Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Today Is Tuesday February 7 2023, This Is What Happen.


Watching the State Of the Union address. I have consistently voted and listened to our President's State of the Union address. Even Present Trump. Even if he brought up my blood pressure.

It has been a while since I been to our local art club meeting. It has been six months since I have been to a meeting. Work has control over a person.

Like I said or believed I said. I like to retire by July. Well, if I'm not, I will only work two days a week.

It was a little short at Liz today. So I didn't check in. Regis I spend an afternoon with him. Got his kitchen straighten around. And h

all out three boxes of items out to his shed. So our adventure is what we took care of; He got his torodol shot, went up to PRO X and got a box of TSP. Well I also bought a box of it.

Then we went to the three mile and ate a bite. It been a while since we had been to the 
THREE MILE ANTIQUE MALL, so both just looked around. But before I went in. I told my self no.

I know it been a while since I shared any think of my traits, from Genome-link. They say I'm less likely not to smell foul order in my urine after eating ASPARAGUS. So it doesn't effect me. But home can tomatoes the order from that bothers me.

I'm not sure what is considered middle with geneomelink. But it talks about my consumption of CARBS well that falls in the middle range. So I know I need to eat less carbs.

I believe I'm not a big SALT EATER and geneome link but me the higher category.

My friend Quenella doesn't have T.V or any technology. And our local THEATER is having trouble keeping the lights on. So since Quenella can't send money, over line. She ask me to send $50 and I also send them $50.

That one of our main culture out let.

Rain most of the day. Today artist is DENYSE THOMASOS, from TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO

Coffee is on and stay safe.


  1. Once you start having more days off you can start going back to your art club. And doing things you want to do how exciting will that be. The time will fly and you will be retired soon

  2. Hari OM
    Somehow I just knew by the look of the paintings that this was a Caribbean setting - like them!

    I definitely need to reduce carbs - but it is so hard to do when one lives in a cold climate ! And supporting one's local business/theatre/library is definitely feelgood stuff to do. YAM xx

  3. The State of the Union was nothing new as far as was reported here.
    The Antique Mall sounds interesting.
    How to survive without the internet, as Quinella does? You just get other people to do things for you on the internet.

  4. I love the busyness and vibrancy of that art. x

  5. ...small local theaters are struggling.

  6. I love the center painting, so many fronts.

  7. Love the art today, Peppy!

  8. It sucks when work interferes with your plans.

  9. I wouldn’t watch SOTU but am somewhat interested in seeing some of the commentary, but just the basics.

  10. I enjoyed seeing your art selection today.

    All the best Jan

  11. The speech was on the news here but I don't know if it was the full speech, probably not and I was washing up the dishes so didn't hear what President Biden said anyway.

  12. Supporting your local theatre is good. Culture is important


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