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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Keeping Warm

Mary of Mary writing nook gave me an award called “Blog Friend For Ever” I may not have a well known or fancy blog but I always thankful for Mary kind words
I’m not sure how many I need to sent this off to but I’m giving it to four bloggers
“All there words are honest but yet gentle”
Pea of Peas Corner
Miss R Tales of Englewood
Turtleheart of Turtle Heart Cove

Andree of Meeyauw

Yesterday I went into town and on Monday I went shopping for my client Donna and she sent me into Larson which is a clothing store here. And when I was in there I notice they had some great sales

I notice they had heavy-duty hoodie sweat shirts on sale for $15.00 each so I got both of my boys one for Christmas.

Then I stopped in at Far North and got Murphy some gloves for Christmas and of course they were on Sale.
One of my shopping mission the other day was to get gloves for my client which I real don’t like picking certain items for people.
I had to go back to Far North 3 times and the sale clerk remember me and as I was looking for anther set of gloves. Before they said much they I said “I was shopping for anther person and I don’t like shopping for other people”
Honest time…I general don’t mine buying gifts for other people that I’ll give out
I need extra large glove for my husband and sale clerk found set on a lower shelf. I told them it was for my husband Christmas present and if I keep all the tags and receipt if they didn’t fit him could they be returned.
They can be.
So Murphy Christmas Presents are done. I’m waiting for a book on fossils; the other present is a book on Crystal and Gems.

Murphy went down to Liberty Lake to help his nephew Sam to clean out a house. I guess how I would explain what Sam does is quite a bit of object at this time there cleaning and repairing a home that was foreclose so they can get it back on market. Plus he does other job like hauling, painting and small repair jobs.
This is the first time Murphy and I have not slept together for years.
Sawyer just finished up getting Christmas tree done and he also heading down to the Courd’Alene area he wants to go back to school.
Quite a few of his friends live down there and there renting a place so he could spilt the cost.
Sam and his wife is moving over to Post Falls area and there is a chance Sawyer can live with them they’ll have an extra room.
honest time…I rather have Sawyer renting a room from Sam and his wife Amy because the other place is a house filled with a bunch of older teenager. “A party house” so far Sawyer showed since about partying but I’m not impressed with it one bit.
I can’t talk very loud because I did but sawyer seem to have more common sense then I did at that time or more focus what he wants to do

Assignment FiveMake a list of Tapes that plays in your head that is negative
1. Why even try I don’t have the time to do it right.
2. Why even try I don’t have the right stuff to do it right.
3. If I didn’t have to pick up after these pigs I could be moving forward
4. I know I should speak up but I’ll be a gripper just like my dad
5. I hate my job but I sure love my client.
6. I should take action but I don’t want to be a hard ass like my mom
7. It won’t be good enough
8. Why be involved with other people they find fault in you or what you do, so they can stab you in the back.
9. Oh I waste my time, now it to late.
Personal Note…I sure sound angry at a lot of people in my life or even at my self and even doing some hard core pointing fingers at some love ones even my self

Assignment SixList frustrating and persistent negative behavioral patterns or situation in your life.
1. “Using the excuse it won’t be right because_____________________” A never except others to be prefect actual I’m quite tolerant of others.
I recall I was over at some people home and in short term there home isn’t kept up but compare to mine but it didn’t bother me.
2. “I’m harder on my self” I don’t except others to be Martha Stewart but I expect a lot out of my self and don’t even come close of delivering.
3. I could do better in my personal environment but I don’t because I have a problem getting close to people. I don’t tell many personal things because they’ll use it and stab me in the back.
I’m more of open book in my blogg.
I some time want more of social life.
4. I’m flip flopper between having a carefree and just do things as when every. Or having some type of ritual.
My in laws real don’t plan anything and I grew up with planning and organization.
confession time..For a short time I’ll have organization and routine down. Like my parents. Then I find my self-being with no plan or direction. Like my in-laws Oh I want to be my own person.
5. I have a hard time excepting praise. When someone praise me I’ll then I’ll show what is wrong.

I sure know what my short coming are but I need to get pass this and move on


  1. What great sales. My son loves hoodies as does my exchange student son Jett... It is hard buying for others at times so I pray until the Lord leads me to the right place at the right time. Hugs to you!

  2. oh thankyou dear Dora xox

    I had to laugh when you said 'Oh I want to be my own person.' - me too, me too!!!!

    I think we women in general are very hard on ourselves. xo

  3. Thank you so much for the award! I'll be sure to pass it on. Probably this weekend, ok? (I wish I could do some Christmas shopping. But when??)

  4. Hello dear Dora:-) I'm finally catching up with all your news...I didn't realize I had missed so many of your posts!! I need more hours in a day to visit everyone! lol I very rarely buy anything at full price, I always wait until it comes on sale...you did really well getting those sweatshirts and gloves on sale:-) Thank you so much for the award and congratulations on getting it yourself!! xox

  5. Thank you so much for the award!

    Your two lists sound like they could have been written for me! I'm too hard on myself and have many of those same "negative tapes" playing in my head.


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