. By adding all sort of embellishment. Anther word these quilts might be known as crazy quilts.
This quilt here is a new version of a so called crazy quilt. This one has all sort of pocket like things to contain items in.
The first photo above is some toy cars and the one just below, looks like bungee cord. And what I would called secret little hidden department though out the quilt.
This is full look of the newer version of a crazy quilt. Sorry the photo isn't what I was hoping for.

Hubby notice the sky was had a strong pinkish tint. Most of leaves are pretty much gone. The big popular tree in front is still slowly using it leaves.
Did get take a walk. My goal was to walk up to the third power line pole. End of road and on to the next one is two power line pole. I really didn't want to walk up to the next one. But I did.

I keep track of all eat. One thing I had today for lunch was tuna fish sandwich, and I add a chop up radish, green, and dill pickle.

I like to thank all fine people who is serving now and in past. Happy Veteran day.