Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Today Is August 4 2021, This Is What Happen.

 Wednesday is like sitting in my English class, back in the day. I like to challenge my self and take topic off of Journal Buddies. Today I will be using NUMBER TWENTY NINE

What is your favorite food? Do you get tired of eating it? Why or why not?
I don't know if I honestly have a favor food. I even like liver. So I would say I like soups, and stews. One time I start to make soup and stews going though the alphabet. For A I did apple chili, and for B I did Bratwaust soup. And that been sometime ago. No one heard of covid then. But this isn't soup season. One time I had cold soap, if I recall it was cucumber base. A soup I find comfort is tomato and a grill cheese sandwich. I guess I find soups and stew comforting. The store bought one is full of salt, usually. Home make ones, one has control over the salt. And also fresh ingredients. 
Just can't see my self getting tired of soup or stews.

Today after work I went with my friend Qunella. She will be 74the 27 of this month. Being out where she lives and living alone. She worries about falling and someday and her ability to drive. Here is one of the PLACE and the other PLACE we looked at.

I found my workbook for overeaters anonymous. And the question I will be number 3, and it goes as
When those method worked, how have inevitably lost control and over eaten again, putting back the weight I work so hard to loose? Number one I wouldn't say I've worked hard at loose the weight. But I have some weight. But either negative and or positive  emotional I use food as crutch to deal with many things in my life. 
I did mange to make anther sorting of FABRIC and I like to anther one this weekend.

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. Favorite food huh, that's a great topic. Im my case, I'd have to turn it into a Top, since I wouldn't be able to pick just one.

  2. I couldn´t pick one favorite food.

  3. favourite food for me is lentil dahl curry. The little houses you visited with your friend look pretty but I would worry about maintaining all that external wood - they have a fair bit of land - you could build a great garden on both.

  4. I understand your friend’s concern about living out in the country. I would have loved to do the same but when we moved to the island, we were in our late 50s and considered a time when we couldn’t drive or one of us lived alone in the countryside. We moved to a small city instead and have never regretted it. This city has 16,000 people…

  5. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Oh, changed blog look I think. Looking very red.
    Favourite meal, beef steak, pepper sauce, chips and a Greek salad. Heaven.

  6. Picking a fav food is tricky, I do like fish a lot, also Indian food. Does your friend live alone Dora, the two homes she was thinking about look like they might be hard to manage, perhaps a smaller apartment where there are more people nearby ✨

  7. Soups are a favorite here too, especially in the winter and with homemade bread!

  8. Picking a favorite food for my birthday dinner last week was a challenge. At a certain point, it becomes what is my favorite food right now.

  9. I have a number of favorite foods. Most of them have chocolate in them, but, in the winter, a good soup or stew is just what I crave. Liver - no for me, yes, for my husband. Alana

  10. I love soups and stews too, and many other things. Love food.

  11. Favourites? I just love food. There are some things I don't like and I mostly prefer cooked foods over salads.
    Those houses look quite nice.


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