Today Is Sunday October 17 2021, This Is What Happen

 I thought I would first visit back 3 blogs that left comments. My 1st will be SONGBIRD and the comment I like to share is "Sorry about the covidiots" I'm not sorry about them, personal I find most of them irritating" The 2nd comment I will be sharing is from CHRISTINE BLOG and her comment was "Hope Hubby Stay Negative" I have mix thoughts on that. Not sure what medical term they use. But I'm going to use the term sleeping plaque. The covid can simple be taking a nap in him, and anytime in next week or so. It simple can rise a shine. My quarantine ends on the 18th and his start that day and goes to  Thursday the 28th. 3rd and last comment is from LAW OF GRAVITY "you know, since you have covid, I think it ok if you don't get anything done. You earn some down time" I honestly didn't try to accomplish that much. Let say in four hour time period. I would guess my energy lasted 1 to 20 minutes, if that. My brain felt like fog. The symptoms change minute to minute. I think the virus was hunting a place to really hit. The Moderna mRNA did it job, and didn't end up in the hospital. Not sure since I came down with covid and when my next covid vax will be due. I will take the advice of medical profession, not those on social media.

Tomorrow I will be back on job. I'm trying to come up with a plan to get Liz supplies beer and smoke for week at time. I will keep them at my home and just take in her regular allotment. Which 6 pack of beer and pack of cigarettes.  Plus keep Regis out of stores as much as possible. YESTERDAY POST I went on rant about covid in my state and area. I want to keep my self out of public much as possible. Plus I plan to post about anther Great Grand Father.

This morning I went to town. We were low on lot of items. For us. I don't plan to go into do any grocery shopping. Thursday will be my next trip into the store. Put some more photos on thumb drive. Order batteries and oxygen meter. Plus a walking hand for Regis.

Coffee is on


  1. LOL, when I said “sorry”, I meant “ sorry you have to deal with their bulls**t”

  2. I hope you're feeling much better soon, just try not to over do it.

  3. Good point on negative, it is not that you are completely out of the woods.

  4. Glad to hear you've been taking it easy.

  5. A walking hand for Regis? What is that?

  6. The covid situation here seems to be getting better and businesses are opening up and people travelling all over the places. But for most of us, the number of cases is still of concern and hope there won't be another lockdown if the cases go up again. Take care, Dora and stay safe.

  7. It´s scary. And weird.

  8. Hope you are soon completely well, and it's wise to keep away from crowds. Take care! Have a great week, Valerie


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