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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Moving About In Life

As you know I been doing Dr Phill Life Strategies and I feel what this book offer I’m pass this part of my life.
No I say there nothing wrong with review things here and there.
It like if I went and took a math or English test I would need some reviewing. It been almost 30 years since I been in High School.
When I see something interesting or fun I’ll share it on my blog.

I haven’t seen my Uncle Henry or Aunt Eve so I briefly went over there for an hour this morning.
Well Uncle Henry is doing well with his cancer and won’t have to go back to the Doctor until February of 2008.
Anyhow he has more energy then he had last year at this time there putting up there Christmas lights around there home.

The 6th of November was My Uncle John Birthday which he turn 90. The sibling that was left went and celebrates with him.
In the black sweater is my Aunt Eve, white top Aunt Penny, pink shirt Uncle Melvin, plaid shirt is Uncle John, and light blue shirt is Uncle Bob.
At one time there was 12 kids in this family 8 boys and 4 girls.

The other day I got my first Christmas Card from one my friends. I guess she real on top of it. I’ll be sending mine out the first part of December.

I’ve clean out the corner in living room where the Christmas Tree will be going this year.
There was and end table in that spot and I haul it and put it in the spare bedroom
Yea, I know it a blurr and I had the camera on the wrong sitting

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  1. I've not organised my cards yet either, I better get onto it. I don't put my tree up till a week before christmas, there's not much room for one really.


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