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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Didn't Make It And Started

Thought we could fly down to Medford to see Sawyer and Betty. But we could get on an air plane. My daughter in law works for Horizon Airline as flight attended. But all day Murphy and I was waiting at Spokane Airport for an open set and nothing came up.
There quite a few ways we can fly. If my son or his wife is on the flight we can fly free. Then they can give us what is call a guess past, and we pay only taxes to get on board.
But with possible change in my hours at work, I will know mid March. And I'm shooting for a May trip.
Then we can possible see CRATER LAKE
Plus I think it would be better to wait until tax season is over. My son and his wife is having some what a disengagement on how to handle there taxes.
Don't want or need to get involved in there personal life.

We got the last bit of our tax papers. So Monday I can take it in Monday and hopeful before March 1st it all done.
We have an accountant do ours.

I now have all my fabric to start my rag rug. I was little worried about the browns that will be going on the far end. I want a lease go around twice. If it goes more then twice, that will be so much the better.
I start up on trying to crochet a baby cap for my up coming grand daughter. This time it going a lot better.
Still having trouble doing the pattern. A lease the cap isn't so drawn in. But I think there should be more slip stitches.
But who knows how it will come out.

Murphy and I haul a little more fire wood into the basement. Plus we finish up poop patrol. The snow in garden is all gone.
I did some brisk walking around the place today.

Start to go though the stuff under the stair. Looks like a lot of pictures. Most of books are heading to one of the thrift store.
So far not that much trash.
But all in all I don't believe they be all that much from under the stairs to be placed in the yard sale.

I didn't go any place and had pretty much a stress free day. Food didn't have to be come my crutch.
Breakfast was some hot cereal with raisin and slice banana. Lunch was a bowl of chili and piece of toast. Add a few blue cheese crumbles in my chili.
Dinner a thin pork chop, half of my plate was a green salad and I put sesame oil. Also had some mash potatoes which took up evenly part with my chop. One table spoon of ranch dressing.
Snack was gram cracker and milk.

Coffee is on


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm always excited to meet other bloggers. I see you mention weight loss, something I struggle with also. I graze the kitchen from 5:00 p.m. until bedtime then get up in the middle of the night and eat again. Not good.

  2. Crater Lake sounds good, how nice that you have the opportunity to travel.
    Taxes, usually it's been done by now, DH is a little behind, this year.
    I'm interested to see progress of your rug.

  3. Looks like spring there.


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