Today Is Saturday October 23 2021, This Is What Happen


Who knows if any of us complete all of our task. But that ok, I'll just plug at them. Been loading photos on a thumb drives. But I ran out of them so, I order a box of 10 of them. Been putting photos on them for this lap top. The plan is to give both of my son family copy of photos. Plus I got trunk full of them from way back when. This is last photo I loaded on a thumb drive.

Got some fabric organized and clean out corner. Where I thoughts I might have my plug for my over head craft light. But no such luck. My mini water air condition uses the same cord. But for some reason it didn't work. Not sure if there issue with over head light. I hope it isn't any serious. Because it really shine light on to projects. 

Watch first disk of Avatar. It ok, so far. Start a little slow. I will finish the movie out. Hope it gets better. 

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. Your stew looks good

  2. I like that movie Avatar, the colours and scenery are just beautiful.

  3. You have been busy,you did a lot more than I did at the weekend. Enjoy Avatar! Valerie

  4. That looks like a nice bowl of tucker.
    You really need two backups for photos. I've lost things on failed thumb drives. When you buy them, I suggest you don't go for large capacity or speed of transfer. Just my experience of having lost things.

  5. Re "Avatar": you're talking about that 2009 film? If so, wow... I was so blown away by it when I watched it -- but then I viewed it on a big screen in 2009. Would be interested in your perspective on it viewing it in 2021 on a small screen!

  6. I agree, that stew looks so yummy!

  7. Avatar is okay, but not award winning!

  8. If you want to give photos to your kids, what you can do is upload them to Google Photos and then share those folders with them. (This is what my brother did after digitizing loads of old slides. He shared them with the whole family, so we all have copies.)

  9. Avatar does start slow but its an ok movie in the end, if you don't fall asleep.

  10. I have so many incomplete tasks that it used to bother me and now I just have resigned myself to knowing that's how it probably will be when you have old age and limited resources. *Le Sigh*


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