Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Today Is Wednesday May 31, 2023: This Is What Happene

Got all complete that was on my to-do list. It wasn't much. But it was a headache. Anything that is hooked up with the government is stressful.
I got hold of social security, and I only waited 45 minutes and heard some wait hours. My main question was about my earning this year. It won't be sent in until 2024. So I can ask if social security can be re-calculated at any time.
I got brave and asked them what my estimated social security was if I took it right now, at 63 and 3 months old. It would be $449 if I didn't work and nothing more went into my account. So I would get $588 at the age of 67. It is what it is.
I also called to see if I could get my Idaho health rate lower. It is Idaho's version of the Affordable Care Act. Well, I did. The state is giving me $1,070 toward my health insurance.

This Friday food truck will be down at our fairgrounds. They'll be 260 boxes of food given away.

Coffee is on, and stay safe.


  1. dealing with Social Security have always be very good.

  2. $588, is that a weekly payment or a monthly payment? If it is monthly that doesn't seem like enough, it will be only $147 per week. Do you qualify for the boxes of food? Go and get one.

  3. Your social security seems more or less commensurate with ours, somewhat less, but your cost of living is lower.

  4. Good on the food boxes

  5. Our social security is about the same.

  6. That's not a lot, is it! Valerie

  7. Calling them up is always stressful. Glad you didn't have to wait hours.

  8. I'm one of those who has waited hours. That isn't much to live on, not that I don't know already SS puts you in the poor shack. I hope you can survive on that amount.

  9. So pleased you didn't have to wait hours ... mind you 45 minutes is still a long time!

    All the best Jan

  10. You have some security system. That's a lot better than us here in India.


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