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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Not Guilty

      Apple Fritter I did have one. Actual I felt like crap I haven't had sweets for ages. But I don'r feel guilty of have one, since I only had one. Murphy and I was in Sandpoint Yokes.
We took my Accra down to the transmission place to have it looked at. In a few minute I'll give you the low down in a bit.
Fruit and veggie I ate tomatoes, onions, shallots, peppers, radishes, lettuce, clintro,and kiwi. I was going to tell people not to worry about me if I became a vegetarian and who business if I have or not. In the meat line I had 2 links sausage, and quarter cup of ground beef.
3 types of cheese, and for carbs I had burrito shell, multi grain toast, and crackers.
I believe I've found something that will work for lunch for me....I took a small plate and place four items on it, and I felt satisfied all day.
I have to work and I'm going to take four items with me. One thing I'll take is some tomatoes.

       I got mix feeling about chain stores coming into our community. Today my husband and I was in the DOLLAR TREE and the clerk was telling me that there considering building a dollar tree up here in Bonners Ferry or put one in New Port Washington.
Well across the river in Old Town they do have a Ben Franklin.
Like many big retail corporation usual the people who are the back bone of there business, get such LOW WAGES that there wages are supplement by food stamps and subsidizing housing.
But most people I work with this is what they can afford. Most of these people makes under $800.00 a month.  For them it will make there money stretch a little farther and the dollar tree does take Food Stamps.
But I haven't seen much healthy food in there.

     Now I'm almost  done with two crochet projects one is Daisy rag rug and the other on is a red dish cloth.

                                                       Coffee is on



  1. I love Dollar Tree!!! Especially for cheap holiday stuff.
    It's been eons since I've even HEARD of Ben Franklin stores.

  2. nothing beats a good apple fritter! i bought a box of day old fritters at safeway so me and the dog had a feast.

  3. Everyone needs some sweets, they are soul food. The dollar stores here aren't so great.


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