Today Is Friday October 15 2021, This Is What Happen

 I been sharing interesting facts about my paternal Great Grandfathers. This will last one for this Samhain season. For my side. I'm about ready to introduce you to my Great Grandfather who is biological father to my Grandma Elsie. As for other day I introduce you to her adopted dad, THEODORE MILLER. Soon you will learn they both have same surname as "Miller" I been told their no family connections. 

I will share 9 trivia facts about my Great Grandfather "Edwin Miller"

1. His given name is "Edwin" and it comes from the old English word "ead" meaning rich blessed and "pine meaning friend. Other words rich friend. But from Anglo Saxon is form of Eadpine. Here a list of famous EDWIN 

2. Edwin was born in Michigan, I believe a town called Batavin in Michigan. One November 17 1847.

3. His parents were Augusta Miller and Mary Allen

4. Edwin was youngest son of Augusta and Mary. he had 2 brothers, and 3 sister. Plus his mom Mary died about 1858. His dad remarried and end up with half siblings 2 brothers. 

5. Edwin was deaf.

6. He married Emma Arvilla Trefry, on 21st of March in 1883. Tompkin Michigan. 

7. They had twin girls Emma and Jessica and his wife died 13 days after the giving birth.

8. He mainly worked as usually as day labor


He gave up both of girls for adoption, I could only image the hardship being deaf. If you want learn surname of Miller click on link with word "Theodore Miller" 

I had pretty easy day. I had 2 things of yellow fabric out. Well each of pieces was yard a fabric so I cut out a little bit, to cut a 2.5 by 10 inch strip. So the fabrics is put in bigger piece stash. I have 2 skull lights that can be steaked in one yard. I think I will give it to Regis. I finish put up pumpkin and ghost lighted steaks in the yard.  Well Regis just got under my skin. He had ride to the doctor office to get tested for covid. So when arrive you call from parking lot and let them know you have arrive. And they ask where your located in the  parking lot .. And type of  car your in. Well they told him his appointment is at 3:15. Instead of 3:00. So he said they lied to him, and got pissed and left. Well when I had my covid test. I had 4pm time slot. I got in closer to 5. There running plenty of test. We call him the "Prince" Sun and Moon rises and set because of Regis. And last one is "He to busy being Regis" Now he going wait to see his regular doctor which is in November. And he said he will get covid test than. A day late and dollar short. I'll go to work on Monday, and he need to see his pain doctor. Had to cancel his appointment, with the doctor who helps him mange his pain. Because I had covid. Monday the 18th will be 10 days since my symptoms started. Well hubby test came back negative, for covid. But still he can get it. I just rank up the antibodies for the covid. He get once again strep. It seems he get strep a lot. I think he needs to have conversation with his doctor. 

Coffee is on and stay safe 



  1. So, Regis had contact with someone who has Covid (you) and he won't get tested? Yikes. I hope he's vaccinated.

  2. I think I am right saying strep throat is tonsillitis, maybe Murphy needs to have his tonsils out? If he already had them out, then I don't know what to suggest, but maybe gargle with mouthwash every night before bed? Regis sounds like a real pain in the patootie.

  3. Hope hubby stays negative

  4. hope you are feeling ok, covid is still everywhere in Scotland, its unavoidable no matter where you are. I have never tested positive, I work in a hospital so am exposed all the time.

  5. Regis sounds like a very difficult person to handle. Hope you are better now, stay safe. Have a great day, Valerie

  6. Regis sounds like a pill.

  7. ...I know a number of Amish and Miller is a common name.

  8. Sigh, by the time Regis sees his doctor … he’s a real handful, isn’t he?

  9. That was very interesting about your Great Grandfather. I hope you're all better soon and I hope Regis doesn't get worse.

  10. Yikes, Regis won't get tested? Or maybe in November? I'm hoping you can go back to work Monday so you can have income coming in again. I was thinking of a late aunt (by marriage) who grew up in Oklahoma. Her maiden name was Miller. Alana

  11. Sorry I cannot keep up with your blogs as I would like. Love the information on your great grandfathers.


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