Today Is Sunday November 24 2021, This Is What Happen

 When I went to town yesterday I had plan to pick up some double AA batteries. Forgot to get them. I'm not going to drive to town to pick up one item. I will grab four pack tomorrow since I'll be going to work. I order a large pack from Amazon. It should be here end of the month or first part of next. Had plan to share some photos.

Got my flight down to Medford Oregon, leaving on Nov 11th from Spokane. Returning on 16th. Flight cost sure gone up. Usually I can find a flight for under $100. But this time for the 2 of us, it cost $610. I know holiday travel can be costly. Although I look up prices for a spring trip in mid march, and look like prices are still up. I looked in to Amtrak for spring trip, quite bit cheaper. From Spokane to Medford is about 614 miles. I'm about 100 miles from Spokane wa.

I text Liz and see how she is doing. Her blood oxygen isn't where it should be. Although not dangerous. But I suggest she get hold of a professional medical person. And talk to them and get there opinion.  

Let see what my thoughts and feeling from 3 people who left comments. My 1st comment comes from SONG BIRD and her comment is "All politics are local, Where I live we are voting for Town Supervisor (similar to a mayor) town council members, county sheriff and district Attorney. Sound like Song Bird has more to vote for than me. I only have 2 thing to vote on a levy for our local Ambulance and school board member. I know no Democrat and or liberal leaning is going to make public office here. So I try to vote for lease far right conservative candidates. The one I'm worried about one of the seat on the city council. Although I live outside of the city limit. There a 3 way race and hopefully it not spilt between the 2 reasonable candidate, and get the far right conservative. My 2nd comment I'll use is from LIZ  and here the comment she left "Glad your feeling better. I hope Liz and Regis is feeling well as well. I'm so glad I got vaccinated. I been texting Liz and her blood oxygen been below average. With not having complete set of lungs. And gave quick call, didn't want to keep her on phone for any length of time. I suggest she talk medical person, not the janitor. Some body over there with some medical back ground, and see what they suggest. My 3rd and last comment comes from GATTINA and her comment was "Fortunately I have no weight problem, most be terrible to pay attention of everything you eat. I wasn't over weight as a kid. In all honest I eat fairly healthy. But belonging to weight lost group. My eating habits are base on emotional. Neither up or down emotions. I'll eat because I don't know how to deal with all of my thoughts and emotions. All though I'm doing better. Like the only day I have sweets is on Tuesday. And no food after 7PM. I went back to review and old post of DECEMBER 17 2006 My oldest son was 18 than and my youngest would of 15, going to turn 16 the follow April. I like smell of really tree, maybe if the winter isn't to much, we can go out in woods and cut down tree. I have no desire to be stuck or slide into a ditch. It all weather related. We haven't been to GARDENIA CENTER for since I don't recall. I don't know what there policy are about covid. I think most churches in my area has no mask or vaccine mandate. Anyhow must churches here I have no desire to attend. I see neither Carole or Madcap is blogging. 

Going post three photos over at my Instagram ACCOUNT. It been raining most of the day.

Coffee is on and stay safe



  1. Ah rain. We're expecting rain tomorrow. And isn't it always the way to forget the one thing you went there for?

  2. Flying sure is expensive, and it's quit a pain in the butt with all the securing stuff. We sort of like the train travel.

  3. It seems that all travel cost have gone up recently ...

    We had some rain today too, the falling leaves were quite damp and not crisp as I walked on them.

    Hope the new week ahead goes well for you.

    All the best Jan

  4. Wow on flight prices

  5. That's a ridiculous cost for flying such a short way. I suppose it is the same everywhere, airlines lost money when people stayed home because of Covid so now they are trying to regain losses.
    The aqua print on white background is a bit hard to read.

  6. I am expecting rain later in the afternoon. The weather is not so hot since we are having rain most of the days. I tend to forget things only to remember them when I reached home.

  7. Travel prices have gone up enormously here, too. Have a great week, stay safe! Valerie

  8. I love traveling by train rail.

  9. I live in a very purple community. I think I'd go crazy in a red state.

  10. Looks expensive for flights but you have a big country

  11. Rainy day here. I sure do miss travelling but will wait until things sort themselves out.
    I love train travel in Europe but not here.

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  13. Flight prices have gone up.

  14. Hope Liz continues to improve.

  15. Wow what inflation in Flight Costs, that's ridiculous markup tho'! Hope Liz improves and takes your advice to seek Medical Attention before things worsen.


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