Friday, May 29, 2020

Today Is Friday May 29 2020, This Is What Happen

Just finished up brief little bit of genealogy. Now I wish listen to family stories. I was once told by my parents, not sure which one of my parents told me about it.
But my dad grew up in Southwest corner of Michigan. There were this couple and when they went to bed. She would stick big butch knife under her pillow. And say to her husband..."This is your night" and they went to sleep, and it been told if she didn't put the knife under the pillow. He would worried.
Both of my parternal grandparents were married and divorce. Brought in children from there first spouse.
So my Step Grandfather Rolfe Wells got divorce from his wife Daisy Furman, and reason for divorce was cruelity. This happen in early 1900. Wonder what was consider cruel back then.
I sort questioning if this was same Daisy my dad was scared of.

I am tired not as tired as yesterday. Not sure what I will be doing over the weekend. If I could have same social security income as my husband at 62 I wouldn't hesitate at all. But that not happening.

Not sure what will be doing this weekend. I know I need to get my car clean out, again.

Last night also I was tired and I was trying to learn about HOLOGRAPHIC. Over on You Tube I watch a few holographic of Holocaust survivors. The interaction with hologram was quite interesting.
But I look for holgram stories of other times in our past, Baby Boomer, Great Depression and other times in past. I found stories but nothing in hologram.
Opinion time...It should be required in future every high school should read, listen or watch some non famous person, and do class assignment of some sort.
This would be a good way to learn about the human spirit.

I am still looking for people to ask me question for possible up coming video or blog post. So ask away.
I did get package, depending on the weather I might do unboxing this weekend.

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thursday May 28 2020, This Is What Happen

I am tired and hope to have a little more done in the creative area. Well I don't.

I am thinking in sleep brain state, on an ideal I have. Those few you tube video I have done. I been thinking of adding a question and answer to beginning or end of each video.
Or might even use it in post.
In comment section ask me question....

I been getting in my walks.

This is going to be it for tonight...
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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tuesday May 26 2020, This is What Happen

Had my physical and my lab work form my blood work was excellent. Only one minor thing was slightly off was my CREATININE, and my result number was 0.55 and the normal range should be 0.57 to 1.00 scale.
She wasn't to worried. I brought up the swelling and she exam my legs and thought I wasn't holding all that much fluid. Then I mention I didn't perspiration like I see other people, I seen people drench with sweat.
She say some people don't sweat and some do. I have to say I pee a lot. My ears as I got older seem to build up wax and it dry out. Suggest I soak a cotton ball in mineral oil for about half hour to soft the wax and work it out.
Then last thing she suggest, that I should take a walk several time a week.

I iron some fabric to make some mask. A little while ago I bought some Muslim and I still wash out all my fabrics I buy. Not sure if I am from old school or what. When I was younger you washed fabric you bought. Now they say you don't need to. Just recently I was about to iron out some wrinkles. So I place sink full of water and sense the fabric was to wet. I place of railing out on deck, guess what one of blues leaked on to anther piece of fabric.
Recently I saw a quilt made of work clothing. and everyday life, and these fabrics would have all kinds of stains from food, dirt, grease, paint and such.

Regis is getting out of the hospital tomorrow and they will drive him back to Bonners Ferry. Confession time...I am little nervous of my reaction of seeing the burn damage. I learn on job there certain reaction are ok and others are not.
I once took care of lady who had both her boobs removed. I could feel a strange look coming over my face. She never react back because of my reaction to her.

Morning weigh in wasn't what I want to be. I weigh in at 204.4 I am up 1.2 pounds. Now let just look at three brief facts on my healthy life style journey
1. My daily average calorie count this last week was...1966, and my goal is to have daily average calorie count of 1600 to 1800
2. Most of my fat calories come from monounsaturated fats 316 calories
3.Then there those carb calories 748
I understand or see percentage better.

Sharing four more photo of my walk game reserve on Monday.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Monday May 25 2020, This Is What Happen

Not sure how long this post may or not be. I went to the game reserve and thought this time I would share some photo I took today.

I was asked what happen with Regis. I haven't talk to him and I talk to the duty nurse at desk. He off ventilator.
But as what I can gather he was cleaning up his mess with some type of solvent and some how it ignited. Didn't see any matches, lighter, or sign of anything that would make spark. And his ashtray is in living room.
I mention about ventilation to him. See Regis has an arrogont side to him and don't take good solid advice.
I mention when weather is nice that you could take your crafts outside. And most of last week it was pouring rain. I should also said. Open the kitchen window, your slider, and one other window.
Well I am going to call him and see how he doing. I want him to recovery and best way is to rest.

So now I am working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We will be fine. This is practicing when both Murphy and I each are drawing our social security check.

Today Liz and I went out for lunch. We both had french dip and on my dip I had fried onion and mushroom add, nice touch to it. Actual I like that way better, then just plain.
I didn't have starch a small dish of coleslaw.
Liz had the fries.
This isn't the complete story of eating out.
The table was spread far enough a part and the serving staff stayed there distance, although no mask.
This place served alcohol. A guy with no mask comes in and has a fire arm on his side. Gun and alcohol some isn't a good combo.
But there people who will pack a gun but won't wear a mask.
Couldn't say anything wrong with his behavior. Actual his behavior was top notch as everyone there was. Ok one lady seem to be having some drama moments. But never mind to it, none of my business either.
Angry is word I need to use on my feeling. Not quite in raged. We haven't yet had much covid 19 here in North Idaho, and none in my county.
My educated guess about 10% population at anytime wears a mask. Because I feel others are putting me endanger. There a lot of things I feel unsafe at. I am more a were of my environment. If a store look crowded I won't enter and because knowing the odds are only few have mask on.
I'm not going back to my weight lost group T.O.P.S. as the virus is still alive an well. I seen a few of our members out and about, no mask on.
I would love to go visit my sons, and when traveling I would be glad to wear a mask and follow the CDC guide lines.
But when I see a large percentage of people out and about. I feel there putting a damper on my life. And my freedom to be out and about. Now they think like 35 % OF POPULATION IS ASYMPTOMATIC
I have no symptoms of Covid, but I can't make the statement of not being asymptomatic on covid. I could be walking covid bomb. Main reason I wear a mask so I can protect you. I wish more people would protect me.

After work I did a little more organizing on my fabric.

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

If I didn't snack my calorie count would be ok, and with in goal. So if I left these foods out of my diet...Peanut butter, toast, apple, candy, filbert, wheat thins, and filbert, a total of 571 calorie or even if I just ate half the 571 calorie. I would be between my goal of 1,600 and 1,800 calories.

I did get a chance to do some fabric sorting and organization. I decided hang fabric and let it dry a little. I got it drench and usual the wind here will moister out.

It was lovely day, so decided to set up my iron out on the deck.

Regis had an accident and got burn and end up at burn unit, HABOR VIEW and he end up with mainly 1st and 2nd degree burns, on his one arm, not sure which one. On his throat and chest. But from chemicals he got some internal burns in his throat, which was there main concern.

Sawyer called and I found out. He and wife have a squatter took over one of there rentals. His old renters let someone else move in, and had them fill out a renter application. And lied on it. So they told them they weren't interesting in renting and need to leave the premises. And they told him they weren't going to leave.
So now my son and his wife will have to take them to court. Since the covid it look like it will be six months or longer for they can get a court date.
Now there worry how much damage they will do. Plus squatter have done this before and knows the laws dealing with rentals and such.

My check will be down half. I mention to hubby we get practice living on social security. I figure his and my check will be about what we will retire on.

I finely did some editing on my last VIDEO

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Saturday May 23 2020, This Is What Happen

Might as well tell you about our trip into town. Oh nothing happen. We, as husband and I load up trash can and had to drive though town, the dump or land field is up on North side of Bonners Ferry. There were 2 transfer station a lot closer. There closed and some says it's because of the Covid 19 and other say it because of budget.
Thankful we didn't loose any trash.
On the way back we stop in at the gas station to get some non ethanol gas for lawn more and such. Next stop was auto supplies store. I need a battery for my fitbit and got wind shield wiper for car. 
Store just look to crowed.
Oh, Yes and on way though and back. Passed the local farmers market. Looked fairly crowed and what we could see passing buy no one had mask on.

Most of yard is mowed and did load of laundry. Hung it out to dry. My dryer went out and order a new one. There on back order until middle of June.

If your wondering why I am posting a bunch of people setting in a small church. As you might notice no one has mask on.
There here to listen to our state representative "Heather Scott" and if you want to know about her google "Heather Scott of North Idaho" and I am sure there will be plenty on her. She and lawyer  been having gatherings all over North Idaho. And calling the gathering "The Virus That Tried To Kill Our Constitution and What We Can Do About it" There is a photo of faces Editor Note...I decided not to post it... of those who attend, and someone did make a video of it. Although I never heard it. I actual know one person in crowed. I notice the lack of mask and hubby notice lack of teeth. I also heard that there was even people out side listening.

Hubby needs help with dinner. 

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday May 22 2020, This Is What Happen

Work day was quite and got my client set up for the weekend. Not sure what going on for weekend I wouldn't mind going up into the mountains.

Up two/tens of pound. I know the basic in losing weight. The question do I do it. Well some time but I need to be more consistent. The term should be "LOT MORE"

I went to the dentist. Here the report I have cracked filling, and some cavity. So that not entire picture. My upper teeth on left shift and making it difficult to floss. Dentist suggest I get a water pick. I found one over on amazon I like.
Also had fasting blood draw. So Tuesday is my yearly physical

I been looking for mystery box fabric for under 25.00. I real don't need fabric or anything else. So far I've heard of them and seen on you tube.
I sort of came to my sense. I didn't order a mystery box of fabric. I got mystery box of art stuff. Sound like a unboxing video

I didn't get a chance to do anything for PPF Hope some of you get chance to look at the talent artist.

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