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Friday, November 23, 2007

Friendly Friday

I sure didn’t bare the people on black Fridays shopping today and never have yet. I should give it a try just for the experience of it.
I’m doing in my regular Friendly Friday to day.
I thought of combine Friendly Friday and Friday Feast together but there not having Friday Feast this time

I believe I’ll start out with Roc Rebel Granny who lives in California and blogs about her family. I’ve enjoy reading about Ann family and gatherings.

One of Ann Fans as she has quite a few of them is Days like these Is the daily account of Tanyaette and her family she invites us to join the fun.
I’m truly a sucker for blogs that offers free, swaps, or partiers and Tanyaette has anther blog called Contest galore

Honest time…I’m one who real like to save a few pennies where every I can I found these two blogs the first one offers printed coupons for discount and you can visit printable coupons at mama saves big
One time I receive Mr. Clean magic easer from a free sample and I was please with their product any now I’m purchasing them now. Over at a free sample blog is a blog on how to receive free samples.
Ok one thing before I move on my printer is acting up

It seems like there always something always going on in the blog world and I wish I knew about this last week because sign up day is the 24th of this month.
Maggie is hosting a Christmas Cracker Swap
I found this over at two witches blog and it shopping spree being offered by All Aboard Toys

I’m a history trivia nut did you know President John F Kennedy and the Robert Stroud died the same time but we all know who got the head line in the news

I know this movie been out for a while and it was my first time seeing it Guarding Tess with Shirley MacLaine and Nicolas Cage and I’ll give it a B-. Tess has a lot of spunk

If any one know something fun it be add or want to be announce on Friendly Friday can e-mail at peppylady_60 at yahoo.com. I’m open minded but I have the finely say what goes on my blog


  1. Nice Friday Feast! I have my Thursday and Friday posts up! Hope you are having a good weekend! Come stop by my blog for a visit!


  2. Thanks for the mention and I'm sure lovely Tanyetta will be pleased too.

    Hope you had an enjoyable holiday.

    Ann (aka granny)

  3. *waving* to Peppy Lady and Granny! Thank you for the feature! Granny was one of the few bloggers I met when I first joined the blog world. She's really good people! :)


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