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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sort Of This And That

Went to SPOKANE VALLEY yesterday to attend the funeral of Beverly Turner. She was a mother of one of my oldest friend.

Beverly Turner was born on March 12, 1934 in Moorhead, Minnesota and passed away on October 17, 2016 in Spokane, WA. Parents were Carl and Ethel Danielson.
She is survived by a son, XXX and two daughters, XXX and XXX, two sisters, XXX, andXXX and one brother, Robert.
Memorial service will be on October 22, 2016 at 11am at Advent Lutheran Church, 13009 East Broadway, Spokane Valley.

When I was younger extreme weather didn't bother me. We were neighbors when I live over on Cataldo and they live on Johnson.
I recall twice the temps got well over a 100 and then below 0. I walk over to there place and she would say to me...."child don't you know it cold" or "child don't you know it hot"

Then we stop and saw Murphy Step Mom. She seem she doing ok. But I'm not sure if she happy where she is at.
But at this time there nothing in Bonners Ferry. I know she looking at the Restorium here in Bonners Ferry. Let just say it not as good of deal she is getting. 

Then of crouse we had to go and see our grand daughter Claudia. Well she was over at her other Grand Parents. She was letting a friend of there host a TRUNK SHOW, well there CLOTHING LINE is out of our price range.

In my mind I been thinking of Christmas Presents. So which means a budget and who gets what. But to find out Murphy Sister Faith is heading to down to the Bay area for four months.
So that takes a load off of us and gifts. I was about ready to do somersaults but I kept my cool. 
We're going to have early Thanksgivng on the 12th of November.

Either my hip hurts like hell or I have some relief. But not pain free. I been doing my hip exersise the doctor gave me.
Pork steak and mac n cheese is for dinner. Not sure what else. Looks like I need watch how much I eat.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Its Never Normal

Don't mind toot a horn about our local thrift stores in Bonners Ferry. When I was down in Medford I stop at a few of them.
Got Regis flying bat and old comic book.

Thursday I took both of my clients to one of the thrift store. I pick up a lease a yard of fabric and both under $2.00.
I stuck it in a large envolope and mail it to my daughter in law Betty. She makes BANDANA for dogs and cat.

This week I only got in 18 hours. Since I only got back last Tuesday. LaWalla did the first part of the week. She did 12 hours.
So next week I will be putting in 30 hours. I sort of have a time schudle figure out. Actual it more important for them to see there therpist and CBRS. Then me.
As you can see Regis still have his collection of figurines. Most of them our MARVEL and D.C
Murphy been doing some repair around the place. When we got back the deer broke down the fence around the strawberry and ate the plants right down. If we don't have a supper hard freeze early they should come back for next year picking.
Plus one of our barn/shed door need a repair.

I have to say yesterday eating was a little out of wack. To much candy. Regis bought some sour gummy type of candy.
Today it was in check. Murphy made green peppers. To me there no in between when it comes to stuff green peppers. He found this SANTA FE STUFF PEPPERS using ground turkey.

As for my hip I'm keep having less moment of agony pain. I was thankful that neither one of my client have stairs.
Regis laundry need to be done. If they was stairs I'm not sure if I could of carry laundry down or not.

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It Good To Be Back Home

The song "IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK A HOME AGAIN" I total know I grumble about the conservative ideology here in North Idaho. But that tune keep playing in my head. Had a good time in Medford visiting with son.

I'll save the trip for the end of post. But now I'm back to work, and there old social worker got a better job down in the Courd' Alene area.
So now I'm having a little trouble figuring a new work schedule out. But it will all come together.

Before I left I did something to my right hip and I've had trouble with it before.
Tuesday I was helping putting boards up on the deck, Murphy was screwing them down. I was feeling fine and doing ok.
We were walking out garden across the lawn, and my right hip buckled under me. Not going down to the ground.
My hip buckling under me is some what common for me. In less then day I'm pretty much back to normal.
Well this time it didn't happen.
So I went to Oregon and between waiting at airport and sitting at the airport. It sure didn't help. then the over walking like to the restroom. It seem like our gate was ten miles to closes ladies room.
So when I got back I made the choice to call our Physician Assistant. She treat thing pretty conservative. I got some stretches today. Also some muscle relaxer, and suggest I take an over the counter anti inflammatory . She suggest both my hubby and I would benefit from a TENS UNIT.

Our trip went good, and it always good to see Sawyer and Betty. Plus there fur babies Boo the dog, and Emma the kitty cat.
On the way up to CRATER LAKE but it was fogged in. But we did stopped and did very short hike and saw where the rogue river went UNDER GROUND which was cool.

They like to camp among the APPLEGATE RIVER and actual we went into the northern tip of California.

One more place we stop was a place an old cabin once stood. What was left is the FIREPLACE and chimney. Not sure how old it is.
I know a very long time ago before ovens. Actual during the PURITANS and COLONIAL people could walk in them.
But this one it would be a tight fit for Santa Clause. Confession time...I enjoy a fire place.

Not sure how this will work out. But we only get down to Medford once a year. So what I'm thinking Murphy and I could go, each down before June of next year. Then he and I could once again go in the fall.
See usual starting heat of summer Sawyer is busy working on air planes that fight forest fires. Plenty of over time.

It been more then a week since I posted. Coffee is on

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hopeful In Week

I'm keeping this post short. Well that is plan. Murphy and I will be heading down to Medford Oregon to see our oldest.
We will be living Wed evening after I get done with work. But Sawyer after work will fly up to Spokane from Medford.
Murphy and I will be staying with Bart and Molly. And then Thursday morning all 3 of us (Sawyer, Murphy, and I) will fly back to Medford.
Sawyer wife is a flight attended Horizon Air and part of there benfit package is. If there room we can fly for next to nothing.
If we make it to Portland Oregon. Medford is only about 5 hour drive.

We got the floor laid on the deck, and now it needs to be stain which Murphy will do when I'm at work. S.J made a comment about using tire tubes for banding. Yes, I do that to hold my molds together.
Not sure when I'll post next. I hope in a week when I get back.

Monday, October 10, 2016

No Certain Order

There is 4 reason I work. Which is the most important it would be toss up. So for the moment I'm having trouble which way to list them. So maybe subject would be a way to list them for now.

Of course the ceramic shop. Which I know won't happen until I'm 60 but there still small steps I can take toward it.
Still can stick a little away to purchases items or even purchase a few things and stick them some where. I won't forget where I put them...Question time...Have you every put up something and you told your self you'll remember where you put it, and then don't?
Not sure which order I should I need to work for first...somethings I will need for my shop RUBBER BANDS in all sort of sizes. CLEANING TOOLS FOR GREEN WARE not saying this is brand I will carry. LAMP PARTS and about most of my greenare piece can be made into some sort of lamp.
I believe I could use anther ELECTRIC MOTOR for my pour table. 1/2 horse power of less. I believe the one that is hook to it now still work. But I don't like the set up. And for sure I need a set of TABLES AND CHAIR. More and more I see round tables I believe it's the way I want to go. Well there still more items I would need. But having it in the basement would keep the cost down. When I had it before I would either make my rent, electrical and insurance. But couldn't make enough to replace any inventory. Simple couldn't grow the business.

There is a lot I complain about in home care and in lot of way it set up to enable them. But I find great joy if for some reason I make my client life a little better.
By the end of shift a simple Thank You will go quite ways.

Yes, I do get a paycheck every other week. Like everyone I know have living cost. We aren't fancy people. Still there food to buy, bills to pay, and those unexpected things in life...like the hot water heater, when notice your shoes are complete blown out, and what every else might hit you in life.

At this point I don't have much in my social security. I have a lot of years when nothing been paid in. When the kids was young I stayed home. When Murphy worked and usual during winter he was laid off and drew unemployment. He work usual 9 months and 3 months drew unemployment. Quite common around here.
So I would like to get more in my social security. Actual it pretty sad at this moment what I would get.

Rain most of the day. Went to Courd'Alene to get Liz didn't recognize her. She lighten her hair and it look good on her.
Not sure what I all ate. But we had a ground turkey burger.

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Saturday, October 08, 2016

There Will Always Be Causulties

Actual my hubby and I don't have a our married spats all that often. Since we been married over 30 years people have ask if we every had any spats or disagreement.
Well last night he and I had a spat. Couldn't tell what exactly start it or if anything was settle. But he piss me off bad enough the dinning room table got broke.
Bart and Molly stop by. They found out I basically tossed the table at Murphy.
Bart said "Over the years I knew better to piss off mom and usual there were causalities"

Our little community put on a fantastic quilt show. And to find out there starting a quilt club here. Quilting is one thing is on my bucket list to do. I got all the fabric to make my grand daughter Claudia a quilt.
I notice this up coming December that there offering a beginning quilting class at MOOSE COUNTRY QUILTS .
So hopeful things will work out I can take the class.

Looks like my son Sawyer and his wife Betty is trying there dogie and kitty Scarf in CENTRAL POINT Oregon.
Maybe once I get retired I can do a few craft show. But there always E BAYAMAZONETSYART FIRESHOPIFY and possible others.

I thought I did ok when I came to eating yesterday. The day isn't done. But so far I had biscuits with sausage gravy. It been a while since I done any biscuits and gravy.
Lunch clean out the fridge of spaghetti.
My friend Alice went with me to quilt show in town. She takes care of Libby. Sort of a foster type of thing.
Before we left I made a promise I would stop by and get a bag of Frito's for Libby. I was surprise the cost of them.
I do like to keep my word. So I had two of them.
A bowl of grapenuts, with brown rice syrup, and spoonful of peanut butter.

We're waiting for the rain to let up. Maybe we can do a little bit of harvest in garden.

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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Looking A Head

It amazing how weather sometime determined ones choices in life. Big or small. As you know who visit here about our deck building project been slow by my work schedule or weather.
This Saturday our community is having there annual quilt show in Bonners Ferry and I want to go see it. I ask my friend Alice to go.  I know it won't take long to see our quilt show one to two hours.

When I got on our T.O.P.S scale I was up and this morning when I got on our scale I was down. Since I'm here talking about my weight I should put in what I ate.
Breakfast Pancake, with peanut butter and strawberries.
Lunch Pizza which was left over from last night dinner.
Dinner. Spaghetti and green salad.
Snack chocolate bar which my hubby help me on. Small cup of gelalto when it comes to ice cream I gave up the bowl. I place it in a cup and that way I can control the amount I have.

By your comment what one need to live on is sure is different for everyone. If I didn't work I know our life would pretty much would be what I would call a tough surviving wage. But we could do it, because we done it before.
But as we know our hind sight is 20/ 20. I could of or should of done things differently. But why cry over spilled milk.

Yesterday I went over to Troy Mt to see my friend LaWalla who got me start on locker hooking. It a no brainier.
So I believe this Christmas I'll be giving out trivets made from locker hooking.

Our weight lost group T.O.P.S is running anther contest. This one isn't one I thought up. But usual contest keeps everyone on task.
It ends shortly before Thanksgiving.
We usual put in fifty cent to one dollar a week. And usual it is the one who loose the most weight for the time period  will take the jack pot. Most of the Jack Pot been between twenty and forty dollars.
But this time we all bring in a little something other then money. The first three people who lost most weight will get to pick first from the gifts/ prizes brought.
I'm going to up a trivet put with fall colors.

I'm trying to anther swift duster cover but instead of long ways. I'm going to try short way across and see if that works better.
Since the trivet is my first one I'll keep for my self.

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Monday, October 03, 2016

Not Sure What Wrong With The Way We Think.

Since both of my client suffer from mental illness of sort. Every so often I will google something. Some time I get what I need to know. But other time I'm still as confuse.
A short time ago I look up PERSONALITY DISORDER.

Been a member of TOPS for quite sometime. Believe I join in 2008 or possible 10. That long I should of been down to my goal. But I'm not. But at one time the FEAR OF LOOSING WEIGHT has crossed my mind.
Breakfast: steel cut oats with raisin, and strawberries
Lunch: stop in at Deli. Got a burrito and 4 poppers.
Dinner: half a turkey chili burger with very little cheese. Cut up onion and peppers.
Snack like foods or not sure where to put them. But I ate them.
apple, yogurt, candy bar, and grapenuts.

Our town of Bonners Ferry finely has a variety store, SHOPKO. After I took Regis about his bill paying. We decided to stop in at our new store and take a gander.
Regis head to the toys section and got a few novelty items. I believe he bought a few things. The only the thing I recall him getting is skull mask.
Me I'm more practical or lease on this trip. Murphy need underwear so I got pkg of them, Daisy a little can of dog food, and a candy bar which I share with Regis.
He and I thought it was little pricey for what they have. pkg of 7 of men white titties $14.00.
But it convenient, don't have to drive to PONDERRAY and go into Walmart. I bet some of you read that Ponderray has the highest crime rate in area. To me it seem like a commerical area like a few big box store and other business. Not many resident. There some homes if you head toward SCHWEITZER MOUNTAIN or PEND OREILLE lake.
So I would guess the crime would have to do with theft.
I will continue shopping there simple they gave our local people employment
t. It not yet what I would consider a livable wage. It looks like the people who work there will pay $8.20 to $12.25 an hour.
Opinion time...Our community needs clean environmental manufacture type of job, and pays a livable wage for our locals. which would be $12 to $22.00 and hour.
anything below $12 or less depend on circumstance you can qualify for government assistance for needy.
Question time...What would you consider a livable wage in your area?

Murphy stain the boards for the deck. Now there ready to go on when they dry. But I understand it going to rain the next few days.
Bart call I guess he going to stop in Friday. He and his family lives in Spokane

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