Monday, June 21, 2021

Today Is Monday June 21 2021, This Is What Happen


The wild daisy in bloom. The next three blog post is going to be a little different. Thursday I'm flying out and going down to meet my new granddaughter Maeve. I need to assign her name for blog post. Will be coming back the following Monday. 

I believe the deer pretty much munched down all my lillies. I still have the one next to the house. Like said in fall I want to dig up the one the deer keep munching down. Plus we could use a good shade tree there. 

We're on heat wave cycle. There talking tripple digits, anyhow I hope there no dry lighting. I see picture of Lake Mead, behind Hoover dam and it super low. 

A few of the cranesbill gerariums. Deer seems not to bother them. Well let say at this point. I keep mean to give a veggie garden report. Hubby says we have tomato sitting on. 

Work went find. During my lunch break I got chance to read a little more in my book, slow going. Although I pass the half way point. Oh! I should say the book I been reading is Journal of John Cheeves. I bought book though Amazon, SURREALISM some what dispointed I thought it would be much more. Mainly men artist of art peroid. Not many woman. But I would like to find out about American Surrealism artists. 
When I drove to work I go by 2 cousin places and Aunt. Well look like one of my cousin was flying a Trump Flag. I'm guessing most of my first cousin on my mom side 80% of the voted for Trump or supports him. I have 26 first cousin a live and I could say 21 leans that way and 5 don't 

Next three days I'm going to tackle one comment and put some more into it. I'm going with YOGI and his comment he left was "I am not a big fan of carrying guns aroundjust because you have the right to" I'm guessing he talking about our SECOND AMENDMENT. It seems some people just can't get away from the first two amendment. And there people around here are so much in conspiracy theroies. That the gov't is going come and take our guns and food. Well I haven't heard the food lately. I worry about the mental ill packing in the stores, and becomeing unhinged. Statement time....I have no promblem people having firearms in there home as long as the properly kept safe. Now packing them in store and on street is anthor story. I just don't get the worship of guns. Even in first 10 minutes of our national news was some type of gun violence, and now I been hearing that we all should be carring some type of tourniquet. More in more us American will be involved in a mass shooting. 

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. Oh Dora! These photos of the flowers are very heart warming. Flowers of any kind make me happy. If I don't get back around before you leave, safe travels, and enjoy visiting your new bundle of joy!!!!

  2. The whole problem of random guns and mass shootings is why I will NEVER visit America.

    1. The gun violence in America is both under reported and over exaggerated. I’m 61 years old, I’ve lived in the NYC area my entire life, and I’ve never seen guns in the street or had any involvement in any sort of shooting incident.

      If you came to NYC as a tourist you’d most probably be safe.

      But I do have a friend whose son was killed in a mass shooting. The victim went to the same high school I attended. He became a teacher, moved to Florida, and died protecting his students. Scary, isn’t it?

  3. Lovely flowers. By stopping people having guns at home for protection will have a result of reducing guns in society. There is no reason for a a normal and average person to have a gun. Guns are for police, army, farmers (heavily restricted as so many farmers suicide with guns) and those who need to use for protection from animals and animal culling. No one else needs a gun and if you are not in the above categories and you are found with a gun, you go to gaol.

  4. ...and I just don't get the worship of guns either.

  5. How wonderful you can see your new grand baby. Enjoy!

  6. How wonderful to visit your new granddaughter Dora, enjoy and looking forward to hearing about your visit. I agree with what Andrew above said about guns, thank goodness we don't have that problem in Australia ✨

  7. Love those geraniums. Exciting about meeting the granddaughter.

  8. You're headed to Medford? Oregon is supposed to get big time heat, in triple digits starting I think Friday, but more 90's starting I think Wednesday or Thursday. Today its cloudly and maybe will get to low 80's. Thunderstorms are ripping through the Cascades but they're wet ones, coming with much needed rain.

  9. Hope your granddaughter is doing well. Deer can be quite pesky with the flowers.

  10. I like these three pictures, the flowers are very pretty.
    Have a wonderful time meeting your new granddaughter Maeve.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  11. Congratulations on your new granddaughter. Sorry the deer got into your flowers. I heard of a posh wedding on Long Island where the florist lined the walkway with pots of flowers. Unfortunately, the wedding was the next day, and during the night, the deer came and ate up all the flowers.

  12. It's been really hot here too. Your flowers sure do look pretty!


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