Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Today Is Tuesday, December 5, 2023: This Is What Happened.


Yesterday, after seeing my therapist, my anxiety level was on the higher side. We start to look into and start avoidance personality. Plus, I started obsessing over it, as well. Not sure about it. I totally don't understand it. I use the tools I learn in therapy. Believe me, it helps.

I had tacos and a bowl of mixed fruits at the senior center. It was delicious. Murphy didn't sleep well; he was woken up by cramps. Late afternoon, I had some gut rumbling, not the hungry type. It gone.

Quenella is likely to found a place. I hear there is a housing issue throughout most of the country. I don't know what the housing situation in your area is. But here is a link to five Northern Counties in Idaho: BOUNDARY COUNTYBONNER COUNTYKOOTENAI COUNTYBENEWAH COUNTY, and SHOSHONE COUNTYQuestion time...How is the housing market in your area? 

Distirt one, Senator Herdon. Who has the idea of completely eliminating the property taxes in Idaho? The owner and publisher of 9B News wrote an OPINION PIECE, and here is HOUSE BILL 292.

It looks like he is HAVING A GUN GIVE AWAY, and more on HIS THINGS. 

I got a few small items in a grocery bag that will be taken to the thrift store. I worked on my art journal today. I'm pleased with the way it is turning out. Hopefully, I will know when to quit. As earlier I mention Quenella is moving. She thought I might be interested in cutout pictures, mostly from old magazines. I can only see myself using a little of them. A lot of them are from the 1940s and '50s. I found one from the 1930s. It's not my style. That period, in a lot of ways, is pretty sappy. After I go through them, I will give it to Greta. Who leads Art Insight. What she doesn't want. I will take them back to Quenella.

I really like the documentary HUMBLE BEAUTY. I watched it twice. Are there other so-called artists who live on the street?

Coffee is on.


  1. ...housing is in short supply, but they seem to be building everywhere.

    1. I notice a lot house are be build. But they all seem to be larger homes. I recall it was common for family to live in a place under 1,500 sq feet. Plus even more storage sheds are going up as well.

  2. The vacancy rate is less than 1% here. Homelessness is an issue and providing accommodation for those who need it is a priority. Shelters and more shelters are opening and more required.

  3. Strange thing. I thought I saw taco in the title, and then I saw that par. 2 was about tacos. Actually, there is a food truck here that does taco Tuesdays, so that was probably my brain association.

  4. Around here housing has become very expensive. We talk about a shortage of “affordable housing”

  5. We dropped a bag off at the thrift store yesterday

  6. I have plenty of stuff to go to the thrift store.

  7. Rents are ridiculous around here. As is the housing market. I bet there are plenty of people would would want those cutout pictures. Such things are in high demand among certain populations.

  8. Our housing market is bad if your trying to buy your first home. Worse if your trying to find somewhere to rent. Not enough rentals available and the rents are almost as high as if you were paying the house off yourself

  9. It seems that housing is expensive wherever you live.

    All the best Jan

  10. Housing is outrageously expensive here and they keep building and building.

  11. Housing market here is more of a sellers market. Rents are high. Better to own.


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