Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh Why Oh Why

Things didn't go as smooth this time around when it comes to tearing down the shed. We thought of pulling nail out of the rafters but we were blinded by sky light.
So we though of loosing up the rafter. Which end up being a “Cuss Fess” I even join right on in. Murphy thought of cutting the rafters out. This is his up coming plan As he cutting out the rafters I'm going hold up rafter with something like a rake and hold the rafter in place, as we nails sometime of temporary header in place.
Question time...Where in hell is he going to put the chain saw as he nailing?
I think we need a plan B. I'm guess we will end up combine A and B then end up the plan C instead.
But we took all the plywood off the North side. It was all rotten and we haul it to the dump. Heavier the shit.
So we got some more done on it.

Last Wednesday Quennela gave me some white crocus. I dived them in half, about ½ dozen in each group. Planted some in my hodge podge flower bed, below my front window.
Then the other group I put out in my “good will” flower bed.

As for my weight lost challenge. I seem to be having a bumpy ride. Although haven't ate any prepackage food.

I get frustrated and I get no support here in my weight lost journey.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Three Should Be It

The morning there was a slight pink to sunrise. The birds was welcoming the spring sun up. Things around the place started early. Even got up with the alarm clock.
Murphy had an appointment at dentist appointment seven this morning to have his teeth clean.
I had to have Carrie to her pain doctor by eighty thirty in the morning. She had x ray done of her spine and neck at the hospital in Sandpoint.
She has extreme arthritis all up and down on the right side of her spine. I know she gets some type of injections.

I'v been crocheting my yellow dish towel. Haven't tried any on my slipper socks but that the project I'll be taking to the crafts group that meets this Saturday at Under The Sun. I start cutting material for a rag rug.
Part of my work today I took out a bag of clothing for Carrie and camera case she thought would work for a pause.
I found some bags of clothing when Murphy and I was cleaning out the shed. Got them washed up and they went out to the hope house. Mostly boys clothes but a few other items.
I ask the lady who ran the place if they had clothes that couldn't be use. I want to crochet a rag rug and they were piece that need mend and stains that couldn't be removed. So I dug though a tote full of basic rags.
I been cutting one inch strips and tie them together. It actual pretty hard on the hand.

My sister in law Faith gave me a bag of clothing. Which I been trying on and most of the piece fit. Usual tops for me the issue I can't button them across the boobs. If I can button them there so big in the should it just sag there.
But so far only 4 pieces that didn't fit. Already took two piece in to Carrie and this Friday I'll take in the other two, possible more.

As Murphy went to the dentist I had the opportunity to fix breakfast my way. I broke two eggs and add a little milk and whip it all together.
Had some sausage patty frying, scrambled eggs no salt after it was done I season with an herb blend. And slice of whole wheat toast.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One Never To Old To Have Something New Happen

I just experience something new life. There was a charge on my credit card from a company called NATIONAL CREDIT REPORT and I know once year your allowed to look at your credit report. Some how I end up at the site above and there was $1.00 charged for processing fee. Which I agree to pay. But On credit card statement I was charge $29.95 for something I never ordered. So never experience anything like this in my life.
I went to my bank and ask what I needed to do. The teller told me to call the number on back of my credit card and someone on the other end would help me out. I talk a nice lady and of course there always nice.
She ask me some question and she told me to get hold of the company and unsubscribe from them. Which I understand the reason why. If I'm trying to dispute a bill and I'm still subscribe to them. The question they should be asking is “how serious is this lady?” I did contact the company.

As for my challenge this week I been doing real bad. Although I don't eat after seven. I need to get back on track.

Coffee is on  

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ir Rain So I Completed

Usual the saying goes “April showers will bring May flowers” But today showers brought me opportunity to finish going though the boxes from the shed on the north bench. 

These two boxes of items I want to keep. I couldn't tell you whats all in them. I know there an old family bible and medical book. Items my sons did for me when they were younger.

The items in these boxes will be put in the yard sale. I can't think of one thing in any of these boxes that I would keep, if it doesn't sale. The items wrap in news paper is a nativity set I did a long time ago. What doesn't sell will go off to the thrift store.
The shampooer would stay if I could figure how to work it.
Well this is next area I'll be going though. I believe most of it going into the yard sale pile or the thrift store pile.
These are a few items that need to head off to the thrift store. But I always give Murphy a chance to have a say. Usual everything goes anyhow.

Not a good day when it came to my weigh lost challenge.

Coffee is on

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Ostara 2015

Sure didn't come into a big bang. It never does in this community. Most people here are Evangelical which I call “evil genitals”, Mormons and Mennonites. The only I know would have an issue with it “Evil Genitals” but it there issue not mind.
I know maybe 6 to 12 pagans in this area and pretty much there in the closet. If some ask me if I'm a christian. I just say no and I have not trouble with other religion. And yet it haven't let me into deep discussion. Which is fine with me. I have no desire to convert anyone.
Woke up and soon as the sun was up. Murphy called my attention to how beautiful Roman Nose . The snow sure shine brightly on top of the peak and light fog wrap it so gentle.
Murphy and I took out a small larch and moved an alpine fir into it spot. I love the smell of an alpine fir.

I receive two letters from my pen pals. One of them live in Oakland California and the Warren Ohio. Sunday evening I won't be taking any more pen-pals. I'll have about 60 of them. Sunday I'll be sending a letter to Spokane which is only 100 miles (160KM)

By home below my front window one of my off whites, Easter Hyacinths are starting to open. Also I can see a little bit of yellow on my daffodils.

No special meal and I still don't eat after seven and having trouble getting my 8 glasses of water down

Best Wishes this SPRING and the coffee is on

Friday, March 20, 2015

If It Wasn't For The Chai Tea

I shouldn't hit my self to hard. I did ok eating today. Took my lunch with me, to work. Carrie had an x-ray appointment in Sandpoint.
After wards we stop in at Yokes and in deli they have chairs. Confession time...Drank a chai tea.
Before work, I took a walk on Amoth rd. Which is family name of Mennonite here. The road I walk is North of Bonners Ferry and East of Three Mile corner. A pretty short road it took me round trip 10 to 15 minutes.

So I finish my walking in downtown Bonners Ferry and I got little over 20 minutes in.

Breakfast I had a pancake, syrup 1 tablespoon worth, ½ banana sliced, and peanut butter.
Lunch, A burrito I made at home, in the burrito is beef, chili, onion, pepper, cheese, rice, tomaots, and celery.
I did snack on the rest of celery stick, and ate rest of the banana at Lunch time.
For dinner Pork Chop, Corn Bread, and beets.
I notice at hospital in Sandpoint against the building was some pretty crocus.

Coffee is on  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Not What You Think

No happy mail in my mail box today. I send a happy letter to Warren Ohio. I guess if I really need to know where “Warren Ohio” is I could “google” it
Anyhow for the month of March I been sending out 3 letters a week. Trading off between new pen pal and old ones.
I been liking going out to our mail box and receiving a hand written note.
I'm trying to figure the difference between “Happy Mail” and “Snail Mail” as far as I can see. If it's not junk or bill it should be classify as “Happy Mail”.

Well I got a message though facebook from a pen pal that I didn't respond quickly enough. So she told me to kiss her ass.
As I'm not going into all the details. It was simple I blocked her. I just don't have time for bullies and matter fact I don't have time a lot of bull shit personalities.

I did ok I think when it comes to eating. Got my walk in, not as long as before. I did something to my left arch in my foot. I'm taking aspirin and Ibuprofen which isn't taking all the pain away. Although I can tolerate the pain.

Murphy and I went out and worked on roof on the shed all the tin and roofing paper is off. Well before that we stop at Hershal and Carrie they had an old color tv show the mid 80's we took it to the dump. It was on our way to our place on the North Bench.

Well I look out my front window and notice I have a few more Crocus up.

Coffee is on  


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