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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Giving and Having Faith

First of all this will only take a few lines. Murphy and I moved the ceramic molds off the garage floor.
I always worried about if it is right time to do something.

Murphy and I went and took a trip up 20 Mile road up toward Black Mountain to get a Yule Tree off the National Forrest.
We went fairly high up almost up to the Television translators.. But their was a small gate road off toward a small gully witch had lot of Alpine fir.

So we walked down the road into the gully not a deep gully and started to look around for the tree.
Murphy sister want one that was between 8 and 10 feet tall and branches not sticking way out.
We want one over 6 foot and under 7 foot.
After a little bit of looking around at different trees we located 2 that would fit.
So Murphy took the chain saw and cut them down.
For a while I drug our tree out.
Murphy drug out his sister tree and carried the saw.
About half way I asked if we want me to carry the saw.
What we ended up doing was he used his belt and tied both trees and drug them up out gully.
I packed out the chain saw.
Not much snow up on Black Mountain just a small skify.

On the way down off the mountain I notice how pretty and grand looking Roman Nose looked off of Black Mountain looking across the Kootenai Valley had to stop and get a picture.
We thought Cooks lake would have been a better place to get a Alpine fir but we didn’t want the hassle of the snow

We started a new area in Soul Coaching on fire.
Today topic is “Confronting fear/developing faith”

As for fear I guess mine does change or maybe I don’t know what the different about worrying or fear.
Before I make a decision on most things I weigh out the pro cones and I’ll over do it.
There been quite a bit of time I’ll figure out all the ends and out on something and delay acting

I have a fear making the wrong choice and getting belittled like my dad did to me

Some time my Speech .
Then I become afraid to speak in front of others and or to a group of people

I have a hang up on time. I always wonder if this is the right time to do something

I’m also afraid to have people over to my home and they might see something out of place.
I don’t except any one to be prefect and I’m far from it.
But I still have this fear of someone seeing my home

I don’t widely discuss my spiritual path or I’m real careful who and when I bring it up.
Party I live in area that change don’t happen very quickly. I really don’t want someone hassling my family or being threaten of any way.
Plus I don’t like be thumped about other faith or I have no desire to thumped others about my faith

When I'm in store and I see some one in one of those electric cart in store. If I know they had something to do with nursing. I become afraid that I'll end up like that from my body getting to beat up.

I real won’t give my faith a title sometime I pray and other time I meditate. I like observing nature.
I believe there all type of spirits that comes to us and we choose what comes to us by the way we are.
We have total free will and free spirit in us that we are total responsible for the spirit we bring upon us.
I don’t give credit due to any one text of any faith. They all serve a life purpose.
So I read and getting meaning from many different areas.
Do I agree with all 100% of the time. “No” Do I question any of it or understand it all “No”
I have to put it a large nut shell “Love God/dess with all your heart and soul.” And also “Warm None”


  1. Wow, those trees are amazing.

    Thank you for sharing so much of your heart and beliefs. I always enjoy my visit here.

  2. Those trees really are amazing. Pine trees just make me happy.

  3. The difference between worry and fear? That's a really good question. You got me thinking...

    Interesting that you don't expect others to be perfect, but you expect your home to be. I wonder why that is?


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