Saturday, March 28, 2020

Today Is Saturday March 28, 2020 This Is What Happen

Couldn't tell you how many times I start over on becoming more healthier. Just looked up the last time I did food journal over at FITDAY well last food journal enter was March 17, St Patty day. Today first food entry was Frankfurter or some would call a “hot dog”

Hubby and I adventure out and did our social distance of six foot. We went up to pro x and purchase gallon of wood stain, $50 for it.
But we called the store to place an order. So only thing we would have to do is run in and pay for it.
Purchase some fuel for our pick up and gas been coming down. Paid $2.37 a gallon.
Might as well mention the bank line...First time it was the migrant all line up to use drive though teller. And they were on foot, standing six feet from each other.
Well seeing the teller was going to be busy. So on way back we could check out the bank line, and it had quite the line of vehicles. So banking will be done first of week.
Did go for short jaunt around Oxford loop, for spring time it looked quite dry. There a plenty of ponds and such in the area.

Had to cut some more yellow strips and the off colors to my quilt. Looks like I will also need to cut some blue strips, four I believe.

Murphy made beef stew with veggies it was mighty good.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Today Is Friday March 27 2020, This Is What Happen

This is our or might be our new normal. Not medical expert but I am guessing our first around of virus will be to a crawl in June. Not a stop but to crawl and it depends what we as earthling do. But the damage of our economy is hard to say.
It could of been less of blow. With our massive  tax cut for rich is coming home to roost. Wages not going up. United States hasn't raised it minimum wage in 11 years.

My parents told me about ration stamps and never said it was to aid the war effort in 40's. In the 40's my mom was living here in North Idaho. One thing she mention about SHOES being ration and living by Canadian border would go into Canada and purchase shoes. And they were made in America at that time.

Although history people been RATIONING items, free will or some government restriction. Trying to find ITEMS that was ration
My parents pretty much grocery shop once a month and wonder why they did this. Is answer because GAS RATION. A tank of gas last me in my car 2 to 4 weeks. Which would be 10 gallons. Gas mileage back then was quite a bit different. I recall cars having big V8 and getting horrible miles per gallon.
There was quite a list of items RATION
With run on toilet paper in recent time. I wonder if we need some type of ration. Hubby and I go though a roll between a one to two week.

If we had to ration our items I think some people would come un-hinged. Could you image some people being only loud this amount on these items
1. 20 beers month
2. 4 dozen eggs a month
3. quarter once of pot (marijuana) for a month
4. 16 ounce of laundry soap for month
5.  2 roll of paper towel for month
Could you hold out? It doesn't matter what it is I think some could make what every last.
Editor note...These are not factual figures above.
Now if we ration our self to once a week going into the store, like other place seem to be doing.
Question time...What do you think needs to be ration and why...for me it would be my calories. Since this happen my eating been out of control.

Gee I never said about my day. I drove by the thrift store and there shut down because there not consider essential business and a lot of items is pile in front.
I wonder if it going to fall out into the parking lot. People being home have time for projects and one could be cleaning. Hope they find a nice corner out of way to nicely stack there items. Once this is over they can donated there items.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Today Is Thursday March 26 2020, This Is What Happen.

Some of people isn't taking this virus serious. Not sure were there getting there info from. Hope all my blogger friends is taking this serious.

I am only putting in half of my assigned work time. The reason is to lessen the curve or cut the odds down for my self getting it or spreading it.
Hubby and I discuss what will happen if it comes into our community. It depends what percentage of people have it and action we will take.
Our state has issued an State of emergency and stay at home order. So that means only necessary business to be open, and jobs which they deemed necessary.  
As I come home. I go though the basement entry. First thing I do is spray my shoes all over including the soles, with bleach solution. Go to washing machine and strip down to my undies, toss clothes in machine. Then go up stairs wash my hand, head directly into the shower, and get re dressed. If more people would follow the recommendation to keep us all safe. I wouldn't have to do this.

One of my clients possible will have to have an stint removed from his pancreas duct. I been talking with his specialist office.
Well the surgery center been close down basically. Now they give a ranking of importance to the procedures, from one to four.
Not sure how a stint in pancreas duct rates.
Right now the surgery center is close to June. So this tells me this isn't a joking matter.
Looks like I will be practicing social distance and hanger down at home when possible. Plus here in United States were short of medical supplies, like mask.

There been a few changes at our small local hospitals. There the up stairs floor which is our 20 bed acute care and 28 bed extended care. The emergency room and some very minor procedures.
Then in lower level is business, cafe, labs, radiology and therapy. The hospital is allowing no visitors.
Depends on your business what is allowed...If it for possible labs if possible they will do curb side blood draw. If you have to go in for other business your pretty much on your own. The waiting room in lower level was complete empty.
Now if you need the emergency room If your arrive by ambulance you can pretty much get in. If you take your self or someone else takes you to emergency room a medical staff will come to emergency parking lot, and see what action might need to be taken. They're recommendation is to call the hospital if an ambulance isn't needed.
This is what I heard. Question time...What is your emergency room and health care area doing currently?

 I keep promising my self I would be doing more and yet nothing. Mange to get a small walk around the yard. What bothers me mainly about this stay at home quarantine and social distance that I don't get see my grandchildren. My oldest grand daughter will be 4 in April.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Today Is Wednesday March 25 2020, This Is What Happen

Staying and safe. Notice my community is following the guide lines to curve the spread of COVID 19 and our state is a 21 day shut down.
My job is deemed necessary.
My main objection is to keep my clients from any crowds of people. And we all stay safe. So far so good.
Both place I wipe down knobs and such today.

Got my dongle for mirror casting yesterday. Not sure who and what handle any of object. If possible I leave the items in garage, night time it still cools off her and then I wash the items down.
Yesterday I order a few items though Amazon. Some items to make mask I need was INTERFACING and MUSLIN. Then some other items.
It should be here toward the end of the month.

Hopeful I or hubby can figure out how to hook up mirroring tomorrow.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Today Is Tuesday March 24 2020, This Is What Happen.

First day of reduce work schedule. I feel this hopeful will lessen the odds of anyone getting the COVID 19.
My state of Idaho is still pretty much wide open. If you live in a somewhat of democracy area. Contact your elected officials with any of your thoughts and ideals, on COVID19
This is my ideal I send to our Governor Brad Little Editor Note... copy and paste....”here in Korea, people are going shopping once per week, wearing masks, and (for the most part) practicing the 2 meter/6 foot rule. The only "rationing" per se, is a limit of 2 masks, per person, per week. They can be bought at local pharmacies, depending on your birth year. ID's are checked and entered into computers, to try and prevent hording. Mondays are for birth years ending in 1 & 6, Tuesdays are 2 & 7, Wednesdays are 3 & 8, Thursdays are 4 & 9, Fridays are 5 & 0, and Saturday & Sunday is for everyone who missed their weekday, while supplies last. Remember the Gas Crisis? They did odd/even license plate number days. Be safe!
I stayed home and my friend Quenella went to town and do her marketing...Her report....Still most everything is open, except our local book store. Town was pretty dead. Grocery stores are open and not many people wondering about.
Last number I heard how many people from Idaho have COVID is around 80. Our Governor as far as I know haven't issue anything.

This morning there were a many little starlings out munching though our back yard. Fix the garden gate. Our entire fence needs to be redone in our garden.
Checked the few flowers bed to see if there were any spring blooms. Not a one!
I thought and usual that not a very good ideal, to think. I thought I would of possible get more done.

Going in tomorrow. Will be doing Liz in a split shift and in the middle of split shift I will take care of Regis need. He has speech therapy and not sure if they will or want me in hospital or clinic waiting room. I can see why they want limited number of people.
So no big deal.

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Today Is Monday March 23 2020, This Is What Happen

Don't remember where or I actual seen it. But with this COVID 19 I heard or read some places are assigning certain days a week, that necessary shopping trips are aloud.
Not sure how this is done.
Is this done accord to the alphabet and your Surname...What every your Surname started with you would shop on that day.
Is done by birth month...So what every month you were born in you, would be assigned a certain day to shop.
Or could be possible done by last number in social security number. That you would be assigned a certain day to shop.
If this is TRUE one would need to learn to get a week worth of supplies.
Could this be all in dream or something.

Work day was pretty quite. We went out to Regis dad estate and start to clean out his place. For me I am interested in buying from estate is a few items. Two main thing I'm interested in is lawn mower, and chair. Regis offer me a painting that his Grand father did. The family is quite artistically talent.
For Liz I showed her about pod cast. And we listen to one, on 4 serial killers you never heard of.
She seem to like audio type of things.
Scariest part right now of my job is...Going into the grocery store. Today I notice that the checkers had gloves on.
My guess in store transaction your standing about 3 to 4 feet from them. I don't see anything wrong having them wear a face guard.
Not saying I am no more germ filled then the next person.

So for a while I will be only working three days a week. I am trying to keep odds down of any of us getting this COVID 19.

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Today Is Sunday March 22, 2020. This Is What Happen

It been ages since I did a video. My main goal is to give everyone a smile. .

Here two photos of me in apron I made...

Couple of other notes...Hubby and I went for a drive and discussed my job and what needs to be done. He is the pessimistic and the optimist.
Any how I didn't know there were philosophy that dealt with PESSIMISM and OPTIMISM  Philosophical.
So we discussed my job and not a front line health care worker. So I am going to cut my hours down and that way my clients will be protected. Plus rest of my community. So Monday and Friday I will put 2 hours in at each places for total of 4 hours. Then on Wednesday I will work 4 hours at each of there places. So each of my clients will get 8 hours a week.
Hubby start to look though the garden seeds.
Neighbors looked like he will possible be laid off because of the COVID 19. We might hire him to put in the two windows
Plus I don't understand why our clerks store don't have protected gear on such as mask, protected eye gear, and gowns. Mainly the first two.

That more the couple of notes it a few lines. Please subscribe to my channel and once I hit 100 subscriber I will have a give away. 

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