Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Today Is Tuesday May 30 2023: This Is What Happened

My hip did a total turn about it.

Before I went to work this morning. I stopped at the library and worked on a short story called; Ovtor. But I might change the title.

Here is what I got so far.

The spaceship carried 143 live passengers. And 286 dead people in the cargo area next to the lab. The ship is on the way to Ovtor planet, in the recently discovered galaxy of Jnome. A group of the population decided to make a new colony there. But, unfortunately, most of the colonies just haven't worked out in the past. 

Only good spirit people could migrate there. Those who might get a board of one spaceship Shevron going to Ovtor can suggest six people who had passed away. But only two would aloud make the trip. The board didn't expect perfect people but not horrible evil people.

So the Ovtor no aged. Simple, they were no sunrise or sunset. No changes in the season. This planet had four suns. All four suns were one hundred forty-two million miles away. So it didn't matter which way one would look; they were the sun shining brightly.

So the factor on this planet is no one died. Those who want to immigrate to Ovtor understood that they wouldn't die and, at present, may never come back to their home planet. They also had a chance to bring two people who had passed away.

Sophie had an appointment with the board this coming Tuesday in one afternoon. Her application was approved, and only three of her dead people's choice was in the running. The other three didn't make it. Something was dug up on them, or someone else requested them to go. Sophie was starting to get nervous about facing the board.

The two people she hoped to go with her were an Aunt from when. Who discovered her journal in the local town of Merritt and her daily life? Although her Aunt wasn't a perfect person. But it seemed that Aunt Jill and Uncle Joe weren't evil or mean-spirited. Now the other two, she wasn't sure. One was Aunt Jill's husband and Joe. The other person was more or less found randomly on a walk through one of the local cemeteries.

It is not done. I'm sure there will be changes though out the story. But for the other dead person, should it be Jill's husband going on the stranger from the local cemetery?

But before I head out today. I manage to get my stretches done. Meant Qunella for coffee. We got our coffee from Under the Sun. He went outside to drink them.

Because of her age, she knows it would be best if she moved to town. Quinella will be 76 in August. She looks at a smaller home. I noticed this PLACE and told her about it.

She is planning to move next year. First, however, she needs to take care of things around her home. She would like to move in the summer or fall of 2024.

More places are coming up for sale now.

The United States debt has been in our headline news stories. But, at this point, I haven't heard anything of the filthy rich taking any responsibility for the debt. At this point, the debt deal is horrible. But we can't default.

Opinion time...DeSantis is just mean-spirited. Nothing more. 

Tomorrow is monkey business around the place. I have no monkeys. So it balances the budget, pays bills, and calls social security about retirement. Let all of you know what they say. If I have time, I will contact Idaho Health. My insurance is based on income. I'm making less money now.

Today's musician comes from COLORADO. The band I'm picking is FRAY, and the song LOOK AFTER YOU. And the LYRICS.


  1. You had to ruin my day and mention that horrible excuse for a governor…

  2. Hari OM
    That's a cute wee cottage - i think Q would love that - or something similar. Meanwhile, I am intrigued by your space story! YAM xx

  3. Good luck with social security. If it’s anything like here, there are hoops nd hoops to go through before you get to speak to a person!

  4. Have a great day, life is a barrel of monkeys some days

  5. ...the Debt Ceiling is political theatre.

  6. Good job on the story. Was thinking Chatgpt could come up with a good one too.

  7. That's a nice little house. I like your story.

  8. It's time to just do away with the debt ceiling. It's just a mechanism for certain factions to hold the government hostage.


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