Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday June 19 2021. This Is What Happen

 Had every intention of a post, between 12 and 1 this afternoon. well it all most four. My main thing was to get my dinning and coffee table clean off. 

Well my goal was to start at 9 this morning. Although I started some where between 8:30 and 9:00. I found an overeaters Anonymous meeting. Part of topic got me interesting. Which was the writting part. Plus it was the agnostic and athiest section. Well I took an hour off and attend the OA meeting on zoom. Then one my hubby life long friend, came up from Priest River for a visit. Well time he got here I had both table pretty much done. Did a little as he was here.

He always has some interesting tales to share. This guy could write some great short stories. So I didn't have to listen. But I want to. After he left I never got back on the projects. Maybe a little later I might take anther stab on at. 

Before Bed I been reading jouurnal of  John Cheeves. But one thing I norice he didn't date his journal entries. Most journals and such there is a date.  Confession time...There been time I think of something I want to blog about and I don't call what want to blog about, when I actual set down and blog.

Not long ago I got reko stick so I can stream, and I was told to write pass word on piece of paper and stick to buttom of router. Well I didn't I sort of know the pass word. Till I figure out pass word I can't go any farther. 

As many of you know I'm on down hill side of retirement and my hubby and I discuss moving from North Idaho, and brought it up to our friend. He retire from forest service as a fire fighter. He in his early 80 and could pass there physical. Well the subject of guns got brought up and how many people packs in North Idaho. I told him if I'm in a store and see someone packing a gun of any size. that I don't know. I leave the store as quickly as possible. He told me about one of his neighbors and if I got the piece right. His neighbor said he packs because of all the loose crazy people. Well neighbor was talking to chief of police and show his sign arm and it legeal to pack in Idaho. And said something like "If those people can't control there dog, I will have to shoot them"Right in front of chief of police, He wasn't arrested the police of chief told him if he shot a person what sort of trouble he would get into trouble. There way to many people UNSTABLE packing guns, I'm sure there more hidden under there clothing or place in hand bags. No I don't walk up and down the store aisle see who packing. If I did I wouldn't get enough food. We all agree to many unhinge people out in world packing guns, mostly in Idaho. I've wonder when there will be mass shooting in a 100 mile radius of my home. See there two reason I want to leave this area. Is more culture and I can drive not far for culture. But being on edge of possible getting shot by some nut case and their gun. I think less of chance heing mauled by bear or cougar. Than being shot by someone coming unhinged.

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. I personally think Culture is over rated, but I also think you are wise to try looking for a better place to live where there are not so many guns.

  2. I cannot imagine being in the store and seeing people packing guns. It must be so scary.

  3. There is shooting everywhere these says.

  4. These days I meant.

  5. These days there are unsound crazy people everywhere. Even here where guns are not allowed, guns can be bought illegally. Being in a place where someone is waving a gun around can be scary and traumatizing.

  6. nobody has guns in the UK yet we still get mass shootings, there's loonies and terrorists the world over, if they don't have a gun they will have a knife or a machette - our police aren't all armed, only some and it worries me a lot.

  7. Your gun culture is unimaginable to people in my country, yet we do have plenty of citizens who use guns.

    Maybe you could post about why you live where you live and where you would like to move to?

  8. I had to Smile at your Table Clutter because mine looks the same! I do try to keep it all cleared off, but I work from the Table a lot when I'm Pricing my Inventory for the Antique Mall, so it always seems to get cluttered too much again! *Le Sigh* I feel so good when the Home is not Cluttered, but then it seems to get Cluttered Up all over again, constant cycle and I'm the culprit! The Man and Princess T don't make the mess, I do! So, I know I have to develop better habits to keep things tidier. *Smiles* You did make progress, your "After" Photos looks much better. Taking the time to visit with the interesting Friend was worth getting side tracked tho'. I sure miss having Company and conversations with people outside of the Family. As for Gun Control, some States are going backwards and making it more dangerous instead of less dangerous for their Citizens. Violence prone people and unhinged people will find excuses to use a Gun and attempt to justify Murder and their rampages with weapons. Responsible Gun Owners are not the problem, alas, we can never know whose responsible and who will not be? I too don't like seeing someone with a weapon that I do not know and therefore don't Trust the judgment or intentions of.

  9. I would be a nervous wreck if so many people carried guns around with them Dora, where would you think about moving too if you did leave there? You did really well with the tidying up, almost finished ✨

  10. It's nice to have a visit from a friend and to get the table cleaned off too! Retirement is great from just about anywhere!

  11. Sometimes I think that someone coming to visit counts as a task to complete. It's perfectly acceptable to push other stuff off when given the option to hang out with an old friend.

  12. Tales are always good, and friends, too!


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