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Friday, August 07, 2015

I'm Not Rude I Just Want to Loose Weight

          Ran away from the dinner table. Confession time.....I'm so afraid to stay at table that I will sit there stuffing food in my mouth, not even hungry.
Dinner was ready when I got home from work. Murphy did a wonderful job of cooking. One chicken thigh pull the skin off. Oven fries dip in ketchup, and green beans straight out of the garden.
Lunch end up being packed. I work and putting four items seems to work for me. Some trisects, hard boiled egg, kohlrabi, and peach which I haven't gotten a chance to eat.
Actual I'm still a hungry dinner didn't satisfy me. Closer to seven this evening I'm going to have that peach.
Breakfast was quite simple pancake with strawberry syrup my from rice, and 2 slice of bacon.

Confession time....I thought I could hold out to bed time. I ended up popping some popcorn about ¾ of a bread pan full. Add melt butter and zesty blend.
          Start to crochet anther dish cloth. Using a multi color cotton yarn. But just finish up with a red one but still have to tie up the loose ends.
I have an canary yellow one half done and ran out of yarn. I've looked in couple of place and no luck finding it.
I guess I'll have to go to the big city of Courd A'lene or Spokane to find it.
        Finish up with Daisy Rag Rug but I believe Ziggy likes it better.
          Murphy and I hung a a different door on shed/shop. It should have been super easy. But it end up being a pain in the ass. Just one thing after anther could possible would go wrong. But we did mange to hang it.
           My last post I mention taking my Accra into transmission shop. They ran a scan and it looks like it could possible be electrical or an coil. The coil is located were they just can't get to it. Possible dropping the transmission to fix it.
           Worked to day and best part was the Carrie took me to Super One for an ice cream cone, .25¢

Not sure what these people names are but I've seen them about. I didn't know she worked at local Safeway deli and they only pay $7.50 and hour.
According to Forbes Safeway is # 521 and has income of 8.7 BILLION dollars. Not many people now days works a forty hour. $7.50 and hour would be eligible for food stamps. But the sad note of it Safeway is the #1 donor to our local food bank. 

Coffee is on 

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