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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

When Will I Get My Head On Straight

Weight in wasn't good at our local T.O.P.S. I know I eat to much junk and don't get enough exercise in.

Took Carrie to Post Falls to see her doctor that did the hip surgery. And I knew a cut little thrift store close by, and I was hoping they might have some brown cotton fabric I could work on rag rug. No such luck.

They had a new consignment antique store and they had some lovely vintage dress. I found one and I believe it would of been from the 1950's.
I was way to big for it.
Didn't even bother to look at the price tag. Not sure if I could every get down that small. I believe I would look emaciated.

I did mange to find some brown fabric at two of the local thrift stores. And I stop in at one of the fabric shops in Bonners Ferry.
Got my "gold" which is one of the switching colors.
It is a Christmas design fabric. It won't make any different it going to be cut in two inch strips, and know one should see a design in the fabric.
Besides it was 40% off.
With 40% off I might see if they have a green and red for my switching colors.

I'm fairly tired and my camera is up stairs and also the fabric I got is still in car. No photos and I believe I might try to do a little more painting on the simile hunter.

Coffee is on


  1. How soon will you be working on the rug? Do you have to use new fabric? When I cleaned out the closet, I know I threw some great print blouses into the Goodwill bag. Do you ever think of using gently used clothing for your project?

  2. So, why do you eat too much?


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