Tuesday, January 01, 2013

One Third Of A Project

I can't believe how many of our flat top surface has magnets on them....they seem to pull on every type of junk known to us beings.

Here picture I took of my coffee table...I didn't get a picture what beneath the coffee table...plus there two end tables...The three picture where taken before I started anything.

Actual now there been some work done on the decluttering project....What goes into the trash already went....What goes into the recycle bin already went...Then I took in a small bag of items to the thrift store.

Organize in to binders are my recipes from T.O.P.S Anther binder for my notes for T.O.P.S but still I need to figure how I want to the exchange cards for my weight lost.
One more binder for my writing group. Still thinking there a better way of organizing my stuff for the writers group...something will come but for now the papers aren't being thrown about.

Then of course I put some odds and ends away....not just moved them to out-sight out minded.

Confession time...I'm a long ways of being done with my uncluttered project

Now for my no/low spend on food...As I state I'm going to purchase our food as we were given full benefit of the snap program.
Over at $376 would explain my no/low spend challenge.
 Plus at the end of $376 posting there is some links explain the snap program.

Actual to me for a $376 a month for food does sound like a lot for two people. But if you break it down by the day it doesn't sound like much...There 31 days in January...so that looks like we get to eat on $12.12 a day...which doesn't sound like much.

To see other challenge stop over at our hostess half dozen daily from her post one can go and see what others are up to.

Coffee is on.


  1. I've lived alone since 98 and my place has gotten pretty damn cluttered also, and I don't seem to be in any hurry to do much about it.

    When I lived with women I wasn't so bad and didn't make messes and expecting them to take care of them.

    Quite a few of my friends are also getting cluttered places. We sure are cluttering this rock up with a lot of shit but nature will deal with that after we are gone. It is said that nothing in nature is wasted.

    I don't think that Helen and I spend more than a hundred a month at the grocery store but we eat very basic. I suppose we also spend a few hundred a month eating out but that employs others I guess.

    We don't keep track of how much we spend, always have the money and don't concern ourselves with it.

    But we don't have much in other bills so we get by just fine on our little incomes.

    This should be an interesting year.

  2. It's not just our places that are getting cluttered, so are our minds.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Decluttering is such a great way to end and start a year! I hope you get everything organized exactly as you want it.

    Goodness knows BBC is right - that clutter also gets into our minds. ;)

  4. Bill..you gave me a great ideal for this up coming Saturday photo hunt picture.

  5. I'll deny it. :-)

  6. Looks like you have some decluttering ahead of you... I have a doozy of a mess to work on, so don't feel bad! ;) Good luck with the grocery challenge! We're living off of a tight income this month as well, so we're in it together!

    hAPPY New Year to you !

  8. Your coffee tables look a lot like mine. Even if I'm not the one filling them, someone in the house will.


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