Little Bit At Time

Wasn't down at T.O.P.S (taking off pounds sensible) but I maintain. Calorie count in check. Today when I went out in about. Regis had some errands to run and I walk around the buildings. When we went to dollar store and walmart I walk around the outside edge. One of my relative worked at walmart and it quarter mile around the store.

Yesterday I went to see plastic surgrent about having a MAMMAPLASTY and he explain the risk and such. There about 10% chance I might loose my nipple.
See a large percentage of woman on my mom side has big boobs. One of my cousin had her breast done.
She like 5'2 or even slightly shorter. I guess she weight under 110 and her bra cup was a lease E or F.
Then XANTHELASMA is anthor issue would like to address.
Not saying my insurance will look at the same way I do. The breast reduction is because of my BONE FRAME
My wrist is 6.5 inches and the elbow is 2.25 inches.
Found some other way of measuring a person should WEIGH

Tuesday and Wednesday is my day I have that little extra. But as long under 2,300 calories. I am at 2,065 calorie that including the cake. I don't eat after seven PM.
I even got my DIETARY REFERENCE is pretty much in check. Calcium is something I have trouble meeting.

Thinking of doing an unboxing.

Coffee is on


  1. did you make a mistake there? You said your elbow is 2.25 inches, which is the same as my ring finger. I think you meant 12.25 inches, which makes more sense. my elbow is 11 inches and my wrist is also 6.5 like yours. I'm not sure how those measurements would relate to weight unless the person has a small bone structure but weighs far too much. I hope your insurance covers the surgery, it really is a health issue.

  2. Hari OM
    I also have a 6.5 wrist! At 4'10", though, I may be about the shortest person here. At 36"K" cup I am certainly overbalanced and my spine knows it. My sister says the NHS does mammaplasty for those in need. But I just can't face the thought of surgery. YAM xx

  3. You are brave to consider that surgery.

  4. A colleague of mine had a breast reduction year's ago, said it was the best decision ever!

  5. I think I might kill for an F cup. To be that small again...

    Half mile around the Wal Mart. That's good to know.


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