Thursday, August 14, 2008

Murdering Words

The god/dess works in strange ways. I guess it not always the best thing is to shout or hit there children.

When I was young I didn’t talk to I was late in life.
Then I wouldn’t say the complete word such as puppy it would be pup pup.
Now let advance to my school years. They notice that I wasn’t saying some of my sounds or word correctly.
So off to speech person and of course they would test me and depends on day I would say every word correctly or I wouldn’t say it all correctly.
There been time they thought I was trying to be funny and mispronounced words.
Then there the time the word is on the tip of my tongue I just can’t get it out.
So off and on I’ve struggle with my speech.
Not sure why but I hear the word and it just won’t come out of my mouth in the correct form.

One day Donna and I was talking about cultures actual it was about Jewish people.
In the conversation I need to say the word kosher but it kept coming out as culture. I heard and new the correct annunciation of the word “Kosher”.
Then Donna ask if I had some type of Audio dyslexia and of course I google the term in I bat zip so I decide to put in just “dyslexia” and this caught my eye speech apraxia then I also found what this and looked a little bit more on Dyslexia

So it took over 40 years to figure out why sometime I could real murder a word at time.
But the other things such as reading I don’t have difficult with

Statement time…I never been to a speech pathologist

This morning when I was doing my morning medication the sun was shinning and it felt good on my face


  1. I can kind of relate. I don't have an "audio dyslexia" but based on a bit of Googling I do think that I have some type of learning disorder. Kind of funny how you learn things thanks to Google.

  2. Maybe it's so that you see the world a little bit differently - and that can sometimes be a goood thing!


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