Saturday, December 03, 2022

Today Is Saturday December 3 2022, This Is What Happen


My work life is so called back to normal. If there anything in home/personal care. I'm so glad we spend the night at hotel and got a good night sleep.

Liz and stop in at JUNDT ART MUSEUM and look at current exhibit. Looks like they change it every 4 to 6 months. They have students from Gonzaga who works there as part of work study program. But I thought it was strange when I been there. They don't have art student there. At certain time I been there and wonder about certain things. Like they had gelatin printing. If it wasn't for google I would still be clueless.

We swung by and said hello to Bart at work.

Murphy and I had plan to go down and see him on Sunday. But for us to see the girls we would would have to leave early. They were going to the nutcracker. Murphy likes to do his morning exercise. He says it helps him and he won't stove up.

Basically we would have been push against time.

I want to see the mask EXHIBITIONS

I tried out my water color crayons and they sure have a different feel that regular crayons. Still exploring with them. I'm working on a collage.

Anther thing I was wondering about is why are they so many Dutch artist. Can't find a straight answer.

I been digging though on line, finding photos of my grandfather Edgar 2 older brothers. Guy is with his wife Ellen. And photo of Archie I like, the expression and entire photo.

Earlier today I was feeling pretty anxiety. Quite tense and it feel like different parts of my body was feeling pain. It wouldn't stay in one spot. Never knew were it would hit next. It has lessen overtime.

My mom family would use the term high strung.

Gee I don't recall when last time I shared anything from geneomelink. I'm going to share traits under personality.

It says I'm a lacking in EMPATHY I don't agree with it at all. If I didn't have empathy I wouldn't of give Liz and or Regis a chance to find someone else. Mid February I would quite and leave them high and dry.

I'm in middle of road when comes to EXTRAVERSION. I guess this be better spot on. Now I wonder where my introvert be at.

Generally I would say I'm fairly AGREEABLENESS. But I'm not to be step on either.

Today artist is ROELANT ROGHMAN who is from the NETHERLAND


  1. For such a small country, the Netherlands does have an amazing number of artists down through history.

  2. I don’t particularly care for todays art. I don’t dislike it, but I just can’t like it either

  3. It’s really cold and the days are short during the winter in the Netherlands
    So I guess people take up art to fill in the time. Maybe that’s why

  4. You make an interesting point about Dutch artists.

  5. Looking forward to your watercolor art - I "gave up" for now, too much work-stress...

  6. There are also wonderful art museums in the Netherlands! Haave a good weekend, Valerie

  7. I love old timey photos. Archie looks like he is standing his ground ready to fight.

  8. I like old time photos but have wondered why no one ever smiles. Perhaps because photo taking was so rare, it was considered a solemn occasion? Alana

  9. The photos are great.

  10. I like today's art. Always nice to look at old photos.

  11. How nice you're finding family pictures on line. I always like to see older photo's, they have such a feel. Sounds like you're having fun with your new crayons. Enjoy!
    Sandy's Space

  12. I do like the art you've shared today
    Nice family photographs too.

    All the best Jan


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