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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Not Lacking In Crazies

I've been using speech dictation and Audio with google chrome. I did a little research on if I could use it with “open office”
I'm always leery of down loading things on computer.
Actual I didn't do all that bad in high school typing. Even I shocked my kids that I actual new how to type.

I was called into work today. Carrie was having a some type of panic attack. She had hours coming to her.
This morning I talk to my field boss.
Carrie did get her hours increase I believe by 2 hours which was my old hours. But only until the end of March.

Stop over and see if Alice want to go to fabric store some time between 1:30 and 2 in afternoon. Can't beat 40%.

I was ask about the fabric I use, when doing my rugs. I get my fabric from all sort of places. One of my favor thing are old sheets out of the thrift sore.
Once I got a large bag from the give away house, and use that before.
But this time most of the fabric came from the thrift store. Also working on a certain color scheme

Also I was ask why I eat to much. I eat to much for I believe is many reason. But I would classify my self as an emotional eater.
I eat not because of one or two emotional eater.
One of them after a stressful situation is handled. I give my self permission to eat then as way of transforming my thoughts.
Not sure if this is an emotional reason to eat or not. I eat because I'm bored.

Have to say I did much better today. No eating after 7. Like I say after work I gave my self permission for a .25¢ ice cream cone.

Confession time....I usual feel like I'm a basket case. People tell me I have a calming personality. Even at one time my husband Murphy said he told me.
If a ship was going down in the middle of the ocean. That he would want me in charge. He figure I could keep calm and not panic. Get every one off the ship safely. Not lost of life.

But I know if I had to handle something like that. As soon as that is over I would eat a big piece of cake and ice cream with it.

I would guess Regis and Carrie will be moving the end of April or first of May. So there go the biggest part of my pay check.
There two more coming on board. But how many hours will they get it any one guess.
As I was visiting with Alice during the summer hours she want to take off Friday. So she can go to the craft shows.
Her client Candy isn't all that hard but the way her husband treat her is awful. Haven't seen him hit her. But threaten her and calls her all sort of fowl mouth names.
And he cusses at people on television. One time he said to the TV actor HUGH LAURIE 
Threaten if he every came to his house. And which he isn't. That he was going ram is f^*^& C983084 in his Mouth.
I just don't know if the money is worth it. After a few hours with him Confession time...I'm afraid I would have to just pig out.
It only four hours and I would have to drive 45 miles around trip.

One thing that change. I was looking though newspaper article for any info on my Grand dad Clarence. I found a list of people who was in the hospital at that time.
My step grand mother “Pearl” was in there end of May.
She died the end of September the year I was born. As far as I know she never came out West.
Do you know what sort of “law suit” a hospital would have if they list there patient in the paper.

Coffee is on


  1. I tried to use that speech recognition thing to write and it was such a disaster. Even after I practiced for a few weeks, everything came out jumbled. Also, I never learned to type, so it's always 'hunt and peck.'

    When I get bored - I eat - anything, but partial to sweets and chocolate. Ha Ha.

    I remember growing up and the small local newspaper used to have columns about hospital admittance, who visited who, who had a birthday - everybody was a 'star' then. Nothing seemed to be sacred.

  2. I am slowly but surely reading your blog postings! I feel I am getting to know a bit about you and yours. I look forward to completely catching up!

  3. I tried speech recognition years ago and it sucked but I suppose it is much better now so I may buy a mic and try it again. If not that is okay cuz I type pretty good.


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