Thursday, March 30, 2023

Today Is Thursday, March 30, 2023; This Is What Happened.


I went on my art social yesterday evening, and we started our art journal. We actually made them. Some could call them JUNK JOURNAL. Four showed up. I'm counting myself and the teacher. One lady is doing one for her mom, who will soon be ninety-three, and she is returning to Massachusetts. My friend Lolita is making her spiritual journey with Jesus.

I was drawing a total blank, not knowing what to do. My mind was totally frozen. The term "Don't know" is nerve-racking for me. Almost like being disconnected. I had to remind myself, "It ok not to know what I want to do" I just kind of work on my other projects."

I know now what I want to do in my so-called junk journal. I will base it on books I have read or future books.

A personal challenge. In my third eye, I can see what I want I want to do. But finding the time is another story. 

Trump got indicted. Nothing yet has happened around my community. I went into Superone and used the bathroom. There were more Trump hats/caps than usual.

For a Veggie, for dinner, we had green beans.

Today Musician comes from VIRGINIA. I'm featuring MAHLON CLARK and the song CAN "T WE BEFRIEND.

Coffee is on, and stay safe.


  1. He's indicted? Best news I've heard all week!
    I love green beans.

  2. We live in interesting times!

  3. Lock him up and throw away the key (I live in hope!) Thanks for sending that link to a junk journal. I used to keep something like this every time I travelled to India, I didn't know it was a thing! x

  4. Good luck with your junk journal. I think your MAGAts are going to rally around him for a bit. Hopefully that'll die down as things progress.

  5. Now we wait to see if he is convicted. Although I live in Minnesota, I live in a county that is all about Trump, nothing has happened yet that I know of.

  6. I have seen junk journals on esty. Some are very incredibly creative. I'm think your book idea is great. Another blogger made one for each one of her brothers children. They loved them.

  7. Reports are the arraignment will be Tuesday. I hope he pitches a fit and is charged with Contempt.

  8. Someone gave me a music journal and I never used it as I too didn't know where to start.


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