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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A Fair Weight Lost

       I lost most weight this week in my local T.O.P.S group, two and half pounds. Confession time...My self I don't consider my lost fair. I had the shits so bad. I couldn't get off the toilet. It just ran out of me like water.
My ideal of weekly weigh lost 1.25 to 1.75 pounds a week.
Breakfast nothing I still was a little under from the night before.
Lunch a one slice of cold pizza, and serve on a small plate a chicken thigh pulled the skin off and gave a little bit to our dog "Daisy" Murphy made up a stir fry of tomatoes, zucchini, and garlic. The other night I served on my meat and veggies first and didn't have much room for an starch.
So I did the same thing tonight. End up with about half cup of fries.
I couldn't finish my piece of chicken. I ended up eating well of Seventy five percent.
Statement time....It sort of no it does piss me off that my husband offers food to me off his plate.
I keep tell him I'm over weight. I think in his mind that I weight something like one hundred and sixty pounds.
One day he saw me weigh and his comment was "You weigh about the same as I do"
Today I took Carrie out the "Hope House" she took some items and end picking up a top and summer night gown.
I took out some mixed dried fruit and nuts.
During the summer months they have a lunch there and today it was put on by the Mormons. They serve hot dogs, watermelon, cookie, bread, and juice package.
I took a piece of watermelon and two cookies.

                                                             Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous12:33 AM

    I guess feeding someone is considered showing you care. Richard does the same for me sometimes - offering me cookies or a scoop of his ice cream or crisps. When I remind him I should really lose a few more pounds, he often puts his treat away to show solidarity, which is kind of sweet and silly. I mean, he is six inches taller than I am and does strength training two to three times a week - I have a hard time feeding him enough healthy stuff so he won't starve. ^^

  2. I wouldn't mind a good piece of pizza right now. I like the shits a lot better than blockage.


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