Today Is Saturday October 16 2021, This Is What Happen

Today I decided to flip things around a bit in my little world of blogging. Nothing major. Usually I post and read blogs in evening. Simple because of work. I feel sometime I'm tired from work. I feel I make more opps that way. Being Saturday. I can do things differently. 

Well thought of showing you 2 of my beiges from fabrics. Well my camera batteries went dead. One thing I need to get is some AA batteries. But I got my beiges organize and swatch paper made out. Before end of the month I need get anther notebook for more swatches. But no push.  

Since my camera batteries is dead, and I haven't checked the inventory. But hubby said he need more. We need order a few items. I start to look for granddaughter Christmas stuff. 
Plus I had plan to post one of my witches, I believe it would of been last one of this year. Unless I run into one local thrift store. The only thrift store that handles Halloween stuff is SECOND CHANCE. Unless things have change there. There only open 2 days of week, Friday and Saturday. Not sure why they have trouble keeping employees. But they do have quite over turn there. The other thrift store is "Community Thrift store" there own and ran by the 7th day Adventist. They pretty much handle most things. Nothing heavy on Halloween items. They have pumpkins and consider them. Fall and or Autumn stuff. No witches, ghost, or customs. Usual if they get any they send them over to Second Chance. Neither one places has took much precaution for covid. Community thrift has put larger air filters at end of there building.

Not shocked one bit. Idaho now be recognized as a "Covid Hot Spot" If you seek safety from Covid, don't come here. It even might be wise to where a haze mat suit. My state of Idaho is Dead Last when it comes to "Covid Safety" Let look at some of the facts
1. Idaho listed number 48th in positive rates.
2. Idaho tied for 50th in Covid deaths'
3. Idaho tied for 5oth in Transmission rates. 
But I feel it best to point out the stronger points in Idaho. It seems like we Idahoans rarely get chance to share a few notes of praise .
1. 4th best state to live in
2. 5th best place to start a business
3. 5th best economy in country
4. 7th happies state.
The only thing I can do is keep my MASK, WASH MY HANDS, AND STAY SIX FEET or BETTER   
With our local numbers being what they are. I won't be out and about. As a Friday, now if you go to the emergency room. There going to give you a covid test. Looks like we have about 45 cases. Not quite a 40% positivity rate, 29% been fully vaccinated. Like I said I'm care full of places I frequent. Statement time....I have almost zero social life and simple reason is way people here how their action and behavior about covid. Even at times I wonder why I even care. Like why should care of the covidoits, since I doubt they care for me. I just need to get a few mean bones in my body.

I been putting photos on thumb drive and just took photos of SD card in game camera.

Coffee is on and Stay Safe


  1. That was interesting about the "good" recognition for your State. Sadly, the Covid is distracting from lots of places again.

  2. Have you thought about getting rechargeable batteries and a recharger for your camera? I have one and two sets of rechargeable batteries. I take spare batteries with me when I take my camera out and if I have to change them I make sure to put the used ones in the recharger as soon as I get home. When they are recharged I put them in the camera case.
    Sad about your state, but you listed good things too.

  3. I think your wise to stay home and in and stay safe. I can't understand these states with the worst rates and such. Who in their right mind wants to be "that state". It like Texas. One state I never want to even visit. My cousins there are so appalled and embarrassed to live there anymore, they are moving back east now.

    Take care Dora!

  4. I wonder why figures are so bad in your state. Is it laziness or people don't think they will catch Covid and if they do, it will be no big deal. Or, are they antivaxx?

  5. Stay as safe as you can

  6. Sorry about the covidiots.

  7. #4 sounds great. The rest... not so much...

  8. It's hard to understand that some people don't accept how bad Covid is, Covidiots indeed! You are so wise to keep your distance and steer clear of them as much as possible. Stay safe, Valerie

  9. I don't understand these people. They simply don't care about any one but themselves.

  10. I keep spare batteries in a drawer all the time for the camera, mouse and flashlights because you never know hen you will need them.

  11. I am sorry Covid is still such a problem in your area. I am grateful to live in an area with high vaccine rates and people who follow health rules

  12. They don't carry Halloween stuff? Really. Wow.

  13. Red States are dangerous to your health. Stay safe, as you always wish us.


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