Today Is Monday October 18 2021, This Is What Happen


Soon I will be starting Murphy Great Grand father, this is last one for this Samhain I will feature. One of my paternal great grandfather name was "Duane" if I was a girl I would been name after him. I was name after hsi wife. Now for 10 fun and trivial facts 

1. Given name "Duane" It Irish and or Gaelic. Meaning dark, swarthy" 
2. He is youngest child of his family. He had 2 older brothers and 2 old sister. His sister died during there childhood.
3. His parents were Gilman Witherell and Mary Ann Simpson.
4. The surname of Witherell and varieties of spellings. Has two meaning one who tends sheep in pen. Or dweller in a nook or recess  donating a piece of land by side of a river. One deposited in bend.
5. He married Dora Stansell, and they had two sons.
6. He served at end of Civil War.
7. He was part of President Lincoln funeral. He was part of the 21 gun salute over Lincoln grave.
8. I was told he put a new meaning to word "frugal" I was told that he smoked a pipe. And waited for someone else to light there pipe. So we could get free light. Plus if stove was going, he take stick and start stick on fire, and light his pipe.
9. He was Mason for 51 years
10.  Duane died when he was 82 years old. He was the last one in 24th infantry in Michigan, to die. 

Went to work, and I honestly get tired of bringing up local covid news. I took Regis in store and he and I both had on our N95 mask, and still hardly anyone had mask, and it didn't surprise me. The only reason I went to the store was to get Liz basic supply beer and cigarettes. I got 32  case and I will be the one to regulate her beer. This way the case will last a week. I took her to the doctor office. She need to get covid test. We need a doctor order to get one.  And time we got done testing sight was close. This isn't what I want to really talk about. But being in a doctor office. Wouldn't you think they would take some precaution. None of the waiting room staff had mask on or any type of plex glass. Usually what I seen there is some type of sign about covid and rules at any medical office, nothing. None of the chairs were space in waiting room. Most people were sitting apart. 
Nurse came and got Liz. I went back with her. The nurse also had no mask on. Took her vitals. She sees a nurse practitioner, also no mask. I was total amazed by the whole thing. 

I'm trying to limited my time any local store to 2 days a week. Sunday and Thursday. I can run my client to store and set in car waiting. Today I heard they were 18 new cases and 36.51% increase. 

Coffee is on and stay safe   


  1. It is shocking to hear no masks everywhere, it is different in Canada.

  2. I am really astonished that even medical professionals are not wearing masks! Here in South Australia where there is no active Covid in the community, almost everyone is still wearing a mask. all shop assistants, all medical people and even bus and taxi drivers are wearing masks. I'm also surprised that Liz needs a doctor order to get a Covid test done. We don't need that here, we just walk into a testing station and wait our turn.

  3. Interesting facts about your great grandfather, but I'm shocked that they don't use masks at the doctor's- stay safe! Valerie

  4. It is surprising that none of the medical people were wearing mask. Looks like it is up to individual to protect oneself from covid and that is to make sure you wear mask whenever in public to make sure you are protected. Over here, cases are reducing which is good but restrictions have been lifted. Hope we won't see any increase in the cases. Over here, people can get fined for not wearing mask in public places.

  5. You have done a really good list of trivial facts on Duane. I think these notes are important as when we move on, the next generation will inherit sets of photos with no idea who or what these family members did. I hav that problem now with my papa's family as he was a quiet man and not talk much abt his family.

  6. That's amazing about the doctor's. Here doctor's surgeries are the most strict places to visit.

    I don't want you in charge of how much I drink. I am sure you would give me less than I want.

  7. Love the facts about your great grandfather.

  8. I’m surprised about the medical office

  9. Boy, Idaho people really don't take covid seriously. Stay safe!

  10. If any Idahoans visited California, they'd be in for a culture shock. We are pretty much all in masks in public (at least indoors).

    "Gives a new meaning to the word 'frugal'?" So, incredibly cheap, then. Got it.

  11. They probably won't even wear masks at Halloween! I'm surprised we see as many masks here as we do.


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