Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Can See We're Making Head Way

First of all I like to post the links of what I did for Carla Challenge, so one can see how thing progressed.

I took on her weekly challenges; both cleaning and finance,

Now for the cleaning type of challenges....Choose a closet, any closet, and clean it out!!
Then for the weekly Financial challenges....Give. Find a way in your budget to "give" financially somehow.

We have five closet in our home, if I count it right. I decided to just tackle the shelf I keep my gardening, cookbook and other reference books. As you can see it a mess.

So I pulled out all the books and divide them into three piles; cookbook, gardening and other reference books. This a picture of my reference books. I decided to take 60% of them to one local thrift store.
Statement....If I have to say one thing that benefit me from doing home care...”I surely don't have any desire to be come a hoarder to any degree”. I seen so many client who live in what I call cracker box and surround with “broken belongings”

I organize the books left to right...gardening books, cooking and other reference like books. Hubby gave me a compliment on nice it looked. 

Now for the giving. For Martian Luther King the local school here does a service project. They park a bus each one of our local grocery store; three of them and try to load up each of the bus with food which is donated to our local food bank.
So today I grab some one dollar bills and stuck it in the money jar.
Anther thing I did took dollar bill and tape it to an item in the store. So who every picks up the item will receive a dollar.
One could look at as a coupon for a discount.
I believe it was 2 years ago, every week I would put an ten dollar bill in an envelope and send to a random address; locally.

Now for brief update on living like someone who lives on snap program...I spend $61.15 on food. So for the rest of the month we have $184.29. Now the daily for allowance would be $18.42.

I finish cleaning and organizing the coffee table and the two end tables. Next week I'll post a picture of the last table.
Now if any one like to see what other did for January-Challenge
.Carla of “My-Half-Dozen-Daily” is the place to go.

Coffee is on


  1. Looks like I'll be leaving a big mess when I kick the bucket.

  2. Wow, well done!!! Your bookshelf looks great! :) I live reading what everyone did for the "giving" part of the challenge!!

  3. That's a neat thing that your school district does for MLK Day. Nice job on organizing the books!

  4. Nice job on your goals!

  5. Congratulations ! I wanted to do the same, really, but I didn't. I should wash up my cat collection sitting on a dusty shelf, but I always say "I can do this tomorrow" ! In supermarkets they collect also food and it's an excellent idea, there are more and more poor people !

  6. Wow...the dollar bill on the store products would be FUN to find, AND fun to give away! More power to you.

    Your shelf of books looks mighty organized now.

  7. Way to go getting organized Dora, well done! And that $1 idea is so generous and magical. I love it. :)

  8. Funny, yet such a useful challenge!Well done! Much nicer now!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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