Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Today Is Wednesday. June 19, 2024: This Is What Happened.


What an unusual day. First, I will get rid of the news about Qunella. See, my friend doesn't do well with negative news. If you have unfavorable news, she will try to talk to you. Just recently, she bought a new battery for her car. And this morning, it wouldn't start. First, I thought it was the alternator. She thought one neighbor could come and give her a jump. I knew if it were the alternator, a simple jump wouldn't be efficient enough for her to make it to town. Well, it came to the point that she needed to turn her key further enough.

So I put art supplies in my bag. This is my first time going to the art group over at the clinic. I will show what I did on Friday. But I meant Qunella at Under the Sun. We both parked in the old Safeway parking lot, and I told her I left my purse at home. So she got my coffee.
Then, she went up to watercolor classes, and I went over to art therapy. Well, when my art therapy was over. I went over to the bank; the plan was to get some cash. I forgot it was Juneteenth. So the bank was closed. I knew Qunella was overdoing watercolors. I told her what happened. So she let me borrow $25. The teacher said, "Why isn't there a white person day?" Qunella said we have the 4th of July. I spoke up and said we ought to have Purple People Day.

I got the things from the store and came home.


  1. What an ignorant remark from your teacher who clearly has no understanding of racism. "Every day is White Persons Day."

  2. I’m with Debra. White Persons Day is every day!

  3. I can only echo the sentiments of the previous comments. What an ignorant thing to say. especially as a teacher.

  4. I also can only echo the prior comments. Sheesh.

  5. Every day is White Person's Day. If you have a day or month celebrating your race, religion, or ethnicity, there's a reason why. Sad (and anger-generating) that a teacher publicly says things like that.

  6. Some people are plain ignorant!

  7. Every day is white people's day is what I think.


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