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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ask and Seek

I've usual have an accounting handle the taxes. I believe I need to contact an lawyer about setting up certain legealities for hubby and I. Doing in home care and seeing life in general.
Believe me I've seen all sort of things when it comes to politics of families, including both of ours.
As I speak right now. I would say both sons would be fair about dividing up the property, Then also I don't believe either one of my sons would just put me in nursing home.
but who know what the future brings. So I need to be protected on such things.

Calorie count still under by 247. Sort of hungry at this time. This past week my calories I want to keep them right round 1997 and next week I'm taking it down by 25 which leaves me at 1972.
First part of May I will either keep track of my water intake or my activies.
Question time...Out of water in take or activies which do you think is more important.

I've been thinking what all I want to put in my "bullet Journal" and one thing I want to put in is a budget or a financial tracker.
I've heard people say...I don't have much money and there no need to budget.
So today I made up an budget. I've learn there sort of three catagory you place money...Needs, future, and wants.
I'm going to try to eat on what the maxium food stamps or now know as snap which lower income people get.
For two people now it's $360 a month or $90 a week. This is what I'm planning to eat on.
Which doesn't include hygiene products but most states has an there own disabilty funds. Idaho max is $75 a month and I'm going to try to get our hygiene product with that amount.
I know to quilify for food stamps one needs to be almost destitute. But I wonder if I can feed the two of on $360 a month.
Couple more things or goals I want to put in. One thing for sure I need to get my paper clutter on control.
Like all of us something is learn as we goal.

Murphy and I went to the dump today.
Early afternoon I went to druming circle. Next Saturday I'm going to a BELTANE celebration and it out in MEDICAL LAKE WASHINGTON
One thing since Liz been gone for all most the entire month of April and my hours been cut in half. Actual now we're starting to  feel it financially. But nothing to serious, kept all the bills up to date.
But she coming back on the 29th and we will have a little more breathing room.
Still willing to match "Daisy Teeth Cleaning funds" up to $50. If anyone want to donate there is a link on the right hand side of the blog..."Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

two thing I been worked on is the locker hook rug. Still need to get photos up...darn photo issue....And some family history still trying to find my second great grand dad on my mom side John Shirley and his wife Hannah (Ross) Shirley in 1850 census in Philadelphia.
But I've ran into quite a bit of info on the Trefry. My 2nd great grandfather Russel Trefry on my dad side had 19 children. And his dad William had 16 children.
It got me wondering after a hard day of working the farm and there wasn't no medicine for ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION and still they brought forth off spring, back in day.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trying To Think What To Post

I know I should have will. But what worries me more then what will happen to odds and ends I have. Is living in a destitute situation as I'm become old.
Doing home care I've seen people sign there home over to the state of Idaho, so they can get there medical needs taking care of.
I've seen the hurt and anguish.
I believe there legal ways around it. But I'm not sure what they are.

So today we went down to the Spokane Valley to an memorial service for Murphy cousin Harold. Now my husband is oldest of his cousin.
Me, a lot would have die off. On my mom side my  grandparents had 28 grandchildren and I'm #24.
We stop at Bart and I knew he would been gone. Him and his father in law went for a ride I believe in by LAKE COEUR ALENE.
The reason we stop was drop off a packages for Claudia and Murphy want so metal cut.

A few minor stop only thing Murphy and bought was a pad carpet for by the sink. Standing bothers Murphy, and hand held can opener.
I guess this is a good enough place to put in a link for DAISY TEETH CLEANING. Remember I match all donation up to $50.
Murphy and I just finish up pruning the raspberries.
Last thing I should mention is my mother first cousin Jim died on the 18th of this month. No obit yet for him.
I have to wonder how much angry his daughter have toward him. He tend to be-little his 3 children and didn't real support his children.
I've experience being be-little from My dad. But my dad did support his family.

I decided I'm going to try BULLET JOURNAL been reading and watching you tube and I can see how it could cut back on my paper clutter.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

That Not The Issue.

I just tried the other dew hickey about loading photos up my lab top. "Houston We Still Have an Issue".
See my speaker works in all of my usb ports. Now I believe it a programing issue. I will need to find some one who can operate a computer programs like a whiz and that not me. Usual I make things a lot of worst.
I do miss sharing photos on my blog.

Took Regis to few yard sale. Both of had $5.00 I got more cards and necklace.
Later on in the afternoon I meant La Walla at under the sun. And we had some coffee. I got a cup of Mushroom soup.
Well the other day I said she didn't claim her inheritance.  So I suggest she see an accountant on the money.
 She liked my ideal of going to talk to an accountant on it.
$30,000 she got. One of her sister is the exactor and she isn't capable of handling the estate. She now placed in mental hospital.
That ole saying "Money Talks and Bull Shit Walks" at one time toward the end her mom became un-able to hand her affairs. See her mom was even trying to buy stocks and bonds she the doll.
So the family step and it became a big fight.
Not going into all the detail. What ended being a court battle for someone I'll assume is POWER OF ATTORNEY
My friend sister ended up with both P.O.A and executor of the trust.
When it comes to money she could spend to no end. And usual those who have the gold rules. Since she has money she is smart and handling the estate
Now what I seen with wills and trust. I wonder if it a waste of time. Confession time...I don't have a will.

Weigh in this morning and still at the same from T.O.P.S. Eating been going good trying to keep my calorie count around 1,997.
So next Sunday or Monday I will drop my calorie count down to 1,972. My goal is wean my self down to 1,800 calories.
Couple of things I haven't done with FITDAY is Activity log and my body measurement's.
But one thing I like is mood tracker. Not going into all of them but my stress level been 3 days neutral, 2 days stress, and 2 days of calm
Then the other one I will bring up now is the "Anger" 3 days Neutral and 2 days of peace.

The other day I became were of what I call a zen tracker.

I got all the require colors done on locker rug. Just in case your new here or haven't heard about it.
The coral, turquoise, and yellow is done. But now I'm working on the fill in colors.

Still doing my fund raiser for Ms Daisy and there is a link on the right hand side of blog just right below my complete profile...Things to click on "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
Now off to do dishes, balance the check book, and finish putting in dinner with fit day.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Never But That Not True

I was going to post that "I never committed fraud" which would be an un-true. If there a little of an excuse of fraud for me it would of to make one life more simple.
If I was going to rate my fraud active it would be eighth to quarter of inch on scale. Not sure how that would work out metrically.

Our government programs are sat up with no common sense. Now I will continue or confess on one self of fraud.
Confession time...I'm not always honest about the exact hours...but I don't cheat on the time.
I will give an example if a client has two people in there home...A social worker and some one cleaning. We aren't aloud to bill the state for the same hours.
So let use the social work she will bill May 1st from 9AM til 11:30 which is 2 and half hours.
So let use the care giver she might be there actual 9:30 to 2:30 which is 5 hours.
As you can see 2 hours they're billing at the same hours.
So had I would do even if I'm not there...I would say I came in at 12PM and work til 5PM still the same amount of hours.
If any of you are wonder why I just going at noon. Some time that would work but there time my other client might have an appointment and I'm force to my other choices.
Confession time...I could do better in my mileage...I only guess the mileage I drive on my job.
I don't do anything outrages.
But that only fraud I do when it comes to work.
Liz said she would sign my paper work head of time and I could send them in.
That pushing fraud a little more then I like. I don't even cheat on my federal or state taxes. Sure I have accountant do mine and I want every tax advantage.

Statement time....I believe in Karma. 
My friend La Walla inheritance around 30,000 and she never claim it. She went up to Canada and stuck it in a bank there.
See she has a lot of health issue do to a super bad immune system, and if she was total honest what she got her benefits would be a lot less.
See her rent is $60 a month, both side of her medical is paid for; she getting both medicare and medicaid, and $120 in snap program.
See they believe her income is her social security check around $950 a month. See she has the inheritance and she earn other money.
Let just say a lot of our welfare programs your aloud $2,000 of asset. Which includes most things. What doesn't count is your first vehicle. But depends on program and sometime your resident does count, and other time it doesn't
One might be saying as long as her money in Canada there nothing to worry about. Well the other day she got a notice from an accountant and telling her that there is a mix up on the inheritance for tax reason.
Sound like they will be sending her some tax forms for inherits and they will also return to the IRS.
So she could be possible getting it for fraud.
See her sister is the executor of the will, and she recently got but in a private mental hospital.
It sound like a mess. But Murphy and I don't have a will. I've seen even people with a will and the estate was a mess.

Today Murphy and I went over to his sister Faith and he cut down a cherry tree. And later on I picked up rocks off our lawn and toss it back on our drive way.
When the snow plow push snow last winter it also took rocks with them.
Finely our blue strawberry seed Murphy planted has came up.
The flower bed below the window has a few blooms.
Daisy has her red ball toss out in yard. Since it was nice day and I hear rain might be coming in tomorrow. And once again I'll mention on the right hand side of the blog is a link "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
The fit day is helping quite a bit in keep track of what I eat. It also keep track of my nutritional  intake is these 3 vitamin A, D, and E.
Well I could post about our sex life. But since it not raining it would be a good ideal to see if I could do a little more around the place.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tale Of Two Scales

I figure if I weighed in twice weekly. Friday on my home scale and weigh in at 220 pounds. Had Easter dinner and stuck to plan. But weigh in at T.O.P.S this morning and there scale said I was at 222.75.
I will leave the math up to all of you.
One thing I notice on my eating Monday I seem to ate on the salty side.
I believe the only day I will possible having any sweet will be next Saturday the 22. Murphy and I will be going to his cousin Harold Memorial service, and usual all the memorial service I've gone to they have something to eat.

April 7, 2017
Harold George , 70, died February 8, 2017, in New Albany, Indiana. He attended school in Bonners Ferry until his senior year, when he moved to Coeur d'Alene to join his family. He was a member of the United States Air Force National Guard. He worked at Kaiser Aluminum Trentwood until illness forced his retirement. He was a member of the United Steelworkers of America Local 338.

Harold is survived by his wife, XXX of New Albany, Indiana, and her three children and grandchildren; his children XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX, and XXX, his 10 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He is also survived by his mother, XXX, his sisters, XXX and XXX and his brother, XXX and several nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his father, Marvin  Sr, his brother, Marvin Jr, and granddaughter Kelli.

Now my husband is oldest first cousin on his dad side living.

One more quilting class. I can say now I made a quilt. Not quite still have to put on the binding. But I feel I gain enough knowledge that I can do a basic block quilt.
I will be going to the next session which I believe starts in October.
Slowly still working on the locker hook rug.

Now it look like Liz will be back possible Saturday the 29th. At first she was planning to be back on the 12th and she decided to stay down for Easter and return on the 20th.
But now she considering staying longer. I believe she now look at the 29th or 30th.
One good thing she got hold of the office that handle her subsidizing housing and change her appointment form the 25th til May 3rd. Which usual she just doesn't take care of daily life business.
But this time she did.
Now the only thing is, if she doesn't get service in a 30 day peroid. There is a good chance she could loose it.
I know there three service she hasn't had sense she left. Unless the other two is billing the state and that would be fraud.
Now talking about fraud I should tell what my friend LaWalla and the mess she in. I shake my head because I can't believe what sort of mess people get there self in.

Add a few more coffee pals and this time I'm add DAISY link for her teeth cleaning. I match all donation up to $50.
I'm slowly writing to pen pals who wrote to me resently. I got an old journal with wisdom saying and pretty flowers about it. Which is making great writing paper.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Thoughts About The Week Ahead

Thought I get a post up before I head out. Today I have work and my quilting class. I won't be home til later.
I was about veggies at Easter dinner. The strange thing is nothing was offered or even fruit which was strange usual something is offered.
Last week my calorie account I want to aveage about 2,022. But during last week my calorie actual average 2,069 as one can see a little over.
This up coming week I'm going to aveage my calorie intake for day to 1,997. Down by 25.

So Thursday Liz will coming home. Her bus doesn't come intil Thursday in Courd'alene at six in evening.
In a lot of way it been like mini vacation. But I have to say her core is good.
Not much more to say but it trying to rain here. So Murphy went and spread fertilzer on the place.

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Editor note...I forgot about Daisy and her link on the right hand side of the blog.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ten Might Equal Benifits.

In yesterday I was left comment about what I meant by 3 appetizer. 5 main course, and 2 deserts. Though if I post what I had ate there it might be self explanatory.
Confession time...When I go out if I don't go with a basic plan I will tend to over eat...
I figure I would have 1/2 to 1 cup (metric) would be grams. So I just figure it all at 3/4 of cup or 340 grams.
Well the appetizer was a bowl of mix nuts...Let just say I ate 3/4 (340)
Then for the main course limited my self to 5 items
lamb about 3 ounce.
potato salad 3/4 (340)
Scallop Potatoes 3/4 (340)
deviled egg 2 halves
Guess I only ate 4 items. But once you see the choice of my desert and the calories. One will under stand why it blessing to forgot the 5th item.
Dessert like I said two things
lemon cream pie and piece of cheese cake.
So accounting to fit day for Easter Lunch my calorie account is about 1.956
Well please how Easter came out.
Also had a small birthday party for our grand niece she turn 16.

Doing family history if you see a well known name possible like Ford, Miller, Washington, and or Graham. One start to wonder if you be possible relate to Robert Ford the guy who shot Jesse James or Henry.
Miller first thing comes to mind is band leader. Washington of carouse our first president. And Graham would be Alexander Graham Bell for phone.
The other day I found out my 2 great Uncle Wallace Trefry married a girl name Almeda Lincoln. Now it got me wondering if she any relationship to our 16th President ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
Still trying to find my second great grandfather John Shirley in the city of Philly. No luck so far.
Talking about family history I thought I would share a bit of my parents as it comes to money.
My dad was a responsible alcoholic went to work I grew up what I would call solid middle class back ground. The bills was always paid on time.
But mother was never aloud cash. Credit cards was fine. I recall my mother asking for $2.50 for some hand lotion and my dad ask her what she want $2.50 for and she told him. So he told she didn't need that foolishness. To teach him a lesson she put $25.00 on credit card. And he said something and she looked hime eye and said" Shut the ______up Pete'' or she was going to purchase something for $25 My dad shut up. And next time out it would of been $250, and she would of kept add zeros.
Now there the other side of the coin. My dad was careless with cash. He got drunk and laid on the couch and money would fall out of his pocket. Anything from loose change to hundred dollar bills.
My mom would collect the money and with smile on her face like she had an organism. Went and stuck the money in bank.
I wonder why she never just pocket some of the money my dad lost in drunken stooper.

Remember the link on right hand side called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

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