Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Today Is Tuesday, May 6, 2023: This Is What Happened.


Smooth day at work. Regis is having anxiety issues. His cat Buddy is on his way out. He thought of taking Buddy up to his parent's burial place. They're buried on his parent's property. Well, the only issue with burying him there is the rocks.

Our place is easier to dig. Plus, he can rest next to our cat Ziggy.

I went to my dentist for teeth cleaning. I'm not a fan of the scraping yuk off the teeth. But it feels so nice afterward.

I saw my therapist and discussed my fear or anxiety about making simple choices. I instead make a choice on something that really matters.

So I got some mental well-being assignments to do throughout the week. Our main goal is for me to learn to be comfortable with my choices.

The last few days, it has been getting warm. But this weekend, it will cool down for a few days.

Today's musician/band comes from NORTH DAKOTA. Today I'm featuring singer BRENDA LEE. Her singing LOSING YOU. With LYRICS.

Coffee is on, and stay safe.


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about Buddy. Yes, teeth do feel really good after cleaning!

  2. ...when I go to the dentist she uses the water thing. It reduces the scraping.

  3. Sorry to hear about Buddy. Brenda Lee was my Dad's favourite.

  4. Sad news about buddy. Glad your getting the help you need

  5. Good that you are learning to cope with anxiety. Valerie

  6. I'm sorry about Buddy. I have my dental cleaning later this month.

  7. Take care of yourself, you are making the right choice for you, always. +

  8. I haven't had a dentist for two or three years. The one who was friend with my brother died suddenly, in his sleep, wasn't even 40 yet. He's the one I was going to. Anyhow, good that you have a dentist and got them cleaned.

  9. I have a dental hygienist appointment at the end of the month.
    It's always nice when your teeth are cleaned.

    All the best Jan


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