Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Today Wednesday November 30, 2022 This Is What Happen


Thought I wouldn't be blogging until first of December. But life forcing my hand. Liz is coming back and because of winter condition, that I won't be heading down to Spokane to pick her up. So at this time not sure what the flights are doing. Such as which flights are cancel or delay. But in back of my mind I wonder what happen down in Utah. If she mange to get out of Utah and makes to Spokane I told her to get a motel or hotel. And I will be down on Thursday December 1st and keep in touch with me.

Editor Notes...Liz found other transportation and some of the flights been delayed of cancel into Spokane.

I pretty much got in touch with all I need to and explain to them how I will be easing into retirement. So my first extra day off will be Wednesday January 4 2023. Instead of working 32 hours a week. I will be working 24 hour a week.

The home care agency is having trouble keeping book keepers and someone to do pay-role. I been with the same company since 2007 and same book keeper. Well about six months I ago she quite. Than they found anther one, and I think she last 4 to 6 weeks. And this last one last, I don't think a week. So the general manger is going to try to do pay role. She says she no accounted. But it is what it is. Since all the care agency went to EVV there been more issue. I want Liz and Regis to have someone who actually care.

Managing to get some time to work on my quilt blocks, for a throw quilt. I got twenty blocks done. But I need 35 for this project. So if my math is correct I need 15 more blocks.

This quilt I will but slashing around the blocks, or I like to call framing the blocks.

I got the Pearl Reserve for the 4th Wednesday from 11 till 2 for people to come in and work on there creativity. First one will be January 25th.

Today is last day for National Novel Write Month...Here is my last two paragraph.... None of the members got through their stack of papers. Going through all the papers of Dr Miverson lab assistant, will take some time. 

What the members found out doing their research. The people who went through the time machine all came back in about 24 hours. Except James had a pair of gentlemen go though that brought back a few items, such as a small box, ring, and bottle cap. 

James had only a little bit of time to work on his research of those who went through the time machine. He had family visiting from out of town.

He told his family members about the Miverson club and their search for the truth on the time machine....Still says I write like Edgar Allen Poe. No, I didn't make the site goal. But I did make my personal goal of working on my novel every day. As for editing I need more of back story.

One thing I notice when I'm not at work and home. I eat more healthy and less emotionally. The other night we had shrimp burrito and this morning we had pumpkin pancake with walnuts in them.

Time to go out and work on snow removal. I got one of our rigs dug out. And there the other one to dig out. Murphy is going to blow snow.

Today Art is from the country NAURA


  1. I love the quilt blocks and here's to retirement. Very, very cool. Adventures await.

  2. Yes, Liz and Regis need a worker that does hope they do well. Hopefully they'll be able to find someone after you retire.

  3. I thought for a moment that you were going to take on the bookkeeping job.

  4. ...cutting back your hours should help you decide is you really want to retire.

  5. Please stand your ground if they try to guilt you into working more hours and/or delaying your retirement. You deserve this and life will go on for Liz and Regis one way or the other. Retirement will hopefully (I bet, base on my experience) be a positive thing for your health and weight, in addition to your mental well being. Alana

    1. I agree with Alana. Your own life and health come before someone else’s priorities.

  6. I know you are really concerned about Regis and Liz, we hope they find someone good too.

  7. Mmmmm, pumpkin pancakes with walnuts sound delicious! A real treat!

  8. Work must bring you stress

  9. The quilt blocks are very nice, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. What colour sashing will you use?

  10. You really care about your clients, Peppy. They will miss you when you retire!

  11. I dream of working less hours.


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