Sunday, June 20, 2021

Today Is Sunday June 20 This Is What Happen.

 Before I move today post, I briefly want to say a few words about my phone conversation with my friend Qunella. It also has to do with guns. Her neighbor who has a hand full of children, not sure the exact amount. Well this family one of there youngester got burn from I believe a candle accident. So not sure of all the details, but she is over with her mom in Seattle in burn unit. Now I should say the dad has pass away. So mom is with the girl over in Seattle. Well I believe it from the Church they attend and one of lady from church is staying up with them. Well Qunella was saying the lady was packing a hand gun. Qunella didn't say anything. Never know who will be come un hinged. And saying something to the mom I would say it waste of breath. 

Now let step back into blogger history. I wrote about a FARM DREAM I had 15 years ago. Neither one of comments is blogging anymore. If anyone want to know the meaning of farm dream CLICK HERE In reality farming is something I'm of not good age to start. Will leave it at that.

Now it time to look back on three comment left this week.

First comment was from CHRISTINE and her comment was "Good Luck to Your Cousin"  If any of you don't know my cousin, actual a first cousin once remove is in fitness contest and is trying to get on cover of the "rolling stone". Not really. She trying to get on MS FITNESS AND HEALTH I know I ask but could you vote and pass the word about my cousin. Please.

Second comment was from DRIFTING THOUGH LIFE and her comment was "Up a quarter pound? That only four ounces and could be only water. Did you drink a lot of water that day? I would only be concern If weight difference was a whole pound and wasn't lost in two days. Some food get processed though body slower" This is all very true. But if a person lost quarter pound a week they would be 13 pounds lighter in a year. As what I ate and such around time peroid I don't recall. I guess one reason one should be consistent of keeping a food journal. 

Third and last comment was from ISLAND MUSING and her comment was "Best Wishes to the New Couple. Nature garden is spectular this time of yeat"  I haven't heard of any major disagreements. I wonder about married couples who see eye to eye on every little thing. Usual July and August is our hotter months. So it the weather was great for an outdoor wedding.

I want to catch up on my bullet journal. Balance budget and paid some bills. Can't find my electrial bill so I will call them and see what we owe them. I know I didn't pay it.

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. We too old to work a farm now but I'd still love to have a farm with lots of land and no neighbors for miles.

  2. I hope the little girl will be ok

  3. In the past I've thought about farming, but not in a big way, just growing fruit trees and vegetables with a couple of chickens for eggs, but I know it will never happen now, I don't have the yard space and I'm getting too old to begin anything like that now.
    I wonder why someone would need to carry a gun to care for young children? Maybe she worries about people trying to break in or something.

  4. I always thought it was fun and interesting to have a farm but now I know that it will involve too much hard work to get a farm going. But I would love a place where I can plant lots of fruit trees.

  5. Guns scare me. And unless people have the knowledge of them and know how to use them and should not own one.

    Hope all will be well.

  6. I will never understand that in the States you can have guns etc like I have pot of flowers. We are in the 21st century and not anymore in Cowboy/Indian times. How many innocent people have died because people own arms.

  7. ...I have become numb to the gun violence in this country, will it ever come to an end?

  8. Great article. Hope it will be ok soon

  9. The gun culture is foreign to me. I cannot u d’√©tat and the need to carry a gun.

  10. I am not a big fan of carrying guns around just because you have the right to do so.

  11. Burns are horrible. I hope the girl will be okay.


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