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Friday, February 17, 2017

Go On And On About Life

This week card is nine of pentacles which is ABUNDANCE I'm so guilty of going on and on what wrong with the world, and my life.
But actual I got plenty of....love, hope, dreams, kindness, wisdom, happiness, joy, friends, and such.
I grumble and grip about not being able to have a ceramic shop at present tense.
But I have the situation at later date to have one. Because I can dip into my private retirement account. It's nothing big but it could get me in the door. Having Abundance of my ceramic supplies I won't need to purchase all that much...no pour table, no kilns, and no molds.
Confession time...Some time it seem so far way of that dream.

There people who cares enough to donate to MS DAISY fund, and I thank them for there generosity of giving.
First time for while now I did get chance to toss her red ball down the county road, after work

Pretty much clear day and had chance to take a short walk. Park at Lutheran church and walk down to the next street corner and back.
Such a short walk, and I was feeling it in muscle and joints

Naughty food...2 cookies and that not quite tree. I did have an extra.
4 little valentine candy with those saying....such...Be Mine
Breakfast...bacon, toast, and eggs
Lunch...tomato soup with basil, and roll.
Dinner...chicken, potato and green salad
Good food...Apple

Work day and my weeks over.
So Sunday Alice and I are going over to Troy. That's where we're taking our quilting class at. And it gives me a good chance to see LaWalla. She burn her self real bad and for the last week and little more she have to go over to Libby Montana to have burn dressing change. Plus scrape away the dead skin.
She been driving over there every day. Now she has the weekend off but return on Tuesday.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Experience More or Less

History or things from the past been an interest for me. Not necessary those who are famous. Try googling famous and a whole bunch comes up.
Some of us will leave a bigger mark on this world then other.
Doing my family history I know my dad was married 3 times once a short time to a lady name Anna Bleazby on 25 October 1924 and was killed at road crossing on 25th of January 1925, by a train.
I only can feel pain for my father for what he could of possible went though. More I learn about his life. If it was happen now he would of been in therapist. But my dad dealt with things by drinking booze.
Before that his own dad Clarence my grandfather abandoned his family, so she got a divorce on the ground of desertion.

Anna was just 20 when she died. It got me wonder what she hadn't experience in her life. And even my life.
The list could go on and on.
Let see the ten things I yet haven't experience and would like to...fly over an ocean, eat at Maison Pic,  go up in world one bi plane, be in marathon even if I walk it, get tattoo, have something I make be in a show, be weight less, be able to actual travel though a time machine, and make a public speech.
I know these even sound out rages at my age.

The other day I was ask if I was going to have my ceramic shop this up coming year. I have to live in the real world. It plain and simple I can't gamble on a business that doesn't have a study income.
Looking back and not worth crying over spilled milk...Murphy and I with the boys should of left the area for a better job...Most Murphy and my married life he or I made never over $13.00 and hour. So his social security is $669 a month.
People around here who have the $1,000 or more from social security usual came from some place else.

I've complain about doing in home care. Mainly the way it set up. It pays to keep everyone dysfunctional....But my current clients as human I don't have to many grumbles about. To live with little bit of  stress we need bring in an extra $586...If I could be sure I could clear $800 a month profit being  ceramic owner.
My in-home care statics would change, not sure how but I know I wouldn't be working 30 hours a week.

Still collecting donation for Ms Daisy and her teeth cleaning there is a link on right hand side "Daisy teeth cleaning"
But each pay check I've been sticking $20 in daisy can, and the anther $20 for my ceramics.

Naughty food...To many cookies, and ding dong.
Breakfast....potatoes and eggs
dinner...pork chops, mac n cheese, and green beans.
Good food...toast with peanut butter.

There so much I still want to try in my life....Question time...What do you want to try in life or experience?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Great Mop Battle

I wouldn't use the word "war" but I would use the term "Mop Battle"
Murphy want to get a mop which we needed for a time.
My only request was not to get sponge mop. They just gross me out, and if there not change after the third use. I figure your just spreading guk and germs about.

Now here comes the trouble he got an O' Cedar twist mop. Not even though my first use it broke. As I was  a few times put the end kept popping off. small.
Second complaint..."Your force to buy a new mop head" Me personal I would of taken it back to the store and either got my money back or a new mop.
It has a cheap plastic zip tie. That once you gotten it over the mop handle you pull tight and cut.
But this set my temper a blazing.
When Murphy made the comment "I bet you never swept the floor"
My comment was brief and to the point....%u*( @ou Murphy your sounding like my %u*(i+ dad. He so much jump to conclusion before he had the facts.
Well I can tell my hubby to %u*i> off. I wouldn't ever spoke to my parents that way.

Didn't make it to Liz housing appointment today. This morning the weather kept talking about freezing rain. Which means possible icy road.
She made anther appointment after I get back form Oregon.
So I ask if she had a chance to talk to her therapist on how to tell Regis about her hubby. She has to use these two words  "Husband" and "relationship" when she tells him.
I just wish she would get it over with. It like pulling off a band aide slow and painful.

On the way home from work I was sure thinking about a getting a cookie or candy bar from the Naples General Store.
I didn't stop. I recall I promise my self I would only eat big naughty food on Tuesday.
Breakfast...BLT Sandwich
Lunch (first lunch) bowl of cheerios with strawberries and second lunch peanut butter sandwich with banana and brown rice syrup.
Dinner...chicken, rice, and beets.
good snack...plain popcorn.

Still seek donation and remember I've match all donation for Ms Daisy. There is a link on the right hand side of this blog called "Daisy teeth cleaning"

Our utilities company  NORTHERN LIGHTS been going around replacing light bulbs with LED lights, for free. They took out the old bulbs and not sure what we had but it was those twist ones. We had 21 replace. Two water effected shower heads. I have to say I'm not all that impress with them.
And a new fancy power strips.
Not sure what we will save. It won't be until April tell we get the entire picture.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Only Spring Here Is Not Looking Out Your Window

Did two cards  up.I send cards though snail mail. Does any one recall having pen pals? Decided to send some spring like cards to two of my pen pals one in Michigan and the other in Oregon.

I under state late on Wednesday quite a bit of rain is coming this way. Snow could shrink quite fast. But then there could be flash floods.

Weigh happen today. Maintain!!! After I list what I had then I'm going to tell you what hopeful my simple plans to get this weight off.
Breakfast....BLT sandwich.
Lunch....Kale and potato soup
Dinner...ground beef patty, with potato and Mushroom gravy. Also Carrots
Good food...Apple
Naughty food...Italian Cream Cake.
So here is my plans or the area I need to work on. Those bad habits.
Let take the naughty food. Everyone loves them but they all ways don't love you back.
So one day week Tuesday after weigh in. I'm going to allow my self and extra bit of naughty food.
Not saying I won't have naughty food. But I sure can be more aware what I stick in my mouth.
Two other places I fall short is my water consumption and general movement.
Now I need a plan on what to do. In every since of word. I sure not going to do a marathon of any type.
But I sure could increase my steps up to over 6000 daily. Actual my daily steps are about 4,000 steps. Some day more or less.
Not big fan of cold water. If it heat I do much better.

Talking about weight lost. Confession time...I never been a fan of shopping. Mostly clothing it actual makes me depress to the point of crying.
But I dream what it would be like to wear a size 12. So I will look at all the size 12. Usual in the thrift store. Those place you fine the coolest stuff.
Even being over weight I have curves. Take my top half...tops...well here what goes on if I can get the shoulder to fit then if it blouse I can't button it across the boobs.
Well then it fits though the boobs and then it so big in the shoulder. It looks like I could put on the foot ball shoulder pads and be line man for a pro football team.
Now for length of me. I have short legs. No I don't have those long model legs. But for pant length I take a small or a petite. But I stand 5'6.
So I have a good size booty.
When it comes to pants. If I can get over my hips then at time it so big in the waist area.
It seem like woman who should be wearing long legs pants must have bigger booties. I've tried on those pants and I could use them as flippers there so much longer then my feet even.

I would be horrified to wear any of these piece. I would be so afraid  I would fall out. I have no desire to show off any of my boobs.
Mostly men when I feel there just looking at my boobs and not who I am. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Like I have no thought or opinion.

If I have to try on clothes. I will only take six or less items. Usual I can only handle the disappointment of three items. The odds are those three piece won't fit me. If I take in three or more and none fit me. I become horrible depressed.
To there tears in my eyes

Still got Daisy page set up there a link on the right hand side of blog, Daisy teeth cleaning. taking Liz for her appointment with HUD.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Wagon Wheel Might Be Fix

Breakfast....steal cut oats, banana, and raisins
Lunch....cheese sandwich, and chicken leg
Dinner....pork chops, mac n cheese, and salad with ranch dressing.
naughty food...pepperoni stick
good food...apple

Since my cold is over 95% gone I put on my cleats. Drove to Bonners Ferry park in Larson Parking lot. Decide to walk down the ally though our little town sq the uare. Believe it called Georgia Mae Plaza.

Mostly the whitish wall I thought it would be great place to put a mural. The building up for sale. Once it was a place to buy stationary like items.
With computer and all that now. It was a good little place to get a few stickers, color markers. and such.
The owner just want to retire.
But now I see the building is up for sale, and listing price is $150,000.

The other side would be possible anther place to put a mural. But me personal I like the bricks. I just can't picture any type of mural there.

Work went well. This morning I went down to Liz and she doing fine. Briefly talk about Regis and she going to talk to her Therapist about how to approach the subject. Which will be Tuesday afternoon.
The last thing is anyone ought to be made a fool of..

See Regis is INFATUATED with Liz. I'm even affraid he might even harm him self.
Hopeful her therapist can get a handle on it.
So later on in day I went over to Regis we went shopping and I sort though his jeans.

The other day I wash Daisy stuff elephant which she wasn't please. But still have a Go Fund me account it on the right hand side of blog, "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

Weigh in tomorrow morning. As for past week I felt like I did pretty good. Hate to say it but being sick help.
I can only take things like benadryl for a short time. Usual I end up with up set stomach and diarrhea.
No fun!!!
So having that sick spell I still believe I did ok.
If I keep this focus on my health I should loosing weight or a lease feel better.

Start to cut out some more strips of aqua for the locker hook rug I been working on.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Now I'm Heniz 57 today

Year older and I did a BIRTHDAY LAY OUT out with the tarot cards. Not going though the entire reading.
But my first card I got was the tower which means possible upheaval and or change. By your choice and some time not.
Although since Liz Hubby return on the scene. I often wonder what my job future with her is.
Wednesday I'll be taking her to Courd'Alene to see them about SECTION 8 and or maybe some other housing programs.
Not sure how easy it will be to fine a place here that except section 8.

A single wide mobile home here will rent for $400 to $500. If it under $300 usual you'll make it utilities.
Then if it over $500 it been well kept and it might even be more energy efficient.
But the people I've taken care there income is about $750.
Right now Liz pays $400 for her cabin rent, and her utilities runs I would say $150 a month. So that gives her $150 to cover the rest of monthly living.
So once she gets help on her rent, and get back on SNAP which will help her a lot.

Question time...I wonder if Liz would be better off in anther community?  The reason there not much here for the low income, except people here will help each other out. Or the large community has better service.
So with the tower usual something will happen.

I been mainly working on my mom mother side the Shirley. But a lot of info been popping up on my 2nd great uncle Theodore. Found out he had his last child a girl born in Michigan. Her name was Jeannie well she married a guy by the last name of Hickox. But what I find interesting that one of the witness was William Witherell. Now I'm curious who this William Witherell is.
This is taking place in southwest corner of state of Michigan.
Haven't yet ran into first cousin marrying yet.
Like Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who was first cousin.

Off to watch Victoria.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Snow Holes

Not sure what these are actual called. But I been using the term “Snow Holes” most of our snow been white fluffy stuff, which is dry and very little water content.
But we had a short spell of sleet a frozen rain and our snow became heavy. I believe the add weight made the snow collapse though out.
But I wish I knew the correct term for it.

Today at work I spend it with Regis. I usual don't work the weekend. But it was a good choice I took off the three day I did. But it going to hurt my pay check.
Well my check came and it was a little better then I thought.

So I match the donation I receive for Daisy. I'm raising money to have her teeth clean. There is a link on right hand side of my blog, “Daisy Teeth Cleaning”

But being Sick and awful weather I was going to Oregon the last of the month. But how things are working out we'll try to go first part of March.

It been a while since Regis been out. So he and I went to library in Sandpoint. Then I treat him to some goodies.
We went over to PINE STREET BAKERY I been to this place a few times in past.

 Lots of pastries to choose from and I would like to try everyone. Knowing it would take a while. Since I don't get end there all that much.
We both had coffee. Regis had almond croissant.
Then I had as shown in photo above. I believe the bar is called a “Dream Bar” and the pink little cookies I just can't recall them.
Saw sign they offer gluten free items. 

The place is in older home. Which isn't easy for those who are disabled because the bathroom is up stairs.
Plus the coffee a bit strong and had to add creamer to mine. I usual drink my coffee black. For the three pastries and 2 coffee. It came to little over $10. Then I place and $1 in the tip basket.

But I find it nice place to enjoy company of your friends.

Remember Liz husband showed up. Well Regis doesn't know but he doesn't know that her husband showed up.
Legally Liz and Regis are Ex In-laws. Regis was once married to Liz Sister.
Regis is in lot of way over protective, possessive, and controlling with Liz.
I know Regis will not be happy with Liz hubby being in town. It doesn't matter who Liz has he isn't going to like
So I suggest she talk to her Therapist about how to let Regis know about it. I'm not worried about Regis hurting either Liz or husband.
But harming him self.
Sooner or later he needs to know the truth. Confession time...I know it not good to keep this from Regis, but I don't have the tools to approach Regis about it.  
So Regis did get laugh at this sign.

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