Today IsWednesday October 27 2021, This Is What Happen


Looks like I will be finish up grade one over at JOURNAL BUDDIES and using a random number off computer I got number 31. If I was an Easter egg. I know I wouldn't want to be solid color. I would like to have design on me.  Maybe some flowers would be nice paint on. Or nice beach scene with big umbrella paint on. I know wouldn't want to be just plain. I don't believe I would want to over size egg or very tiny egg. Than also I know I wouldn't want to lay in basket. I might get covered by other egg and suffocate. I think I would like to be on an egg stand on shelf with other egg, all done differently. 

Next week I will start with grade 2 on journal buddies. 

Now it time to finish up with my paternal great grand father. Tonight I will be doing Murphy Great Grand father Adam. So now 1o facts about him.

1. Adam was born in Darmstadt, Hessen Germany.

2. Adam came over to United States with his parent as infant in early 1850

3. His parents name were Philp Altmair and Gertrude Amish.

4. The name Adam means the ground or earth. 

5. Here a list of famous ADAMS

6. There different spellings for Altmair but it basically means older steward, head man, or tenant farmer 

7. Adam had 4 brothers and 6 sister.

8. Adam married Mary Ruppenkamp and they had 13 kids. 

9. He was married in state of Iowa. 

10. Look like most of his married life he lived in state of Nebraska, and word Nebraska comes from an Indian word "Flat Water"

Work quite. Got a movie to watch from Liz, ALL ABOUT EVE Regis appointment is in afternoon. I have to see my therapist, first appointment. I'm guessing I'm his first client at 8AM and clueless how long my appointment will be. But if it early enough I will come home. Hopefully to watch the movie.  Since I don't need to be at work to around 11:30.

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. I like your idea how you want the Easter egg to be. Hope appointments for Regis and you go well and will be over early.

  2. I think I would like to be a hard boiled egg! Hope your first consultation with the therapist does you good. Have a great day, Valerie

  3. My great great grandfather came from Germany in 1850 too!!!

  4. Hari OM
    I love that Journal Buddies story generator - and your idea of an egg... the synopsis of your ancester was well done too. Sending good vibes for your first appt... YAM xx

  5. ...I didn't know the meaning of the name Adam, thanks.

  6. With 13 kids, I hope Adam and Mary had a large house!

  7. All About Eve seems like a common plot in life of jealousy and desire for something others have and its never enough. It's really well done. Have you watched it yet?

  8. All about Eve is a great movie, enjoy

  9. Now, that's an interesting question. I've never contemplated what sort of Easter egg I'd want to be.

  10. Love your easter egg story

  11. Good luck with the first therapist appointment.

  12. Adam sounds pretty interesting. I hope your appointment tomorrow goes well.

  13. You could be a fancy Faberge egg :)


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