Today Is Sunday September 19 2021, This Is What Happen

Posted Sunday, September 19, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)

 Sunday is usually the day I take three comments and expand on them. My first one or lucky one came from Australia. It seem I connect with lot of "Ozzy" So RIVER wrote this...I think your mind will be much easier when Bart operation is over. My mum would of been 96 now if she lived. In all honesty I want Bart operation to be over. But I know lot people are praying and sending positive love, strength, and energy. I do apparated this very much. Sawyer Bart brother who two and half years older. In his simple words of "Bart will be ok" The first time around Bart had tumor remove it didn't seem to bother me as much. But the second one is. Although I keep push forward. Lot of people in my family lived into there 90's I now have two Aunts who are in their 90's.   

Liz over at LAW OF GRAVITY wrote this  comment on my blog....When my mind is racing. I have drops that helps me chill me out a little. Sometime you need a little help to get back to calm. Definitely see Bart. I have left my car lights on a couple of times. Not fun the dead battery.....My mind seem to be more balance. Or my depression and or anxiety don't last as long. But there still time I do have my episodes. The Lexapro is keeping the depression or anxiety to more manageable level so I can function. Not having car does bring problems

My last comment I will be sharing is from YOGI...I have some distant relatives living in Bonners Ferry. I guess they like it as they been there for a long time....In the 20's and 30's quite few people left dust bowl area of country and came up here. And now people who retire with there big pension on coast is coming here now. But it doesn't help the people who was foolish enough to stay here and try to make living. Most people I know who stayed in area and work lot of there retirement is under 1,200 a month. But those who moved in from other place there retirement is over 1,200 month. But not many came claim to be born in Bonners Ferry. If Yogi distant relative been here I might know the family.

Got some fabic press and during the week I hope to put it in they're correct container. I will start green on left, only one piece. Than continue though until yellow. At very end. I don't think this week I will get any sewing done on 2 inch block quilt. I been working on. But following week they're a good chance I will do some stitching. I try my hand at eco dying fabric and paper. The first round went ok. But there still a learning curve. I will be glad to show the eco dying after it dried. Work this week. I think the only place I have someone for appointment is Regis at physical theory and cognitive. Than my self to a throat doctor on Friday down in Postfall I have some type of nodular on my thyroid. They will be looking at. Planning to meet Bart and his gang in Courd'Alene area.  Oh and in morning which is Monday I will call the lady at KANISKU and try to get hold of person who head of behavior health. . And see what going on. I never got called last week, like I thought I would. 

Going to watch PBS Ken Burn MUHAMMED ALI. MY father didn't care for him. My father had quite a few prejudice. Change was difficult for him. As I understand lot of changes happen in his life wasn't necessary for the best. I wish I could remember the quote he use for Muhammed Ali. But before my dad pass away his heart soft for negros.

Coffee is on and stay safe

  1. Nice reflection on the comments.

  1. I hope your thyroid is okay. I would never watch a movie about Mohammed Ali, not because he is black, I don't care about colour, but because I don't like boxing, or any other sport.

  1. I remember watching Mohammed Ali's boxing matches on TV when I was still schooling. Take care and stay safe.

  1. Your fabrics look good, have fun working with them. Have a good wek and take care, Valerie

  1. Ali led an fascinating life. Enjoy the show.

  1. I hope you get those medical appointments all lined up.

  1. You have beautiful coloured material there.

  1. I was like your father with M Ali

  1. I hope you enjoy playing with your fabric.

  1. Hee, hee. I happen to be Aussie too so you can add another to your connections list ;-)

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