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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

It Would Be Better With Photo's

Well before I move on my daily events. I was ask on yesterday post on our SOCIAL SECURITY if it was public or private.
What I was posting is our public one. Our private ones are now usual a 401-K or IRA When I was younger I can recall people who work and part of there benefit package was a retirement plan usual though there union.
But at this time in our history unions are pretty much non existent.

Went shopping with my friend Quenella, locally. She and her late husband Micheal usual found ½ doz children who need some one to play Santa.
So we went around Bonners Ferry to pick up a few items. We went to all three thrift stores. I've bought brand new items out of thrift stores.

She collect BLUE WILLOW plates. So we went up to the Three Mile Antique mall. She found a plate there. They have collection of vintage fabric. I found two piece of ½ yard of Complementary colors, fabrics that I can use in my next locker hook trivet.
I was worried that the fabric only came in large quantities. So both together a yard cost me $6.30.
Been cutting more strips for my rag rug.
The one I'm crochet for the family white elephant gift exchange. At this point I'm liking it better then the first two I did.
Simple reason I like how the color format or lay out is.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Retiring Not As I Thought.

Not sure how pensions work in other place in world. So for now I will SHARE THIS it on retirement from other place in world.

I know we wasn't going to be wealthy when either my husband retired. His social security is just under $773 and they take a $104 for his MEDICARE and we still have to pick up the 20% what medicare doesn't pay.
We're thankful we're both in good health. Confession time...We both put some effort in our health.
A word to wise if your country, state, or providence want to be come a RIGHT TO WORK Please vote against it.
Idaho is one of those right to work state and your wage will remain low.

This was my plan for heading into my old age pension....I was going to work doing in home care. “I have easy clients.”
until I was about 60 which is not quite 4 years and then cut my hours down to 12 to 16 hours a week.
Continue working and also working on ceramic shop in the basement. But once I turn 62 apply for my spousal benefits in social security. Which would be half of my husbands. Continue working and paying in, and when I become full retirement age for me it 67 years old.
But the rules been change...One can still draw spousal benefits, but they can not work and pay into there own social security account.
I don't have that much in. I work in high school, When the boys was home, I was a stay at home mom. Time the boys hit middle school. I start to go back to work slowly and not many hours or high wages.
Still working and trying to make up lost time. I would say I have 13 years of blank period of nothing paid into my social security.
At this point I don't see my self taking my retirement until 67 years old. If I take it real early I could possible loose 30% of my benefits.
Well there always good options out there. It just finding them.

Super cold. Down to 16 (-8.8) But the dog want me to toss the ball this morning. She still wearing her head cone. Her sore is looking a lot better. My husband is wondering if she got bit by some nasty bug. Well I'm still doing a fund raiser for her. It on the right hand side of blog, “Daisy Teeth Cleaning” maybe I'm posting to much on this.

Went to our Christmas brunch with my weight lost group. I believe they was only two people down,and I wasn't one of them.
I order eggs benedict, and it came with hash brown. Took two or three bits or three bits of hash brown. The egg benedict was fairly large. Like two english muffins a half order would have been plenty.
Not sure what is for dinner.

We had an ornament swap. We all start with our own ornaments, and someone read the story of the Candy Cane. Anytime the word candy cane was mention you pass it one down to the right.
But I think SNOPES has some cool info on the candy cane.

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Monday, December 05, 2016

I Might Just Visit

It been a while since I took part in a BLOG HOP Well I decided to find one to take part in. So it hard to find the right blog hop to take part in. Right now this blog post will not be on one subjects. But I know how hard to blog. Since all the other social media sites out there.
So here two blogs who doing a hop..MAKING OUR LIFE MATTER Actual I want to fine anther blog to hop from.
But all the ones I could find specialize in something or anther. Or give away blogs. I don't have anything to give away.
Question time....Doesn't anyone just blog to be social or to have fun?

I'm having a little trouble slightly changing wording DAISY GO FUND ME PAGE It mainly to raise money for her vet care. But still my main things is to get her teeth clean.
I do brush her teeth every evening. And also I have match every dollar donated.
Haven't Yet show Daisy new toy. She just loves it.

 I believe someone made a statement it was yesterday, Saturday on quite not understanding what I meant by multiphase.
There time when I start to type out a blog post. I might do paragraph or so. Go do something else, save it and come back at later time.
See I use Open Office quite a bit of the time.

I get out quite a bit since I work. But the hubby doesn't. So he want to go to home depot to look around. We have a few home project that need to be done. Well we did purchase light cover for our fluorescent bulbs. But of course it was the wrong size. But taking thing back to home depot is hassle free.
As I was in home depot had chance to day dream about once again having a ceramic shop in the basement.
At times dreaming keeps us focus on our goals or plans for our future.

One thing I'm going to do figure out on something different about my retirement. I was planning to draw spousal benefits off my husband when I became 60. Cut my hours down to 12 a week, and have 3 day ceramic shop. Continue to pay into my social security. Well this last January they made a new law that it no longer possible.
Planning to blog on using spousal benefits, in very near future didn't feel like getting to political.

Been working on my crafts over the weekend. Still not sure if I'm going to have enough of certain color of fabric. But if it isn't it going to be close.

Did mange to get coffee coasters done, for Liz. I might do anther set of 4 for Qunella.
Haven't tried doing a locker hooker rug. But at this point it easier to do a trivet. Those smaller project going around the corners can be tricky.

Tuesday is my weigh in day with my weight lost group. On my scale I been holding my own.

Hopeful I can get more photos posted. Had some camera issue my lens wouldn't retract. Thankful for google I figure it out.

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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Every Did A Nine O'Clocker

Question time...Have you every had to do your typing in multi phase for a blog post?...This will be one of those post.
We just got done with breakfast. And I just took my pills, and so did Daisy. Remember on right hand side there is link called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
Well I told her at nine this morning I would take off her cone, and go out play ball with her. It my day off and this is good chance of having her ball toss.

Not sure what I'll be doing and since it's December. It might be a good day to start doing Christmas cards.
I didn't get my cards out last year. But before I need to send in my paper work to company I work though so I can get paid.

Let see we're in a new month. One could spend to much time on social media. Which includes blogs. I do share my blog though a few social media sites. Looks like I'll be using facebook quite a bit this month. It's been a while since I post on my FACEBOOK BLOG PAGE and my TWITTER

Yes. I'm always thinking I need a mental health check up. So this is best I can do. MY BLUE MIX Well here whats says, by some of my blog post at random ones.

You are inner-directed and restrained.
You are deliberate: you carefully think through decisions before making them. You are calm-seeking: you prefer activities that are quiet, calm, and safe. And you are uncompromising: you think it is wrong to take advantage of others to get ahead.
Your choices are driven by a desire for organization.
You are relatively unconcerned with both achieving success and independence. You make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. And you welcome when others direct your activities for you.
Then also I'm more likely to...
1. be sensitive to ownership cost when buying automobiles
2. volunteer to learn about social causes
3. prefer resale value when buying automobiles
Then also I'm not likely to...
1. prefer style when buying clothes
2. read financial investment books
3. be influenced by product utility when making product purchases
Well my camera lens won't retract. Just got new batteries. So in bit after tossing the ball for one last time the sun is slowly retract down mountain side.
I was looking forward in sharing some of crafts I been working on. I did get the four coffee coaster I been working on.                                                                                                         As for the trivet I was working on. I couldn't fine the two fabric I was using. As for this so far so good. I did get chance to finish up on section.                                                                      Then as for the rag rug. I did my first color of brown. All colors are cut except the red. 
So it about time for me to go and toss the ball for the dog.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Had To Find My Reading Glasses.

As I got older I now have to use reading glasses, but distance is still good.
Eating and my portion been in check.

Breakfast....egg, pototoes, parsnips, and bacaon.
Lunch ....BLT sandwich and this time add a little parsley to it.
Dinner...Pork chop, mac and cheese, and green salad. With ranch dressing.
Snack...red velvet cake, with cream cheese icing, and none sweet snack.

Since I didn't work today. Daisy was lucky she got her ball toss twice, and toss her so called rag around the house.
Talking about Daisy on right hand side of my blog there is a link called. "Daisy teeth cleaning" Earlier today I match the last donation of $20.00

Also got the all gold fabric cut and rolling up last little bit. When I was doing that I watch a DVD Dr Who, Which came from Library in Sandpoint.

In a little bit I'll be heading to my pagan group Spairfiterea. We been slowly going though Ray Buckland Complete Book of Witchcraft.
When I was in Sandpoint Library I got book on numerology called. Numerology reveal your life numbers by William Field.

One piece of good news. I went and talk to a social worker and we got my tax credit or my subsidy up to a little over $600 to help me purchase health insurance.
Not sure what I'll be getting. But I don't expect or want a free ride in life.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Haven't Shock Hands.

Just going list there names. A while back I had my D.N.A done and there a 70% change these people are related to me....Ruben Musslewhite...RosaAnna Musslewhite...Sterling Monroe Ruth...Isabel Wilkins McCleve....Lucretia Hupper...Mary Trueworthy Carter...Patrick Luther Patterson...Gillie Ann Combest....James Franklin Pesnel...and...Harrison Hinson.
If I had the brains and was starting my life. I sure wasn't ivy league bound. I would became a GENETICIST I guess I want to know about people, my people. Just not dates. There no close case it never runs cold.
I like to know even the largest and smallest fact. Like what did they eat, which books they read, how much pouch tobacco was, and the list goes on and on.
Still looking for more info on 2nd great grand father John Shirley who made shoes.

Work and sometime I just shake my head. Took Regis over to his speech, but he kept falling asleep. I even ask him if he took much of his medication. He said “no” Every so often he over does his medicine.
He use to get his medication once a month, and usual he mess up on. But now he got his bubble packs which he gets once week and it works so much better.
If I had to be on a medication regiment I would get bubble packs.
Stop in at Liz all went well for her son Paul in court.

As Regis was in speech I walk over to Clinic to make an appointment to finish up my medical insurance. I want a little help to get though the finely stages.
For years my husband and I had no medical insurance coverage. Our oldest son cost us $23,000 and we did pay it off, with my inheritance. But in the mean time they had a lien against everything we own.
Confession time....President elect Trump policy and who he picking for his cabinet worries me.

I lost most weight in our weight lost group. 2.50 pounds this week.

Got some more strips cut out, and hook together.

I got anther donation for Daisy teeth cleaning. And
“Thank you” On the right hand side there is link “Daisy Teeth Cleaning” One my coffee pals suggest instead of Daisy teeth cleaning. Have it “Daisy Medical Care” Not sure how to word it but I have to say I like this ideal.

I know one thing I'll be doing tomorrow is paying bills and I'm clueless about the rest day.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Not Saying They Might Have Something.

Daisy did had her appointment. Not sure what wrong and for now they gave her some antibiotics called Cephalexin and cone for her head. So she won't pick at her sore.
Her sore is infection simple because she start to lick it.
The vet cross the street is cheaper but he is so loud that the pets are scared of him.
There going to watch it and see what happen. There is a bump which could mean about anything. Well here what they charge Pre-Anesthetic screen $68.00 and a Biopsy $98.00. And I still owe the hospital for a mammogram $250 and something.
I know my friend LaWalla use a vet in Sandpoint who don't charge like this one does. I met him once and he seem reasonable to me.
Confession time....I feel this vet clinic is always trying to pull money out of my pockets.

I know worrying about unknown factor or something that may or not be. I keep thinking she has cancer. But even I had a growth remove and it was nothing. Believe me I worried my self over it.
It could actual could be anything. I have to keep in mine Daisy isn't a young dog my guess 10 to 12 years. Other then the sore and bump she is in good heath. Plus right now she isn't thrilled about having a cone on.
I haven't total gave up hope, and on right hand side bar. Things to click on I'm steel trying to raise money for Daisy to have her teeth clean. There is link called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
Confession time...I'm actual scared if she die....When I grief of her lost...I will cry.

Other then worrying about Daisy. Work went ok. Just did Regis. Liz went to POLSON MONTANA with her son Paul, he had to appear in court. This isn't his first rodeo. It was for his drunk driving a while back.

Got all the gold fabric strips cut and now I'm starting to splice them so they can be connected. One thing I could use is a better pair of scissors.
I didn't pay that much for scissors and they become dull quite rapidly. The ones I have don't sharpen well a good pair of dress maker scissors I haven't seen under $20.00.

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