Friday, April 19, 2019

Creative and Beautiful Pop Up Number Twenty Six

Anther tarot card and this is my four of swords. Done in color pencils. Before I explain this card and it meaning no divination  can a total glimpses in future.
Three positive key words for the four of swords...take break, recuperating, and completion
Three negative key words for the four of swords...restless, deteriorate, and burn out.
This might interest some about the KOI or GOLDFISH in my card.

This is card I'm working "page of cups"

Not sure if and when I will be getting back into ARTIST TRADING CARD. Here one my friend send me.
But I was on amazon looking at blank ones and I thought they were on costly side.

Today I stop in at one the thrift stores on my way home from work and what I'm looking for is a hole punch for one my pages for sketch book project

So I found a paper cutter for $6.00 and these two new (lid and bottom) gift box for $2.00
And if I decide to get back in to ATC cards and if my math is correct I should get out 120 ATC cards. Which ends up being a little over three cents each.
And I never figured the sides out and there four inch deep.
For my artist and there work please CLICK HERE

Here in North Idaho it been cloudy, overcast or hazy. And Thursday when I came home from work I saw this little bit of blue sky showing though.
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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Now What's Fair

I been recent looking and reading about BASIC INCOME and I have one main question. How do they figure the amount to be given to a person or house hold, that it doesn't enable them. I would guess depending on countries plays in RESULT
Before I move on with my thoughts on Universal Basic Income here link for the negative and positive side of a UBI

Believe that some people would benefit from a UBI. My three main issues with it would be how much one would receive with out enabling. No strings attach, and the amount.

I believe most people has good intention when they set up safety net programs here in United States but the bureaucracy actual hinder a person growth and or put them in trap of poverty.

Might as well toss an amount out of what an amount should be $1,960 a month per person. Some place this would be a great income and other place not. So where it not so great there state would could  make up the difference.
Question time...Where you live what would be a fair UBI check? 

Then there would be no more things as snap, disability, unemployment and such. All income should be subject for taxes and taxes will be brought up possible the 25th of April or some time in May.

As for string attach or no strings to an UBI. I would say no attachment to the UBI. But either by a doctor reasoning and or by the courts the person incapable of handling there affairs. One needs someone to mange there affairs.

I understand some place the UBI been a real blessing and other not. Not sure the reason why this is. But there will all ways will be those who can't or won't mange there life with common sense. As I see here in United States we first need to work on our medical before and UBI. My main reason I would be for an UBI it would give people more choice and cut back on bureaucracy.
Last little thought on UBI it for all not just those who fall in poverty or low income.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wednesday Pop Up Number Thirty Four

I'm total clueless were the term "Pop Up" came up but I will be using it instead of meme. I like it much better and more comfort with term.

I will be starting with....WEDNESDAY MEDLEY and here this week question...

1.  Haiku poetry is actually pretty easy to write.  Give it a try right here...Here the Hippy...waiting for has sprung.

2.  Haiku poetry aside, have you ever written a poem?  Will you share it with us? Don't consider my self a poet. But others have complement me on some my poems

3.  Do you have a favorite poet or does poetry usually make you yawn? I'm picky on poems. I'm bi polar when it comes to poems. I either like it. One of favorite poem is MY SHADOW BY ROBERT LEWIS STEVEN my mom use to recite this poem. 

4.  April 17  is National Ellis Island Family History Day, too,  Did any of your ancestors or relatives immigrate through Ellis Island from another country? Lot of my family were here before there actual was the United States, I can trace my dad direct line to my ninth Grand Dad who never came to America, but his son did. They were puritans. Then on my mom maternal, my grandmother maternal side came over in about 1850's

5.  We also celebrate National Cheeseball Day on April 17th.  Do you have a favorite cheeseball recipe to share with us or have cheeseballs basically disappeared from parties today? I don't do well with diary but I like cheese.

6.  If you want to share, please tell us something random about your week....One of my sons friend and class mate had committed suicide and left a wife and two young children. And there a go me fund  page to help this FAMILY OUT plus I would like to share a  LINK  to national suicide prevention life line. 


Ok, now I'm going to do or attempt a story but out list I'm going to just the even words...abounding, quince, toothpaste, debonair, instrument, and horn.

For being born in such a small town Sarah did quite well handling her self with other debonair. She carried her self with pride and grace. As she wasn't from any form of money new or old.
It was her natural way. She was invited to all sorts of art, theater and stage events. Even people had paid her way to many things though the world.

One of her favor was a play from small theater group came from small town of Jacksonville just Northwest of Ashland.

People showed up from all over and even well known people of film and stage were there and it was fund raiser to help with personal care that would help people purchase hygienic items. Such as toothpaste, toilet-paper, laundry soap, and a lot more. 
It was live performance of local contest of play written. And this had even draw producers from larger companies. 

In left hand side of stage was even a brass band and there interments shine. There horn did a excellent job before, during, intermission, and after.

The play that won was called "Honey what did you do today" a story of one actress who stayed home and it only had her and few more actor. She was interview men from baby boomer generation to be come house wives. 
The stage has a kitchen and the interviews were done at kitchen table. And the kitchen wasn't necessary clean or filthy. 

The play was quite hit and all sorts of food were available including some fresh quince brought in form Australia from one of the better known directors.
As one can see a small towns does have abounding of talent.

Miss M is our HOST  for Words on Wednesday.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Out It Go and Don't Tell Me That

Here in United States except Massachusetts and Maine is holiday and they get to pay there taxes on the 16th.
Well once again I'm sending a check to the UNITED STATES TREASURY and even second check for my quarterly installment, for 2019 tax year.
President Trump had a new tax plan and opinion seem to give the upper income a tax break.
From my facebook post...Tax day. I promise to post if we paid more or less. Between 2017 and 2018 the dollar amount is less. But if you look at as percentage wise we paid more. But all in all I would call it a draw.

I have a thing or hang up in different internet site searches. Actual I been looking though the digitized part of the sketchbook project in Brooklyn New York.
I decided to use word "crazy" to see what sort of sketchbook pop up. The sketch above is out of REICHSTETT a French community.

I'm trying to get movement in my life. There no need to sit in morning and watch hours of news. But I like to keep up on current events. But also I like to hear both liberal and conservative take on subject.
Well today I went to fox news and read two articles one was on Julian Assange and about apples we eat. Then for my liberal take on news I went to Huffington report read something about Tiger Wood and Bio Metrics.

Murphy and I went out for Breakfast at Soul Shine he had breakfast burrito and I had there hash special.
Then walk over to accountant and picked up our tax stuff.
Then we went home and I wrote out two checks one for what is owe for 2018 and made my first quarter installment payment. Then went to our library and got some copies. But as I was at the library

As I was there I ask if they had a two or four hole paper punch. Like me they had a three hole paper punch. I don't really want to purchase one I just don't see my self using one all that much. I'm going to call up a few print shops and see if they could be a help.

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

No It's Not Happening. But It Did Happen

I'm still thinking of doing a manifesto. When is question. I know my thoughts are my thoughts, like every thoughts and what someone says has an equal important.

Made my to do list for week in my BULLET JOURNAL mines pretty simple. Let see I got chores, health, thrift store haul, spiritual/creative and mark off  items in bullet journal.
There some pretty fancy ones.

On facebook I ask a question. So I might as well ask it here...Question time....What is the best (conservative) and or (liberal) news source on web? 
The reasons I'm asking. I like to be current on current event and need to mange my time better. 
Confession time...I spend to much time setting and need more movement in my life. 
In morning I get up an get my coffee and set watch the news for a while, I mean a while. But summer heat will come and this present habit needs to be change.

Hubby and I did some cleaning in garden. We're planning to down size, which includes the garden. Not sure if we're even doing a garden this year.
We have a few project needs to be finished up, and won't be adding any new ones this year.
I been looking for glasses though site called ZENNI and so many choice it sort of frustrating 

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

What Enter Thy Mind

Sorry this might be a little heavy on political side. Or even  possible religious way. So be warn.

Spend a little to much time on Facebook, shame on me. It's not all politics and did activities with other social media friend had nothing to do it politics.

Not necessary thinking of MANIFESTO's and wonder what is considered one. First time I every really heard the word Manifesto is with Unbomber TED KACZYNSKI and don't know what he had in his manifesto the only thing I knew it had well over 20,000 words. I will just leave LINK and move on.
There even ART MANIFESTO and who knew I thought it was someone rant and raving of there opinions on something.
Well time to see a little research can pop up on Art manifesto 

I guess we are in manifesto of METAMODERNISM  

And these two are part of metamodernism and to me it looks like mostly the people on raft was from a painting way back when.

I guess we all have vision for a better future and some you may agree or not agree MARTIN LUTHER KING I HAVE A DREAM Even HITLER MEIN KAMPF IS CONSIDER A MANIFESTO, and I should a lease list one more political one PRIME MINISTER CHURCHILL 

I guess there all sort of ways of doing a manifesto. Question time...Have you every thought of doing a manifesto? I would say mind would lean toward ECONOMIC EQULITY and which to me means no free gravy.
Well didn't get carried away with politics quite. 

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Beautiful and Creative Meme Number Twenty Five

Still want to remove the word "Meme" from my title and want to replace it with something else. At this point nothing has come up.

Between rain and no rain, that's pretty much to sum up the weather in my neck of the woods. Haven't yet made the mid 60's, lower 60's yes.
As you can see no leaves on trees yet
But my crocus are up and snow drops.
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It been a while since I done any Artist Trading Cards. Two reason I did this up quickly was to show a friend what they were. And send one to anther friend who recently lost her husband. I send her the last one, smiling daisy.
Plus I thought it would be good to have break from my tarot cards.
Confession time...I been looking though different site at "ATC" supplies. honestly I got enough in the fire and don't need to have any more.
Well a good thing about ATC cards it good way of using up a lot of odds and ends of lot of things.
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