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Monday, November 17, 2008

Taking Risk

I believe I have a bi polar look on today topic at soul coaching which is taking risk.

I’ve played back in forth if I should have some type of routine or more of free style life.
Honest time…My parents were very orderly and routine mostly my dad He always drove the same route home.
Everything had it place to be put.
My mom would step out and rock the boat every so often.

I guess some may even call her radical. One time for one of the holidays she brought Russian tea to family gathering and they all just sniff it and made the sound in their own way “this is different”

When I put my life on a routine. I become frustrate and angry with my self.
When I don’t have routine and let my life go with the wind. I become frustrate and angry with my self.
I don’t like a lot of routine it bores me to tears.
But if I let the wind control my life my life then spins out of control.
I don’t mind new in a different ideals, thoughts, or things.

Maybe there a reason I live in a non progressive area.

Today at work I’ve been walking Rex down at the ball park or out behind the forest service.
But today He and I went out pass the mission road and walk along dist 5 road.
I enjoy looking at all the neat stuff along the road and saw all kinds of possibilities of making centerpieces.
One thing got me wonder. There was I tree with a whole a knothole size and I was wonder who may take up living in there.

But I know I have to live in the real world but I would rather create to make a living then do something routine

I guess about a year ago a new church arrived in our little town of Bonners Ferry. Called “Holy Myrr berry antiochain orthdox church.
Well I real don’t know much about there teaching or theology.
So I went over to wikipedia .
Actual they’re a sign in field saying “ Holy Myrrh Berry Woman Antiochain Orthdox Church wants to built a church and cemetery”.
Out by us.
This property there looking at is right across from my Aunt Eve place. I haven’t yet talked to her about this.
I have no problem letting others worship as they see fit or need to. But I expected the same back.

So this Thursday their holding a planning and zoning meeting about letting this happen or not to happen


  1. I go back and forth with pretty much the same things. I like things to be ordered and predictable.. but that can be boring. If I swing too far the other way and allow myself too much freedom, then I get upset when things don't get done.

  2. I'm glad you're going to fight this. :)

    I guess you need to find balance between routine and spontaneity. I feel the same way. I hate routine but get stuck in it. Perhaps that is why I have so many doctors' appointments?

    Way to go coming up with a good dinner for less than $20! That's so inspiring. It's leftovers tonight. My kitchen is closed! Until tomorrow...


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