Saturday, December 15, 2018

Racking My Brains

Heading to Spokane taking Liz son to the Airport and he flying to Portland, he is visiting his brother. But not much is going on.
My one son and his wife came up to Spokane and there having there daughter baptize in Lutheran Church.
Time schedule didn't cognate.
But I will have chance to visit with both of them, briefly.
As I post my youngest one and family is in Spokane.

Got a little more wrapping done on present. Might do more, who knows Although I need to check my car over.
Well I just can't think of any more to post on.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Beautiful And Creative Meme Number Twelve

Light dustin of snow. Not a full blowin winter in North Idaho. Oh winter offical starts the 22nd. For more sky photo please CLICK HERE

Hope soon after Christmas I will post something different then the drawing of my tarot cards. But this is my version of the Emress card.
Three positive words on card is....intution, creatity, and Growth.
Then the three negative words on this card...Co dependent, domestic troubles, and superficail.
Tarots can't tell anyone future and to get entire reading of what cards are telling us. The cards around also needs to be considered.
To visit more creative people please CLICK HERE

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Little Bit Of Facts But I Am Wondering

It sure look like not doing crafty things during the holiday was wise choice. After I take Liz son to airport this Saturday in Spokane, he going to see his brother in Portland.
Once I get back Saturday I figure it will be between eight and nine.
At this point the roads look good. But possible Sunday something might be coming in. Like a winter storm. I don't mind facing snowy roads. But ice is complete story.

Then Sunday I think I might either start doing Christmas cards. Well then I'm considering maybe not doing cards.
For the simple reason Liz isn't receiving personal care service.
Got a call from my supervisor and when they billed medicaid the claim got refuse. They told me that the medicaid nurse was up to see her on the 7th of December
Well usual in pass they would call the client and set up appoint with several people in area. The medicaid nurse or interviewer comes out of area, about a little over an hour drive.
So I would  guess mid November she would of called the clients up and sat the times she would be arving.
She told the company I work for and that she showed up. No one was home.
So I ask Liz did the medicaid nurse called some time last month to see you on the 7th and she said no.
Liz has her problem. But she not lair. Plus I know Liz was home, later that day we went to Sandpoint
So I will call the company and tell them Liz was never notify about the appointment.
I'm guessing they changed the procedure on how they handle personal care services. And never mention a word to who need to be notify.
We will be ok and soon after Christmas or first year she can reply for personal care service.
Just for a short time we will have to tighten our belts up a bit. Which would do us some good.

This evening I try to a little bit of research on where our digital foot print might be stored. Yes we all part of history and most us won't be history text.
But even just right above I was telling the inefficient of state ran medicaid program. Plus worry of winter driving.

Question time...would your hand written diary or your blog be different? I did a short hand written diary when Murphy and I live on the bench, and I would estimate it was for 90 days or so.
But I never kept one as an teenager. But this blog been going for almost 14 years.
After reading this article on diaries and wonder if a personal blog would have the same effect.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Wednesday Meme Number Twenty Three


This time I will be putting my fictional story in middle this time. DRIFTING THOUGH LIFE has choosen the words. I will be using...pedal, black, digs, sheepdog, sample,and routine.

The sample that Farmer Fletch ordered some time back had order some time back. Had arrive anyhow farm life was fairly slow.
The weather would let him do much out side. So he sat in his easy chair and began to read the small book that came with it.

As he start to read his wife Tadell was going though the fridge to find some fixen for lunch. The last little bit of meals there were something left.
So it looked they were having left overs.

But as she pulled out the meat that had got stuck in back corner of fridge, slight order to it. And Charlie there sheepdog got up from the living room and wonder into kitchen to see what is going on.
He went and laid on the rug below the sink.
Hoping a treat my be drop,
Those floors needed to be kept clean.

So Tadell found some soft buritto shell and had the left overs on tray. It wasn't going to be big lunch, although it should hold them both till dinner.

As both of them were finishing up Terry notice a black cloud forming near the end of horizon. Nothing like this he had seen, so he asked his wife to take look.
There been plenty of dark clouds before. Storm clouds. These were slighty different.
There were slight hint of turquoise light in clouds.
But Charlie was panting and seem nervous about something. Although when some one came up he would give out a couple a deep barks.
Not this time.

Both of them decided to get on lap top to see if anyone post on local facebook page. No one knew or seen any thing like this. And people from NOAA was coming to investgate.

Soon NOAA was sitting up there equipment and taking all sort of reading in area, and looking though different weather almanacs.
This area kept great records of weather and it going to take a while for them to dig to see if any peculair happening had happen.
But it sure look like they could use more help.

The small flock of sheep that the Fletchs own had wondered back to barn, and were hanging on the North side of it.
The wind had picked up bit and some of roses pedals had fall unto the ground. Not many but in few weeks the season of rose bloom would start to end.

The next few while it didn't seem much of  routine at the farm. But as soon as the cloud came and NOAA left unknown what had happened.
The locals in area did amitt it was actual beautiful cloud and they all can tell there Grand children about the spatacular cloud formation.

The letter is W for ABC WEDNESDAY. Confession time...I was going to let any goals out until after Christmas. Looks like I will let part of my creative goal out.
I like a good challenge and I made list of words both adjectives and possible nouns I will draw some pictures.
Not sure what I will come up with when it comes to drawing. If you had words tree, normal, and axe. Question would you incorprate these three words in a drawing.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Different Tittle MIght of Been Better

Yesterday blog I wrote about my GOALS. Well I was trying to give feed back or report on how well I did this year, 2018.
I haven't post what my goals are will be 2019.
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Monday, December 10, 2018

Challenge of Many.

Keep my mouth shut on some of my up coming challenges. After Santa makes his appearance at our bungalow.
I will let them out of the bag. One thing I learn I do better on shorter goals then longer ones. Anything under 3 months seems to be best for me. So that can be broken down to months, weeks, days and such.

I was running late with one of my 2017 Christmas Gift, a locker hook rug. Which was for my son Sawyer and his wife Betty.
The locker hook rug I completed and it by there kitchen sink.
I believe my other goals was to complete my binding around a quilt. Didn't complete.
Then the last craft goals was to do up hot pot holder. That one also didn't get completed. My husband had a bad case of shingles and I took care of him and went to work.
I sure hope I am not belly ache and making unnecessary excuses.

As carouse I set up some spiritual goals on the way. As many know I been drawing my own tarot cards. Not sure where I wanted or needed to be.
Also I was going though WORKING WITH THE TAROT, by Sarah Bartlett.
Didn't even get quarter way into the book. It's not even large book. 125 pages.

As for my corner in basement I did get that stuff haul away and it all went to thrift store. Then the other week or so. I went and got rid of some items off my hutch slash book case.

Then there were those meme I take part in though blogs. Usual the reason I miss out I forget which day of week it is. And or just to busy.
On Wednesday I'm involved with three challenges...WORD FOR WEDNESDAY and they have different host(ess) ok maybe I'm stick my foot where it doesn't belong. But I wish they had a some type of link up like they do my other Wednesday challenges...ABC WEDNESDAY or WORDLESS WEDNESDAY.
Then on Friday I take part in two challenge or I call memes. One is SKY WATCH and the other one is PAINT PARTY FRIDAY.

The health goal. Yesterday I blog about MOVING KING SIZE BED and how I hurt. My goal was to basically loose 20 pounds, and I did drop 15.
Right now during the holidays I am just trying to maintain the weight I lost.
I did get a fit bit zip and I trying to increase my movement. My present goals is 7,500 steps a day and I know ones goal should be 10,000 steps and my average is not quite 5,000.
In morning I try to do some so called stretches and or yoga.
On these I been doing a fairly good job.

Life has many challenge and think it quite healthy challenge our self.
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Sunday, December 09, 2018

Fourteen Minute Post

Once again I'm sure not as agile I once was. To be quite truthful I have plenty of flab and my mussle what is of them, don't function like they did at one time.
Been out of shape for years now.

Murphy and I been to doing some up grade on furniture. Today we went and picked a used King Size bed.
As we got older our sleeping habits have changed.
I like to start in bed nice and toasty and he on the other hand like to be geild. So part time I would up going to the guest bed. If I didn't go in there I would be hanging off edge of bed. Having him grumble and grip about he was to hot.

He and I move our old queen size bed unto top of quest bed and eventually it needs to be haul to the dump.
Bringing in king bed.
So we got a bit of work out.

Finished up Christmas shopping at Walmart. Tuesday or Wednesday I will be shipping packages down to Medford Oregon.
But notice I was out of shipping tape.
Not sure which of holiday to do list. I will be starting on next.

If your wondering why this is called the fourteen minute post. I had fourteen minutes to write a post before I soak my sore muscles in hot tub of water.

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