Monday, June 17, 2019

Maybe A Little More

Just finished up my dinner of stir fried chicken with veggies. And plan to go for a walk in about an hour.
And do some light chores, and possible work on my locker hook piece with fabric. I should have it done before the end of the week.

Took Regis to his doctor appointment. Should say "I tried" some how we ended up late. We re scheduled. No big deal.
We stop over at library there Regis got mainly horror movies. For my self I got Dr Who dvd ROSE and it goes to PARTING OF WAYS
And they have a magazine exchange there and I got some old magazine I can take down. I grab a SMITHSONIAN

Weigh in tomorrow each time I got on the scales at home, I surely wasn't impressed. Actual I am little nervous about facing the scale.
I stayed with in my bounds.

Off For my walk. But I first put some of food away. One could consider me a nerd, I find learning new things fascinating.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Twenty Five Kleinigkeiten al'asyila and firinnean

Don't mater what language it in. Some how some of us of fascinated by trivia, facts and question every thing in life. The desire to learn.
from A to Z and beyond.

1. Lease healthy food is sugary drink and most healthy food is Lemons.

2. Most two tolerant countries is Luxembourg and Canada. But two  least tolerant countries is  Afghanistan and Sudan.

3. The three most tolerant states is Wisconsin, Maryland and Illinois. Then there the lease tolerent states. Kansas, Arkansas, and Wyoming.

4. There more than 95 million photo loaded every day on Instagram.

5. Two deepest rivers in world are the Congo river at 720 ft/219 M and for second would be Yangzte river  at 656 ft/199 M

6. Two deepest river in United States is Pocomoke river 45ft/13M Now for second place would be....Editor note...Can't find the second deepest river in the United States.

7. Three shortest river in world, the Tanborasi river 65ft/20M/, Kovasselva river 72ft/22, and Reprua river 88ft/27M

8. Three shortest river in United States Roe river 201ft/61M, D river
440ft/130M and Chute river 1049ft/320m

9. Word Question comes from. The Latin word of quaerere of ask and seek.

10. Country drinks the most coffee would Finland

11. State that drinks the most coffee would be New York.

12. Two longest Mountain range world is Andes 4,350 miles/7,000km and then the Southern Great Escarpment 3,100/5,000km

13 Two longest Mountain range in United States Rocky mountains range 3,000 miles/ 4,800km. Appalachain mountains 1,500 miles/2400km

14 The three best pies are coconut cream pie, strawberry pie, and blueberry pie.

15. The three worst pie is Peanut butter pie, Pecan pie, and Pear pie.
Editor note...This was measured by nutrition value...Opinion time I would have to say Pear pie is one my favorite pie.

16. 79% of twitter user is out side of the United States

17. Word fact meaning is to be something of known truth.

18. First super hero is Mandrake the Magician

19. The most saddest country in world is Chad

20 The most saddest state in America is West Virginia

21. National Trivia day is Jan 4th

22. These three countries grow the most cannabis...United States, Morocco, and Afghanistan.

23. These states grow the most cannabis California, Nevada, and Oregon

24.  Oldest You tubers is 106 years old her channel is COUNTRY FOOD and youngest you tuber is RYAN TOY REVIEW

25. Over four million blog post on daily bases.

I question some of these facts and trivia. Or how they figured some these things out. But  I did find them interesting. Hopeful this up coming week I can do video on facts and trivia about the United States and Idaho.
Can you please share some trivia or facts about your area.

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Start and Finish and Beyond

Before I counted my steps last night. I walk around the place six time. But on Saturday I increase my morning walks. Use the power line poles for measurement of distance. Increase it each week by two. So now I am up to five poles, 1,962 steps that round trip on walk this morning. Thought it would be a lot more.
But Sunday and Tuesday I usual don't do full walk and some time not at all.

Got my glasses in mail. Mid forties to early fifties I start to wear reading glasses. I now need glasses for distance. Getting use to them is a little strange.

Did some two loads of whites and wash some fabric. And you heard right, I did say "fabric" Then also did loud of dishes. a little trimming around place of taller grass.

Thinking of up coming week and rest of the day.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Beautiful and Creative Pop Up Number Twenty Nine.

Still working on my sketch book for my Brooklyn Art Library. And this page is my version of Aries in Pluto. Last time Pluto was in Aries was from 1822 to 1853. Next time Aries will be in Pluto will be in 2068 til 2098.
None of us was live in it first went though Pluto and next time around non of us will be a live.
To me this is a powerful position but also controlling.  For us in America SLAVERY in America. If you notice I cut a piece out of something that make us human. To un-humanize. But controlling to much one could possible get all tangle up.
But also in this time period was rapid economical and territorial expansion.
Quite a few moments was started during this time period.
I am posting this as part of PAINT PARTY FRIDAY

I was up a little before 5AM to start the coffee and laid back down and got up at 5 to watch the sun come up over the eastern mountains of CABINET MOUNTAIN range. The last few days it been sunny and little on warm side.
So usual in last few days I been getting my walk in before 7AM. I
It strange how little moister is in the higher mountains. Short time my husband and I took a drive in Selkirk and made it complete though.
For more  sky's and scenery please stop in at SKYWATCH FRIDAY.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

For What Every It Worth.

I got home later in day and didn't have time to visit many blogs yesterday. I have no real set pattern of blogs I may read. But I try to make a point to stop by a few new blogs.
Do you recall when e mail is all the rage and my space also. I never did "my space" It seem for me dealing with e mail is mainly junk. I went though and most of today e mail I just deleted.
Then I been going though my photos on lap top and between each photo there like a blank piece of paper. For me that the best way of explain it.
If there techie term I just don't know it.

I figured how to change my name on you tube. And I am still trying to get 100 subscribers. I have two ideals for up coming videos. But I need to do a little research before I do my next videos. I might as well leave my LINK to my channel.

Being off facebook has been a relief. At first part month I posted "Dora Witherell Vandenberg been spending WAY to much time here on facebook. I need to set some bounds of my time here. It effecting me in a negative way and basically other things are getting neglect. So for the month of June and remainder of May. The only activity I will be doing on facebook is my creativity groups and pagan groups, which will be less then one hour per day. So no other groups will be visited, no emoji, no post other then listed above, no sharing, no comment or replies. But not on a daily bases I will post over on my blog facebook page "having coffee with peppylady" and my personal creative page "nice and nifty stuff"
Start to wonder if facebook had me hooked in as boarder line personality. 
These here is my bounds and in July I will see where I am. Hope you will enjoy these two photos... 
Have I kept completely on track "No" but I been well satisfy on how well I been doing. 
There just to much drama there and I was getting caught up in. There a few things I step out of my bounds. Like yesterday or the day before my daughter in law posted this...Good morning friends & family. My name is Maude & I have a pacifier problem. It has been 36 seconds since I last had my pacifier. It all started when my parents gave me one at 5 days old and it was love at first suck. Since then they have continued to shove one in my face at every sign of noise inconvenience. Grocery shopping, airplanes, weddings, when I throw a fit at bedtime - I know how to get my beloved pacifier. I am now 10.5 months old and wake my parents up AT LEAST twice an hour to have a fit when I lose it in the middle of the night. So as of TODAY I am going cold turkey. Support & coffee for mum and dad is much appreciated.
And I thought it was cute and ended up liking it. 
As there thing I do like about facebook and when July rolls around and I need to set bounds on how much time I want to be on facebook.

I been getting in my morning walk before it get to hot. Plus a few other chores around the place. Took a few bags to the thrift store.

Remember I was telling you about the scrubs I been picking up. Started to make locker hook hot pot trivet. I am hoping to take part in an UNBOXING over at Banana Peppers. The next un boxing is something size of 8"by 12". (20cmX30cm) 

Maybe something I need to post on my blog is about maturity.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wednesday Pop Up Number Thirty Nine

This time WEDNESDAY MELODY is sit up a little different but I'm glad to take part. Hopeful you enjoy reading my answer and others.
1.  Tell us about a time you made someone's life beautiful or someone made YOUR life beautiful...I try to do this on a daily thing, or a lease but some joy in ones life.

2.  Will you take on the challenge and smile more often on June 15th?  Why not start now!!  Have you been blessed by a smile that changed your day? Number one reason I live in North Idaho, don't matter were you go people will smile at you and or acknowledge you.

3.  Terri is a cancer survivor.  Cancer has touched most of us in one way or another.  When did someone reach out to you with an act of kindness or when did you last perform a random act of kindness for someone? Last Yule our pagan group made a yule and we place them around the community. I had fun and it brought me joy that possible someone life might be brighter

4.  Terri admits that this turned out to be not what she thought it would be.  Our country has come a long way in recognizing that people are people and our differences are what makes life beautiful, but we still have a long way to go, unfortunately.  Your thoughts? Terri hit the nail on head...we are all different and need embrace the difference. 

5.  Had to lighten it up a bit.  Terri is a total klutz in the kitchen.  Tell us about something klutzy that happened in your kitchen... by you or another!  Can you laugh about it now? As for Klutz stuff in kitchen. My knife skill are horrible, and I some time amaze I haven't chop off my finger.

6.  Share something about your week so far, if you would. Been getting in my walks. 

Found Wednesday Words over at ELEPHANT CHILD but like all ways I do have the time to tackle all words from both list. So this time I will be taking on the first set...sleeping, burnt, broken, undercover, swallows, and universe.

The wind came suddenly out of the East like no others, and all window was broken in small town of Warner and what even stranger that the barn swallows haven't return in last three years. The spring and summer season seem to be last slightly longer. Even the department of Agricultural moved Warner from 5A to a 6B it simple means no real new crops but a large choice of certain veggies and berries.

But not sure what main government agency was investigating the peculiar events been going on. They try to blend in, so they would be undercover. But no one hardly wore fringe on clothes. 
But the people didn't care. They know they need these strange happening to stop. 

So even the people in fringe clothing went to wise medicine woman and see if there were any legend of strange things happen in this part of universe.

It was said if Contoocook river went over the three rocks shape like a document folder on a month were a blue moon. That strange things was to happen with in the decade.
And a few blue moons had came and went. 

The wise medicine woman said every one had to be on south side of there property and do a smudging 10 minutes after the sun went down and the smudge fire had to be dragon blood, some resin from a oak tree between 5 and 10 feet tall, and one inch of hair from the youngest child in each family.
Light this and don't put out fire. So all had make sure it would burn safely. Once the smudge fire was lite. The entire town chanted "Maha Maha and your love bless all of us and those who are around, Thank you Maha we love you" this was to be said three time and what held town should be lifted.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Present and Counted For

Short blog, since I do what I call a pop up. Just like word better then meme. And I'm not sure if Wednesday Melody, Wordless Wednesday, and or Words For Wednesday would be considered a meme or not.

I was down a pound and half (.068kg) I need to keep going and should give  this week. my self a pat on back for keeping off the ten pounds I lost last year.

Yesterday I took Regis to Sandpoint to do a few Errands. One of our stop was dollar store. I'm looking for container 24'(61cm) square and the height can be 10'(25cm) to 12'(31cm) tall.
And the dollar store had one this size made of some type of textile, and no lid.

Slowly getting things sort and downsize. I find sitting a timer for 15 minutes and start going though or cleaning a area. Surprising how much one can get done.

Editor note...not sure if I have my metric terms or abbreviation for inches correct. 

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