Sunday, August 06, 2023

Today Is Sunday, Sunday August 6, 2023; This Is What Happened.


I didn't get everything on my to-do list. But I'm pretty happy with what I got done. The two main things were to mop the dining room and kitchen. Plus, put the sweep on the bottom of the kitchen door. Well, we only got half of the sweep on the outside. Regardless it will keep the house cooler in the summer months. For the winter, it should keep warmer. We should be able to put the other side of the sweep on this week. For some reason, we have been attacked by flies. Not sure why; it an early for them. They come in after the 20th of September, usually. It hasn't been cold.

March Hare...

Yesterday, I was going to post photos of famous rabbits. I think everyone heard of Bugs Bunny. Though out today's post, I will share photos of three well-known bunnies.

Mr. Bunny Rabbit.

I still can't figure out why any person would back Trump. Some people in the past supported some pretty bad leaders in days gone by.  Opinion time...I think the only way we would stop here, Trump is when he dies. Or he follows genetically like his dad and ends up with dementia/Alzheimer's.  It is plain scary if Trump gets elected in 2024. Things will be out of control. Even if he doesn't win the 2024 election. We will still hear from him. I won't even guess how his legal issues will play out.

Ricochet Rabbit...

I decided to take part in SUNDAY FIVE, ONE-NIGHT STAND.

1: Do you sleep well the first night in a hotel?  Depended how tired I am.

2: Have you returned to the same hotel and been recognized as a repeat customer? No.

3: What is the longest hotel stay you have had? I think 2 days

 4: What is the nicest hotel you have stayed in? I can't think of any. Most of them have been all the same. But I like to stay at some historic hotels. There is one in Spokane called the DAVENPORT

5: Have you ever vowed to never return to a hotel? No

We keep a spoon hook to the kitchen wall for the dishwasher. This is how I found it this morning. I'm still reading Separate Peace. Tried to watch a DVD I got from the library in Sandpoint. It was a go in our DVD player.

Coffee is on, and stay safe.


  1. ...perhaps he already has dementia.

  2. I only recognize one of those rabbits. I guess I led a sheltered childhood.

  3. HeWhoMustNotBeNamed is like a bad penny

  4. Oh, I remember Ricochet Rabbit! I haven't thought of him in years!

  5. I think trump already has some dementia. I just don't see how a criminal is allowed to run for president!
    What is that plugged in thing? A night light?

  6. If that man gets elected I think a lot of electors need to be locked up, too. How can anyone trust such a madman? Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  7. I’ve heard of Ricochet Rabbit!


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