Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Today Is Wednesday, March 22, 2023. This Is What Happen.



Day off from work. It is nice to have a break in the middle of the week. It makes the work day shorter. Just got back from running errands. Paid off the hospital bill, which could have been paid off a while ago. I keep forgetting to swing by and totally paid it off.

A lot of times, when Regis has his physical or cognitive therapy, I would make payment. Since he isn't going. I just never got over to the hospital.

Liz got a pig head, and she is making head cheese.

And got tabs for my car. I recall them being just over $20. Now there is over $55.

Murphy and I went senior center and had lunch. They had soup, and it was terrific.

Went through the medication cabinet above the fridge. And now, I'm looking for a box about 8 inches high or 20.32 centimeters. I would like those measurements in width.

I have still been organizing my art supplies. Finding a container to put them in. What I can't get into two suitcases need to go.

My gel pens, which I'm not overly impressed with. I put them in the container. The rest I will divide up between Sawyer's and Bart's girls.

I grumble about how things are done in Idaho. With our elective officials. And the issues of our library and book band. Recently, our house passed HOUSE BILL 314; one can READ  the bill here. I send an e-mail to the representatives who vote against it. And Thank them. One of my representatives voted in favor and the other against.

Now it is off to the Senate floor. I'm sure my state will be in favor of bill 314. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE. I did also e-mail my State Senator about house bill 314. But he and I are so far about when it comes to political thinking. I'm sure I waste about three minutes of my life contacting him. 

I have never seen porn in a public library.

Just a pretty picture.

Today's Musician is WYCLIFFE GORDON, and I'm sharing his trombone solo, SWEET LOUISIANA. Wycliffe is from the state of GEORGIA.


  1. The last photo is very pretty indeed.

  2. I'm glad the soup was good and hooray for knocking out that hospital bill.

  3. Whenever I hear anything about Idaho, I think of you, Peppy.

  4. I hear there are lots of things going on at the senior centers. Glad you got a good meal.

  5. Oh, that bill could be a slippery slope if it passes.

  6. Keep on fighting the good fight for libraries and the freedom to read!

  7. Glad you enjoyed tge soup

  8. I like the lake reflecting the sky. All of my pens and pencils are in one big zippered bag.

  9. Nothing like a good soup! Hugs, alerie

  10. I’m glad you were able to get some errands done.
    The picture is very pretty

  11. Our senior center is no more, now called a community center that the city rents out. No more playing games there and we never had food served for seniors there anyhow. The smaller towns around here have real senior centers but only for those in that town.

  12. I used to work at a bakery/deli that sold head cheese. I tasted it once and didn't care for it.

  13. Our legislature sucks really bad.


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