Friday, November 30, 2007

Friendly Friday + Friday's Feast

This time I’ll start my Friendly Friday with a few give a ways that is floating about the blog world.
It seem like Island life knows what is what in the blog world.
There a few items left at

At this time there this give away and you could possible win these items

Natural Toys
Wooden Puzzle
Baby Clothes
Topsy Turvy Doll

Then I notice Charmies on line Is having a give away everyday in December
Sense it season of giving I bumped into this give of a rain deer give away

I seen some pretty neat Christmas blogs and Contest Hotel is having a contest for decorating your blog for Christmas.
Take jaunt over to Tenny Manolo who is given away Amazon Gift Certificates, two for $50US and one grand prize of $150US to three lucky readers. The contest begins on November 23 and ends at 12AM Pacific Time on December 7, 2007. Entering is simple and free! There are two steps:
1. Link to TeenyManolo in a blog post, whether or not it’s one about the contest.
2. Just come and leave a comment that you’ve linked to us.
And that’s it! A bargain, we think. And really, we are all about the bargains around here.

Pea of Pea Corner is giving away some home made chocolates and she has a jar full of Holly berries and you need to guess how many is in the jar. Click here and take a guess how many Holly berries they are.

Everyone likes to party and with up coming yule season there bound to be plenty of parties going on.

Seeds from My Garden is hosting a Ornament party but it more the ornament party. She has a list of items that you may want to share with us in the blogger world. Please visit Christmas Tree Treasure

Ok I like or I don’t if actual I like but I find these little personal quiz are “FUN”

You Are Easter

You are an optimistic, hopeful, and genuinely sweet person.

Sensitive and affectionate, you are easily touched.

You love nature, animals, and anything cute or cuddly.

For you, every day is a new chance - no matter what happened yesterday.

What makes you celebrate: Almost anything. You love most holidays and celebrations.

At holiday get togethers, you do best as: The peacemaker. You can prevent any squabbles that might break out.

On a holiday, you're the one most likely to: Remember to include everyone

What makes a blogger so great is the people and I’ve met so many wonderful people in blogger world and I like you to visit these two wonderful bloggers.

This week special blog is Rowan and her blog is called Circle of the year In her head lines it says “Musings on the seasons, my garden and crafts.”.
She a very active person with a lot of interesting picture.

When visiting or seeking out a new blog, to feature here is not always and easy task.
So I decided to check out Ragged Roses I enjoy her first part of her blog the post is called; Cheat’s Advent it tells about remodeling and that’s all I’m going to say.
Plus she has and Etsy shop called Ragged Roses
I’ll be glad to post any good news on my Friendly Fridays just send me an e-mail at


Dividers - Glitter Graphics

Glitter Graphics for Orkut, Myspace, Friendster

What is your favorite carnival/amusement park ride?

Roller Coaster
How do you react in uncomfortable social situations?

If it from a complete stranger and I can take inconsideration they may have a problem. But if it someone in my family and want to act impropriate in public I can be very stern and call them on it and they will wish they hadn’t behaved in that matter
On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy discussing deep, philosophical topics?

I would say 6 or a 7. But anything higher then that I start to wonder if anything in life would get done

Main Course
Did you get a flu shot this year? If not, do you plan to?

I haven’t yet had one, but every year I wonder if I should.
Approximately how many hours per week do you spend watching television?

20 I figured and I thought it would be less

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Moving About In Life

As you know I been doing Dr Phill Life Strategies and I feel what this book offer I’m pass this part of my life.
No I say there nothing wrong with review things here and there.
It like if I went and took a math or English test I would need some reviewing. It been almost 30 years since I been in High School.
When I see something interesting or fun I’ll share it on my blog.

I haven’t seen my Uncle Henry or Aunt Eve so I briefly went over there for an hour this morning.
Well Uncle Henry is doing well with his cancer and won’t have to go back to the Doctor until February of 2008.
Anyhow he has more energy then he had last year at this time there putting up there Christmas lights around there home.

The 6th of November was My Uncle John Birthday which he turn 90. The sibling that was left went and celebrates with him.
In the black sweater is my Aunt Eve, white top Aunt Penny, pink shirt Uncle Melvin, plaid shirt is Uncle John, and light blue shirt is Uncle Bob.
At one time there was 12 kids in this family 8 boys and 4 girls.

The other day I got my first Christmas Card from one my friends. I guess she real on top of it. I’ll be sending mine out the first part of December.

I’ve clean out the corner in living room where the Christmas Tree will be going this year.
There was and end table in that spot and I haul it and put it in the spare bedroom
Yea, I know it a blurr and I had the camera on the wrong sitting

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Keeping Warm

Mary of Mary writing nook gave me an award called “Blog Friend For Ever” I may not have a well known or fancy blog but I always thankful for Mary kind words
I’m not sure how many I need to sent this off to but I’m giving it to four bloggers
“All there words are honest but yet gentle”
Pea of Peas Corner
Miss R Tales of Englewood
Turtleheart of Turtle Heart Cove

Andree of Meeyauw

Yesterday I went into town and on Monday I went shopping for my client Donna and she sent me into Larson which is a clothing store here. And when I was in there I notice they had some great sales

I notice they had heavy-duty hoodie sweat shirts on sale for $15.00 each so I got both of my boys one for Christmas.

Then I stopped in at Far North and got Murphy some gloves for Christmas and of course they were on Sale.
One of my shopping mission the other day was to get gloves for my client which I real don’t like picking certain items for people.
I had to go back to Far North 3 times and the sale clerk remember me and as I was looking for anther set of gloves. Before they said much they I said “I was shopping for anther person and I don’t like shopping for other people”
Honest time…I general don’t mine buying gifts for other people that I’ll give out
I need extra large glove for my husband and sale clerk found set on a lower shelf. I told them it was for my husband Christmas present and if I keep all the tags and receipt if they didn’t fit him could they be returned.
They can be.
So Murphy Christmas Presents are done. I’m waiting for a book on fossils; the other present is a book on Crystal and Gems.

Murphy went down to Liberty Lake to help his nephew Sam to clean out a house. I guess how I would explain what Sam does is quite a bit of object at this time there cleaning and repairing a home that was foreclose so they can get it back on market. Plus he does other job like hauling, painting and small repair jobs.
This is the first time Murphy and I have not slept together for years.
Sawyer just finished up getting Christmas tree done and he also heading down to the Courd’Alene area he wants to go back to school.
Quite a few of his friends live down there and there renting a place so he could spilt the cost.
Sam and his wife is moving over to Post Falls area and there is a chance Sawyer can live with them they’ll have an extra room.
honest time…I rather have Sawyer renting a room from Sam and his wife Amy because the other place is a house filled with a bunch of older teenager. “A party house” so far Sawyer showed since about partying but I’m not impressed with it one bit.
I can’t talk very loud because I did but sawyer seem to have more common sense then I did at that time or more focus what he wants to do

Assignment FiveMake a list of Tapes that plays in your head that is negative
1. Why even try I don’t have the time to do it right.
2. Why even try I don’t have the right stuff to do it right.
3. If I didn’t have to pick up after these pigs I could be moving forward
4. I know I should speak up but I’ll be a gripper just like my dad
5. I hate my job but I sure love my client.
6. I should take action but I don’t want to be a hard ass like my mom
7. It won’t be good enough
8. Why be involved with other people they find fault in you or what you do, so they can stab you in the back.
9. Oh I waste my time, now it to late.
Personal Note…I sure sound angry at a lot of people in my life or even at my self and even doing some hard core pointing fingers at some love ones even my self

Assignment SixList frustrating and persistent negative behavioral patterns or situation in your life.
1. “Using the excuse it won’t be right because_____________________” A never except others to be prefect actual I’m quite tolerant of others.
I recall I was over at some people home and in short term there home isn’t kept up but compare to mine but it didn’t bother me.
2. “I’m harder on my self” I don’t except others to be Martha Stewart but I expect a lot out of my self and don’t even come close of delivering.
3. I could do better in my personal environment but I don’t because I have a problem getting close to people. I don’t tell many personal things because they’ll use it and stab me in the back.
I’m more of open book in my blogg.
I some time want more of social life.
4. I’m flip flopper between having a carefree and just do things as when every. Or having some type of ritual.
My in laws real don’t plan anything and I grew up with planning and organization.
confession time..For a short time I’ll have organization and routine down. Like my parents. Then I find my self-being with no plan or direction. Like my in-laws Oh I want to be my own person.
5. I have a hard time excepting praise. When someone praise me I’ll then I’ll show what is wrong.

I sure know what my short coming are but I need to get pass this and move on

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heads or Tails (Mark)

I decided to find people with the given name of Mark who is famous. Mark is a name from “is a common male given name and is derived from old Latin "Mart-kos", which means "consecrated to the god Mars".

1. Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker.
2. Mark Shepherd Texas Instrument.
3.Mark Zuckerberg Face book
4. Mark the Evangelist
5. Mark Twain
6. Mark Antony Roman empire
7. Mark McGwire Baseball
8. Mark Spitz swimmer
9. Mark Martin Nascar
10. Mark King

To see more Heads or Tails please visit Skittles

Monday, November 26, 2007

Shopping For Books and DVD

Yesterday I thought it would be fun to try different setting on my camera and take a picture of the full Moon.
It was sure mystery looking behind the clouds then it would come out behind the cloud

I went and bought my grand niece and nephew books from Amazon. I also got one dvd for a 4 year old girl from our local wishing tree

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Family Of Four Needs to Earn...

Family of four needs to earn $62K annually to meet basic needs
Posted: Thursday, Oct 18, 2007 - 11:37:32 am CDT
Managing editor

BONNERS FERRY -- A recent study shows that two working adults with two children need to make $62,529 annually to meet the family's basic needs in Boundary County.
It's a number that surprises resident Aaron Stuber, who with his wife, Julia, has five children ranging from 7 weeks to 8 years old.

"We don't make nowhere near $62,000," said Stuber, the assistant manager at Bonners Ferry's Subway, which his wife manages.

"Our kids are fed, our kids are clothed and we own a home," Aaron Stuber said. "We struggle, but I think everyone struggles a little."

The study released last week by Northwest Federation of Community Organizations ranked Boundary County as the ninth most expensive county to live in Idaho. There are 44 counties.

"The cost of living has increased over the last five years," said Gerald Smith, a research associate with the agency that networks with four grassroots organizations in an attempt to advance regional and national campaigns for economic, racial and social equity.

Living wages were calculated on the basis of family budgets for several household types -- such as a single person or a two-parent family with children -- and included basic necessities like food, housing, utilities, transportation and more.

The study showed that to meet basic needs:

* A single adult without children needs to make $10.74 an hour or $22,344 annually.

* A single adult with one child needs to make $18.76 an hour or $39,024 annually.

* A single adult with two children needs to make $23.47 an hour or $48,827 annually.

* A household with one working adult and two children needs to make $21.54 an hour or $44,798 annually.

* A household with two working adults and two children needs to make combined wages of $30.06 an hour or $62,529 a year.

The study also reported 33 percent of all job openings available statewide pay less than what is considered a living wage.

"Looking at available living-wage jobs, there's a very low percentage," Smith said. "If you are a single adult that maybe has two children, and you're looking for a living-wage job, only 33 percent will pay a wage that supports you."

There will be 12 job-seekers for every job.

"So the competition is fierce," he said.

When money is short, people tend to give up what they feel is least necessary, Smith said. Often it's health care.

"It's the first thing people give up, which leaves them at risk and leaves people vulnerable," he said.

The study also pointed out that Idaho's wages have grown faster than any other state in the Northwest with a 10.86 percent increase from 2002 to 2006. The problem, the study concluded, is that the cost of living and the cost of health care have risen faster.

The cost of living in Idaho has grown 23.45 percent in the same time period and health care costs have grown 35.81 percent.

The study also reported that the increased health care costs are being passed on to the employee. From 2000 to 2004, the average employee contribution to company-provided health insurance increased by about 143 percent and the average out-of-pocket costs for deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance rose 115 percent in the same time period.

the article above is from our local paper and below is my feed back or my opinion

There a few people I talk to about this article and I personal know one who gets up everyday and go to work for a living.
Murphy is a seasonal worker and I only work part time and if we both worked full time we would earn about $42,240 a year.
So compare to figure above we need to be earning $62,529 a year so we are short yearly by $20,289 dollars.
I can’t say I been truly short on anything and we only 1 to 3 more expensive items for the home a year. And to me that is $100 or more.
I just took a brief look what is being offered at this time at our local employment office for our county they are 30 current opening.
The highest paid is an occupational therapist and it pays $55.00 an hour.
The lowest paid job is $5.85 and that is a sandwich maker.
I guess I would say the average wage right now per hour is $9.61 an hour.
The last time I went to town gas here was $3.19 a gallon for regular and the fancier gas is about dime more.

Here a new home listed: H14 - BEAUTIFUL BRAND `NEW` HOME
on approx. 1.25 Acres. 3 Bdr 2 Ba with open floor plan, lg. Nat. Gas Fireplace for back up heat and comfort. Lg master Bdr w/walk-in closet, jetted corner tub and door to deck. Large lot with privacy. Quality construction with attention to detail. - $290,000 (Available)
You can look our oldest real estate agent here Shelman realty and for more county information please click here
I don’t want to point my finger at one problem here in our local area. But when someone list there home or try to sale an item they’re looking for the California money.
Here one for record I buy goat milk at $5.00 a gallon and I was told that one lady want to sell here goat milk at $25.00 a gallon

Saturday, November 24, 2007

photo Hunt #22

This week theme for photo hunt is HOT

I enjoy a hot cup of coffee, chocolate, tea, Tom and Jerry, and of course hot buttered rum.
In the morning Murphy and I have a cup of hot coffee together as we start our day together

Olive is over a hundred years old and I’m sorry to say that she just lost her son who was well in his 80.
If you get a few moments stop in at Olive

Friday, November 23, 2007

Friendly Friday

I sure didn’t bare the people on black Fridays shopping today and never have yet. I should give it a try just for the experience of it.
I’m doing in my regular Friendly Friday to day.
I thought of combine Friendly Friday and Friday Feast together but there not having Friday Feast this time

I believe I’ll start out with Roc Rebel Granny who lives in California and blogs about her family. I’ve enjoy reading about Ann family and gatherings.

One of Ann Fans as she has quite a few of them is Days like these Is the daily account of Tanyaette and her family she invites us to join the fun.
I’m truly a sucker for blogs that offers free, swaps, or partiers and Tanyaette has anther blog called Contest galore

Honest time…I’m one who real like to save a few pennies where every I can I found these two blogs the first one offers printed coupons for discount and you can visit printable coupons at mama saves big
One time I receive Mr. Clean magic easer from a free sample and I was please with their product any now I’m purchasing them now. Over at a free sample blog is a blog on how to receive free samples.
Ok one thing before I move on my printer is acting up

It seems like there always something always going on in the blog world and I wish I knew about this last week because sign up day is the 24th of this month.
Maggie is hosting a Christmas Cracker Swap
I found this over at two witches blog and it shopping spree being offered by All Aboard Toys

I’m a history trivia nut did you know President John F Kennedy and the Robert Stroud died the same time but we all know who got the head line in the news

I know this movie been out for a while and it was my first time seeing it Guarding Tess with Shirley MacLaine and Nicolas Cage and I’ll give it a B-. Tess has a lot of spunk

If any one know something fun it be add or want to be announce on Friendly Friday can e-mail at peppylady_60 at I’m open minded but I have the finely say what goes on my blog

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

I don’t believe I every did what I’m thankful here on my blog. Honest time…I’ve always found doing what I’m thankful hard. I just don’t like being superficial

1. I’m Thankful for my family
2. I’m Thankful that my family loves me.
3. I’m Thankful I have an easy client
4. I’m Thankful that my husband tells me everyday that he loves me.
5. I’m Thankful that my basic needs of shelter and food is always
6. I’m Thankful for my extended family.
7. I’m Thankful for my friends
8. I’m Thankful for my blogger friends
9. I’m Thankful for the love of Father Sky and Mother Earth.
10. I’m Thankful that I’m able to think on my own

This Thanksgiving we once again is going over to Murphy Sister House Faith for Thanksgiving dinner and we figure they should be about 15 there.
This year we’re bringing 2-dozen rolls and bought them. But I did make a pie also to take over there.

Turtle Pumpkin Pie
15 minute prep time, plus refrigeration
¼ cup plus 2 tablespoon of caramel
1 6-oz graham cracker crust
1 cup of cold milk
2 pkg (4 oz serving size each) Jell-o vanilla flavor instant pudding & pie filling.
1 Cup canned pumpkin
1 tsp of ground cinnamon
½ tsp ground nutmeg
1 full tub(8oz) cool whipped toping thawed and divided.

Pour ¼ cup caramel topping into crust, sprinkle with ½
Cup of pecans

Beat milk, dry pudding mixes, pumpkin and spices, with whisk until blended. Stir in 1 ½ cups whipped topping.

Refrigerate 1 hour. Top with remaining whipped topping, sprinkle with left over pecans and drizzle with about 2 tablespoon of caramel syrup.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving meme

It getting late and Skittles had this over memes over at her blog and I was in mood for a little fun


You Are The Stuffing

You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.

People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

Thanksgiving Horoscope for Aquarius

You're the sign most likely to do your own wacky thing for Thanksgiving - like skydiving in a Turkey costume.

Your signature dish: Tofurky (tofu "turkey")

Your signature dessert: A cocktail

This holiday: Give in to all your freaky ideas. Buck tradition!

You Are Pumpkin Pie

You're the perfect combo of uniqueness and quality.

You're able to relate to many types of people with many different tastes.

But you're by no means generic or ordinary.

In fact, you're one of the most original people around.

Those who like you are looking for something (someone!) special.

You tend confuse people when they first meet you. You're not as complicated as you seem.

Even though you have a lot of spice and flavor to you, you're never overpowering.

You are a calm and comforting force in people's lives.

You Are 77% Thankful

You are a very thankful person - for both the big and little things in life.

Your optimism is powerful. Getting through hard times is fairly easy for you.

Now for my Thanksgiving name. First I’ll use my given name of Dora and my blogger name of Peppy.

Your Pilgrim Name Is

Love Brewster

Your Pilgrim Name Is

Love Billington

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Something "Yes" and "No"

ecided not to do heads or tails or Tackle it Tuesday
I decided to clean the bathrooms and good one word to explain my bathroom is GROSS
Plus there a few things I like to get done before I go into Sandpoint.
I’ll take a breaks and visit some of my coffee pals during the day

Assignment four Indentify the five area most significant times in your life when, before now you felt that you been victimized, mistreated, or some way unfairly dealt with.
Describe these situations with enough detail that you can capture the emotion of each

I don’t know if I can list 5 areas in my life.
I was in grade school and I did pretty well in History and Social Studies and we had a fairly large test and I scored the highest plus we had to list all the state capitals and also I got them all right.
I recall there was some kids said, “The only way I could get that kind of grade that I had to cheat”
I felt so worthless and I was real stupid. Then from that day forth I always missed questions.
I talk about working in my parents berry patch and one summer or I should say part of the summer my mom asked if I would be interested in cleaning the house. I said “yes” and didn’t matter how well I did she always you did a good job “but_____” always something I could never reach her perfection. honest time…My mom would clean the house and leave every kitchen cabinet door open.
I real don’t know how I felt but I can’t stand the statement “but”
This one I can’t just point my finger at just one person but it just burns me in general when people lies and won’t except the truth.
I’ve been a person who been brutally honest to a fault. Statement time…It always bother me when people thought I was lying
As I got older I learn a few lesson about being honest.
1. It not necessary in most case to volunteer your honest opinion
2. When giving an honest opinion it sometime is how you word it. Example if some one ask you how you look in certain item. “That sure looks like shit on you” or I don’t think that has the right look on you”
3. Depends on the question I now ask if they want to hear the truth.
4. If someone get angry because of the truth I’ll reply “If you didn’t want to hear the truth you shouldn’t ask the question”.
This one is going to get right to the point. I don’t believe people in my family helps around the place and I get frustrate

Now for the 2nd part of this assignmentOn each of above statement tell how you may be accountable for each one you did
I should let the kids bother me who told me who told me that I needed to cheat.
Statement time..When one a youngster it’s hard to ignore insult. I actual did give into them and after that I made sure I wouldn’t score on any test in the top 5.
I learn there was a certain point when doing stuff that people will get up set and figure it was easier for them to do it. I have done this to get out of things.
But on the other hand I could do something a never in there eyes reach perfection.
On the honesty I still don’t understand why true honesty is not accepted in our culture. As I listed above I learn some life lesson on honesty.
I know on the last one I don’t like to come across as a griper and one who complains about things. If one don’t speak up how is one to know if this person feeling or want

Monday, November 19, 2007

Jesus factor

Yesterday evening I was reading my coffee pals and I was over at Meeyauw and Trevor Carpenter starts this question and hope to get different respond.
I’m posting my answer on my blog plus I’m posting it at Trevor and Meeyauw.

Why do you think Jesus doesn’t have what it takes to be important in your life?

Jesus and others conviction has it but we as human with faults and outside influence of organize dogma religion and I’m not saying to remove the local churches out.
But we should except individual loving relationship to be build so we have a better relationship with Father Sky and Mother Earth in heart felt personal way

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Busy But Fun Weekend

Over the weekend I went to a rummage sale at the local Eagle Club and everything was under $3.00

I thought I got a pretty good deal on the orange juicer for a buck and I also got organic encyclopedia for $3.00 which I didn’t get a picture of

When Sawyer was a high school I would ask if he would need anything when he moves out he would reply.
“No need I’m going to be rich beyond belief” well now he singing a different tune. So I picked him up a paper wastebasket for .50¢ and I got Bart a complete set of sheets for a $1.00

I worked Saturday and I took my client Donna and one of her friends to the Mennonite church

I real didn’t get that much there but I did get some fresh honey and cheese curd. Donna friend bought me my lunch and I have to say there corn bread was out standing.

then we drop off Donna friend at her place actual I feel that concrete floor was getting to both of them. Donna is on crutches and her friend uses a walker.
After that we headed over to the local farmers market that was held at the local Junior high school. I got some home made bath product such as rose soap, apple pie lotion, and huckleberry liquid soap which is going to be part of a present I will be using for Murphy family give away. I still want to add few more things to it

I saw this old world Santa that found adorable but it was blessing that I couldn’t find the owner of these. Because I think these are adorable

Then on Sunday we went out and dug up a alpine fir and planted on the edge of

our yard actual alpine is one of my favor trees it reminds me of a wonder winter land when the snow is on the branches

If it wasn’t for Buddy and Daisy supervise the whole time as we place the tree in the ground. I really don’t know how we could of done it with out them

Today Is Monday, September 18, 2023: This Is What Happened.

  Frankly, sometimes I'm clueless about what to blog about. My life is a repeat, repeat, repeat, and more duplicate. This morning, we fi...