Saturday, April 25, 2015

Did Make Progress Today

Saturday the 25th is my baby birthday.Bart is now 24. His present will be a little late. Simple I can't decide what to get him, Some suggest a STARBUCK card. I'm not to big on gift cards. Usual they have a time period to be used up. But Spokane has quite a few Starbucks. Or I might just purchase a good quality coffee and send it to him. He is a coffee drinker like his parents
Well we decided to put in a new strawberry bed.
 Our old one has quite a few weeds and been taken over by quack grass. Murphy went and sprayed the weeds and grass out.
Dug up the plants and place them in the new strawberry beds. We won't be eating any fresh strawberries out of our garden.
The first year we take off the blooms.
Where the old strawberry patch was. We're thinking of putting corn in it spot.
One thing I notice doing the garden this way and taking out the strawberry bed. It gives us different opposition to plant. Personal I would like to but in some different berries. The only thing we have is red raspberries. One thing I would like to put in is a few gooseberries.

Murphy hung up my whirl bird thing. I got from Sawyer and Betty last Christmas. I didn't feel like opening the garden gate to take a better photo. So I stuck my camera lens thought the fence and took a shot of it. Hoping it will help detour some birds out of the garden.

Cut more strips for my rag rug I'm making. My hands a little sore from the scissors. I cut the strips as I was watching RAWHIDE. At one time this was one of my favor shows.
But now I need to sew the strips together.

Got the bathroom cleaned and even washed the shower curtain

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Just A Toot

I just can't stand it any longer. My home is so bad and believe it me. I've seen a lot worst.
But I decided to deep clean my bathroom and living room over the weekend. If I find time give floors a good moping.

So when I got home from work I a lease clean the bath tub.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

It Going So So

I had the morning off. So my friend Quenella came out to work on her site for her gardens.
She brought me a bouquet of flowers.
I been working on her site for sometime now and been trying to get the photos up.
It wasn't going good and I was about to bang my head against a brick wall or pull my hair out.
So we called BIZLAND 
and the issue was that bizland only work in browser “Internet Explore”
After I updated “Java” and for some odd reason “google chrome” isn't working.
Well we did change the text and put up some photos. Confession time...the photos isn't were they need to be on the home page. But they're up.
Quenella and her hubby put a lot of time into there GARDENS 
and I wish they will get people to come out and see them.

I been starting to put my yard decoration out. The other day I stop in
at the dollar store in Sandpoint and bought a new whirl thing.
Murphy put up some new fencing around the gardening.
Before I picked up the whirl thing. I had to take Carrie to an doctor appointment.
The flowers around the doctor office and I liked this flowering plant. Actual I like the silver thread like fuzzes on it. Question time..Does anyone know what type of flowers?

I been meaning to oil my sewing machine and had to purchase some 3-1 oil. Your basic sewing machine oil. I could swear there was a silver can around here.
But no luck of locating it. It was brought from Spokane and I believe it still had price sticker on it. Under a buck.
I picked up a bottle at Wal Mart for around $2.80.
I did get sewing machine oil. I kept breaking threads.

I'm a big one to keep my money in my home town and into the hands of Mom and Pop business.
In Bonners Ferry there is quite a few place to purchase fabrics and I use three of them and got my fabrics to make “rag rugs” for my children Yule gifts

Sawyer and Betty there colors will be turquoise, purple and yellow.

Bart and Molly there colors will be red, black and yellow

The turquoise and red came out of ALLEY FABRIC NOOK

The purple and black came out of CALLIES NICHE

The Yellow which I'm using for both project came from A LITTLE BIT MORE QUILTING

I know I don't have enough fabric I need to check out the other two fabric stores up on north hill and I'll also check the thrift stores.

And my dear dog Daisy makes sure I do everything right.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It Won't Be A Lie.

I finely been to MISSOULA MONTANA just to get fuel. But as a history buff I'm now interested in seeing FORT MISSOULA But I'm in no hurry. When it happen it happens. 
I have to say I was some what impress with MULLAN IDAHO and it's park. It has national forest park called SHOSHONE park I enjoyed the moving water. To the best of my research it the south fork of the Courd' Alene river.
But it would be a great place to have a picnic with a red checker table cloth and glass of red wine.

I been getting in my walks. Earlier this week or maybe it was end of last week I drove up to the three mile and drove a little bit west, until I came to Aspen Lane parked and start to walk.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Let Tell A Whopper

I'm taking off for the weekend. Won't be back until Sunday evening and Tuesday will be the next time I post....So leave your two words in comment.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Shouldn't Wish.

I have my two local charity I help out every month. I most be some what OCD when it comes to tithing.
I'm clueless how I came up with purchasing $15.00 worth of items and donate to local food bank and to the hope house. Which some people call it the give away house.
But I wish I could or would give more.
But I know there people out there who wish they could give, and can't. But there the other side of the coin who just plain self center and won't help anyone out.

Today My friend Alice and I went down to Sandpoint and got our bonus check. And she not doing well.

Her surgeon called her and cancel her colonscopy. Two of her blood count was way off. Her potassium and some other count wasn't were it needed to be. So they said she was having KIDNEY FAILURE and she waiting for the doctor who treats that disease to call.
She was going try to wait to draw social security, until she was closer to 70. She will be 65 the first part of December.
I know she doesn't have any health insurance and she ended up in our local hospital and now owes them about $4,000 and it doesn't look like end of the story yet.

I'm so jazzed that the artichoke came though the winter. Not sure what do with it. We cover it at night.

Murphy and I are putting up a garden trills. We're about half done placing in the post.  

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What We Got Started

After work I finish planting the bulbs Quenella gave me. I put some in the hodge podge flower bed.
Planted some yellow crocus in the royal sunshine bed. And over in the good will flower bed I planted some sort of blue Easter Hyacinth.

The other day I also planted a white lilac bush I also got from Quenella.

Murphy and I got some seeded started. Today we start some onions, celery, broccoli,and parsley.
Earlier we start an assortment of peppers and tomatoes.

We're getting a good assortment of flowers to bloom now. I sure like the Easter Hyacinth. Smells so good.

At work today I ran Carrie around we went to the local food bank. But before work, that I stop in and bought a few items that start with a letter “G”. So I got 2 pack of gum, 2-7 grain milk which was marked down to $1.50 each, 3 grape taffy sticks, and 2 small cartons of grape juice a total of 12 juice boxes. All of the item under $12.00...I won't spend over $15. Which I donate to our local food bank.
Well I grab two items from the food bank a bag of cashew and sack of six chocolate doughnuts.
In the afternoon we went out to the hope house. Which gives away usual non food items.
A short time ago my sister in law Faith clean out her closet and gave me mostly tops. I took what fitted and I liked. Past bag of clothes on to Carrie she went though it and now we took it out to the give away house.
Carrie found a night gown and a black top. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One shouldn't Never Think To Hard.

I thought I would be posting before now and actual posting on the going on in my life. I'm tired from work.
I'm filling in for a bit with Avis. His last caregiver walk out on him. I haven't heard why his last caregiver walked out.
But it doesn't matter. I walk out on my old client "Donna" enough is enough of someone crap.
 I'm not putting all the hours in that he is assign to, so they'll work a little harder to find someone else. Or the companies will be loosing money from medicaid.
I told the agency I work for I'll split the hours with someone right down the middle. Or even give them more then 50% of the hours.
He gets 16 hours a week. and I put in 4 to 8 hours a week.
But after a while I believe he could be some what difficult to deal with. Complains a lot
So for now I just tell him when I'll be in and what time I'm going.

But what cool he has some cool things. sort of like a gothic super hero stuff.

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