Friday, August 12, 2022

Today Friday August 12 2022, This Is What Happen.


It been hot. When I get home from work I'm exhaust from the heat. So I didn't post or visit any blogs. Confession time...I'm going to blame it on the heat. My blogging goofs been up.

Not sure if hubby and I are going to the fair Saturday. It been to hot. I got couple of dvd from Library in Sandpoint. Rocky and Bullwinkle movie and 5 Broken Camera. So I might stay home and watch dvds. Sunday we will be going to Spokane to celebrate Granddaughter birthday.

So the 2oth of August, we're having anther read in. Than I will do anther one the 31st in morning. The 30th we have a school bond vote on. I'll probably do 3 read in September. During the weekday I will do 2, one in morning and 1 on Saturday when farmer market. Our farmer market is across the street from the library. The recall for library board is at fair gaining signature. I have no ideal how they're doing I know they need to have 1.425 signature on the petition to make the ballot in November. Plus our library is doing an essay or poem contest. These people need to be stood up to...

Might well share a link to booth Letter to the Editor to Herald. FIRST LETTER and SECOND LETTER.

Glad it my Friday. I don't feel so exhaust today, as I did last few days. Regis and I went over to a thrift store, and he start to not feel well. So I took him home. But I only bought one pattern for .25¢ and the original price was .85¢. It a wrap around skirt and pants. I could see pants in big loud print. Once I got Regis home I went shopping for him. His place is like a stuff ole hot sauna, and he doesn't drink really no water. No wonder he is constipated. Than I went over to Liz and her grandson Jacob is visiting. Some how he got sliver in his foot, and had doctor to remove it. Boy did he scream like a banshee. He will be three in October. So he got a monster truck and I got him three books. Our library is having a book sale. It by donation.

Yesterday I got my Alice and wonder land scene printed on my next quilt block but I need to figure out color scheme. I got my book in mail, THE DAIRY OF OLGA REMANOV. But at current reading I'm reading WOMAN VOICE. Before I read The Dairy Of Olga Remanov. I will either read THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE OF A PART TIME INDIAN or MAUS.

Today Artist is DERMOD O'BRAIN from the country of IRELAND

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. ...Ike was right!

  2. Ike certainly was right. You read some interesting books. I just finished "Lessons in Chemistry" which Iris is featuring on her blog.

  3. Little boys do get into mischief and end up needing medical intervention fairly often I’m afraid
    I love the art in this post

  4. Reading is always worthwhile and I love libraries! Stay cool, have a great weekend!

  5. Stay cool, enjoy your movies, and keep reading!

  6. I hope your temperatures improve.

  7. We had 3 days of temperatures around 110 which is extremely hot for us and I could barely function. Stay cool.

  8. I hope your library does not get unfunded. Fall is almost here.

  9. It is hot here during the day but cools off at night so sleeping is comfortable.


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