Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Today Is Tuesday September 13 2022, This Is What Happen.


What a day! Regis had his appointment in Sandpoint and my car has some issues. I'm driving it tell it drops. It got some front in issues and it burn oil. It not worth fixing. So in the morning I check the oil. Liz said I could use her car. But she didn't want anyone smoking pot in her car and figure her car and rules. Well Regis has issue of anyone rules. At time he can be grandiose. Lawalla was taking care of him and she was taking him to Sandpoint though an intersection and he was smoking his pot. Than there was couple other time. One time he was having a procedure and in recovery. In front of all people he rolled up a dollar and snort some powder in front of medical staff and patients. Thursday he has an appointment with spine doctor in Post Falls this Thursday. I just call and see what going and it wouldn't be done until middle of next week. So I will be changing his appointment. If we made it down and broke down the tow would start at $400 plus. It would end up coming out of my pocket. So I will reschedule his appointment.

Days like this. I'm glad this time I could be retire or only working two days a week. 


 As we was in Sandpoint we stop in Library. Regis genre is pretty limited. He likes monster and horror movies. When people ask me my genre. I don't have one. I got book “Clockwork Orange” just start reading. I also got two dvds. Monster Camp and No Men Beyond This Point. Usually our library usually set up display of books and such for different reason. Next week is banned book week and our library isn't doing one this year. To risky. Sandpoint library had one. Left side is book Stalin banned. Than on right side books Hitler banned.

For our Library they're still resolving the insurance issue. I hope before end of week I will have something to report.

The air is pretty bad. Right now it in the hazard. So I don't go out only when I have to. It quite Smokey and the fire fighting planes can't go up, to Smokey to see. Now we need a good rain. Good ole TASTE. I don't what my bitter taste is compare to others or even different foods. I find super sweet food to me taste bitter. I don't put sugar in my coffee or care for chocolate cherries.

My son and his wife is over in England. They are planning to visit also Scotland and Ireland.

Today artist is

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. Sorry about the smoke issues, it sounds bad. You were wise to reschedule Regis' appointment! Have a great day, stay safe, hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow...that smoke from the wildfires is horrendous.

  3. Lots going on! I got the book on banned books on my kindle, alas, I need time to read it. Such a shameful subject! Hope your weather improves and your car stays strong!

  4. Gosh too bad about the car

  5. Hope the air quality improves soon, Peppy.

  6. The smoke from the wildfires sounds bad, I hope your air quality improves soon.

    All the best Jan

  7. Regis sounds like he can be a hand full. That's awful about your car.

  8. Not fun to have to drive around when you're not sure of your car. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  9. Hey, I can comment!! Pretty wild about people lighting up in your car! And snorting some powder in front of people. One thing I like about blogging is finding out what other people deal with. You have a challenging job.

    I hope your Library's insurance get straightened out.

  10. I hope your car holds out getting Regis to and from his appointment. How does he dare to snort powder right inside a hospital?? Here he would be arrested.
    I did not know Clockwork Orange is also a book, I thought it was just a movie.
    I'm not interested in reading it though, just like I have never seen the movie.

  11. I hope your car gets you thru until you can find something more dependable. The smoke is bad here in the valley and I try not to go out in it but like you, sometimes it's a must. You'll have to give us a review of your book. I've heard of it but I've never read it or seen the movie.

  12. Car issues are a pain. I'm quite familiar with them.

  13. I am hoping you have something good to report when you next report on the library issues. My local library (I was in there yesterday) had their banned book exhibit with various books available for checkout, including A Clockwork Orange. My husband and I had both read it as teenagers. Husband browsed through it for a bit but decided not to take it out. It's a difficult book but well worth the read. Hoping for the best with your car issues, too. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  14. Sorry about your car having issue and also about the smoky problem. Hope you get a good rain to wash away all the smoke to clear the air.

  15. I just returned to Kuala Lumpur from Europe and our air quality here is not in the healthy zone either. It's a bit depressing what we're doing to this world.


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