Today Is Thursday August 5 2021, This Is What Happen

Posted Thursday, August 05, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)

 Spend the day with Regis. Nothing exciting. We drove though a DRY THUNDERSTORM.

Had some strange sleep message. I don't look as dream or nightmare as either good or bad. 

Two other lady and I was change a youngest diaper, and this lady walk over and took a photo with large flash. She had a dark blue skirt and jacket to match, with cream color blouse. 

Than my other dream was...

I was being held down on bridge by someone. And couldn't get up. But I could turn my head, and over the bridge they was an angry bear. And also they was a shack like building with person lying in it. But this person was smiling with real white teeth. The person who was holding me down was painting on the light blue shirt, and it was half panther and a lotus.

Coffee is on and stay safe

  1. ...I remember Brownie cameras we;;, my aunt worked at the Hawkeye plant in Rochester, NY!

  1. Those are weird dreams for sure.

  1. Are you particularly worried about something
    Do you feel pulled in two different directions
    Is someone holding you back
    The camera is there for you to see the bigger picture and see how your life is being manipulated, either consciously or unconsciously by you and others

  1. Wonder what our brain sometimes has to work out when we sleep...

  1. Strang dreams indeed, rather scary! Have a great day, Valerie

  1. Sounds like scary dreams. I do have dreams and some of them are weird too and doesn't make any sense. Maybe our mind over worked.

  1. I don’t remember dreams. I would wonder about those two for sure!

  1. Sipping on coffee now....trying to get my morning started. I never remember my dreams, if I do, its just bits and pieces.

  1. Those really are unusual dreams! I had a camera just like that one many moons ago!

  1. No rain today here, and we were scheduled for rain, lol, like a tenth inch. Dry thunderstorms aren't helpful at all.

  1. Gosh, I am no good at interpreting dreams. Mostly I think their little snapshots of your day all rolled into one another.

  1. Strange dreams.

  1. I've had a strange dream or two, but that tops any dream I've had by a lot. Alana

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