Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Do I Ever.

Last week Carla gave us two mini challenge to work on though out the week.

Let just take the first challenge...”Decluttering: Junk Drawer. We all have one, don't pretend you don't, cause I won't believe you. ;) lol! Declutter your junk drawer and post before & after photos!!...I skip this one anyhow I have plenty of junk drawers.
Actual I would like to get back to cleaning out the shed/barn. But it been real super cold out and the snow won't melt as it been down in the teens.

Now for the second challenge.... Finance: Can you bring some extra money into your household this week somehow? Here are a few ideas:
  • Pick up extra hours at work
  • Sell items around the house you no longer need or use
  • Offer a service or talent
  • Come in "under" budget and add that to your weekly savings
    A few ways I can bring in a little extra cash. I've been working at a crawl pace on some ceramic. I've start me self an etsy page. My shop is called Nice and Nifty and I also have a facebook fan page...”I'm still putting things together”

    This leprechaun will be for sale end of February or the First Part of March. I have clown that is ready to go up.

    At this time I'm getting in a little more time at work. Like I said “Ellie” fell and cracked her vertebra. So for a while she can't do any lifting so I'm building her fire in the stove. Then the other day my friend Alice slip on ice broke a finger and sprang her wrist. I can't recall; what she did to her back. But the doctor advice her to take it easy for a while. So I'm taking care of her client now but they our only allowed 2 hours a week
    Confession time...I get very little satisfaction doing in home care. Actual I feel my time is being wasted. But the extra income never hurt any one.
    Now for my January challenge “Mine is to clean and organize the coffee table and the two end tables” I worked on the coffee table this week. Confession time...I found this one a little bit more challenge. I hard time figuring out where I really want to put things. As you notice I haven't wipe it down. But when I can from work Murphy wipe it clean and below.

    The financial challenge “is to live like someone who is receiving snap benefits” This one is going well this week. For the entire month we have $367 of so called snap benefits. At this time pretty much half way though the month we have $245.19 to hold us over for the rest of the month. We spend a total of $41.56 on food. As I said “I'm living like someone who is getting snap benefits” So I went to local food bank and used there salvage program. Once a week a person can go into our local food bank and they have different food that the store donates and most of them our getting close to the expiration date or has already expire.
    But there a limit to what one can get. I figure I got about $7.33 worth of free grub. So all in all I spend $34.23 which I have surplus of $50.59 of make believe snap benefits.
    Here is the links to my past posting for the challenge.


    Our .community action partnership. which our local food bank operates from. Well our local community action center just move up on the south hill. I got mix feeling and opinion of it's move. But let get one thing straight I have no knowledge why they moved out of there old building.
    The new building is located with plenty of parking. But anyone driving by can see who is going in there. This could to taken two ways. One is “ that more people may see our local community has a need for a food bank” the second one is a concern “It must be hard and even embarrassing for people to walk in and get a hand out” yes I know it's a “hand up”
    There old building was down by the fairground which didn't have parking room. Plus being hidden one might not realize how many in our local community actual needs this service. I was listening to a local radio program and the people from Sandpoint food bank. For there number fact Sandpoint has a population of 7,365 and she said about 5,000 people in month time will use the food bank. Sandpoint is part of Bonner County population “ and I don't know if the outlaying towns have food banks or not.
    I don't know if our local food bank has the same percentage of people using our food bank or not. The population of the county is about 9,871 then the city of Bonners Ferry has about 2,543 people. I did find this article saying that our county has one of the highest food insecurity “Q: What are some of the high and low Idaho counties for food insecurity, cost per
    meal and food budget shortfall?
    A: Boundary County were the highest at 22%; Teton was the lowest at 13.2%. Ada’s
    food insecurity rate was 15.1%.
    The cost per meal was highest in Blaine County at $3.76 and lowest in Bear
    Lake County at $2.07.
    The weekly food budget shortfall was highest in Blaine County at $21.34 and
    lowest in Bear Lake County at $11.75.
    By way of contrast, Canyon County has the highest rate of food stamp use at
    23%, while Blaine County has the lowest at 5.2%.”

    I couldn't fine and facts on how many people our local food bank service. But food banks serve about 12.5 million people monthly, united states I believe.

    Coffee is on.


  1. I am like you. I have many junk drawers.

  2. Damn near every drawer I have has junk in it. Damn near every space I have has junk in it, I love my junk.

  3. You have a lot of energy...doing work to help others, and then tackling your declutter projects at home also.


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