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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Oh Those Sunday

Sunday been a laid back day. My left hip is giving me quite a bit of trouble. I just can't get comfortable. Not saying I didn't do anything. If I sit, stand, and or lay I'm not a bit comfortable. I find changing position relieves the pain some. So about every hour I walk around the house. I know my hip pain is do to my weight.

So this morning Murphy and I cut a few boards for our deck. Well Sawyer ask for a photo of the piers. Don't ask me why. I don't fine them exciting. But he said he would post a photo on his Banana tree on my facebook page.

I didn't want to use nasty chemical to remove the rust from the old rock cut saw. So I use a basic white vinegar and water. Let it stand and take a wire brush and scrub.
I can see the old rust coming off.
But I read that crunch up aluminium foil works on removing rust. It worth a try but still will treat it with white vinegar.

I was ask about pear drying. Well it same as apples. Peel and slice them. But it takes a little longer then apples.
I should have Wednesday off. I'm hoping to get some zucchini out of our garden, and dry them. I slice it up and add some seasoning. Then put them in the dehydrator.

Figuring my work schedule out for next week. I quite often wonder about how these so call mucky mucks figure the hours of what my in home clients receives, or any in home clients get.
Regis gets 16 hours a week and can't go over 69.5 in a month.
Liz gets 15 hours a week and can't go over 64 hours in a month.
So Regis have 5.5 hours left in month and Liz have 4 hours. Which I will do Liz hour all on Monday after noon. I'll split Regis hours up in two days. Tuesday he has his Cognitive
But before Saturday. Our work week actual start on Sunday and ends on Saturday. I need to slam in 11 hours for Liz and 10.5 hours for Regis.
And if we go over our a sign time we don't get paid.

I've always found FARMVILLE relaxing. I'm going to try to get back into it again. Hopeful instead of food it will help me unwind after work.

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

I Know My Brain Isn't Slipping

It been 3 days since I post. Usual my days or lease on the week days consist of going to work. So Friday I took my clients Regis and Liz over to Troy. LaWalla lives there. We had fun and a good visit. Plus visited there FARMER MARKET

Actual I should be thankful. There wasn't anything memorable to post about. It good when things aren't to exciting. When life is basically smooth sailing
When I take Liz in public places. I often worry about her behavior. But recently she doing much better.
I remind her  "Not every issue needs to be fought" or "pick your fights wisely"
But she didn't come right out in say it. But she drop strong hints that she might have BORDERLINE PERSONALITY
For a short time Liz was having trouble but not sure what her therapist did. But I was starting to wonder if she was heading to LARGER BEHAVIOR HEATH center.

I've done in home care for a long time. There those who believe they have DEMONS are attach to them.
I believe in wide degree of good and evil. Opinion time....I believe he is the FACE OF EVIL 
But must time I would classify a demons or angels as "adjective" that can be agitate away if needed or so desired. It actual easy to get rid of demons. But it harder to keep the demon from going around the block and gather up some of there buddies.
As a pagan many don't believe devil or demons. I'm one who believes in demons, we call them fear, lonely, angry, abusive, cowardly, defeated, hopelessness, frustrated, victimized, resentful, and there is more. But to what degree is each of these so called demons, one should be asking them self. What sort of control does these demons have on our life, and or why do we keep it around.

Things are slowly getting done around here. Still doing the deck. Not sure what we did today but we got something else done with the frame.
My friend Quenella gave me some pears and we dried them. We still have a few pears, one of Murphy favor pie is PEAR PIE

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday Is My Choice

Usual other then my client nutty life. I have pretty easy clients. They actual treat me pretty good. I actual feel sorry for them. Regis and his mental illness but as whole he seem to putter along. But Liz is an entire different story she has both mental illness and PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE
So today they have there social worker and group. And I didn't go any place, just stayed home.

I don't mind nesting at all. Doing a little something to make a house a home. Hang picture or two and things like that.
But when our sons was at home and Murphy went to work in tree nursery and all paid under $12 and hour.
We never could afford much luxury. Once in while I would stop at thrift store and get something usual under $3.00.
Since I'm doing 31 hours a week. I mange to get a few house hold chores done. I try to aim for 3 before I leave for work.

Today I did a little more. Murphy and I dug up the onions and shallots out of the garden. Put up some wire so we could tie them on, and let them dry.
The other items isn't as exciting. Like 2 loads of wash, dishes, and vacuumed the carpet. And pick up around the deck construction area.
Send off our last two bills water just under $44 and gas a hair over $10.
Don't worry I know anther round of bills is coming in September.

As you can see on my weight lost ticker I got up above 220. Mid day I weigh my self on our scale and I was back down to 218 point something.
Breakfast cooked barley flakes.
Lunch cold piece of chicken, piece of toast, and yogurt.
Dinner piece of chicken breast, coleslaw, and rice.
Snack a piece of cheese, and 1/2 of an apple.
Start to wear my pedometer again.

Our pagan group is now is meeting the last Wednesday of the month over at our Extension Office. Statement time...It hard to get people to come out of the broom closet.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

It Could Be A Bigger Mess

Weigh in is on Tuesday Morning. One thing I was please when I went to a potluck and drumming. That I went with a plan. 7 small things less then a 1/2 cup each items. Some one brought game burger patties. It been a while since I ate any wild meat.

Breakfast potatoes and scrambled eggs.
Lunch grill cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Love dipping a grill cheese sandwich.
Dinner small pork chop, 1/2 cup of mac and cheese and applesauce.

Now back to the drumming. I feel the all sort of energy from a drumming. We all have our GIFTS to some degree or other in the spiritual matters. All religion as far I know recognized. But the pagan gifts are THESE
My friend Qunella is CLAIRAUDIENT
My self as CLAIRVOYANCE but I've have people ask me if I can see anything for them. The honest truth is no I can't. It's not turn on things just appear at there own rate. Not like a 24 hour thing.
It been a while since I've seen anything. Last time I saw something that in reality wasn't there. It was a red glowing ball that floated in the air, actual that was on Sat the 13th of August.
I have no ideal what it means. Question time....Does anyone have any ideal what a red glowing ball floating about means?

Ended up having a real strange dream last night. Anyhow I think most of my dreams are super strange. Very rarely the people and places in my dreams I know.
I must of been shopping and I open a glass door to walk over a cover bridge that went over some moving water like a river.
Most everyone was wearing a jacket it was damp and cold. Not overly crowed. I was pushing a cart full of food.
But once I got to the other side and before I could exit. There was custom officer like and he/she want to expect any meat. I recall a turkey being pulled out and some other package of meat.
Then my husband woke me up.

Well I put in a long day. 4 hours with Regis and 6 hours with Liz. The reason I put in 10 hours was so I could help with the pouring of concrete for our deck.
Sharing a few more photos of our local fair.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

It's Going Out

I knew I had to spend some money which I don't like my Acura has some major issue. Oil was going in my radiator overflow with metal flakes all though it.
So I found a Cadillac 2004 for $3,500 with 85,000 miles on it. So I drew some money out of Saving.
It was bothering me going to work and leaving Murphy at home. We don't have any public trans-portion out where I live. He said it didn't bother him being stuck out in the country.

This weekend is our local fair. Thursday I took both Regis and I to the fair. I understand Oregon when giving home care hours figures some time for the caregiver and there clients. Have a bit of social life. So weekly I try to take them some place. Usual it a thrift store.
Opinion time.....Just doing in-home care just in home environment but getting them out a bit, actual does wonders for them.
Today Murphy and I meant Quellea at the fair for our morning coffee. So all three of us tour the fair.
 The photo post and will have more to post for a while.

My sewing machine came and haven't yet had time to set it up. I have a folding table with stuff on it. Need to figure where to put the items. I know a few items will be toss in the trash can.
Vapor Machine which is on my sewing table will be put on rock cutting table. Which need a little cleaning and not sure how we will get it in the house. It super heavy.

Eating still so. At the fair I had a grill cheese sandwich and side potato salad which I would guess it was a half cup.
I promise all of them a snow cone. It was super hot.
Dinner tonight a chunk of roast beef, bake potato and I had cottage cheese on mine, and green beans picked from our garden.

The deck is coming a long but not at rate we would like. Murphy with some help from me. Got the pick up oil change.
Not much more to say. Now need or should write a check for our water bill.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

At First

When I woke up this morning. I slept great but all in all. I just don't want to go to work or do anything. Confession time....I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Now I wonder where that saying COMES FROM
I've slept good. The only thing I wish I would woke up a little earlier. I like to get up between five and seven in the morning.
But six thirty is still ok.

When I first came on with Liz I wonder what she said was even true. Her first thing she told me was that she shot her self with a 45 in the stomach and chest area.
My first reaction most people wouldn't survive. I'm far from a gun expert but I know a 45 slug can do some damage.
Well I've seen a enough evidence of her shooting her self.
Now Regis he can come up with some woppers. He actual believes that at times his eyes glow green, and his face torts in different shapes.

Still trying to be comfortable on how to mange my health, home, and work. This morning I did get in a very short walk.
Breakfast I had a small omelet which I split with my husband. Plus a piece of toast.
Not sure what will be my lunch. I will eat four things
Dinner not known yet either.

Not sure what going on at work. The county fair is going on. Going to try to get both my clients to go. I believe Liz would go. But Regis is anther story.
Liz don't seem as anxious when she got a project she working on. So now we been crochet or knitting.
Plus I told them I had some stuff on HAND Writing analysis. They seem interested in it. I thought we could write something and have a few laugh of analysis each other. It been a while since I've done it.

Better back up my lunch and one thing I know I'm having is a piece of chicken from last night dinner.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Now Since My Hours Increase.

Weigh in wasn't good. I wouldn't call it horrible either. I'm almost up to 220. Weight in at 219.25. I swore I wouldn't every get over 220 pounds. Since my hours went up I need to have a new plan to loose weight.
Regis could use a good scrub down in his apartment. And I could burn some calories.
Breakfast 2 eggs, 2 links sausage, and potatoes which I didn't eat all what was on my plate.
Lunch is between jobs 2 hotdogs and less ¼ cup pork n beans.

Dinner happen before I went out to Liz. I started at 4 in the afternoon. Ground beef patty, rice, and corn on the cob.

Stayed a little longer at Liz. We watch a movie called WOLFMAN   We did a little crochet and knitting.
Know wonder she a mess. I know she been beaten quite a few times. She claim that her 2nd husband the father to her first child. Told her and his son that need to dig there grave because he was going to kill them.
This was some time ago I would guess her first child was born in the late 70's or early 80's.

Murphy and I move the jig I would use the term pattern off the deck we're building. Right now we're getting ready to set the piers in cement.

My daughter in law is busy sewing PET SCARF and Boo is the C.E.O of Bandana Bootique.

Coffee is on 


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