Sunday, June 04, 2023

Today Is Sunday, June 4 2023: This Is What Happened.

 Been busy and want to lay off blogging as well. I was shocked at what I could be getting from Social Security. It is what it is. This was only an estimate. I still have the earnings for 2023. Which social security doesn't have yet? They have it in 2024.

This happened to stay home parents. Plain and simple, there is no respect for those who stay home and care for the home front. Plus, I never made enough to cover daycare costs.

So Murphy went out and worked.

So he has his social security. And there is a program out there that can help us along.

My latest page in my art journal. I was trying to make mystic figures of fairies and used a candle to draw and outline them. It didn't come out as I want to. But in general, I'm not disappointed in it. So I will share this post steps as I did this artwork.

Friday evening Lolita and I went on an art walk. The work was done by a local high school. I drove to Lolita's place, and we went in her rig. Unfortunately, I left my camera in my rig. So I got no photo. Hopefully, this become an annual event.

The only thing that was negative though the entire something. Some jerk in a lifted pickup drove by and let black soot exhaust on a group of us, enjoying the art show.

Usually, artists are associated with liberals.

Saturday, we head to the campus of North Idaho College. And watch my granddaughter's dance show. The theme was back in the day.

On the 16th of this month, our town will be putting on a dance show. My friend, Lolita'sligh grandchildren, will be in it.

When I day dance show. I'm not talking about can-can girls.

I have an 829 BOOKS list on Goodreads. I'll finish reading my current read, Klara and the Sun, by Ishiguro Kazou. My subsequent two reads will be Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe. I'm reading this because it is most banned and challenged. I want to see what the commotion is all about. The other book will be Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane.

I know I won't be able to read all of them. I am unsure if I can get them through our local library, Sandpoint Library, or the inter-library loan program.

Very little desire to buy them from a bookstore or online. 

Let's say I read two to three books a week. So it will be over 8 years to read 829 books.

Not many appointments with Regis, so it should be quite week. 

Editor Note...The reason I'm reading Red Badge of Courage. My mom read in school. I'm guess back in the 1930's.

Coffee is on, and stay safe.


  1. ...yep, leftist are into art!

  2. Yep, Social Security doesn't provide much security! Love the art!

  3. Red Badge of Courage? Ick. I had to read that in HS. 11th grade, I think. Maybe 10th. I did not like it. (I can spoil what that "red badge of courage" is, but I don't recall how the thing ended.)

  4. You’re correct about ‘home’ work being devalued.

  5. I like the art. Stay safe.

  6. This is exactly what happens when a book is banned. Everyone wants to read it to find out why. I get a giggle when that happens. It’s just perfect I think

  7. Welcome back. Caregivers pay a lifelong price - I have written a couple of policy pieces on that. Social Security Retirement Benefits are based on the average of your 35 highest years of taxed earnings. Low years, or years with no earned income, drag down the average.

  8. If you are like me, that list of books to read will continue to grow faster then I can read them! :-)

  9. My list of books on Goodreads is long.

  10. Kudos to you for reading so much and being so exploratory about your reading.


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