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Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Busy But Fun Weekend

Over the weekend I went to a rummage sale at the local Eagle Club and everything was under $3.00

I thought I got a pretty good deal on the orange juicer for a buck and I also got organic encyclopedia for $3.00 which I didn’t get a picture of

When Sawyer was a high school I would ask if he would need anything when he moves out he would reply.
“No need I’m going to be rich beyond belief” well now he singing a different tune. So I picked him up a paper wastebasket for .50¢ and I got Bart a complete set of sheets for a $1.00

I worked Saturday and I took my client Donna and one of her friends to the Mennonite church

I real didn’t get that much there but I did get some fresh honey and cheese curd. Donna friend bought me my lunch and I have to say there corn bread was out standing.

then we drop off Donna friend at her place actual I feel that concrete floor was getting to both of them. Donna is on crutches and her friend uses a walker.
After that we headed over to the local farmers market that was held at the local Junior high school. I got some home made bath product such as rose soap, apple pie lotion, and huckleberry liquid soap which is going to be part of a present I will be using for Murphy family give away. I still want to add few more things to it

I saw this old world Santa that found adorable but it was blessing that I couldn’t find the owner of these. Because I think these are adorable

Then on Sunday we went out and dug up a alpine fir and planted on the edge of

our yard actual alpine is one of my favor trees it reminds me of a wonder winter land when the snow is on the branches

If it wasn’t for Buddy and Daisy supervise the whole time as we place the tree in the ground. I really don’t know how we could of done it with out them


  1. It looks like you had a nice weekend. I love craft shows. I had to work all weekend. Thankfully next weekend I am off from Sat. until the following Tues. I hope to get out and enjoy myself then.

  2. Anonymous12:40 AM

    rummage sale is not too popular here but would love to see what are on sale when when i see one. interesting!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend and you really did find some great goodies! The Christmas Tea Bazaars and Craft Sales are now in full swing around here and I'm hoping to go to a couple next weekend. I love those Old World Santas, whoever made those did a terrific job!! xox


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