Sunday, March 31, 2019

It's Quite Not The Same

Last day of the month. In next few days I will be posting a "March Report" and it looks like I still have trouble marking off what I accomplished.

I got my BULLET JOURNAL set up, and mine is a lot more simple. Take my word there some fancy BULLET JOURNAL
See my bullet journal only has 7 full pages.

Yesterday I went to the clothes give away with my clients. I picked up some tops for my self, and only one didn't fit. Got Murphy a few things and only one items didn't fit.
Quite bit of things for younger ones, under let say five. So Grand daughters made out like bandit.

Lauded up some of the clothing I got. It seem like the used places use real high perfume soaps, which makes me asthmatic. So I usual wash them in my plain boring laundry and add some plain white vinegar and in hope the smell I can tolerate. Airing them outside make big difference. If there not scent or scent I can handle, I just donate them back. Usual I can get the smell out of them.

A little later in day Liz and I went over thrift store. I believe I spend around twenty dollars there.

Picked up these odds and ends of jewelry pieces but if I don't figure what I will be doing with them, by the end of month. I will donate them back to the thrift store.

The main reason I got this yarn because it 100% wool. This is part of my ideal of when cancer in planet Pluto.  I'm going to crochet a cover to represent a crab shell.
I been looking though some of works of others who took part in Brooklyn Art Library. Those who did something about CANCER so far it on disease.
Haven't ran into a sketch book from cancer from zodiac side of things.

Not sure how well this will work. But it to assist one to cut certain shapes. The one I got is to cut and draw oval shape.
If it works well and I see other at a thrift store, I might get them. But I just don't see my self getting them retail.

Got a little more out of one the closet. Not much a few things I ended up just tossing into the trash. Went though some of my yarns, and cut the length I need to do my crab shell like for the sketchbook project.
I'm giving my yarn to one thrtft store on Monday.
I'm waiting for one more item a charm and then my magikal bag will be complete. Just found out it got though customs, which was Los Angeles and I figure it will be delivered to me sometime this up coming week

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Friday, March 29, 2019

Beautiful and Creative Meme Twenty Three

It seem some time creative detail are moving slowly. I keep changing the lay out for my sketchbook project in New York.
Well it actual been a while since I been working on my tarot cards, it slow going. Work and life takes up time.

This is my version of the Hermit card.
Three positive things...solitude, self reflection, and introspection.
Three negative things....With drawing, sadness, and exile
Usual the hermit card to me is a lonely looking ragged old man. Since I enjoy my own company and it important for my own  mental well being, I need time with my own thoughts. I guess it's part of being an introvert.
No one can predict the future and a reading of cards is what else is laid with it.

For more great artist please visit, PAINT PARTY FRIDAY

Been getting out and taking more walks. Lot more places in our area has open up. The other day I went down to doggy park. And walked the road.

Today I did a short jaunt around Regis place. Had to do a few steps out away and got picture of a field. Not sure which dist field this is. It looking North toward Marx subdivision
To visit more place in world please go to SKYWATCH FRIDAY

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

My Walk Will Be Ending Chapter

About ready to go to work. Actual it might be a fairly short day. There having a clothes give away this Saturday. Twice year usual spring and fall our local give away place, Hope House takes all there inventory of clothing to one of local school and all clothing our free. Planning to take my clients to it.

Not sure if there SSI check will be there today at midnight or Friday at midnight. So I'll ask them to check there bank account and we can make plans accordingly.
But it looks like I might be working Saturday.

Yesterday post WEDNESDAY MEME I was talking about who I was name afterwards and my Great Grandmother "Dora" was born in VanHornsville,  New York and they consider VanHornsville a "Hamlet" and I never heard that term before. So my hamlet I live in would be "Pleasant Valley" and some other one around here would Moravia, High Land Flats, Paradise Valley, Dist 2, and there more. Or simple one could say an area and or land to occupy.

This morning for Breakfast we had 2 strip of bacon, one egg, and some bagel with peanut butter and honey.
I packed a lunch sardines, five nugget chew little bars I know they have dates, and nuts in them, There only an inch square, orange, and will stop in at Super One and get my self some Brazil nuts.
Been getting a little more walking, this morning I walk up to the third power pole. Yesterday I took a walk on road to dog park.
Not sure if the paths are clear at the game reserve.

Off To Work

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wednesday Meme Number Thirty Two

Usual every Wednesday I take part in three, what I call meme. In hope to learn something about my self.
The hardest part is which one to start with. So I will start with "Words on Wednesday" "Wordless Wednesday" and "Wednesday Medley"

This week prompt on WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY and it real simple "Television"....I have my favor things to watch and enjoy. I would say my favor things are documentaries and I have to admit I lean toward historical stuff.
I would like to take part in historical time period reality television.
As for our history of TV. I can recall my parent black and white television. It was more of a rectangle shape then square, and lighter color of wood.
We were one of the last family to get a color television, and it was zenith. There was only three main net work, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Well I recall my self and other being awe at the NBC peacock.
Now we have television a flat screen and never had cable, satellite, or streaming. Still watch television though so called rabbit ears. We get 17 channel, simple we're in a good location. But since you tube is around, one might consider this anther type of watching television.

Well it time for Wednesday Medley, and we're talking about Joe. Maybe this is a good time to ADD A LINK so we can move forward on names.

1.  Who is your favorite "Joe/Jo" and what can you tell us about him or her? I once had an Aunt Jo who lived long time, 103. Only saw her a few times and I liked her. She had a lot of the same interested I do now. I wish I got tho know her better.
Then I have a first cousin once remove. Not going into a lot about my cousin Joe. He makes me uncomfortable. Simple there something odd about him. My hair on my arm stand up when I'm around him. But other Jo/Joes I meant there ok.

2.  Who were you named for and do you or did you know that person?  Simple I didn't know the persons I was name after. I was name after my great grandmothers. My first name came from "Dora" my dad paternal grandmother "Dora Stansell" and she was from VANHORNSVILLE NEW YORK and move to Michigan when she was young and lived out her life there.
Then my middle name of "Ann" came from my mom maternal grandma "Anna" they drop the last "A" Her and my birthday is same day the 12th of February. She was born on President Lincoln last birthday, 1865. She was born in Dubuque Iowa and spend most of her time in Kansas, and her later years was in Colorado.

4.  Have you ever named your car? My parents had a pick up called "Betsy" and my parents had a 1972 POLARA  and when it act or there was some mechanical trouble they would threat it about leaving it home and taking the pick up.

5.  Tell us the name of a fictional character you have never forgotten and why you remember it so well. Nothing to tell here

6.  Share something random with us about your week A pretty quite week. Been getting a little more walking in. Today I went down by what some call the doggy park. And part of wordless wednesday I took picture of a cat tail.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hunt Though Out

Question time...Did you have a charm bracelet with charms when you were young? I never have and part of my sketchbook project I want to add a couple of charms. Confession time...I'm changing the lay out different, although keeping to the same theme.
But for the charms I want for the sketchbook I sure do want to hardly spend any amount on charms. Did find the ones that would be fitting for the sketchbook project.
Got package of 72 zodiac charms. The one I want for PLUTO is SCORPIO and finding the style I like was a little difficult.
Then also I ordered to garden tool charms. My sketchbook is called "Just Below the Surface" and I thought of adding two charms. The shovel was fairly easy to find and price was reasonable. But the rake seam to be more then I want to pay. Well I did find one in my price range, although not style I want. Statement time....I guess that how the ball balance sometime.
I have some oars that I will use. I was thinking of CHARON. Statement time...My sketchbook won't have much darkness to it at all.
The only charm I'm looking for is some veggie ones. But I did find two over at Esty.

Anther thing I just couldn't find was a BOOK on charms, amulets, and talisman

Weigh in today at local T.O.P.S up a half pound. This quarter haven't been good. I been walking more now since days are nice. Hopeful soon the scale will start going back down.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

It's First Or Last Rather Middle Child

Took a walk this morning. It's been a goal of mind to walk to the Orthodox church which is about a mile from place.
When I go for a walk I wonder about things. To many question not enough answer. Not sure if that is good or bad. Question time...Do you think people have to many question or answer?

So I start to wonder about people, who is successful. 14 of our president was first born, but some where first born males in there family. Looks like 7 were the youngest of there family. 1 president was an only child. But in only child category there were some half or step siblings. That could be come a soap opera. 
Then there the mistress 
Have anyone heard of Sally Fairfax, she was George Washington Mistress. 
But President Harding had plenty of affairs on his wife, Florence. She was married to a man name of De Wolfe and not much is mention about there relationship. That he abandon her and there child, MARSHAL a little research he died in his mid 30's and had four children of his own. 
Then of Harding him self had a mistress NAN and he fathered a child with her, ELIZABETH. Not sure if Nan had other children or could ask if Elizabeth had any half siblings. 
But Elizabeth had three children of her own, Harding Grandchildren.
Could go on for every. But I wondering what happen to these children, there feelings, and thoughts about entire thing.

Then it seem the Great Briton family is always out there. Well I'm going to grab not so much in lime light. 
GEORGE II and don't want to spend much time on him, he had eight children, he hasn't much of playing around. Look like he had one mistress, HENRITTA 
George II middle child was CAROLINE, seem  to have heartache of life. 

Like I said the British royals past and present is out there. Other countries have there royal and even scandal. Prussia even had there ROYALTY and there only six who ruled Prussia
Let talk a little about FREDRICK THE THIRD He was married twice, first time to LOUISE one of there middle children, ALEXANDRINE She would of been grand niece of King George III wife. Alex and her husband ended having three children of there own.

Earlier today I was listening to You Tube video on Queen Victoria LETTERS and actual there was quite a bit of sadness in her life.
Her nine children was used as political pawn. Wonder how her children felt as there parent political pawn. Albert and Victoria wasn't the first monarch to do so.

I like story of human people every little aspect. Question time...What is your story...blogs tell our story. I doubt many of us will end up in some library, archive or museum. We have voice and there more then one way to express it.

It start out....It's always good to have a change of scene once in awhile and do something different!...and....ends....Through the Garden Gate.
In blog by SARAH she like many blogger have something to say and share.

These photo of my short walk today.

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Creative and Beautiful Post Number Twenty Two.

Work actual ran me behind. So usual I have them up on Friday, but Saturday is day they went up.

Days our getting longer, and snow is quickly going away. It also came quickly. Now I can see both sunrise and sunset. Part of the year sometime after September there is group of trees that block my view of sunset. The sun in last part of year is to far south. But they logged and it will give me a better view.
Watch the sun slowly fall behind the Selkirks mountain range.
Sun came up at 7:30 this morning. And got above 50 (10) the other day.
More scenery POST

This is my version of what I believe a Justice Card should be. If you notice the jury box over chairs have blind folds. And reason for the blind fold is we all have our prejudice to certain amount. Some could be a lot strong and other as not. So juries should be blind fold and this way so prejudgment wouldn't come as quickly.
Then on the front of Jury box, there is a rose to me is symbol of some one usual have the smell of sweet justice, and there is going to get pricked.
Not always there is a looser and winner when court is involved.
Three positive keywords for this card is...advice, virtue, and equality. Then the three negative words would be abuse, intolerance and bias.
Please remember no one can predict the future. And one also doing a reading of tarot one needs to consider the other cards in layout.

I'm taking part in SKETCH BOOK PROJECT in Brooklyn New York. And I start to work on my sketchbook.
This is my front cover of what will be my sketchbook. Toward end of my sketch book I will tact this to it.
PARTY for artist.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Here What There Saying

I was over at PSYCH CENTRAL they have different phys test. I just finish the five personalities one..The two top one for me is...This trait reflects how we tend to interact with others, especially in terms of our altrusim and friendliness. People who score higher in agreeableness tend to be more trusting, friendly and cooperative than others. People who score lower tend to be more aggressive and less cooperative.
Attention! You scored really high on this trait, suggesting you are a very friendly.
The other one would be...Openness to Experience....This trait reflects a person's open-mindedness, and interest in culture and art. People who score high on this trait tend to be imaginative, creative, and to seek out cultural and educational experiences. People who score lower on this trait tend to be more down-to-earth, less interested in art and more practical in nature.
Attention! You scored really high on this trait, suggesting you love art and try to keep open-minded.
Lets just call the quiz above M PERSONALITY QUIZ 
Now in this quiz I'm a IMPT (logican) and only three percent has this personality. Guess I'm pretty much one of I kind. Quick results I lean toward introvert 58%, inventive 66%, prospective 51%, and assertive 76%
Let just call the quiz above SIXTEEN PERSONALITY 

Now for the WHO AM I
Bu this one calls me the Olympian. Well the highest area would Agreebleness 90% and my lowest are would be Extrovert 8%
And for possible more, CLICK HERE

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wednesday Meme Number Thirty One

This around I will start with "Words On Wednesday" and MS M is our hostess. You can press on link just in last sentence. But I'm just going to use every other word, or the even number ones.
Withered, Broken, Ground, Growing, Active, and Dreams.

The cloud were broken up for while, it was some rain that came though. Would guess lot of people were either praying or casting a spell for some rain. A lot crops had been in withered state, and even some even had died.

Who said climate change isn't real. Well you know there those who want to play political games. As one look around at growing season of 2045 it been estimated about 40% less is being harvest. The year before and the entire year of 44 there was only 73 inches of rain. No ground water to speak of. Plants and livestock struggled. 

Casting spells and such only went so far and all people were required to be active in there community. So those who wish to attend the local climate change came to community hall. All ideal was to be written on special computer paper and feed into a special computer. It analyzed all the ideals.
The main focus from all the wonderful ideal was to cut back on fossil fuel. And people were starting to see and believe this needed to be done, 25 years ago.
But cutting back the fossil fuel and how to do it, so the community can strive.
A few small things had been done since then. Money was taken a way about 15 years ago and been earn there living by good deeds and thoughts.
So those who were randomly picked to be on the board and putting a plan into action of how to decrease fossil fuel dependency.

Well some dream of having actual respected for mother earth.

Ms T is our hostess for SPRING TIME MEDLEY and here is here question for this week, and it's related to Spring.

1.  The first spring flowers are usually daffodils, dandelions, lilies, tulips, iris. and lilacs. Which one of those choices is your favorite?  Have you seen any yet? Our snow in North Idaho came late this year, still have about a foot or so yard. Around the house snow is going away quicker then in yard. Below the front window there something popping up. I believe in spot is daffodils. I don't know if I have favorite flower. All grows well here in North Idaho.

2.  What is your least favorite thing about spring? Deer eating my plants and spring break up. To much ice and mud. Still some what hindered where I can walk, but actual with snow and ice there less places to walk.

3.  Okay, what puts a spring in your step? Being lighter and more day light.

4.  What is your favorite springtime song? Can't think of any song. But I like to hear birds chirping 

5.  What really says spring to you? It about rebirth, refreshing, and the spirit lives on.

6.  Tell us something random about your week. Been getting out and walking a little more each week, doing a little project cleaning last night I tackled my craft box, started my front cover for my sketch book project. In hope to post this Friday for "Paint Party Friday.
Grand daughter came to visit and we colored.


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

You Know

Yesterday was a good paragraph about rant I have about extremely negative people. Well it time to move on. I said my piece. But if some of you want to read my rant it called "Naw Yes and Possible No" Like I said it time to move on, so no link.

When I got home from work, hubby did a good job with home. Carpets vacuumed, dishes load in dish washer, table and counters clean.
Then as I was coming home he was folding up some whites. And start dinner we had pork chops, fried cabbage in bacon grease and a bake red potato.

Since I'm talking about food. I might as well mention breakfast. I had cream wheat with raisin. Well after weigh in and my meeting with T.O.P.S went down to Under the Sun and had 4 oz of gelato and the flavor was spumoni. Yes I had diary but I took a lactose pill.
For lunch I had beef and bean burrito, one chicken strip, and 4 Jo's Jo's.
Now I need to be honest about my cookies, I ate 6 of them.

I was up pound, and I've been getting in a little more activity. I been walking around buildings.

Clean out my craft box or should I just call it what it became. Confession time...I tossed all my creative supplies in box, even if it had a proper place to go"
Had a feeling that my book WORKING WITH TAROT was in box. I ended up ordering one, and I will give that one to Liz when it comes.
I have enough Tarot book. I would like to get maybe two more on crystal and stone.

But before I get anymore items off of Amazon, I need to take care of our taxes.

Did start on my cover for my sketchbook project. This is first time working with mylar paper. Hopeful I can show it as part of paint party friday.

Don't ask why or how I found this site called WHAT YOUR FORHEAD SAYS ABOUT YOU  My forehead leans to the board side. I usual wear bangs. And slightly and M shape forhead.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Naw Yes or Possible No

It been a while since I stop over at my Aunts. Left a little early so we could stop in for a short visit. A little bit of her goes a long ways. We're all product of our environment.
Statement time...People with extreme negative or positive view on life can at times get under my skin.
My father was a person with negative view about a plenty of things. I recall one time he was reading an article in the paper about some burglary ring and it wasn't even in area we were living. I believe it was in Seattle area.
But he pound his index finger on table and said looking at me..."I know your involved some how"
My husband can lean toward the negative side also.
And they tell will end up marrying some trait of both of your parents.
My grand daughter birthday is coming up, and plans aren't total set on concrete. They were planing to have it possible in Sandpoint, on the 31st.
And the reason my hubby thinks there going to Sandpoint,and not having it in Spokane or the lodge. That he believe our son and his in-laws that we're some type of vermin parasite.
And my son bought the Grand daughter up Sunday. So I don't know where he gets this ideal.
I don't think it anything even close to that. I will take a person at there word until proven differently. Or I won't try to figure what there motive is.
There motive is good until proven differently.
They talked about having it in Sandpoint, so it would be easier for us to attend.
Actual it would be easier for them to have us go to Lodge or Spokane. Having a
a party at an eating establishment can be stressful. There children is three and under.
Since my Aunt husband pass and this been a while. Every time I see her she has some negative comment or opinion on someone or something.
I told her I didn't think the world was all that bad.
My friend Qunella can be a little heavy on positive side with view of life.
Anyhow I just love my mom when told my dad "Pete I don't care what sort of mood your in, it time for you to get your glad pants on"
Statement time...Sorry about the rant.

Well I actual start my cover to my sketchbook project. I will be doing a space ship and when you lift up the hatch you will see title of sketchbook "Just Below The Surface"
I will be using foil for body of the spaceship. Although not sure how to make the door part and also have it lift.
Actual the only thing I did for front cover is to color the back ground.

It start to feel like spring. Quite didn't make it up to 50 (10) and been a little more active. When I go into a business I try to walk around the business on the outside, and this afternoon I walk down to end to the Y in our road.
I packed a lunch. Lot of time at work I just don't eat healthy.
So I took some raw asparagus, brazilian nuts, and sandwich made of cornbeef. But of course I add a little raw cabbage to it.
Weigh in tomorrow, according to home scale it been kind of slithering up and down about 2 pounds (0.9)

I just would like people be honest about there self. Yes we all have some negative parts to our life. I can't by the world is almost 100 percent negative.
Question time...what percent do you feel the world is negative? answer would be 2.7 percent.

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Now For Entertaining Purpose

I have a fascination about on line quiz's.  Coming up on being a senior and haven't figured my self out.
Just recently MAD SNAPPER did a few quiz's so I'm taking them. Not sure how many or which ones.
 My main trait in "four temperaments test is..."
Choleric is number one at 5. and for simple terms...I'm a hot head
As for second strongest trait would be Phelgmatic. And for simple terms....I'm cold as ice

For last one and I only got one is the Sanguine...In simple term...Head in clouds.
And for melancholic I score nothing.

I don't see my self at all like a hot head. I just don't let people take advantage of me.

Made up my goals for week. Nothing exciting. Been getting out a little more and taking a walk.
Been calling it soaking up vitamin D
Bart came up with Claudia oldest Grand daughter for a visit. Sawyer called and wonder when in April I was coming down, need to check and see if any of my client have doctor appointment.
I go to the dentist on the 3rd of April and 11 I see the optometrist.

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Just Why And Not Asking For A Miracle

Just about ready to finish up my stone shopping for a bit. Liz want to add a few stone to her collection, and if wasn't for her. At this time I would be ordering any of these stones. Well the three we're getting is MookaiteBLUE LACE AGATE, and BLUE APATITE. But I would like to get some type of garnet.
This morning I went though my home and open the windows and did a bit of white sage burning. I'm out of smudge so I had some loose white sage.
And I place in four corner of my home a piece of black tourmaline, and selenite crystal. In simple term selenite is a guardian angle and the tourmaline is a shield.
At this point I haven't found a stone shop that carries all the stones.

Murphy sister and husband sold there bed and breakfast. And got a home in Post Falls area. So there storing some of there items here.

I try to buy most my items from Thrift like store or pop and mom business. I spot this purse at SELKIRK NORTHERN TREASURES  and it was at $22 and got her down to $17 actual I has hoping could get her down between $10 and $15
I honestly don't know if it antique or not. But I like and to me it looks "fun"

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Creativity and Beautiful Meme Twenty One

The snow is slowly going away in North Idaho and when I came home from work on Thursday I notice some beautiful hint of tint in clouds. For more sky related photos, please CLICK HERE.

Anther drawing of tarot card. This one is the"King of swords" usual the king is leaning forward. But not mind.
As for most cards there positive and negative side, although it depends which other cards surrounds them.
No one can total predict the future.
Three positive of king of swords...Head over heart, discipline, and truth.
Three negative of king of swords...manipulate, cruel, and weakness.
For more artist who posted there photo, please CLICK HERE

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wednesday Meme Number thirty

Teri is our wonderful host for WEDNESDAY MEDLEY and today topic is "Good Samaritan"

 When did someone come to your rescue and can you tell us about it? One Time Murphy and I went up on Burton Peak, any how that mountain doesn't set right with me. Not going but into simple terms. It has a feeling of "bad mojo" the place creeps me out.  Well our fan belt broke on pick up and didn't see a person. So in our glove box there were some panty hose and we ended up making a belt. And started we to drive home, every so often we had to put on our hand made belt.
So we eventually made it off Burton. We made to the game reserve but it was on Saturday and they were close. Luck for us there were some visitors and they let us use there cell phone. At that time Murphy or I didn't have cell phone. Lucky for us they were plenty of people around. Some one was kind enough to let us use there cell phone to call Murphy sister Faith. 

 When did you help someone out of a jam and can you tell us about it? I wouldn't call it getting anyone out jam. I like to every so often go to local power company and put money on someone account. I stuck a few bucks here and there under some product and in hope they would find the cash. 

  What are your thoughts on being a good Samaritan?  Some states (like Florida) have even passed Good Samaritan laws so you don't get into trouble with the law for trying to help someone. Good Samaritan should always come from the heart, not to gain brownie points. Part of practicing pagan being a good Samaritan is pretty much part of our faith. To lift someone else up majority of time it a positive and will continue to grow. 

.  Thursday is National Pi Day.  It's a fun play on the date 3.14.  Will you have some pie to celebrate? Why not.

Did you know that Pi is the most studied number in mathematics?  Are you good with numbers? Math gives me anxiety. I did per algebra and end up with a pity D. But I would say I'm good with number. But I have a lot of common sense and I take care of family finance, last time I balance a check was way back in per twenties. We live on less then $2,500 a month cover all bill and still mange to stick some back for a raining day.   

 Tell us something random about your week. Mange to get a few short walks in. 

MUMBLINGS Is this week host for "Words For Wednesday" and it same list and may I add interesting.
despair, frizzy hair, hot air, impair, repair, and midair.

Those weeks that leads in to months, many sun raise and set came on gone. But still Will seem to be in a despair mood, unknown why to him.
His old dog had most frizzy hair known. When summer hot air came up though the valley it would even stand on ends. No one knew what to do and honestly it gave such joy and laughter to all who came. Did Will dog cast spell of joy and harmony. So a law was past in town of Bogus that midair hair dryer wasn't loud in city limits. Why repair something that bring one laughter and joy.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Need practice As We Do

One of my cousin who in prison for a while. I won't go into details and don't know when I will or every will. It could come into a rant.
I communicated with him by letters.

Well he practice his art about two hours a day. I don't practice any thing at two hour. Maybe if I did things could get accomplish.
One thing I want to do is finish up my knight of pentacles. I think my horses look funky. This time I'm putting a mule in this card. My knight will be working with a mule.
I want to get start on my sketchbook project. Although not sure which order it will done. But I know which order I will put together.

Paid bills, thankful to have money for them. Order a APOPHYLLITE  for Liz and one other rock for my self SODALITE
But also I got my self to charms, a set of oars and a lantern.
Statement time I need to stay off of amazon.
We got some bills coming in.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I take part in a few fun meme then on Friday anther around of meme fun.
Sure hope to get chance and things work out that I can take part in.

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Some Call Sunday The Beginning Of Week

It a New week, and like most week there so so so. Some good and not so good. Wouldn't say anything was awful or fantastic. It a New week, and like most week there so so so. Some good and not so good. Wouldn't say anything

Well I've had few chance to take a walk. And took the advantage of them. They haven't been long walks, it sure help my self thoughts.

Went to Brewery here in Bonners Ferry and our local pagan group meet, for our BS section. I ask what some would like to cover on our next topic for our discussion and area of study. Well it seem to be leaning toward crystals.

Went to local art association, and the group wants to do an local art walk. Which sound like good ideal.
Our local area have lot of talent artist, but it seem we're a hidden community.
I haven't done much as in creative sense.

Well now there bills to pay and planning for up coming week. I should of done it Sunday. I hear it could possible get up to 50 degree by end of week.

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Saturday, March 09, 2019

Thought I would But

Well yesterday I had every intention to take part in SKY WATCH and PAINT PARTY FRIDAY, and the only thing I will....Statement time....There advantage and disadvantage to having a job.

The weather were has settle down a little. Not so blast cold and even found a few spots. I can take a little bit of a walk.
Still quite a bit of snow and ice.
After I stuck my work paper in mail, I did very short walk and got a few counted steps.

Thursday I was having an EEYORE moment. But I have to wonder if have anything to do with Mercury going RETROGRADE.
Question about mercury retrograde...Those who had there personal astrology done, and all sign are place in different planets...At time of my birth mercury was in Pisces....since mercury was retrograding though Question time.... Pisces does that mean those born in with Pisces in Mercury would have an easier time or rougher time going though the retrograde?.

Even mange to haul garbage cans to the dump bins. With snow blowing it been all most impossible to haul, although we could of tried a little harder.
I often wonder how one accumulate so much stuff. 
Got a little more done on the smaller bedroom closet, and lot more to go though.

Got a few items I order though amazon. And today I used my hole punch. Once I figure how to put in paper correctly it worked fantastic.
I tore apart my Brooklyn sketchbook project. There paper isn't of good quality for art, it ok for general sketching and writing.
But now I need to figure how to punch some holes, let say about one thirty second of inch or less. I just don't see using a punch that size all that often.
Did mange to get all measure out and marked.I believe I have the page counted out correctly. Decided to wait until tomorrow and bind it together with black embroidery thread. Like I said I still have to figure how to start the holes, leaning toward an ice pick.
The only thing I want it done before I go to our local art club meeting.

Well day light saving time start at two in morning. I do enjoy the longer days. Winter sunlight don't last long. December 21st is when we have 7 hours and 53 minutes of sunlight. But June 21st we have 16 hours and 9 minute of sunlight.

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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Wednesday Meme Number Twenty Nine

This week "words for Wednesday" is done by a different host MUMBLINGS instead of a list of words, she letting us have free range with "Time"

The time was unknown when one crossed though the veil and no one was known to see though the veil unto the other side.
Each side was known as the other side. But time was looked upon different on each side. A few even ask if there could be more then two sides.
And how and when do we visit the other possible sides no one had any memory of it. But or even when we go to that side of the line. Or was it that simple.
Sure plenty of myth or even some truthful facts.
Just what we believe as individual  might be the closes to the truth.

It was ordinary day for Jessica who was getting ready for her day. She had a few things plan, nothing big a few small errand need to be taken care of. Then mid morning she was going to meet a few of her friends at local bakery for a cup off coffee and a possible treat.

Well on the four corners of veil people or not even sure they would be people. Maybe a better term would be the uns was building possible future time events. Unknown to Jessica but to her unconsciousness a minute less or a minute more could possible change things one would never know maybe the uns would.
Question do you think the uns would know the difference between a minute in our lives or not?
I once recalling watch a twilight zone and there were talking about the realms of time and one would be stepping into a different realms at different rate.

Fairly new to WEDNESDAY MEDLEY and this week topic leans toward cookies. And I can honestly say "yum"

1.  Are you able to pass by a plate of cookies and not take one or are you a bit of a 'Cookie Monster'?  Yes and no I can pass something up even cookies. But usual when I go out and eat I make a plan. Resent pot luck before I was going to have one items off the desert table and I did, one cookie.

2 Tell us about  your favorite cookie. Have your tastes changed since you were a kid?   As for cookies I don't think it change. A lot of young people didn't care for date filled cookies, well I did as a kid and still do.
One thing I didn't carry for was hominy when I was young now I like it.

3.   Inquiring minds want to know if you are a dunker and, if so, do you dunk in milk, coffee, or tea? Plain and simple I am a dunker.

4.   It is that time of year and they are selling them on every corner and in front of every store!  Do you buy Girl Scout cookies and if you do, which is your favorite? In our small community usual they don't set up on street corner. But in front of local store. I tend to like lemon and mint ones. 
I support local youth groups, and sometime I don't purchase anything. Don't need to extra calories of fat and such. So I donate cash.

5.  Raw cookie dough.  Yay or Nay? Not these days.

6.  Please tell us something random about your week! Winter is still in North Idaho and actual I been getting a little more out of my closet and donating it to the thrift stores.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Been Creeping Up

Weigh in today and last few times I've gain. Even today I was up. Not much a quarter to half of pound but it all adds up.
By the end of March my goal weight was to be 197.25 and now I just want to be at 199.75 by the last weigh in March.
So I will need to loose next three meetings. And a little over a pound each weigh in.
I been getting my water goal in. But being so cold and walking been non existing. But when I park my rig I try to park as far as I can so my steps can add up. When I'm in a store I try to mange to get a few extra steps in.

Well tomorrow I'm taking Liz out and we're doing thrift store. Each of us will be listing five items for the other to find. Can't go over $15.00, so that three dollars and item.
Total clueless what her will be, but here my list for her
1...Necklace 22 to 18 inches It only needs these four colors brown, yellow, red, and more or less.
2...Something for my bone box that represents "foolishness" needs to be less then three inches and non breakable.
3...Set your timer/ cell phone for 10 minutes wonder about the store once the timer goes off and find me something in less 2 minutes that I would like.
4...Something that collapse.
5....An item that I could use for my sketchbook project, for my Leo in Pluto page. Using any of these three words or any combination "Egotistical, Transformation, and or sincere.

The repair people came out and fixed our gas furnace. Well we had trouble before that one lines gets blocked with guck and now Murphy knows what to do. And I need to also learn what to do.
Before next winter and I mean next winter the one after Oct of 2019 we need purchase a cord of fire wood. I like to have back up for heat. 

Mange to take a few coats in to thrift store and looked into one bags in the closet, full of jeans and at one time I thought of making jean purse. Most of my projects are dreams. The only thing I can say is "darn job and needing money to live on"

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Monday, March 04, 2019

Less Then Half Hour

Early this morning Murphy went down to toss some wood into the wood furnace. Well a piece got hung up and caught on fire.
It had to be pulled out and extinguish.
In short term he burned his fingers fairly good.
Usual we don't use our wood furnace all that much. But our gas furnace is on the fritz. The furnace people will be out this coming Thursday.
So I will set the phone for around two morning and I will toss a few piece on.

Didn't do much on closet cleaning but did a little. Found two bags and I thought they were blankets. There not and I will be going though the bags hopeful next couple of days.
But I did notice a few items like coats and shirts could take into the thrift store.

One thing I did find was this box. Got from some thrift store and still had price on it. If memory is correct I had $2.50 for it.
Well I'm going to make a bone box, for BONE TOSSING.
Still have a long ways to go on tarot set I been drawing.

Last night I did some planning for up coming week and some new moon goals. Both I put in my bullet journal.
My new moon goals are pretty simple...For a cleaning project there a box in corner of dinning area under a little table full of stuff.
Actual I would like to get rid of that box.
As for health goals get under 200 pounds. I keep rocking between 203 and 200.
Weigh in tomorrow with weight lost group.
I seem to have trouble recording my steps. I want it to be come a regular habit.
Then for my spiritual goal is to finish up my tarot card I been working on.

Very last thing is since Murphy fingers are bumbled up I clean up after dinner. I sat a timer for 20 minutes clean up and even wash dinner dishes by hand.
It been a while since I worked on my stamp collection. I collect stamps of faces and do have a few scene of  groups of people.
Well I was briefly looking though e bay and net for stamps. Didn't buy anything.
Question time...Do you window shop on your electron devices? 
Don't know why but I like to look at all the weird things on wish. Only bought a few items though them.

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Sunday, March 03, 2019

Aunt Marjorie

After battling cancer at home, Marjorie Lorraine (Hylton) McCalmant went to be with the
Lord Friday, February 22, 2019. Marjorie was born January 22, 1929 to Golden Lee Hylton and
Lulu (Marcy) Hylton. Marjorie married Vern McCalmant October 24, 1946. She found true joy in
her family, her gardens, her flower beds as well as in serving and entertaining others.
Marjorie was preceded in death by her parents, her husband of 72 years, Vern, as well
as sons Doyle and Patrick. She is survived by brother living (Moscow), sister living (Moscow), sons living (Bonners Ferry) and living (Coeur d’Alene), honorary sons
including nephew living and living, 7 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and 2
A going home celebration and luncheon will be held at Grace Bible Fellowship Saturday
March 2nd at 11:00 am. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to Auburn
Crest Hospice 6371 Kootenai Unit 4 Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
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Saturday, March 02, 2019

February Report 2019

You are inner-directed and skeptical.
You are independent: you have a strong desire to have time to yourself. You are philosophical: you are open to and intrigued by new ideas and love to explore them. And you are authority-challenging: you prefer to challenge authority and traditional values to help bring about positive changes.
Your choices are driven by a desire for discovery.
You are relatively unconcerned with both tradition and achieving success. You care more about making your own path than following what others have done. And you make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents.

Your are unlikely country music, when comes to country music there a very few of older one I like. To me there lyrics leans toward dishonesty, cheating, and angry. For an old singer I actual like Charley Pride, and few of the older Hank Williams. But newer that has a bit of rock or pop sound I do like.
be influenced by social media during product purchases.... be influenced by brand name when making product purchases. As for how purchases items. I can tell one thing for sure I have way to much items.
But I don't keep up with Jones, my purchase are an individual and I don't need to impress others with it.
One can see I went straight to PERSONALITY INSIGHT

Sure didn't wear my fit bit zip. March could be better...February I did 42,354 and daily that would be 1,512 step. See a lot time I forget to put on my fit bit zip and or record what of done.

As for weather there were a lot of snow. Not much more to report.

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